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Mission to Uganda & Ethiopia – Part 1

Hello and God’s blessing to each of you,

We got off with a good start on this current mission trip to Africa. Our journey started at 11:30 AM on Tuesday the 19th and we arrived at 10:30 PM on Wednesday night at the Entebbe International Airport in Uganda. The trip was long and tiring, but it went well and we arrived without any incidents or mishaps. We also had the added blessing that Brother Ronald and Sister Margaret Johnson, who work in the D.R.C. with the U.N., were with us on the flight from Amsterdam to Entebbe. They were visiting family in the States and were now going back to Africa through Entebbe that they might be at the meetings that were going to be held in Kampala. So in the midst of the journey we were able to have fellowship with them as well as to discuss the work that is going on in Africa.

When we arrived at the airport in Uganda we were able to disembark and make our way through customs without the normal difficulties that come with that experience. Our luggage was also available in a relatively short amount of time and all of it was present and accounted for, PTL! However, that was not the experience of the Johnson’s – they had one piece of luggage that did not make it so there was a process that had be done before we could exit the terminal building.

Once all that was completed we proceeded out of the terminal to be greeted by our taxi driver, Adul, who we have used for quite some time now in our comings and goings in and out of Uganda. The journey from the airport to Sister Biri’s house is not a short distance. It can take anywhere from an hour and a quarter to 3 hours depending on the traffic. That may not seem a long ways, but when you tack it onto a day’s travel of 24 plus hours it seemingly is forever. Fortunately for us that late at night the traffic was minimal. As it was, we made good time in arriving at Sister Biri’s house in Kampala where we were greeted with smiles from Sister Biri as well as Sister Geraldine. Sister Geraldine is from Sierra Leone but presently working in the D.R.C. with the Johnsons. She had come the day before in order to be in the meetings that were going to be held here in Kampala. It was while we were having a light dinner that we learned that the meetings we were going to have over the weekend were going to be attended by several of the brethren from different places in Africa. I trust that the Lord will anoint and deliver the word of encouragement for the development of the Body of Christ. We are definitely looking forward to these next few days.

It is now after 1:30 AM. A good hot shower and a nice bed will bring these last few days journey to a very good end.

God’s blessing to all of you,
Brother Burt & Sister Nancy

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Mission to Togo – Continued (March 2015)

It is 6:23 Friday morning, March 20, 2015 and it would seem that we are in internet limo. We have made several attempts to obtain access to the internet but there is always something wrong with it, so you will probably receive these reports after the fact. The time that we have spent here has been very profitable. We have had three meetings here at Sister Felicia’s house: one on Friday night, one on Saturday, and the other on Sunday afternoon. All of the meetings were well attended and there was a good flow of the Spirit of God. The word was speaking about the plan of God to include man as a son to work with Him in His (God’s) business. What was also brought forth was an outline of how God created man with the potential of being perfect; not in the hereafter, but in the now. There are also two testimonies as to the power of God that is within His Word. One sister was telling us that she had been having a great deal of difficulties with circulation in her upper legs and in her feet. It was a situation that was causing her a great deal of pain and as well as difficulty in walking. Her testimony is that as she was speaking to Sister Felicia concerning coming to the meeting, she felt as though something was happening in that area of her body. She came to the meeting and in a session of prayer with her after the meeting, her testimony was that she felt a warming sensation in her upper legs and feet. It was not until she found that she could walk up and down the stairs without the pain that would have normally hindered her so greatly, that she realized she was experiencing the healing power of the Word of God working in her body. The end result of this was that God had healed her of the malady. When she went to the doctor to confirm this, he asked her what she had done and what medicine she was taking as her blood had come back to its normal properties. The second testimony was from another sister who had not been feeling well and thought that she had Malaria. She had determined that she was not feeling well enough to come to the meetings, but at the last minute changed her mind. As she was in the meeting that night and as the word was going forth, she began to feel better. It was not until the end of the meeting that she realized that God had touched her.

As I was listening to these testimonies, the scripture that came to my mind is found in Psalm 107:20. He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions. As I was reading this scripture, there was a part of it that I was not aware of and it is the last part…delivered them from their destructions. As I began to meditate on this thought, I began to see the reality of how very self-destructive humanity is. It is as though we are pre-programmed to resist the good and accept the evil. I suppose that it comes from the word of darkness that was ministered by Satan to Eve in the Garden when he said, …and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. If you take it in context with the scripture, you must eat, in other words, you must partake of the products of the world in order for you to be able to discern good from evil, when in actuality it is completely contrary to scripture. There was a word of God spoken by the prophet Isaiah that instructs us to eat butter and honey. Isaiah 7:15, Butter and honey shall he eat, that he may know to refuse the evil, and choose the good.

On Tuesday, Nancy and I had the privilege to minister at  Sister Felicia’s school. For me personally it was a tremendous blessing. Nancy taught Kindergarten through 4th grade with somewhere around 80-90 students in their respective age groups. I shared with the 5th grade on up which included about 60 students all together in my particular class. I was so blessed with the receptivity of the students – I mean I was really impressed! I have to tell you that I was a bit nervous about being able to teach the smaller children concerning this word of the Kingdom as it applies to the Gospel of Sonship in a forum that they would understand. To compound my problem, I was to work with a translator who I have not worked with before and she had no knowledge of the concept of God wanting Sons. You would think after all these years of experience in different countries and languages, I would know that if it is God’s will for you to be doing something then it is God’s business, and God always will take care of that business. Needless to say, as I began to share the Word of God, I was acutely aware of His presence.

