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Godfrey and Concy’s Wedding, December 14, 2019

The Happy Couple with Brother Hubert and Sister Domo

We would like to share a marvelous testimony of the recent marriage of Godfrey and Concy, social workers in the Uganda Reaching Beyond Words NGO. Their story is one of victory. Both Brother Godfrey and Sister Concy know Jesus as their savior and have a heartfelt dedication for helping the children in Uganda.

Their story begins about four years ago when Brother Godfrey joined the fellowship of believers that were meeting at Sister Biri’s house. Brother Godfrey happened to be the only man attending on a regular basis at the time. At first Concy confesses “I did not like him too much “. I year later they began to work together in the Uganda Reaching Beyond Words NGO. Brother Godfrey as an accountant and Sister Concy as the social worker. They kept their relationship quite professional, but Brother Godfrey began to see Sister Concy as the woman God had chosen to be his wife, he kept it to himself and was praying. Sister Concy did not see Brother Godfrey as a potential husband at the time. One day Brother Godfrey confessed his love for her to Sister Concy. Sister Concy said she laughed at him and said do not repeat this to me again. Brother Godfrey had a challenge as he believed God spoke to him, but he also wanted to be sensitive to what Sister Concy told him.

Sister Concy spoke with a special Sister in the Lord that began to pray and counsel her to not let anyone determine her future and not have a closed heart but seek the will of God. With that Sister Concy began to pray and as she was working with Brother Godfrey, she saw his dedication and sincerity, before she knew it, she also saw Brother Godfrey as the man God had for her.

Brother Burt Asbill was there when Brother Godfrey at a little gathering there at the Uganda NGO, surprised Sister Concy and got on his knee and proposed to her. It was a very happy moment. From the beginning of their courtship they knew they needed to let God order their wedding, which was going to be a challenge as the families wanted the traditions of their tribes.

In Africa there are many traditions that involve tribal traditions and ceremonies that are contrary to God’s word.  One is what is called the Bride Price “Depending on many factors, including the family’s tribe, financial situation and the bride’s age, common bride prices range from 2 million Ugandan shillings ($540) to 20 million shillings ($5,400). Ugandan courts have, for the most part, upheld the custom when challenged.

Another challenge was the place the marriage was to be held and again Brother Godfrey and Sister Concy knew they needed to be married in Kampala and not the village. Some faithful brethren began to fast and pray with Brother Godfrey and Sister Concy and as the different challenges came, they would go to prayer. It took many months for things to work out and for the families to agree to no bide price just a few gifts and that the wedding would be in Kampala. PRAISE GOD!!

As per the government of Uganda they had to register their marriage with the office of registry of marriages in Uganda in order to get their marriage registered according to the laws of the land. This was done December 13th, 2019 the morning before their church wedding, then a home marriage for their families that night and their church wedding on the 14th.

I Will!

The church wedding was glorious and yes, they still had challenges right up to the” I Do’s” but praise God the happy couple prevailed.

Mr. and Mrs.

As Sister Concy shared “. I loved my wedding gown it was made especially for me. All went well, people ate at the reception and commented how they loved the simplicity of the wedding. We thank all the brethren who stood with us spiritually, physically and emotionally and financially. God really did wonders both at the home marriage (in Kampala, not the village) and the church wedding.”

Brother Godfrey and Sister Concy continue to work with the Reaching Beyond Words NGO. The children love to come stay with them and in fact a special camp meeting was held where Brother Tomas(from the Czech Republic) and Brother Burt held a teaching seminar for 24 young people. A wonderful time was had by all and the children were strengthened in the Lord.

Brother Tomas teaching the children in Uganda
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Africa Mission Trip 2020

