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Philippine Ministry Report

Dear Brethren,

We, Bro George, Sister Nancy and myself, want to thank all of you that were in prayer for us as we were traveling to the Philippines this past Monday and Tuesday.  We arrived, after a very long and exhausting journey at the Manila International Airport and were processed through customs and were able to obtain our luggage in a relatively short period of time.  It so happened that the travel plans had been coordinated with Bro & Sis Jantzi who had arrived a short time after we had arrived; we were able to join up with them in the baggage area.  All of us would like to say to all of you Thank you and God bless you for holding us in prayer. 

The following morning, which would have been Wednesday, we traveled by domestic air, to Butuan on Mindanao Island via Cebu Airlines.  There has been many improvements and renovations that have been made within the airports here in Manila, since our last visit to the Philippines, which would have been two years ago; improvements that make traveling here in the Philippines a bit more convenient and less stressful. They even had a special line for those of us who are considered to be ‘older & wiser’ J (also known as seniors), the same of which I was very grateful for.  We were met and greeted by Sister Merlinda and several of the brethren from the various fellowships that are here on Mindanao Island.  All in all I think that he trip went relatively smooth considering all of the logistics that are involved in a travel event as big as this one. It is your prayers that make the difference.

Thursday would be a somewhat of a ‘getting adjusted’ type of day.  There were a few activities that needed to be attended to concerning the school and ‘other business’ that needed to be done, culminating in the evening with the mission team having a short time of fellowship and prayer.  Today is Friday and we will be heading for Jabonga where the Bible School is and we will be having morning and afternoon meetings with them which will be most of the day.  Jabonga is approximately an hour or so drive out of Butuan City and the work there; it is Bro Edmar and his wife Sister Medlyn that have had the burden to take the book “The Pattern” and make it the basis of their teaching in the Bible School which they have been operating over the past several years. The potential that it has to reach the young people in the Philippines is of tremendous value.  There have been several prophetic words that have come over this mission work here in the Philippines and in particular Mindanao Island that speaks of revival as well as the Philippines becoming a staging platform from which Southeast Asia will be evangelized using this Word of the Kingdom and Sonship as the means to that evangelization. I believe that our time here and what it is that we need to accomplish concerning that commission that has been given to us concerning those prophecies is critical. We covet your prayers concerning that commission; 1) that we hear God clearly; 2) that He give us wisdom and discernment as to how to implement that which He is and will yet speak to us about it; 3) That we will be as “wise as serpents yet harmless as doves” Mat 10:16 Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

May God bless each and every one of you. Let us press the battle to the gate; let us not be faint or weary in well doing, but let us fulfill the calling and election that is upon each and every one of our lives.

Philippine Ministry Team
Bro & Sis Jantzi, Bro George Herrig and Bro & Sis Asbill

Mat 24:14  And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.


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Report from the Philippines by George Herrig

View video from the fellowship at Brother Litos

Dear Brethren,

It’s been 12 days since everyone left their perspective homes to come here to labor for the Lord in the Philippines. To say this trip has been a whirlwind would be an understatement. Our team consisted of Mark and Rita Jantzi from New York, Paul and Pavlina Davis from Mahomet, IL, Martin Kluson from the Czech Republic and Chijoke and Iffy Nwauche from Nigeria. We definitely are quite the International Team.

Conference at Hotel Karaga

Conference at Hotel Karaga

Our purpose here has been three-fold. Our first purpose was to join with our Filipino brethren at their Annual 3 day Conference that is held at the Karaga Hotel in Butuan City. We arrived the day before the conference to get a much-needed rest after the 31 hour trip. The Lord impressed upon the team to spend each morning and evening together in prayer and assessing each day’s events. This proved quite valuable in keeping focus and hearing from God as to the order of the battle. The night before the conference the Lord brought us a dream that laid out His plan for the conference. He showed us who would lead the charge, the type of message to bring and the results that would manifest in our midst. We witnessed it to be God; thereby we followed the leading of the Spirit. The conference led us into “A New Covenant” that God wanted to reveal to His people. There were 150 people in attendance, which included about 50 children ranging from 4 to 8 in age (all from the school). It was a wonderful time of seeing many of them, though poor in this world but rich in spirit, in their desire and need for God. We would have a children’s word each day in which the young ones responded quite well to the Word of God. Each session brought forth the Word of God, which then brought waves of repentance, prayer, and worship. It was quite moving in seeing God touch the needs of the Filipino people. We witnessed two distinct times of cleansing where many came forth for deliverance, healing and salvation. Each time you could visibly see a change in the brethren. The conference ended with tremendous joy and thankfulness among us all.   