I began by sharing with them the why and the how of sin and the need that we have to be delivered from it through the blood of Jesus Christ. As the teaching progressed I began to share on the soul of man, making diagrams on the chalkboard showing the 4 composite aspects of the soul. My dear brethren, I have to tell you that I was amazed at the attentiveness of these children. Every one of them was sitting there looking at me with big dark eyes and the intensity of the look was as if they were hanging on every word that I was saying. As I began to make the illustration of the soul on the board, they all began to pull out of their backpacks a pencil and notebook to begin taking notes and making the drawings in their notebooks. To say the least, I was blessed and very excited!

At the end of the time that I had for this teaching, I asked all of those who would like to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior to raise their hands. Every hand without exception was raised immediately. I was shocked at the response. How’s that reaction for a man who is supposed to be a “man of faith”?? Okay… now what do I do? Is it possible that every one of them understands and is genuine in their desire to be saved? So as I was standing there pondering and asking the Lord how I was to handle this situation, He spoke to me to share with them the testimony of what happened with two of our grandchildren at a convention that we took them to in Florida. When they were just 3 years old, both of them received the Lord at the end of one of the meetings. So after sharing that experience, I again asked, admonishing the children not to participate just because someone else responds, but to stand up if they wanted to receive Jesus in their hearts. Every one stood up, without hesitation – I mean they stood up as one man simultaneously!! Well, I was left with no alternative other than to lead them in a prayer of asking God for His forgiveness of their sins and stated their individual position of acceptance of his blood. I believe that this particular experience was more for my benefit and education in the things of God than anything else. I was blessed!!!

As I have shared this testimony with different ones, I believe that there are certain things about it that God has been bringing to my attention that I might know the ways of God in a better way. One person with whom I shared the testimony told me it reminded them of the story of Gideon when he was called of God to deliver Israel from the Midianites; one experience with the fleece was not enough; he had to do it twice. He was called by God “a mighty man of valor,” yet for the fear of man he had to sneak off in the night to destroy the family altars. Another person who I shared it with said that it reminded them of the story of Acts where 3000-5000 were added to the church in a day. All of these are credible thoughts that I have to examine and inquire of the Lord as to His thoughts concerning it for I do not want to hinder the work of God in what He is able to do by what I am not able to believe.

We held meetings over the next weekend at Sister Felicia’s house. We had a meeting on Friday night, two meetings on Saturday, and one meeting Sunday morning. Most of the meetings were concentrating on the Tabernacle, which is bringing the understanding of its prophetic nature. The teachings were very basic, explaining the symbolic meanings of the substances from which the Tabernacle was made as well as the meanings of the colors and fabrics that were used. We also were able to go into the spiritual meaning of the numerology of the structure in and of itself. I believe that we were able to develop a good foundation of understanding that we will be able to build on in the future. By the end of the meetings there were three people who received the Lord and there were four people who were water baptized. At the end of the day one of the questions that was asked was now that their appetites have been excited what should they now do. It was a good question and it encouraged me greatly. We encouraged them to come together on a regular basis, to go back over the word, and to pray and seek God for His sense of direction and on that basis God would respond in a positive word of direction. My question to some of you is now that God has begun His move in Togo, what is it that you will do about it?

This trip to Togo has been a tremendous blessing and learning experience for me personally. It has, for me, set the thought of what is the will of God and the direction that He is leading us to go. He spoke a word to me in 2012 in our house in Ethiopia to “Go after the children!” On that word is my heart fixed!

Yours in Him,
Brother Burt & Sister Nancy

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Mission to Togo (March 2015)

Good morning and God’s blessing to each of you,

I thought that it would be expedient to bring you all update on this current mission to Togo. First, please bear with me as I want to outline some of the logistics of this trip, because I believe that is important that we all need to be aware that these trips are not trips that are done on the spur of the moment nor without collaboration with the brethren and the preeminence that the Holy Spirit has in the construction of them. The trip from the U.S is approximately 26 to 27 hours, depending on the flights that are available on the dates that you want to travel. On this particular trip our dates for travel were not very flexible; the best that I could find at the time was about 27 hours, plus or minus a couple hours of plane time as well as airport time put together. We were originally going to go to both the country of Togo as well as Goma, which is in the Democratic Republic of Congo (D.R.C.). Working out of another African country would have made the trip to Togo, as well Goma, less stressful, both physically as well as giving one’s soul the opportunity to recover its spiritual stability. However, that did not materialize as the political environment of the country that we were going to use as a platform to reach these other two objectives was not conducive to us having a visit there at this time; so we had to find an alternative plan to relieve the burden of the Word that was on us concerning Togo.