Dear Brethren, as most of you are probably aware, I am currently back in Naalya, Kampala at the mission house that the NGO has rented here in Uganda. I would like to share from my trip to Sierra Leone and will share at a later time about, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia. My journey back from Sierra Leone to here was a very long and arduous journey, physically speaking; it was however a journey that held no surprises and I arrived here at the Reaching Beyond Words mission House by His Grace, and because many of you were praying and interceding for this visit. The visit for the most part was without any, as Brother Chijioke would say “ DIA”, but I have changed it to DOA; by the way that does not stand for Dead On Arrival, however it would be an  accurate acronym if one were to come to Sierra Leone without the proper unction and support of the Holy Spirit.  What it really means in the spiritual sense is Devil Orchestrated Activity. For me personally Sierra Leone has always been a place when you step off the plane and onto the Terra Firma that is claimed by the devil and is Called Sierra Leone, it is like stepping down into a bit of hell[1]. I have to say that I was a bit puzzled at first, as to the lack of the DOA that I encountered on this trip. The reason for that did not become apparent until a few days into my stay there. I began to sense that something had been developing in and amongst the fellowship of believers there; how to explain the sense of it, it was like a spiritual strength that was of a desire for more of the reality of The Living Adonai. It was a belief that had substance, a cry that generated the clarion call[2] that had prompted the Lord to send me there. I became acutely aware that the substance was indeed that of a spiritual foundation of truth that has been laid down in the hearts of these people, by the brethren and in particular, Brother and Sister Ide as well as their respective family members.  If this were not so then there would have been no strength to bring the strength of The Word that was delivered to them. The foundation must be strong, firm and in right order (for those of you who understand construction it must also be, not only strong but it also must also be ‘square’) to support the weight of the superstructure that is going be laid upon it. If it is not than destruction of the house is imminent as a house that is built upon the sand. When I arrived at Brother and Sister McEwen’s house, where I would be lodging for the entirety of my stay ( their hospitality and fellowship was very much appreciated), I was informed that there would be seven meetings; one on each of the week nights that I was there including the night prior to my departure as well as two meetings on Saturday and Sunday each, a total of seven meetings. I think the term that was used to describe this scheduling was and I quote “no mercy” 😊 I have to say that by His Grace and Mercy, as well as your prayers, I was able and endowed with the strength that was needed to deliver the burden of The Word of The Elohim (אֱלֹהִים ’elôhîym ) [3] that was upon The heart Jehoshua[4]  (I like this rendition of the name for it combines both the natures of The Father and The Son, or at least it seems so to me. The ministry of the word with regards to this trip, seemingly no matter where I have been, is quite frankly, a very basic and fundamental word. It concerns the first two pieces of furniture that one encounters as they enter the tabernacle; The Brazzen Alter and the Brazzen Laver. Somebody said somewhere along the way in regards to the message that I have been sharing, “if it is basic, and we heard about before, and the Holy Spirit again brings it up, it means that we did not hear it the first time!” It is a true assessment of the situation as far as a people who have the revelation of a Holy Place People as it pertains to Sonship. If we hear then we are responsible to put it into practice. Paul in his second letter to Timothy was admonishing the young man as to the spirit of compromise that was working in the end-time-church in his day; a church by the way that had this message of Sonship, in other words; One with the trinity of the God head[5] If we as a people who profess to have the Sonship message, how is it that we would expect to become one with THE Them/US outside of the intercession that the Holy Spirit makes for us with regard to this infirmity of wretchedness; can we expect to receive any help from THE THEM if we are not willing to correct this aspect of our current position of non-compliance. The Scriptures says it won’t happen. [6] In closing I want to again say thank you to all of you who have been praying for me and this great mission endeavor that The Adonai has implemented, sustained and added to up to this time. I am, as well as those that are a visual representation that your prayers are working, as well as the fruit that is being produced by many of those here in Africa that are believing in the reality of this message that they are hearing and their lives are changing.
Sierra Leone Meeting
Kampala Uganda
Nairobi Kenya
I am your Brother in Christ Jesus. Brother Burt Asbill New Hopeenterprizes and Reaching Beyond Words
[1] The word Sierra means “a mountain chain” and Leon means “lion Literal meaning is A lion that is chained to a mountain [2] a strongly expressed demand or request for action. G2424 [3] h0430. אֱלֹהִים ’elôhîym; plural of 433; gods in the ordinary sense; but specifically used (in the plural thus, especially with the article) of the supreme God; [4] Ἰησοῦς        Iēsous ee-ay-sooce’ Of Hebrew origin [H3091]; Jesus (that is, Jehoshua), the name of our Lord and two (three) other Israelites: – Jesus. H3091 הוֹשֻׁעַ    יְהוֹשׁוּעַ yehôshûa‛    yehôshûa‛ yeh-ho-shoo’-ah, yeh-ho-shoo’-ah From H3068 and H3467; Jehovah-saved; Jehoshua (that is, Joshua), the Jewish leader: – Jehoshua, Jehoshuah, Joshua. Compare H1954, H3442. I like this word Jehoshua, for seems to combine the personalities of both the Father as well as the son. [5]John 17:22-23 (KJV) 22 And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one: 23 I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one; and that the world may know that thou hast sent me, and hast loved them, as thou hast loved me [6] James 1:5-7 (KJV Strong’s) 5 — If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. 6 But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. 7 For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord.
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Report of Lomé