Bible School

Bible School

Our second leg of the journey took us to a village one and a half hours away from our home base in Butuan. Here in this small place is a Bible school that has approximately 25 students ranging in age from 17 to 22 years. This was our third time in coming to the Bible school. The main messages centered on the false church doctrines, contemporary music and modern dress. Needless to say that the move of God was so powerful that it challenged many, including the directors, Br. Edmar and Sis. Medlyn, to take a hard look at their motivations and manner of living. We had two times of praying with the young people and many of them found themselves before God in repentance of sin in their lives. It will be one of the most notable times that we, as a team, experienced.  Two days after the conference Br. Edmar and Sis. Medlyn visited us in Butuan saying they had just finished having a 14-hour session with all of their students. They are looking to God to come into a greater understanding of what the changing of the soul will do for them. Please pray for them that they will succeed in God and overcome all of the national and religious spirits that reign over their land.

The day after the Bible School meetings Br. Chijoke, Sister Iffy and Br. Martin left to return to their home lands. This left the remainder of the team to work on the last and most needful segment of our trip – the work at the Kingdom Message Ministry School founded by Sister Merlinda here in Butuan. The school is mainly supported by sponsorships of the children in the USA, Czech Republic and Nigeria. The school is in its 3rd year of operation and will start its fourth in June. (Their school term goes from June to March). The school has grown from 40 children in its first year to the current enrollment of 117. The grade levels are nursery, kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade. In order not to lose our second graders, by faith we are planning a 3rd grade for the following year with an expected enrollment of 140 students. 

Kingdom Message School

Kingdom Message School

Currently we rent a building to house the school, but it is already too small so we are looking at possibilities to rent a room nearby for the new grade. However, by faith, we are believing that we will build a school to house all grade levels with land for the children to play and exercise. Merlinda has a piece of land that is about 3 acres in size which she is donating for the school to be built upon. The building itself will probably cost about 300,000 dollars. It is a lot of money but I am reminded of the scripture verse in the book of Hebrews 11:1, Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  

It is a big task to organize and operate a school. Pavlina Davis, who was trained in business and management, has been invaluable here. Her job in the United States is the handling of all the sponsors for the children, running the web site and doing the financial work. It is a part-time job of about 20 hours a week which she does on a volunteer basis. There are others that are actively working with Pavlina, Merlinda and the administrator for the school.

We are here at this time to help the school reach its goals of operations and to set an environment for them to learn, both naturally and spiritually. Currently we have four teachers and a staff of an administrator, an office clerk, guidance counselor, two part-time janitors and a security guard. One of the things that we are lacking and that is required by law is a principal that could come in part-time to help us. Last night we met with a woman who has 40 years of experience in the state’s school system. First, as an elementary teacher, then as principal in many places and, finally, promoted to the government for oversight of the school systems. She has previously come to our Filipino school for evaluations and is now retired. Merlinda inquired if she was interested in being a principal and wanted us to meet her. Needless to say, we received a lot more than what we thought. She shared with us how she lost one of her children in death in the past few years and then her husband passed away as well. She went on to say that also she found out she had cancer in the lung. They had to do surgery and she was very scared until the moment when they wheeled her into the operating table. At that point she had a vision in which she saw an angel of the Lord standing before her. A voice spoke to her not to be afraid and that He, God, would be with her. Suddenly she had such a great peace that was never experienced by her before. She no longer had a fear of death. The operation was successful and she believes that no matter what the consequences that lie ahead of her, she knows the she is in God’s hands. She also stated that God has extended her life for a special purpose. She then announced to us that she would be most happy to help us on a once a week basis to work at our school to give oversight and guidance to the teachers. Needless to say, we were elated of hearing her decision.  

We also met with all of the staff at the school, doing interviews and making an overall assessment as to what improvements and changes can be made. An internal audit of all legal documents and bookkeeping was made to insure that everything would be in proper order. We feel we are accomplishing our mission and therefore the school will be on a much firmer ground and foundation for the upcoming school year. We had a meeting with the teachers, staff and parent representatives to answer and field any questions or input that they had. Some of the needs were for new uniforms for the teachers; second uniforms for each student so that they have a clean set to wear while the other one is being cleaned; painting for all the desks and chairs are needed to refresh them for classroom use; we also need to improve airflow in the classrooms with larger fans. Other needs were spoken and we believe God that He will provide the improvements and needs for the coming year with the increase of a new grade and students. Some fellowships have expressed an interest in supporting a particular school’s need not covered by the child sponsorship support. We hope to be able to send out a list of these needs in near future.