togo-mapPerhaps a bit of background on Togo would be needed at this point. It was back in August/September of 2014, that there was a team of about 8 of us from various places in the U.S. as well as Africa that came at the behest of Sister Felicia to share this gospel of the Kingdom and the response here was phenomenal! It was decided amongst us at that time, that we should not wait too long to return in order not to lose the inertia that we had achieved on our initial visit. There was an attempt by some members of the team to return at the end of December, but that did not happen. The Togo event of travel was moved to the end of January, but again that did not materialize due to other pressing needs of life, so the trip was again postponed till sometime in March and was to be combined with the trip to Goma in the D.R.C., all of which brings us up to the present day. I have often said that God is in control of His business and it is my belief that He was behind the orchestration of the timeline of events as to world politics and governments, as well as our own personal situations. Concerning the burden of the Word that was on us for both Goma and Togo, God was ordering the timeline that we might be in the right place at the right time. As the timeline for March began to run down upon us, it became evident for one reason or another that the thought of having a team going to Goma as well as to Togo was not going to come together. I believe that Goma was, at this time, being eliminated from this trip, and that is a story all in itself; a story perhaps for another time. When it was finally determined that a team going to Togo was not going to happen, Nancy and I began to investigate other alternatives in order to relieve the pressure in the Spirit that we need to go and we really need to go now. There is a need for you to also know, that during this time frame of planning, I am in constant communication with the brethren who are involved with this type of mission activity. They, as well as we, were finding life-situations creating obstacles that would not allow us or them to be free to travel to these particular places as planned, if indeed at all. Nancy and my situation is not quite so constrictive or prohibitive in that regard; most of the time for us, it is just a matter of scheduling as well as the strength and vitality of life that is needed to make the haul. As I was meditating on this thought the other day, there was a word that Sister Mavis spoke to me concerning her own physical situation. She was inquiring of the Lord as to the reason for her physical weakness and seemingly being prone to these types of attacks. The Lord spoke to her out of Psalm 90:10, The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away; with the emphasis on the “by reason of strength.” The way that I believe the Lord showed it to me is as a natural reservoir. A reservoir is created by the putting of a dam, or let us says a restraint, across a viable water source; it has the capacity to hold a little or a lot. I have no control over the input of the water – that is already predetermined; so it is depending on how I regulate the flow out of it. It seems in this respect I am responsible and have the authority to determine the matter at the end of the day as to longevity, but I must be aware of the care that needs to be taken so that by the end of the day I have the ability/reserve to push beyond what has been predetermined. We are of course speaking of those who are abiding under the “Shadow of His wing” and are intent in doing His will.

Which brings me to the place of current events; we began to investigate how to get to Lome, Togo, flying directly there from the U.S., with the least amount of LEAD poisoning (Life Energies Acute Deterioration). These long hauls for us, at this stage of life, are difficult to say the least. It is not that we cannot do them, for we do and we will as it is necessary, but if there is another way to accomplish it, then may God give us the wisdom to find it. It so happens on this particular trip that I was able to find a flight that would allow us to have a stopover in Paris for the night and continue our journey the next afternoon. It was perfect and it was definitely His Grace and Mercy being extended to us in this Togo mission effort.

We left the U.S. the afternoon of the 11th of March, arriving in Paris in the early afternoon of the 12th. We were able to continue our journey after a good night’s rest, departing that next afternoon and arriving in Lome, Togo, on the evening of the 13th, where we were met by Sister Felicia and her brother who transported us to her home.

We will be having meetings every day, whether they are here in her home or at the school. Sister Felicia has a school that she has been developing over the years and on this trip we will have the opportunity to share with the students this word of God. We pray that the Holy Spirit will have the liberty to move and to touch the hearts of the people.

To be continued…

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Nigeria – December 2013

Dear Brethren,

It is my prayer that the Lord will continually pour out His presence, His peace and His divine grace upon each and every one of you; may it be as it is written, surely goodness and mercy shall follow me/us all the days of our lives.

It has been on my heart to finish writing to you and share with you the events of the last part of my recent trip to Nigeria. As of my last letter to you, we had just finished up coming back to Port Harcourt from Uyo. At that time we had two more cities to visit which would be Umuahai and Owerri.

Nigeria Dec 2013 (1)As we arose the morning that we were going to be traveling, as I remember it, that night had been a night of prayer and wrestling in the Spirit. Owerri for me has never been an easy trip. There has always been a great deal of spiritual warfare that was fought over going to this particular place. It would seem to be one of those hot spots in the Spirit.  There are areas in the World and especially in Africa where satan has set up what the Bible calls seats of spiritual wickedness and for me, personally, Owerri has always been one of those places. It has also been one of the places where I have seen the Spirit of God and the word that has been given unto us bring great victory and deliverance. It was in this same city years prior to this particular visit that God gave me the revelation of man and how he is bound to the earth of his nativity; of the darkness that is around that feeds the soul of man so that the soul may produce more darkness and how the power of God can break that authority of darkness. It was to this place then that the four of us, Brother Obi, Brother Chijioke, Brother Joshua and I would be traveling by car.