It seems expedient that I take this time that I have, this particular moment to put down a few thoughts concerning this particular trip to Lomé, Togo. As you may or may not know, we have been coming to Togo now for the last four years, plus or minus a year in that computation. We have been meeting in Sister Felicia’s home being it was by her gracious invitation that we could come and have a place to hold meetings as well as have the accommodations and board that is required for a stay of any length of time. It is always very humbling how the Father has children who carry the burden of the populace of their respective countries, and are willing to do what is needed whether it is natural coordination of space and time or to give the finances required to create the opportunity from which this word may go forth. We come and we go, but they must stand; they must abide, dealing with not only the repercussions of the financial burden that our coming imposes upon them, but having to also stand during the spiritual attack, holding the banner of this word as a standard of righteousness to the peril of the kingdom of darkness. They are the unsung heroes of faith, and for that sacrifice of service and dedication I say may the Father Jehovah bless them abundantly.

With this visit there was a visiting team of five persons, including myself. There were four members of the Port Harcourt, MIS fellowship that would arrive here by car on Friday afternoon, a journey of no less than 7 hours as far as the driving is concerned, plus the journey from Port Harcourt to Lagos by flight, from which they would begin their drive to Togo. Brother Chijioke, Brother Yaguo Ide, his wife Sister Lucy, as well as Brother Boma Odumah. Their willingness to sacrifice their time and life energy for the sake of this Kingdom message is very humbling. What they have contributed to this mission effort is immeasurable as far as this word is concerned. I trust that what they have shared and by the fact of their presence, will produce the desired fruit of righteousness in them and in this place as well.

It is evident that through the time of ministry that has been given to Togo overall, it is beginning to bear fruit. When we first arrived, concerning the start of the mission, there were many who were coming and getting blessed, saved, baptized; many were also filled with the Holy Spirit. But as time went on and the Word of God was coming with the power and anointing, laying down the principles of the death to self message, as well as establishing the relevant truth of the life of trials, tribulation, as well as resurrection, the number of those who were genuinely interested began to dwindle down. Whereas in the beginning we had sometimes 30 up to 50 people who would be in attendance, we now have at the most, 12 to 15 people. Out of the group there is maybe 5 to 6 who are catching the reality of truth that is in the message of life and hope that we are bringing. It may not seem to many a story of success, but then if one has that perspective, then one can see or sense that it is that remnant on which the Father depends and will use to bring His Kingdom into being.

The rebelliousness of church and the pastoral control that is put over the people is a very big obstacle, not to mention the witchcraft that those who hear this word and are quickened by the Spirit of God as to its truth must overcome/press through. But despite the devil’s attempts to detract, derail, as well as disregard the relevant truth of this word, there are those who are getting a hold of the truth and beginning to run with it. They are now having meetings on Sunday morning, which is a very big step for this fellowship; possibly you might say no big thing, but I can tell you that that is not the case. IT IS A VERY BIG THING!!!.

We have had six meetings over the course of the last four days. The first meeting being held on Friday evening, setting the tone of the meetings/word that would be coming over the next 3 days. The theme of the message was resurrection and its power of life. The scripture out of John 11 concerning the story of Lazarus and how it was related, an allegory, as to the Holy Place church of our day. I am not really going to go into the details as to messages and such. For those of you who are interested they will be made available online very soon, and you will be notified as to where to go to find them. What I would like to tell you is that the last session we had on Monday evening with the core group, was on traditional marriage and the bride price. It was a breakthrough as well as a fundamental truth that needed to be discussed and set down. That meeting went from 4PM to 9PM.

I would ask each one of you that is reading this report to please pray for these brethren and the work in Togo. It is not a matter of just changing your church affiliation, it is a matter of coming against the princes of darkness as well.