There is one more thing that has touched me in my heart. Though I have been in the third world countries for 24 years doing the work of the gospel of the Kingdom, I began to feel the need for the children here in the school as never before. Yesterday, as we were having a meeting at the school with all the children, we were noticing many of them with rotten or little teeth. It was not only the children but a number of the mothers as well. Sister Merlinda explained something to us. Almost all of the children at the school come from the poorest of the poor. The vast majority of their meals are simple rice with a little flavor like soy sauce. Br. Mark Jantzi was a former field nurse in Alaska as well as a nursing home administrator. He said the main reason for the loss and deterioration of their teeth was the severe lack of nutrition. The school, at present has a once a month feeding program. This enables the children not only to have rice but a little chicken and vegetables. The cost of a one-day feeding program for all 117 children is between 75 to 100 dollars. It is all the school is able to afford at this time but my heart is to see this expand to a minimum of twice a month or better yet, once a week. 

Now, Br. Mark and Sister Rita will continue on with the work in the Philippines for six additional weeks while the rest of us leave on March 5th. They will need our continued prayers as they actively work with the Bible school, the elders in the Butuan area and the Kingdom Message Ministry School for children.

Lastly, we want to thank everyone for your prayers and various supports for the work here in the Philippines and the team that has labored here. We also want to thank each of the sponsors who support a child each month. Your investment to the Lord is not in vain. Many mothers as well as the children have now committed their lives to the Lord. It is a blessing to see these little ones with clean clothes and an education where they are taught to love and fear the Lord.

God bless each and everyone one of you.

Br. George Herrig and the rest of the team here in the Philippines


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February/March 2012 Missions

My Dearly Beloved Brethren,

Greetings to you in the lovely name of Jesus Christ! It is He that is the light that lighteth every man and even now shineth into the midst of the darkness of man’s soul to illuminate and to translate us from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light. Grace and peace be multiplied unto you even now; that the hand of His goodness might rest upon each and every one of you for we are assured that His thoughts toward us are for good and not evil.

It was but a short time that I was able to spend at home prior to leaving again for Africa via Prague. To be exact, three full days. Our trip to the Philippines was a very profitable one, both in the time and resources that we have had to expend there for the establishment and the advancement of this word of perfection and sonship. There has been much that has already been shared concerning it, so with regard to that trip, I would want to share one thought, or maybe I should say a revelation that was given to me while we were there. That revelation is the understanding of the treasure we have in the children; investing in the children is a gold mine. I do not know why I have been so slow to grasp the reality of what it is that God desires to do amongst them as well as in them. We had no less than 25 children in every meeting that we had and sometimes the number would be somewhere around 50. I could see and sense that many of them have a hunger for the reality of God. I am asking those of you who feel that they have the calling of an intercessor to begin to pray that God would give us the resources, spiritually, mechanically, humanly, as well as economically, to accomplish that which needs to be done. It is not just an item to put on your prayer list to pray about, but I believe that we need to press the battle to the gate so that the gates of hell cannot prevail against our demand for the righteous will of the Father concerning this issue to be accomplished.

Pertaining to the thought of finances, I believe that the Lord is coming to this people of the end time who have been given the blessing of having the wisdom and the knowledge of God… which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the Word of life. It is now that we must step up to the plate to accomplish that which was ordained from the beginning for this end time. The Holy Place people are a people like unto a certain young man who came to Jesus; we are told the result of that meeting in Matthew 19:16-24. The young man was sincere and dedicated to the principles of righteousness. He had achieved much and no doubt much of it was through sacrifice and an expenditure of his own life and being. Yet in spite of that, there was one thing he lacked. We as a people are as that young man, and behold, the hour of our proving is now upon us. Will we, as the young man, go away sad and miss the blessing of perfection and the God-likeness that is now being offered to us? There was a word that was loosed to the Holy Place church at the Czech Conference and it is found in Haggai 1:4-5, Is it time for you, O ye, to dwell in your ceiled houses, and this house lie waste? Now therefore thus saith the LORD of hosts; Consider your ways. It is time for us to individually, as well as collectively, to not only consider our ways, but come to a conclusion as to whether we are going to be in or out.

My journey this time started on the 16th of March arriving in Prague in the early evening on the 17th. I spent most of the day Sunday arranging my suitcases to accommodate the books and material that I would be taking to Africa. I began the journey to Kampala, Uganda on Monday afternoon taking off from Prague at 2PM. I would travel via Amsterdam to Nairobi, Kenya where I would have to go through customs to collect my bags. Things went relatively smooth. I had no problem acquiring the transfer visa, collecting my luggage, and finding the right place to check back in for my flight to Uganda. The city that would be my port of entry for this country is Entebbe. There are only two flights to Uganda form Nairobi; one in the morning, which was too early for me to make with my morning arrival. The other flight is early evening or late afternoon which makes for a very long day. This is where I am at present writing this account.

I find it very interesting that God is bring this message of hope, redemption, and resurrection to places in the world where there has been great shedding of innocent blood. Uganda, as do most of these African countries that we are going to, has a very bloody history that is full of unbelievable atrocities that have been perpetrated against the people by a Godless, malignant Darkness that has as its objective the desecration and eradication of anything that shows the reality of the Light.