Nigeria Dec 2013 (2)The first stop would be the city of Umuahai. This particular place, by the way, is the home place of Brother Chijioke. We would have two days of meetings here with a small fellowship that is in a small village that makes up the part of the city that is called Umuahai. These cities in Nigeria will often be villages that have in some manner or another been swallowed up by the growth and development around them and will finally succumb to the metropolitan pressure to become a part of the whole. There is one event that happened that I would like to relate. Many years ago, probably twenty-four or twenty-five years ago, I met a Brother Uchena, who at the time I met him was part of the original fellowship that was started in Owerri. On recent visits I have wanted to get in contact with him again, but for one reason or another it just didn’t work out. It just so happened that he lived in Umuahia and we found out that he would be at his home in Umuahia during this current visit. It was arranged that we would visit him one afternoon while we were there. It was a very good visit. I am so glad that we had that opportunity for it was just a week or so ago that I received the news that Brother Uchena had passed away.  

The meetings in Umuahia were quite good, there was a very good spirit and the people seemed to be hungry for the Word of God. The meetings were well attended and though the meeting place was humble, God‘s presence was obviously there. The message centered on the original thought of God when he created Man, as to the intent of God for man and the destiny that He has established for man. It is quite a marvelous thought and one that is hard to fathom, when you think of the creation of man; what he was made out of and how it was that the “breath” of God, when He breathed into man, man “became”, it changed the elements from which it was originally created to a form that we now call flesh. (…..for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.) To me it is just a marvelous, miraculous event that totally blows my mind, especially when you think of that breath as it is used so often in the scriptures concerning God and man.    

The second night the message that came was on ‘The Pattern to Perfection’. It was a word that showed the progression and development of the mind of God concerning His plan for man. It began with God and man in the garden to Moses on the mount where God gave him the pattern of the Tabernacle; down to the time of David and what the scripture says concerning the Tabernacle of David and how God desires to restore it (Amos 9:11). This all of course deals with the coming of Jesus Christ and by virtue of what He accomplished concerning the development of Christ within us. When you begin to think about the absoluteness of God and all that He is and that He wants to reside within man in the totality of that fullness, it is almost incomprehensible and it would be so if it were not for the scripture in John 14:26, But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you. So you see God does not leave it to happen-chance or to the discretion of the individual believer; He has provided every resource that is necessary to accomplish what it is that He wants done. All this is to say that all in all the two days spent in Umuahia were quite good and I believe very profitable.

The next morning which was a Saturday, we would be back on the road again and heading for Owerri. We had meetings scheduled for that Saturday night and Sunday morning. There are several fellowships in Owerri and they had agreed to come together for a joint meeting to facilitate our coming. 

That next morning I received a call from Brother Jokes at 6 A.M. telling me we had to be checked out of the hotel and on the road by 6:30 A.M. It seems on certain days of the month many of these cities have what is called street cleaning. If you are found driving on the road between certain hours, they will stop you and either make you help in the cleaning of the streets or give you a very big fine! Although we did not make our deadline for getting on the road, we did make it out of the city limits without any mishap.

We had little difficulty in getting to Owerri and to get checked into the hotel that they had provided for us. Our first meeting would be that Saturday evening in a place called Tabernacle of Grace. As we made our way to the evening meeting place, we had some difficulty in finding it being they had moved to a new location and were in the process of building. When we arrived I was a bit surprised to see the number of people so small in comparison to the size of the building. It would seem that we, as a people, still give preference to holy days, weekdays versus Sundays, and not to mention the Word of God. I was given the opportunity to share the word that God gave me concerning “This is the Time, This is the Place.” The Word began with a bit of history lesson concerning the Word of God and its effect upon them as a people; in particular them as a people concerning this word for the end time and that of Sonship. The time is serious and the jeopardy that the world is in because of the darkness that is becoming more and more dark is consequential to us as Christians. Brethren, we need to wake up and smell the smoke. There is an old expression that says where there is smoke there is fire, and, brethren, there is a fire that has already been kindled and it will come to be seven times hotter than any fire that we or the world has ever experienced. We are called to be the First Fruits of Christ, those that participate with Him in the saving of the world. The meeting ended with a call to repentance and a rededication to the Lord concerning His plans and purposes for humanity.

We had one more meeting, one more opportunity to repent. Perhaps you might think that that thought is presumptuous? Well, I believe it is scriptural and in context with what the Bible says about man. Do I presume to tell God that I will yet have one more opportunity to turn from my position of stubbornness and rebellion? The Holy Place church is a church that is in danger of not becoming, but is becoming the Abomination that is spoken of by Daniel the prophet. He speaks of a church that has a word of Sonship, but it is denying the power of that word through dissemination and apostasy. This word has the ability to change man from mortal to immortality; from the smell of putrification to the smell of the rose, from the depths of the lowest hell to the ultimateness of God’s eternity, but for that to happen man must die, die completely and absolutely to the demands of his soul. It is a soul that is no longer ruled by its passions and the unholy desires of its gross darkness, but is a soul of pure and holy light that burns with such intensity that no unholy flesh can abide within its presence. That is the soul that will flee from that apostasy of self-fulfillment, self-preeminence and self-preservation. It is a soul that would rather die in the physical sense than to be bound forever in that state of eternal agony, obliterated from the mind of God.

Sunday morning held a bit of a surprise for me. When I walked into the meeting place that morning, the place was packed to the max!