In His Service; I am in Christ Jesus your
Brother Burt



Il me semble opportun que je prenne ce temps que j’ai, ce moment particulier pour faire quelques réflexions concernant ce voyage particulier à Lomé, au Togo. Comme vous pouvez ou ne pas savoir, nous venons au Togo maintenant pour les quatre dernières années, plus ou moins une année dans ce calcul. Nous nous rencontrons dans la maison de sœur Félicia étant que cela a été par son invitation gracieuse que nous pourrions venir et avoir un endroit pour tenir des réunions aussi bien que pour avoir le logement et le conseil qui est exigé pour un séjour de n’importe quelle durée de temps. Il est toujours très humble de voir comment le Père a des enfants qui portent le fardeau de la population de leurs pays respectifs, et sont prêts à faire ce qui est nécessaire si elle est la coordination naturelle de l’espace et du temps ou donner les finances nécessaires pour créer la plate-forme d’opportunité de que cette parole puisse être partager. Nous venons et nous partons, mais ils doivent se tenir debout, ils doivent respecter, non seulement les répercussions du fardeau financier que notre venue leur impose, mais aussi de se tenir debout pendant l’attaque spirituelle, tenant la bannière de cette parole comme La norme de la justice au péril du royaume des ténèbres. Ce sont les héros méconnus de la foi, et pour ce sacrifice de service et de dévouement je dis que le Père Jéhovah les bénira abondamment.

Pour cette visite il y avait une équipe de visite de cinq personnes, y compris moi-même. Il y avait quatre membres de la communauté de Port Harcourt, MIS qui arrivaient ici en voiture le vendredi après-midi un voyage d’au moins 7 heures en ce qui concerne la conduite, plus le voyage de Port Harcourt à Lagos en vol, d’où ils commenceront leur route vers le Togo. Frère Chijioke, frère Yaguo Ide son épouse Sœur Lucy ainsi que frère Boma Odumah. Leur volonté de sacrifier leur temps et leur énergie de vie pour le bien de ce message du Royaume est très humble. Ce qu’ils ont contribué à cet effort missionnaire est incommensurable en ce qui concerne cette parole. J’espère que ce qu’ils ont partagé et par le fait de leur présence produira le fruit désiré de la justice en eux et dans ce lieu aussi.

Il est évident qu’au cours du temps du ministère qui a été donné au Togo dans son ensemble, il commence à porter ses fruits. Quand nous sommes arrivés, au début de la mission, il y avait beaucoup de gens qui venaient pour être bénis, sauvés, baptisés; Beaucoup étaient aussi remplis du Saint-Esprit. Mais, avec le temps, la Parole de Dieu venait avec la puissance et l’onction qui fixaient les principes et du message de la mort de l’ego ainsi que l’établissement de la vérité pertinente de la vie de l’épreuve, de la tribulation et de la résurrection; Le nombre de ceux qui étaient véritablement intéressés a commencé à diminuer. Alors qu’au début nous avions parfois 30 à 50 personnes qui étaient présentes, nous avons au maximum 12 à 15 personnes. Hors du groupe il y a peut-être 5 à 6 qui ont saisi la réalité de la vérité qui est dans le message de la vie et l’espoir que nous apportons. Il peut ne pas sembler à beaucoup une histoire de succès, mais alors si on a cette perspective, alors on peut voir ou sentir que c’est ce reste sur lequel le Père dépend et utilisera pour apporter son Royaume à l’existence.

La rébellion de l’église et le contrôle pastoral qui est mis sur le peuple est un obstacle très important, sans parler de la sorcellerie que ceux qui entendent cette parole et qui sont vivifiés par l’Esprit de Dieu quant à sa vérité doivent surmonter / presser. Mais malgré les tentatives du diable pour diminuer, dérailler ainsi que de ne pas tenir compte de cette vérité pertinente de ce message, il y a ceux qui obtiennent une prise de la vérité et de commencer à courir avec elle. Ils ont maintenant des réunions le dimanche matin, ce qui est un grand pas pour cette communauté; Peut-être pourriez-vous dire pas grand-chose, mais je peux vous dire que, ce n’est pas le cas. C’EST UNE CHOSE TRÈS GRANDE !!!.

Nous avons eu six réunions au cours des quatre derniers jours. La première réunion se tiendra le vendredi soir, donnant le ton des réunions / message qui viendrait dans les 3 prochains jours. Le thème du message était la résurrection et son pouvoir de vie. L’Écriture de Jean 11: concernant l’histoire de Lazare et comment elle était racontée, une allégorie, quant à l’église du Lieu Saint de nos jours. Je ne vais pas vraiment entrer dans les détails sur les messages et autres. Pour ceux d’entre vous qui sont intéressés, ils seront rendus disponibles en ligne très bientôt, et vous serez avisés de l’endroit où aller pour les trouver. Ce que j’aimerais vous dire, c’est que la dernière séance que nous avons eue lundi soir avec le groupe de base a été consacrée au mariage traditionnel et à la dot. C’était une percée aussi bien qu’une vérité fondamentale qu’il fallait discuter et établir. Cette réunion est passée de 16 heures à 21 heures. Je demande à chacun de vous, qui lit ce rapport, de prier pour ces frères et le travail au Togo. Il ne s’agit pas seulement de changer votre appartenance à l’église, c’est aussi une question de venir contre les princes des ténèbres et la horde démoniaque qui règne sur cette terre.