Well, I suppose that this about wraps it up for me at this point of this leg of my journey. I want to say thank you to all of you who are working with us in the Gospel and the spreading of this good news of the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. I, like one of my predecessors in whose shadow I stand, exhort you, brethren, by that coming to make your calling and election sure.

May God bless you,
Brother Burt

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Summary of Philippines Mission

(February 20 – March 11, 2012)

By Mark Jantzi

JeepneyOur journey from New York to Manila began when we left out house at 6 AM on Monday, February 20 and were taken to the airport in Albany. We flew to Detroit where we were joined by Burt and Nancy Asbill. It was nearly 30 hours after our departure that we landed in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, at a little after midnight on the morning of February 22, 2012. Since Manila is currently 13 hours ahead of Eastern Time Zone, all I had to do to correct my watch was to go one hour forward.

So we quickly went through customs and were taken to the Manila Airport Hotel. Since they couldn’t find our reservations and the hotel was full, we were sent to some of their “cabins” which were at another place on the grounds. We spent our first night there and then asked to be moved back into the main part of the hotel, where there is a better sense of security and access to their regular services. Internet service is available here if you buy it an hour at a time so communication from here will not be as free as we are used to at home.

Quezon City

Friday through Sunday, the 24th through the 26th, these three days are set aside to have meetings in one of the several suburb cities, north of the capital Manila. So we will remain residents at the Airport Hotel and travel by hired van to the meeting site. We leave the hotel after having their breakfast at about 8 AM and the travel will take between 1 ¼ and 1 ½ hours depending on traffic conditions. The route is as if all one city; one hardly knows when one city passes into the next. We pass businesses, high rise buildings, construction sites and slums. The slums are a jumble of helter – skelter arrangements of one story tin roofed shacks. Sometimes I can see down the dark corridors of their alleys where there is evidence of human life, the poorest of the poor. I am wondering if some of these people are in these meetings.

Manila ChildrenThe meeting hall consists of about 50% children and they are seated on our right side of the building, 30 or 40 of them, mostly between 3-12 years old. On each of the three days of meetings Sister Nancy ministered to these little ones with Bible stories, exhortation and songs. There were generally two full meetings each day. After the morning meeting a lunch was served to everyone there, and then about 1 PM we started the afternoon meeting which would last for another 2 hours. Then it was back in the van for the long drive back to the airport hotel.

This gathering in Quezon represents about five separate “chapters” (fellowships) from the areas that are being started and overseen by Brother John. A goodly number of these folks came with him when he left the UPC denomination. But many of them also seem to be new and have practically no background in the Word of God. So we are again bringing much basic word foundation. And since the root of their religious experience is about 90% Roman Catholic, there are also a lot of these kinds of religious strongholds that need to be destroyed. But mainly there is still the need for straight out foundational teaching on the basics of salvation, basic teaching about the Bible itself. We have English literature and for many their understanding of our language is marginal. When we ask how many Bibles are available in the room, only two or three Bibles are raised. How are these poor sheep going to be fed?

After the first day at the Manila/Quezon area meetings, we are joined by Martin and Tomas from the Czech Republic. They will remain with us for the Cebu and the beginning of the Butuan meetings. The sisters, Merlinda and Marissa, have also been with us from the beginning of these meetings and will remain with us until it is finished. And so on Monday morning, February 27 the eight of us are prepared to fly to Cebu City where we will have three more days of meetings. We have been starting every day with prayer and seeking the Lord for direction as a team; we shall continue to do so.

Cebu City

Burt Prophecying CebuOn Friday, March 2, we are checking out of the hotel and preparing for the flight down to Butuan on Mindanao Island, the place that we first visited in 2008. Our meetings have been getting progressively better from the standpoint of the richness of the spirit. The worship and praise here is better, the songs are those that the audience can more easily participate. The spoken word is coming forth with more power and on a deeper level. Here it is not so much of building basics but more of a going on into the heavenly aspects of the kingdom word. At the beginning of each meeting, Sister Nancy brought a teaching for the little children which was well received. There are many little ones in these meetings but not as many as in Quezon City.

Another thing about Cebu that added to the meeting was the presence of four Pentecostal pastors, including some of their family and brethren. One of the four told me that he had already returned his “pastoral” papers to the denomination. We were told that the others are also considering doing likewise. I met with these brethren and they told me that they liked the word that they heard and would like printed literature. I gave each one a Pattern and a set of Revelation books plus whatever else I had, including CD/ MP3 recordings of the last four visits to the Philippines and others. The written literature that I brought with me is now nearly all gone. Several of the men promised that they will stay in touch with us and let us know their progress and further interest. Three of the men have a church on this island, the fourth, the 75 year old father of one pastor, has a church on Mindanao Island (not in Butuan). I believe that we are all encouraged thus far with the results in Cebu as we can see good potential for the growth of the word here, especially with the interest of these more mature men.