Nigeria Dec 2013 (3)

When it was determined that I would be going to Owerri, I began to seek the Lord for a specific word and not just any word, but a word for the church, the true church in Owerri. It was a word even as the words that are given to the seven churches of Revelation; Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand (Revelation 1:3). And again seven times the Spirit of God sayeth to the (Holy Place) church, He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches. I thought as of Friday night that I had missed God in that word, but when I walked into that hall that morning I knew that this word was for this people and in this place. I have to also tell you that as I walked into that place a fear fell upon me, not a fear of man but a fear of God, that I would not step out of the will of God in thought or in word. The word that the Lord gave me was a word that was a story of the church and it is found in Isaiah 7:1. It is the story of God and His people and the insurrection of the church against the church and the rebellion against God and the apostasy that comes because of it. It also speaks of God’s redemptive love for those who repent and “turn again to the Lord.” I have to say that the response to the word was very good. This meeting would conclude our multiple visits to various cities and to the various fellowships that we have helped over the years to lay the foundational truths of this Kingdom of God message. It also brings me to the end of this segment of the trip. The next adventure and the last report for this trip will be the up and coming Port Harcourt Youth Conference.

May God bless you and thank you so much for your prayers and support.

Brother Burt & Sister Nancy

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The African Chronicles – The Nigerian Adventure

Dearly Beloved Brethren,

But we are bound to give thanks alway to God for you, brethren beloved of the Lord, because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth. 2 Thessalonians 2:13

It has been quite some time since I have had the opportunity to write. There have been many places that we have been that it is difficult to decide where to start and what of the exciting things that we have witnessed as to the move of God amongst the people to share. At this point to say that this trip has been outstanding is an understatement; I would say that it has been phenomenal. God is surely visiting His people.

Perhaps I should give you some of the background concerning this particular trip to Nigeria, for in and of itself I believe that it has some particular significance in the economy and in the time schedule of God. I trust that you will not misunderstand me for I am not of any particular importance, but more in the sense that I was and am a witness to the fact of the move of God that originated with Pa Elton, and that was carried on by Brother and Sister duCille here in Nigeria. In fact, I am also aware that it was Pa Elton who prophesied the coming of Brother duCille; for there were questions that the brethren he was shepherding had concerning the coming of Jesus Christ. He was the one that said there was one coming who would be able to answer the questions that he could not.

It was the will of God in those early days that I would be a part of the team that would be coming in and out of Nigeria sometimes twice a year for seventeen to eighteen consecutive years. I do not remember missing even one of those trips, for it was evident to me that there was a move of God in Nigeria and I for one did not want to miss any of it. It was a move of God that would spread like wildfire from Ilorin down to Lagos, across the western part of Nigeria down to Port Harcourt stretching over to encompass Calabar. Unfortunately, like most moves of God, due to time, life, prosperity, and the incredulous presumption of man that he can do something better than God, it has become organized, denominational in its structure and ecumenical in its thinking and, like so many moves of God, it is on the verge of extinction and is now on the brink of being swallowed by the Mother of the Harlot church. It is however, in such events of church history as what I have described above, that God has a remnant of people to whom the Word of God is as living water, and it is to that people that we trust the wisdom of God to lead us. As it was in the beginning, there was a clarion call to the Evangelical, Pentecostal segment of Church to “Come out of her, My people,” so now there is the sound of the Trumpet that heralds to that Holy Place people to “flee from the Holy Place unto the mountain,” for the Abomination of Desolation that maketh desolate is now rising in that segment of God’s sanctuary. It is now that trumpet that is sounding loud and clear and it is evident that there is a remnant of people who are now responding to that sound, even as their predecessors respond to the previous message. It is even as it is written in the book of Revelation, “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.”

Nancy and I arrived in Port Harcourt on the 1st of August; we were joined on the journey by Brother Barak Asbill and his second born son, Christopher, as well as Brother Wade Lux from the Dubuque, IA fellowship. The journey in and of itself went well; there were no interruptions or events to make it more arduous than the normal 23 to 25 hours that it takes to make the journey. We arrived at the Port Harcourt International Airport on the 1st of August, West Africa Time. The airport at Port Harcourt is under construction so the arrival hall is somewhat makeshift as well as temporal. It consisted of a tent that was approximately 30 by 50 feet, and this houses the Immigration, baggage arrivals, as well as customs, and not to mention the Health inspection for the Yellow Fever Vaccination. You fill that with 250 to 300 deplaning passengers and it makes things quite interesting to say the least. It was at least 2 to 2½ hours later that we were able to walk out and there we were met by many of the brethren who had come to greet us whose smiling faces were as a cool breeze on a very hot and humid day. I have to say that God’s mercy endureth forever.

Up to this point we have had a very aggressive schedule. We were to travel to the various fellowships that we have had the privilege of establishing and encouraging when we first came to Nigeria. In the subsequent years, somewhere around 17 or 18 years that followed, we had the opportunity to fellowship with them through those formative years. It has been about 8 years or so that I have not been there nor been able to fellowship with these particular brethren. The first place that we went was to a village, well, I suppose that you could call it a fairly large town, or a smaller size city called Umuahia. This particular place happens to be the hometown of Brother Chijioke when he was growing up in the early years of his life. There was a small fellowship of about twenty-five or thirty people who were gathered there to praise and worship the Lord. We were able to have two sessions with them on the Kingdom of God and the response to the word was very good. It was the next day that we traveled to Owerri. We would be there for three days of meetings, having two meetings a day.