En son service, je suis en Jésus-Christ,
votre Frère Burt

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September 2016 Africa Trip

By Brother Jim Cassell

Dear Brethren,

I would like to share a few thoughts on this past trip to Africa of which I felt very privileged to be a part. All went very well with regard to travel, connections, and journey strength. The prayers of the saints were felt and so appreciated. PTL!

Togo: The word was very direct and cutting. “You Must Come Out Now!” All along the way in each stop the word God spoke to me was “Come Out Of Her My People.” It is one thing to say to those that still belong and go back to their churches, “come out,” but the word goes beyond that. We, all of us, me first and foremost, need to still come out. We need to come out of the City of Religion and religious actions that deny God our whole hearts, which is what He is after. We need to come out of the world; the world is still in our hearts, still dictates our lifestyle and character attitudes. We need to come out of self. I can attest, self is still very much alive and making demands that supersede walking in and obeying the Spirit. Prime example; go to any country in the world and as soon as the meeting is over, everyone, young and old, are tethered to our media devices, phones, tablets, etc. No discussing the word or fellowship, just media.

Addis: My feeling is a nucleus has formed and a good foundation laid, now is time to build upon that which is set forth. Brethren are beginning to respond to the word, children are responding. I did notice more men in the meetings and they were responsive. In one meeting we asked those who desired to come forward and receive the infilling of the Holy Spirit and all stood up. There was a powerful move of the Spirit and many received, including our widows. Glory to God. Please pray for this people, life is very hard there but they are most enduring and content with so little.

Kampala: “Show the house to the house.” The house of religion was addressed in each session. It is so entwined with our family, our culture and our nationality, our lifestyle. A very good response in the last meeting when Brother Burt ministered on the “Two Houses!” It really expanded on what these 2 houses mean to each of us. “Good Bye, World,” is more than a song, it is a choice, a decision, a destiny in God. We are all in the “Valley Of Decision!” God is offering us so very much and all He is asking for is our whole heart.

Thank you all for your prayers.
Brother Jim Cassell

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Ethiopia: Praise Report of a Recent Mission Trip

By Brother Fikresillassie Tsega

Hello Everyone,

I would like to give a praise report of a recent mission trip we took.

Early in the morning on Friday, July 22, 2016, Brother Jemal, Mr. Tadesse and I, Brother Fikre, left Addis Ababa on a bus to a city called Hossana, which is about 300 kilometers from the capital city of Addis Ababa. The city Hossana was a transition to our final destination. It is the winter season in Ethiopia and the day was very cold and rainy. We had to spend the night in Hossana in order to catch the early morning bus to another town. Brother Jemal and I rented an affordable one room to share and Mr. Tadesse stayed on his own.

The next day we met at the bus station and took a mini bus that goes to a small town called Soda, which is located southwest of Addis Ababa, in the river Gibe region. Gibe is a tributary of one of the largest rivers in Ethiopia called OMO. The road was manageable until a small town called Morsito. Too much rain and the muddy road made the remaining trip so very difficult. Many times we had to get out of the bus and walk to make the load of the bus lighter. We kept moving forward even though we were struggling, but the road in front of us was blocked by a bus which was stuck in the mud. The passengers began to dig with shovels and other tools to unstick the bus. Although it took several hours, we were finally able to reach the last station of the mini bus, the town Soda. Praise the Lord!

The next challenge was to get to our final destination as soon as we could. This time there was no transportation so we had to walk an hour-and-a-half to get to the brethren. We headed to a village called Omo Chora, by the river Gibe region and arrived to the small village Totanik where the brethren live. The brethren received us with warm affection and made us rest for a little while. We then prayed and gave thanks to the Lord together. The day happened to be a market day for the village so the brethren asked us to visit the market with them. This gave us a relaxed walk and good fresh air before the evening meeting.

In the evening, the elders of the church and others gathered together in the church for a time of fellowship and worship. Mr. Tadesse began by giving his testimony and then Brother Jemal and I shared from the Pattern book by Brother duCille. We continued until midnight and the people were very pleased and encouraged. The fellowship was uplifting and we felt the presence of the Lord. These brethren are very hungry for the word and on fire for the things of God.