Butuan City

The first day of meetings at the hotel in Butuan City started off with a bang. It was nearly a full room (Merlinda said she fed 185). Since there were so many children (at least 45-50) Sister Nancy had a children’s program before the messages of both the morning and the afternoon sessions. There have been a few small attacks on the flesh of some participants, first Tomas and then Burt, but Nancy w children Butuaneveryone kept on doing what we came to do. The second and concluding day of meetings at the Hotel Caraga in Butuan was held on Sunday. The crowd was not quite as large (160). As I looked around I saw a lot of new faces; but I really missed seeing some of the familiar faces that we had known from past visits. It seems that people are making choices as to which house they want to be in. We had good liberty to preach and a good variety of interpreters available. One of the themes that we have been preaching both here and at Cebu is the necessity of the people to have Bibles in their hands and to be using them to study the word of God. Even the children in Butuan had more familiarity with the word than we had found in the previous locations. Burt brought the closing word as a strong warning of what was coming on the earth and the necessity of getting our spiritual house in order.

Bangonay (near Santiago)

On Monday morning, Tomas and Martin leave the team and begin their journey back to the Czech Republic. The rest of us are off in Merlinda’s new van to Brother Edmar’s fellowship in Bangonay (one and ¼ hour drive south of here) for the remainder of ministry in this area. The major attendees are his Bible school students from his nearby school in Santiago. Since most of the students have ministry aspirations, I brought a word on ministry. It stirred up a lot of debate and questions as God’s order came in conflict with man’s religious traditions. I ended up also teaching the afternoon session, both of marathon length.

The next day (Tuesday) Burt brought both morning and afternoon messages, both very Bible School Studentsstrong and nearly 2 hours long. He clearly laid out the cost of obtaining the prize of walking in the fullness of sonship. At the end of the afternoon meeting there was a response in which nearly all of the students came forward as an act of dedicating their life to God’s calling. These are a wonderful group of students, mostly in their early 20s. They have had their problems swallowing some of the things we said about the old order of church leadership and such, but they have tender hearts and a desire to learn. Brother Edmar is certainly a brave man to bring us into this group and his sponsors will surely make trouble. Please pray for him as he is losing the lease on the building he has been using.

The last day I was not able to join my group as I had spent most of the night with a most terrible gastrointestinal storm in my inward parts. I needed a few more hours of recovery and rehydration for my body. I understand that Nancy has also had some difficulties.

Merlinda’s School Graduation

This is Friday the 9th and the entire morning will be taken by the celebration closing the school year for the next two months of Merlinda’s School. There are a little over 100 students between nursery and First grade. The graduation was Little Grads with motherscelebrated for the kindergarten, a tradition in the Philippines. The certificate for these students must be signed and handed out by an official from the Department of Education; she came a few minutes late. After the white gowned and capped kindergartners were given their “diplomas,” then the awards were given to all of the students. Every student was given some kind of ribbons acknowledging their strengths in the study program. Every class also put on some performance: singing of hymns or reciting Bible verses or acting some story out. Finally about noon a fabulous meal was served to everyone. We had good fellowship with some of the families, getting acquainted with some who are being sponsored.

Blessing of Brother Lito’s Fellowship

Brother Lito, one of our original elders/shepherds has a group of believers that regularly meet in Merlinda’s little “furniture factory” (a two men Bro Lito's Antongalon Mtg Halloperation). On Saturday morning we went out to the location to pray a blessing on the group. Since Rita and I had to leave Butuan by flight to Manilla about noon, we were only able to stay for a little while. We feel satisfied that we have done all that God sent us here to do. Burt and Nancy will leave the following day. Our 24 hour flight home went without incident. We were picked up at the airport by Alicia and taken to our home by about 5 PM, very tired but satisfied. Let us pray that the seed sown in the Philippines will be watered by God and produce much fruit. Our thanks and God’s blessings are asked for all who have given, prayed, fasted and sacrificed for this venture. There was much spiritual opposition but greater spiritual victory in the mighty name of Jesus.

Team in Butuan w Merlinda's new vanMark and Rita Jantzi, Burt and Nancy Asbill, Martin Kluson, Tomas Brchan, Merlinda Muhmenthaler-Berongoy, and Marissa Muhr.

Note: Audio recordings with interpretation in the local language are available for each of the mission visits we have made. They are in MP3 format on CDs (not on the web site yet). If you are interested in obtaining these, please contact us.