I have to say that the meetings in Owerri went very well. Owerri, for me personally, has always been something of a hotspot as far as spiritual confrontation is concerned. There is a variety of spiritual activity that I have encountered for one reason or another, and I was not sure what to expect; both as far as the meetings were concerned, as well as the brethren who are there. I am happy say that that there were no major surprises, and for those insistences that we encountered, the Grace of God was evidently provided and the meetings went extremely well. For those that made the effort to attend, I believe that they were very blessed. I have since been told by some of the brethren there that there is a very strong move of God; a resurgence of life both within the ranks of the young people, as well as many of those who had previously been privileged to hear and participate in this Word.

Owerri would mark the end of the first segment of the trip and on the conclusion of the last meeting which was the 11th of August we would be returning to Port Harcourt to prepare for the youth camp that would be starting on the 14th of August.  

I trust that you will bear with me in my excitement over what I was so privileged to witness as the Spirit of God descended into the midst of our gathering in Port Harcourt. The Word that was being shared was coming in power; the power of conviction that generates the spontaneous response of those who by reason of that anointing are smitten in their hearts and drop to their knees in contrition and Godly sorrow, repenting and confessing their sins to the almighty God. What an event, what an experience, what a spectacular opportunity to participate with the moving of His Holy Spirit. It has been said that this camp began where the last camp stopped; I have to say that I believe that that is true. With each passing day the sharing of the Word became greater and greater, even as it says in the Bible that the Word of God is like a two edged sword so it was in those days of the youth camp. Brethren, I have to say that the praise and worship was phenomenal. Surely there was the presence of the saints as well as the heavenly host that was in midst of the group; God is visiting His people who have the heart that seeketh after Him. There were testimonies of healing and deliverance that came out of those sessions from many of the young people. There were at least 15 of the young people, as well as the younger children, who received the Lord as their personal Saviour. On the last day of the camp there was a baptism of 60 souls, some for the purpose of salvation, but the majority of them were those that were rededicating and consecrating their lives to the purpose of God’s will for their lives. What a marvelous, tremendous, and absolutely out of this world experience. That very night the moving of the Spirit was in praise and worship, in ministering and delivering, as well as healing and seeing different ones being baptized in power of the Holy Spirit. Isaiah 61:1 says, The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me; because the LORD hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound. What an absolutely fabulous way to end a most blessed event as was this particular youth camp. Praise God! 

The end of the camp would mark the end of this segment of the trip. It is also a good place for me to end this segment of this report. We would have two days of rest and repacking before we would be back on the road heading for Lagos, Nigeria, Liberia, and then to Sierra Leone… but that is another story of God’s divine power and intervention in the lives of men, as well as turning the plans of the devil upside down. It is also another story for another time. 

May God’s Eternal Grace and Love abound in your hearts and lives to draw you ever closer to Him.

Brother Burt

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Report from Nigeria by Chris Asbill

I would like to begin this report by saying that this trip to Africa has tremendously changed my life, my way of thinking, and my attitude towards going on mission trips. This report will be in two segments; in the first segment I will talk about the places that we went to and the life that was in those meetings. In the second segment, I will discuss a couple of prevailing thoughts that were throughout the entire trip in the different words that were shared. I hope that I will be able to convey the feelings that I have in my heart.

We (Mr. Lux, my Dad, and myself) left the States on the 31st of July and met up with Grandpa and Grandma Asbill in Paris. From there we went to Port Harcourt and arrived there on the 1st of August. My first taste of Nigeria was the airport and just getting through that is quite the experience. Brother Chijoke, along with some of the brethren, met us at the airport and took us back to his house. That weekend we had some meetings at one of the fellowships in Port Harcourt. By now God was beginning to work in my soul because I had to do things that I would not normally do, like get up in front of everybody and say hello and how glad I was to be there. Now those that know me will know that I do not like to do things that are new or different. I usually like to just sit in some obscure corner in the back where nobody will notice me, but that is not what God wanted me to do because that would not help me to overcome. So I got a front row seat and when Grandpa Asbill was introducing the team and I knew that my turn would come up, although my knees started to shake and I was really nervous, I made it through alive. And I tell you this, by the time that it was the last time that I would have to get up in front of everybody, I was not nervous at all.

After the meetings in Port Harcourt we went a place called Umuahia. The people there were hungry for the word of God and you could see it on their faces and by the way that they responded to the word. I was saved at the age of five so I have been a Christian for ten years and I can’t remember even one time that I was as excited as these people were over the word. I look at myself and wonder, “What’s wrong with me? Why don’t I get excited?” It’s because I worry too much about what other people might think about, and yet it is really self. After our stay in Umauhair we went to Owerri. The words that came were still good, the praise was good, but the response was different. The people were not as excited in their response. The team had not been to Umuahair before whereas they had been to Owerri before. There is something that happens when a people that want God hear this word for the first time; it excites them. Then you also have a people that have heard this word before and they get used to it. That is what happened to me. I thought that because I had heard this word before, why do I need to hear it again? I can tell you why it is that I needed to hear it again, because I had not done anything about the issues that I had that the word pin-pointed out to me. And it is the mercy and the grace of God that He comes back with the same word, because He is giving me another chance, but there will come a time when there will be no more chances and I will be held accountable for what I have heard and for what I have done.