After the meeting was over, dinner was served in the church. It was a banquet, a very delicious meal which we all enjoyed. We can only say “God bless them.” We also spent the night in the church where they had prepared a sleeping area for us as well as some of the brethren who also spent the night with us.

The following day we started with an early morning prayer meeting followed by breakfast. We then started the meeting with uplifting songs and prayers. The brethren asked us to introduce ourselves to the congregation. We introduced ourselves and each one of us prayed – it was a time of exhortation and fellowship. The Spirit of the Lord was moving and we felt the presence of the Lord in the meeting.

I would like to mention some facts about the brethren’s background as they are a people who are isolated by society because of their heritage and trade. Many people in Ethiopia are not aware of this, but it has become an acceptable thing to isolate such ones and these people live in their own community doing only business with other communities. Their origin is believed to be Jewish. They are artisan by trade and very good people. We saw the hand of the Lord in a people who are despised by society. We gave praise to God. From what we learned no one goes to fellowship with them in their church. The goodness of the Lord is amazing and we saw and heard their testimony which gave us remarkable encouragement. Their love and compassion for us was Godly. May the almighty God bless them and keep them we pray, Amen.

Sunday was our last day. After we finished our mission, we exchanged a heart-felt good bye with our dear brethren and left in the afternoon. The brethren advised us to change our route to get to Addis. This time we traveled by renting a motorcycle taxi to take us to a place where we could catch a bus to another town and eventually to Addis. However, due to the heavy rain, the motorcycle drivers told us they could not proceed since it would be a dangerous drive. It was a bit shocking that in the middle of nowhere, the only option was to walk in the mud and rain for two-and-a-half hours to get to the next town where we could find transportation which would take us to another town to spend the night. Initially our plan with the new route was to get to Addis on the same day. We were exhausted and soaked with rain and mud when we got to a town called Wolkete. Brother Jemal’s feet were badly hurt and he didn’t feel well. We found a room for the night which Brother Jemal and I shared. Due to the water shortage, we were not able to take a shower. The following morning we arrived home safely around 11 AM. We thank God for His protection and love.

Your Brother in the Lord,
Fikresillassie Tsega

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2016 January Mission Report – Ethiopia

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Dearly Beloved Brethren,

I thought that it would be expedient for me to take this opportunity to bring you up-to-date as to what is happening in Ethiopia. As some of you may or may not be aware, as in many other places in the world, Ethiopia also is having its geo-political as well as eco-political trouble and tribulation that has started over the last year or so. It is bringing tribal, as well as religious infighting amongst the populace of this place; even as it has been prophesied over the last year-and-a-half in many of the meetings held here in Ethiopia. However, I am here to tell you that the work of God continues and that God is blessing the work as it continues to grow and prosper in the sense of changing the lives of the people who are involved in that work.

Those changes are changes that I myself am a beneficiary of. The work of the NGO, as well as the spreading of this Gospel of the Kingdom, has at this time outgrown that which we have in the natural to use as far as the logistics of it is concerned. The compound that we have utilized over the last year is not sufficient to house what it is that we must do on a daily basis concerning the work with the beneficiaries as well as the administrative side of the work. Just these past two weeks we have had 7-10 members of the participating families come to know the Lord. Such a harvest as well as that which is to be added; there is the need of being able to assemble with them and to teach them the foundational truths of this word. Logistically speaking that requires a room to rent to meet with them in. Please pray with us as we look to the Lord for His provision. One thing I am aware of is that in spite of the devil’s attempt(s) to destroy this work, God HAS always and God Will always prevail and HE WILL continue to do His work.

We as a team have a very busy schedule ahead of us due to the shortness of the allocated time; both concerning the natural aspect of the NGO as well as the spiritual side of the story, which in my estimations overshadows the natural side of things. I am asking you as the body of Christ to PRAY!!! (1) We have outgrown our present facilities and are in need of something on a larger scale. (2) For the ongoing work on the spiritual side of things, a place that we can hold seminars and training sessions as well as a place to meet as a body as it continues to add to our numbers. (3) Pray to the Lord of the Harvest for the workers that are/will be needed to facilitate this great work. These are but a few of the preeminent needs that we have at this time. I trust that as you go down in prayer for this portion of the body of Christ to be assembled for its particular and peculiar work, God Himself will direct your thoughts as to how to pray.

Again I would like to thank all of you who pray and support this work as well as this move of God. Thank you for your diligence, your sacrifices of time and energy, as well as your life’s blood. I trust that you will be favored in your families as well as the prospering of your souls.