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Philippine Status Report by Brother George Herrig – June 2011

Dear Brethren,

I am writing this letter in regards to the work in the Philippines. Since our last missions trip there in May a number of new developments have opened for the work there.

New doors and opportunities have been opened concerning the spreading of the message of the Kingdom of God.

1. Manila- Quezon City. We had tremendous breakthroughs here in this new area with 12 of our brethren being water baptized at the end of our visit. Many of the people in attendance were children with a hunger for God. A fellowship of brethren has been established with Br. John Sarmen overseeing the work with the elders there. Funds were given to help with the rent of a meeting hall on a monthly basis.

2. Cebu, the Capital City on the island of Cebu. This was the second stop of our trip and again we found open doors with the brethren eager to hear the Kingdom message. Some of the brethren who have oversight with the work in Cebu have come from the Lianga fellowship on Mindanao Island that have previously heard and received this message. We feel confident that the work here will continue with their oversight. We had also set up here a provision of funds that were desperately needed to provide monthly rent for a hall for them to meet in.

3. Jabonga, Mindanao-Br. Edmar and his wife have a bible school in which they teach young adults for the work of the Lord. They have been coming to the yearly conferences for quite some time. During this past conference in February the Lord opened their understanding greatly to the Kingdom message and they immediately began to teach it in their bible school. To say the least, they encountered difficulties with the regional director who has some oversight concerning the school. Nevertheless this couple opened the door for us to come and hold a two-day conference with their church and their students. We had excellent meetings and there is great anticipation with them for us to return to minister the Word of God.

4. Butuan, Mindanao- This is the base of the work of the Philippines as well as the School. We held meetings with the elders in this area along with the elders from the Lianga fellowship. We also had two days of meetings with the brethren and the tribal people as well. The work here continues to grow both on a spiritual and natural level. We have been most pleased to see them taking hold of the Word of God.

5. On this past trip to the Philippines we started our first self-sufficiency project. We had learned from our experience in India that before any program could succeed the brethren in that country must truly understand the workings of a self-sufficiency program and provide a good business plan in order to succeed. In January while in Butuan the team had devoted a day to teaching the brethren how self-sufficiency programs can make them self-supporting as well as to prosper the Church. We discussed the importance of knowing what type of program will work for their local area and the need of diligence and integrity in order for God to bless their work. On that basis we have funded our first self-sufficiency program in Manila. It is vendor stand selling prepared cooked chickens. A loan of 900 dollars was provided with the agreement to repay these funds in one year. When the money is repaid the funds can be used to start another self-sufficiency program. We hope to start several more of these programs as the Lord provides. It is exciting to see for this has great potential in helping our brethren in establishing businesses that will provide employment, income as well as financial blessing to the Church.

6. Kingdom Message School. When Sister Merlinda started this school in 2010 the total enrollment was 45 students. The school year was a great success with not only the students learning their academics but more importantly they were learning about God. A number of the mothers gave their lives to the Lord and regular meetings were established to help them grow in the Lord. With the success of the first school year, Sister Merlinda believed that the enrollment would double to 90 to 100 students. At the end of May by the time the enrollment week ended the total student’s for pre-school, kindergarten and first grade came to 120! Sister Merlinda was excited to say the very least. But with this added enrollment has come more challenges. The basis of the school was to move in faith and provide schooling for the very least of the people in their community. That is to give schooling with biblical teachings to children who could not afford such an opportunity. The support of the school is made possible through the generous support of the brethren from the USA, Europe and Africa. We have also set up a sponsorship program in order for brethren to support a student or students for the school year on a monthly basis.

A website has been established concerning the School, it’s operation, the sponsorship program and where to send donations. The site also includes the various projects and current status of the work there. I encourage everyone to visit the website at in order to see in more detail the work in the Philippines. 

The most important issue and request in this letter is the need of prayer and intercession for this special work in the Philippines. The work is expanding greatly but also the work of the enemy has greatly increased. I am reminded of the scripture verse in 1 John 4:4: Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. He has given us the keys of the Kingdom but we must use them in order to defeat the enemy. So, dear brethren, please intercede in prayer on behalf of this work and nation. Praise the Lord!

God bless you,
Br. George Herrig

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Philippines – May 2011

My Dear Brethren,

I realize that there has already been one report that has been sent out concerning our time here in the Philippines, but I thought that it would be good to add my personal perspective and to share with you some of the things that God has been speaking to me not just about this trip but and overall picture of the work that is going on here.

To begin with, when we first arrived here several years ago God informed me of His desire for these people to be involved in His business of perpetuating and building the Kingdom of God.  There were many dreams and visions given in the course of time and with each reoccurring visit in regards to that intent.  That God was going to use this land and this people to evangelize and to spread the word of the Kingdom to Southeast Asia.  As was it in World War 2, the Philippine Islands were going to be something of a staging ground for that operation. 