We went back to Port Harcourt on the 11th and had two days of rest before the youth camp. On the 12th of August Grandpa Herrig came in and the next day Brother Mark Janzi arrived and we went to the camp on the 14th. I would have to say that the youth camp was the highlight of the trip for me. Nobody can tell me that God was not there in the midst of us because I was not content to just be a witness; I had to partake of the life that was there. The praise that came forth was amazing. When Nigerians sing, they sing, and they put their heart into it. The best meeting that we had was the last one. Earlier that day we had almost 60 water baptisms. They were not just people getting baptized for the first time but a lot of them were getting re-baptized to renew their covenant with the Lord. That night as we got together to praise the Lord, the Spirit of God fell on the people. There was no need for an alter call; people just started to come up. The unique thing was that the first ones to come up were children, children under the age of 12. I have never seen anything like it in my life! The way that God moved in the praise was phenomenal. We would have a couple worship songs and then it would move to praise songs and it was in the spirit. When something like this happens you just cannot contain yourself; I could not be content to just sit down and be still. That was not what the Spirit of God was doing. I can only describe it to you but I hope that you will understand the amount of energy and life that was in that meeting. It was so amazing.

Now I would like to discuss some of the prevailing thoughts that came in the different messages and that is a need for a relationship with Christ and what are we feeding off of? You could actually place these two under the heading of death to self, because in order to achieve a relationship with Christ or to feed on Christ, you have to die to self. To have a relationship with Christ you have to feed on Christ. How do you feed on Christ? By reading your Bible, praying, listening to messages, and reading other books like the Pattern or the Revelation Series. But it is more than just that, you have to stop feeding on the Devil. It says in the book of Daniel that Daniel determined in his heart not to be defiled by the king’s meat. It speaks of a separation that was going on. The world is feeding on the king’s meat and the only way that we are going to stop feeding on what the Devil has to offer is by separating ourselves from it and by setting ourselves aside for God. The Devil needs strength to fight against us and he feeds off of the darkness that is in us. But as we begin to separate ourselves from the world and start to have a relationship with Christ, He will begin to show us the darkness that is in us that needs to be dealt with. As you start to overcome and to get the darkness out of you, you will begin to starve the Devil. I cannot even begin to explain everything that was said, but this is just a sample of what was going on.

I did not want to go to Nigeria but I asked God that He would give me a right attitude in the midst of it, and He did. Coming to Africa was probably the best thing that has ever happened to me! It has revolutionized the way that I live, and the way that I think; I can feel that I have been changed. I pray that God will continue to work in my life and all those that were at the youth camp.

God Bless You,
Chris Asbill

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African Adventure – Phase 2 (March 2012)

Dearly Beloved,

I am finding that the scripture found in Philippians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me, is very apropos to my life and living as things have become much different and more difficult for me than they have been in the past. I suppose it is the revelation of the scripture in II Corinthians 4:7, But we have this treasure in earthen vessels… how would I apply that in my situation? Well, for one, I am much older and see death in the physical sense becoming more evident in its working in me …that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us. I feel the energy level that once was so seemingly inexhaustible, now being depleted and the time-frame needed to recharge is becoming longer and it never actually comes back to its original state. Much like the battery in your cell phone, the more you use it, the less of it there is available in the charge; …cast down, but not destroyed. Not to mention that as my body seemingly reaches that critical state of changelessness; it begins to shut down non-essential systems in order to maintain some spark. I am finding myself in situations and circumstances involving the Church and the state of people’s lives and living conditions that create a stress level for me beyond my ability to cope with it; troubled on every side. I trust that in the course of time the rest of that scripture will also be true, as well as evident; …yet not distressed. I am finding that it is much harder to maintain my focus on the primary objective in the midst of the demands and turmoil that are all around me and in me; …perplexed. I awoke the other day with the song resonating in my soul, “Lord, give me the strength I need that I may overcome.” In the context of this thought, that the rest of that verse will be a visible reality of my being; …but not in despair. My current state of life affairs is something that I am beginning to look at from a different perspective, not something to be upset over, or for that matter, something to fight against or resent. It is more in the realization that I am in need of a deeper, more intimate and personal relationship with the source of Life, the living water, and the source of resurrection power. I am finding that my heart, my cry, my burden, my perspective must be the same as that word that was spoken by Paul in Romans 7:24, O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death? 25 I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. As I am meditating upon this thought, I am beginning to wonder how the revelation that God has given me on LIGHT and darkness can be applied; it would seem to me that there is something of an authority in it that has to be applied to this situation. I will leave it here for your thoughts and meditation on the subject.