We love you all in Jesus’ name,
Ethiopia Mission team

Saturday, January 21, 2016, Brother Tomas Brchan

Thank you very much for your prayers. The meetings were very good. The guys here do a great job with the children and we were so blessed just to add a little bit to it. It was a great blessing to see the children knowing the Bible and having a spiritual understanding. We thank God for His goodness, that He reaches His hand to those young ones that are getting ready to receive more and later bring God’s glory to this world around them.

Saturday, January 21, 2016

I have to say that I have a BIG AMEN to what Brother Tomas has written!!!! I was so impressed with the children’s interaction with me in the meeting this AM. I was asking them what they have been learning and not just one or two of them, but several began to relate the story of Moses and Israel as they have been taught over the last weeks. Their recounting of it was marvelous as well as the spiritual content that those responses contained. It tells me that they are not only hearing but they are UNDERSTANDING what is they are hearing and retaining it in detail. The work of the NGO, thanks to the dedicated as well as hard and diligent service of those responsible, is showing not just fruit, but much fruit. It has been a hard uphill battle but there have been many who have been involved with this battle for the hearts of the children of Ethiopia; both here within the country, as well as globally. There has been much trouble and tribulation along the way, but their sacrifice I am sure will not go without reward. It is now however that God is giving us the Victory!

The fight is intensifying because of our success, but God be true and every man a liar. He will keep His word and it shall not return unto Him void. HE WILL give us PREEMINENCE over the enemy and we have/will/shall OVERCOME the devil. The mandate that was given to us in 2012 to “GO AFTER THE CHILDREN” is NOW beginning to show the evidence of that fruit; pray God that we can bring it to fruition. Pray God that we have the laborers to harvest it. I am very encouraged by all that I have witnessed and it has strengthened as well as renewed my determination to fulfil the mandate that has been given to us to “GO AFTER THE CHILDREN.”

Because He is, I am your Brother in Christ Jesus,
Brother Burt & Sister Nancy

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Beloved Brethren,

There is not much that I can add to what I have previously said concerning this most recent visit to Ethiopia. I will add however that it was as good for me as it might have been good for the work that is going on there. We, those who have participated in the Ethiopian mission effort over the last seven years, have been pounding on the rock of ecclesiastical deception as well as the horrendous resistance that the devil had mounted when we first came to this land with this word. Although the devil and his princes are continuing in their efforts to push against the light of that word of God, I can testify what my eyes have seen and what my ears have heard. Light is now shinning into that darkness and it is and it shall prevail; as I have said above, I am a witness to that light in this last visit. I can testify by the Spirit, in reference to that thought, that we have had a breakthrough in that darkness! I am being reminded by the Lord concerning the scripture in John 1:5, And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. The Amplified renders it as so, And the Light shines on in the darkness, for the darkness has never overpowered it [put it out or absorbed it or appropriated it, and is unreceptive to it]. As it is, I can testify to the relevance of this scripture as it applies to Ethiopia. I also have to say that the fight for the soul of this country and its people is far from won. In reality we have but established, as it were, a beach head. There is much left to do as well as the souls that are being saved need to be nurtured and the children that are under our care need to be taught and brought up in the admonition of the Lord.

We have, as of the time we left, secured a place for the NGO that has more space and will give us the ability to have training sessions for both the children as well as the mothers, and of course those who are in the widows vocational training programs. My dear brethren, there is so much potential that we have to teach them the Word of God, especially the children. As time passes and if we do not take advantage of it, we will be responsible and held accountable of spiritual dereliction[1] of duty, something of which I do not want to be guilty of! By the way, in the military sense, in the time of war the offense can be construed as an act of treason.

How can we as a people who have this word, in this particular time of Biblical history, knowing the revelation of God concerning His sons, as to their responsibility and accountability concerning the blood of the church that is now being offered, be so complacent and or indifferent? This church is now emerging out of the quagmire of religious bigotry and the malignant darkness of the man/beast is raising its head out of the seas of humanity to devour it as well as her child. If we have divided interest, how then can we still remain true to our calling and election? II Peter 1:10, wherefore the rather, brethren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure: for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall. 