It has not been an easy road or one without mishaps or free of trouble.  We have over the last few years suffered, trouble and betrayal both from within and from without.  But in and of its self that should not surprise us, but more in the sense confirm to us the extensity of the desire of God for a people and of the devil desire to make every effort to destroy what it is that God wants to do with them.  It is in fact the mode of operation that the devil uses with any work that has the potential to tear down his thrones and to disposes his kingdoms.

With each visit we have been bringing the Word of God and hammering away at the cage of their captivity and bondage that have been put upon this people.  Assaulting the kingdom of hell, that has held this people in servitude to familiar spirit and tribal traditional and ancestral worship and if that was not enough the religious spirits of deception and lust, that have wanted to reinforce their prisons of lust, poverty and the degradation of humanity to eradicate the knowledge of God and hold them in this depravity for generations upon generations. But praise is to God, He had other ideas.

It was in the last visit the earlier part 2011 that a team of us came here to the Philippines to once again bring the word of God to this land and to this people.  There was a door in addition to the one in Butuan City that open to us in the providence of Lianga, for the first time, in four years of ministry, this word was going out beyond the walls of this city to which we first came.  It was significant in that it was prophetic in that it was saying that God was on the move and that is was the evidence that God was moving from a defensive posture to an offensive posture. It has since been brought to our attention that, that area is under the siege of the Peoples Republic Army.  This army is anti-democratic, anti-Pilipino as well as anti-Christ and the insurgent action would prohibit us from being able to travel there to strengthen the brethren. That is the bad news, but the good news is that some of the brethren who were there, much like the church in Acts, are being dispersed to different places in the Philippines and they are in turn now sharing with others this message of the Kingdom and opening up doors and establishing platforms from which we can launch yet another assault upon the kingdom of hell, which brings us to this current trip to the Philippines. 

It has been within the last two years, I believe, that there was a brother that we met who caught hold of this word with an enthusiasm that is refreshing as well as encouraging to see.  It reminds me of the early days of this ministry when Brother duCille came bringing the message of the Kingdom to us.  It was as if we could not find enough people to share this gospel with.   It would seem, from the word the Lord has been given to me that the Holy Place church has gone from cold too hot to lukewarm.

This brother has been knocking on doors and talking to people in Manila as well as in Cebu about this message, and has manage to get some people together and began to teach them the Kingdom of God. As I stated earlier in this letter, God is going on the offensive with this Gospel of Sonship.  When we decided that it was time for us to come again, the Bro arranged to have 2 days of meeting in both places. The meetings in Quezon City were to be held first being it is in what is called Manila Metro. The congregation was not quite what we expected.  For it consisted of many children.  I really think, that here again it was something of the prophetic nature.  The Bible says that we must become like unto little children in order to enter into the Kingdom God.  We found out later that there was at least one bus full of people that did not make it, because they could not find the transportation to come.

The meeting was difficult but very good.  You are basically dealing with the raw element of a sin society, and I am not speaking primarily about the Pilipino people, I am speaking about people that are unregenerate, living as it were in the gutter of life under the task masters of this present age. If I may quote the words of a song,  “……As I have borne the image of Adam the man of sin, so shall my countenance reflect the Christ within……”.  I liken it unto construction work, where one has to take a 16 lb sledge and start busting concrete.  It is hard, tedious work, but if you keep after it, by the end of the day, though your body may feel the effects of the effort, there is a visible result for the labor expended in the doing of the job. So has it been on this trip to the Philippines.   God is assaulting the stronghold of Sin in the islands of the Philippines.  It is brutal, bloody and more often than not it is an inch at a time land occupation and sometime the cost for that piece of ground is extremely high, but we are never the less, more than conquers through Jesus Christ that strengthen us. 

There must be a mentality within those of us that desire the high calling of Jesus Christ, who desire to promote and perpetuate the Kingdom of God according to the Gospel of Sonship that has been delivered to us as a people; both at home and abroad, of not loving our lives unto the death, can it be of any less effort on our part than those that have gone on before us, who for the hope of a better resurrection the scriptures says that they refuse deliverance. I believe that we as a people have been spoil by our conferences, where everyone speaks a certain language and everyone is saying amen to what they have heard over and over again, and more often than not allowed it to fall to the ground as Onan’s seed that was spilled to the ground and the anger of the Lord was kindled against him so that he slew him also.

So it should be of no surprise to us as we go forth into this battle for the souls of humanity in this island of the Philippines.  The first day of meetings was to say the least very difficult. But God be praise, He provided us with His strength and His anointing. The word was very direct and to the point. It was dealing with the sin of living a life that is born hell and that is destined for hell at the end of the day.  It was clearly defining the need to be born again the basis on which is happens and the conditions that are being require in order to achieve that experience.   There was also a word that came that day on knowing the reality of God; the significance of it and what it will accomplish for you at the end of the day. There was an alter call and many came to be prayed for; the concrete was beginning to crack and crumble and the sound of it was reverberating throughout all of hell and this was only the first day of battle.

