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Mission Update from Nigeria and Liberia

By George Herrig

Dear Brethren,                                      

Greetings to each and everyone. First, we thank you for all of your prayers and intercessions on behalf of this endeavor in the nations of Nigeria and Liberia. At present we are into our second day of the conference in the Capitol city of Monrovia, Liberia.It is a miracle that we are even here. Yesterday, early in the morning we were at the airport in Lagos, Nigeria checking in when we found out we had been given wrong information. Previously,  we were told that we could secure our visas on arrival at the airport in Liberia. That was the case for the Nigerian brethren, both for Br. Chijioke and Br. Ebere but it was not for us from the USA. We needed official documents that  showed approval for us to enter into the country.We were put aside for some time while the other passengers checked in. As we prayed God prevailed, we gained favor with the deciding manager and they printed our  boarding passes. Praise God! Then we found that they had printed Br. Burt’s name wrong when buying the ticket. A  very wrong thing to happen for an international flight. Again, God prevailed in the matter and allowed Br. Burt to be accepted on the plane.

Two victories were won but we needed another once we entered into Liberia without those documentations. When we arrived at noon yesterday we went before the immigration officials. When the uniformed officer saw we did not have the official documents he directed us to the office nearby. The man at the desk also inquired as to why we had no official documentation. One of us spoke that we were missionaries and were told wrong information that brought us into this predicament. When he heard we were missionaries his countenance changed. At that point we noticed on his desk a KJV Bible. He explained that he would see what he could do. He went into another office to talk with the woman who oversees the whole immigration department. At that point they asked Br. Chijioke to come in. We were then told to go and pick up our luggage. Some time later Br.Chijioke came out with our passports. He said the man and the woman could not have been more helpful. They reduced the normal visa fees and said they did this because we were missionaries to this country. Praise the Lord! Isn’t our God so marvelous?

We plan to write more on our time here in Liberia after we finish our mission here.

I want to backtrack at this time to share with you our experiences and the move of God during the Youth Camp in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

When I say youth camp we are speaking of an age group between 12 to 30 years of age with some below and some above that age group. We found that the battles the young adults face are no different than those in other countries and on other continents. The devil is intent on destroying this generation of people. This youth camp in Port Harcourt was their first. The theme of the camp was to be the Tabernacle and God moved so marvelously in the very first meeting.

The prophetic word set the tone by the picture of the tabernacle and what transpires outside the tabernacle itself which is symbolic of the world. The question to them was: What would you define the world to be? The young people began to list them. Prosperity, Traditions, Money, Fashion, Movies, Education that was not led by God, Partying, Pleasure, Anything Human. In the course of that first meeting we came to understand the world is the Kingdom of Darkness. As the days continued and the meetings unfolded God was speaking not only of the darkness in the world but the darkness within us.

The original intent in teaching of the tabernacle was to cover the seven pieces of furniture but in reality we could only get through the first two pieces, the Brazen Altar and the Brazen Laver.

Time in this writing does not permit me to write all that happened during the camp week but I feel quickened to copy this portion of a letter that I wrote to my wife Susan at the conclusion of camp.

“We arrived late morning back in the city of Port Harcourt from the youth conference. I cannot put into words the blessings that everyone received during their youth camp. It was their first camp and I would say it was quite successful indeed.  We had several altar calls with one that over 20 youth (between 12 to 30) either were born again or rededicated their lives. We had 24 baptisms at the river and just when we thought the camp was winding down with its last meeting we had the best of all. The most wonderful night of praise in which many were set free.

Many of the young people have similar problems here like everywhere. Many freely gave their iPods, iPads, computers and cell phones to the older brethren who know computers to delete their songs, pictures and various things that were offensive to the Lord. They even gave their Facebook information to the elders for them to oversee what they are doing. Amazing!”

There was one other altar call on the last day which was one of the most important. At that altar call many were set free from the oppression of sexuality and perversion that had overshadowed them. Praise God!

I was able to take three clips of video during the last part of praise. The visible change in them was undeniable. We heard while we were here in Liberia that the young people in Port Harcourt testified to the power and change in their lives at their Wednesday night meeting. Many older brethren were convicted.

In closing, please continue to pray for us while we are here. We leave on Monday from Liberia back to Port Harcourt. We are there until Wednesday when we return to Prague and prepare for their Children’s Camp which will be held from August 18th to August 25th.

Also pray for our families as well as for one another as we stand together for the victory.

God bless you all,

The team in Liberia
Br. Burt Asbill, Br. Ebere, Br. Chijioke Nwauche, Br. Wade Lux, Br. George Herrig

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