Some of the main prayer requests that I would want to put before you is the need that we have to have qualified people to minister and to teach the children as well as the adults who have just recently received the Lord. We are in need of establishing Bible reading clubs. Many of the adults cannot read or write, but those that can read need Bibles. There is a strategy that I believe the Lord spoke to me about and that is that those who can read could in essence assemble those who are near to them or meet at a convenient location such as the new accommodations we have acquired and have a time to read the Word of God. The other need that is very necessary is that we have a mission house. A place that those who wish to participate might be able to stay for extended lengths of time. It would be necessary for it to accommodate a large number of people including a care taker as well as his family if there is one, to look after the place as well as to facilitate those who might be staying for an extended time frame. These are but just a few of the primary needs that we have at THIS moment. I am asking those of you who have the unction of the spirit to get involved, first and foremost the need to pray about this burden of concern for Ethiopia that I believe that the Lord has put on my heart and on my shoulders. We, Nancy and I, are committed to do whatever it takes as to whatever the Lord requires… not only for Ethiopia, but for other parts of Africa as well. There are places where there is an opening of a door in the establishment of this message of the death, burial as well as resurrection life. Not only in Africa for us, but also in Europe. There is a battle cry that I hear ringing in the heavenlies, “Work while it is yet day for the night cometh when no man worketh.” May I be worthy of the burden that God would put upon us.

Because He is, I am your Brother in Christ Jesus.

Blessing to all,
Brother Burt & Sister Nancy

[1] Noun 1. Der·e·lic·tion (dĕr′ə-lĭk′shən) n. 1. Willful neglect, as of duty or principle. 2. a. The act of abandoning; abandonment. b. A state of abandonment or neglect.

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Mission to Uganda & Ethiopia – Part 2

It is Sunday morning and our time in Uganda has been very profitable. We have had a number of meetings and the presence of the Spirit of God has been very evident – for which we are very thankful for. As I stated in the previous report there have been some new faces in the meetings. It seems that God is working to establish Uganda as a hub for the spreading of the Gospel of the Kingdom to East Africa. In the first meeting on Friday night the message was entitled “My Job Is To Do What?” It was basically outlining the responsibility and delegation of authority that was given to man in the beginning (Genesis 1:26). There is this thought in Christendom that we have to wait until we die before we can move into that nature and authority that was given to what was described as a living soul in Genesis chapter 1. But it would seem to me that if we serve a living God, a God who is a God of the living and not of the dead, then that which we receive from Him by virtue of His Blood is a “now thing”! The reality of it, as well as the manifestation of it, is only dependent on what I am able to believe. Mark 9:23, Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth. Please note the ALL THINGS!

On Saturday the meetings moved from the home of Sister Biri to a nearby day care school where we were able to put up a canvas cover that was quite adequate for our purposes. This in and of itself to me has some significance in that it seems that God is saying, Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations: spare not, lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes; (Isaiah 54:2). This is a very good word for the work here.

We had two meetings today; one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The message that was given in the morning meeting was called “Where Will You Be at the End of The Day.” It started out in Jeremiah 31:29 where by the Word of the Lord, God set the perimeters of individual responsibility. It would seem that God is saying that we individually have a responsibility to “work out our own salvation.” If you take the scripture in context, then it applies to the New Covenant that God said that he is going to make with the House of Israel as well as the House of Judah; which in and of itself includes you and me. It is interesting that God includes Judah in the statement as if Judah has a separate part to play that goes beyond that of the House of Israel.

After a short break for lunch we started the afternoon meeting and the title of the message was “It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know.” It was a word that was emphasizing the need for us to draw nigh to God, and He will draw nigh to you. It also was dealing with the need that we, as a people, have for tribulation. It was showing us that tribulation in and of itself is a means to an end. Our focus in the midst of trouble should not be focused on the trouble, but we should be focused upon God. At the end of meeting there was a very good response from several of the brethren there.

On Sunday we were winding down and rounding up on what it was that the Lord had been laying out for us who desire to be overcomers; those of us that want to be a part of the First Fruits company that usher in the coming of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit began to show us where we are coming from, what it is that we have to fight and what the expectation of God is toward us at the end of the day. We finished up later in the afternoon with an exhortation from Brother Ronald Johnson who admonished us that we need to see afar off.

By the end of the meetings it was evident to me that God had been doing a work in the midst of us. I believe, as well as the testimonies that were shared by others, that the meetings were very profitable and that God was indeed laying a foundation for the future work of building the Kingdom of God.

I would encourage you all to get the files as they become available in the next week to ten days. If you wish to have them, the link will be posted to the Viber Mission News account. If you do not have Viber and want the files, please contact me at: In any case they will be posted to my website once they are edited.

May His blessing be on each and every one of you,
Brother Burt & Sister Nancy

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