Day 2:  Before we go into this day of battle and what happen, let me share with you that it was during our times of prayer in the evening as we gather together to discuss the that days battle and to pray concerning it and what instruction/correction that the Lord would give us about it and what it would be that He would tell concerning the coming of tomorrow. That the Lord brought to us a vision. In this vision, I saw a man and woman enter our room to confront us.  The man was dressed similar to a Middle-East Arab prince and his clothes were grey. The woman to his right was in an outfit, brown in color. As we prayed there was a rebuff to their actions. The man disappeared out of the midst but the woman was still there standing immobilized.  It seemed that our prayers had put her in a frozen position. The interpretation of the vision was that this was a prince overseer of this area of the world and he was offering the woman as a substitute, a sacrifice if you would, a diversion so that we would not be concentrating our spiritual energy toward him and his activity.  It was very much in line with what the Lord had been speaking to me while in Africa and it was also confirmation to me of what the Lord had reveal about how hell function and how the business of hell is orchestrated. It also was showing us that the God of Heaven was giving us authority over her as well as him. If what we are doing was not effective then they would not be wasting their time to try and divert us.

As we went into the meeting on this 2nd day, God anointed Brother George to bring a very powerful and anointed word of salvation, you see and sense in the Spirit of God that the walls of resistance that had been so very much is place the day before had suffered a tremendous battering, and as Bro was speaking the walls began to crumble, even now as I am sharing with you I am seeing in the spirit how it was affected.  Like huge cannon shells smashing into the wall, with explosive burst with much debris and rumble exploding out  and with the shock of the explosion the walls begin to crack and  crumble and walls in large sections began to implode. Praise God.  There was a move of the spirit to invite those to whom the Lord was speaking and convicting of their sins and for those who were under the repressive and the oppressive influence of spirits to come to the front of the meeting to be prayed for. There were several that came and gave their lives to God, as the Spirit became to bring the spirit of conviction the people began to receive the ministry of contrition and repentance.  There was also the word of knowledge that was moving identifying different spirits of hell that were holding the people in a place of bondage and torment.  God is so faithful to his word.  As it says in the scripture, Jn 1:9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.  It was our privilege to see this word of the scripture become a reality in the many people that were standing there at the altar of God.

The afternoon meeting open with a great deal more liberty in the Spirit and it seemed as though the people were ready to take the next step.  There was a word on covenant relationship that the Lord began to expand on and to define the reality of what it meant to us as a Christian. The anointing was very strong and the word was very much like the two-edged sword spoken of in the New Testament, dividing asunder the soul from the spirit and there was and immediate response at the end of the meeting; much like the story in the bible of how when Philip was sharing with the Ethiopian Eunuch was that he wanted to be baptize immediately.  There were twelve people at the end of the meeting who wanted to get baptized that evening. A barrel was produce and the people were baptizing in the barrel and a new Holy Place church was born.  Hallelujah I have no doubt in the fact that as one planted and as one waters it will be God that brings the increase and increase that will indeed manifest itself in time yet to come.

We are now on Cebu Island in the last day of ministry here in Cebu City, once again hammering away at the walls of sin and rebellion as well as the church indoctrination and deception that have been pressed upon the people here. I believe and have the confidence that at the end of the day the results will be the same and that another segment of the Holy Place church will be evident.

Your Servants in Christ Jesus,

Brother Burt & Sister Nancy

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Philippines – by Sister Johanna – January 2010

I thought you may like to read a prospective of my 17-year-old granddaughter on her first mission trip to the third-world country:

“I have found out some interesting things while staying in the Philippines – they do not ever use knives – only spoons and forks. Their “ketchup” is mixed with mashed bananas. Seeing cockroaches float in the toilet, ants on your sheets, and geckos climbing the walls is perfectly normal. You must never flush toilet paper down the toilet, because the pipes are so small that it will clog them up. We learned this from experience. And warm/hot showers are not in style here, so they don’t provide them.

“There is just so much to see and hear – and some of it about breaks my heart. Yesterday we had to travel for two hours to get to this small village and left Butuan to go up into the mountains/hills. We passed through villages with houses that look like a puff of wind would carry them away. Children playing in the road, pigs, goats and cows roaming the hills, and people bathing in the ditches by the road. I saw a little girl who was about 5 years old carrying a baby and leading her little brother down the road. It makes me so ashamed and humble to see such poverty when I have so much. Mom, tell the kids that they are not allowed to complain over what’s for dinner.”

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