Nairobi Intl AP-2012-03-19In my last visit with you I was in the Nairobi Airport Lounge which, by the way, had just undergone a major remodeling. It was done quite well I have to say. I was very appreciative for the changes as it made my very long layover there, eleven hours, much more bearable. I had also said that up to that point travel had gone pretty smoothly, which was very true. But I should learn not to be presumptuous in my thinking about the environment in which I am when it is not under my control, especially if I have not reached the end of my journey. Well, as it turned out, we boarded as scheduled and were all set to taxi when we noticed that there was a mechanic who kept climbing up on the wing to check something out. The end result was that they deplaned us and told us that we would have to fly on another airplane. Praise God, three hours later, which was now 9 PM; we were taken to another plane and boarded and managed to fly. One could be upset over the time factor for, at this point; I had already been traveling for almost 48 hours. But I am not opposed to God saving my life. PTL! I arrived in Entebbe without any further difficulty; managed to get through customs without problems, and PTL my luggage all arrived intact. There were two brothers there from a fellowship here in Kampala, who graciously transported me to Sister Biri’s place. It was a welcome sight for me and as I settled down in my bed at 2 AM after a very nice, warm shower, my last parting thought was that the “mercies of God are new every morning.”

Wednesday, March 22, 2012, 6 AM

ARISE (from the depression and prostration in which circumstances have kept you–rise to a new life)! Shine (be radiant with the glory of the Lord), for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you! (Isaiah 60:1)

Hotel Room Kiboga Uganda 2012-03-25I have to say that I like Uganda. There is a sense in the spirit that I have concerning it that suggests the favor of God toward the country and its people. There is the possibility of something to be established here and used for the advancement of the Gospel in this part of East Africa. There are many impressions that come, and it is hard sometimes to determine the order or sequence of them and just what it is that God is saying, but it is very clear to me the sense in the Spirit and the desire of God for this place. There has been much blood shed in this country, for it has a history of blood and death, and much of it innocent blood. It has, I am told, one of the largest populations of orphaned children and one of the major contributors to it is AIDS and the HIV virus. It would seem that there is much here that we as a people of God are becoming responsible for. James 4:17, Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin. I trust that you will not misunderstand my thinking, for what we are involved with and what it is that we do, it must be done in the context of the environment of the apostolic word that we have received and the charge of urgency that is upon it for this hour that we live in.

The plan for the day was that I would be traveling with Brother Wilson and his wife (they are the contacts that we have for Uganda) to a place that was about 2 ½ hours northeast of Kampala to two small villages; one is called Luamata Village and the other is called Mtwetwe Village. It would be there that I would join up with Brother Ebere and Brother Chijioke who had arrived 2 days before me.  When we arrived there, the brothers had switched hotels to one that was called the Gracious Hotel; after seeing the one that they were in previously, I have to say I was quite glad for the change. The accommodations were pleasant although I had no hot water; but it was water for which I was very grateful. I hope that you do not think that I am complaining, but rather I want those of you who wish to come to know that the environment is not always going to be what you are used to.

We arrived in Jiboga town early enough that we were able to travel with the brothers to the village of Mtwetwe Village. The building was quite simple but adequate for the purpose that it was being used for and it was packed with people. The meeting for that day would go from 10 AM in the morning to 5 PM that evening and we would have another full day of meetings on tomorrow. There were three of us that would be sharing the word. There was myself, Brother Chijioke, and Brother Ebere. It was determined that I would go first. Next we would have a short break after the second meeting and then we would be served dinner after the last meeting of the day. I have to say that it was a very, very good day. There are many people here who seem to be quite hungry for the Word of God and for something more of the reality of God and the thing that He desires to do with a people who will submit themselves to the process. I was a bit surprised at the action of the “pastors” as many of them seem to be genuinely interested in what we are bringing. It seems that, at this time, they are willing to try and work out the mechanics of what it will take for the change from church to body to happen. It will be interesting to see what happens.

On Thursday we changed the meeting venue; instead of traveling to Mtwetwe Village, we would now be meeting at the site of an orphanage in the Luamata Village area. As I have mentioned to you before, the country has a huge number of orphans. I was told that 50% of the population is under 15 years of age. Is it any wonder that God would bring this message to this land? There are a number of scripture verses that come to us when we begin to think about God’s thoughts and the intent of His heart when it involves children, and it would seem to me that He takes their lives and their future quite seriously; I believe that we should also. We would have meetings there all day Thursday and Friday, and then travel back to Kampala that evening. The meeting went very well, although the environment of the place was a bit stiff and a bit harder to break through. It was a meeting primarily for the benefit of the leaders of the church (the pastors) of that area and the surrounding villages. The message was quite clear and the word “come out of her, My people, and touch not the unclean thing” was very strong. There was also a word on Babylon and the robbing of God in the affections of the people. There was a question and answer time as well as a time for different ones to respond. At the end of the day, concerning this excursion into the countryside of Uganda, I believe it went very well. It will be interesting to see what will have developed when we return.

I think that I have given you enough for now. There is much that can be said and more that I will be able to share with you as time and energy permits. We very much appreciate all of your prayers and supplication; without your participation this effort would a quite impossible. Please continue in your labor of love toward us and the people to whom we have been sent.

May God’s Blessing & Favor be with you always,

Bro Burt

Brother Burt Asbill
PO BOX 955, Mahomet, IL 61853

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