What Are You Doing with the Power?

January 16, 2000

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I don’t have an alarm clock.  I’ve been very blessed in that it seems that I wake up at the right time.  Sometimes I think it’s the wrong time but I’ve always found that it’s the right time.  The course of events that have been going on, and our immediate involvement in the environment that we are in, and some of the words that we are hearing sound to me to be something like an alarm clock that is going off.  You know, I believe God sets, for lack of a better word, for lack of better terminology, I believe that He gives trumpets to individuals, gives trumpets to people.  The ministry of the trumpet is to sound an alarm, to sound a warning to wake the people up, or at least to make the people cognizant that there is a position or place of jeopardy that they are in for one reason or another; whether it be because of indifference; whether it be because of sin; whether it’s because of insensitivity, whatever the cause may be.  Maybe it’s because we’re just not aware of what’s going on in the world around us, not on a natural plane but on a spiritual level.  I think that I heard many times during our brother’s discourse (referring to Bro. Marcel Bopeya) where he was saying something about our second sight or our position of spiritual perception.  You know, one of the things that happened in the very beginning in the Word with regard to Samson when the Philistines came and they captured Samson, do you remember what they did, the first thing that they did to him?  They poked his eyes out.  They took away his ability to see, other than shaving his head, losing that position, that relationship with God.

I was hoping that Brother Femi would have been here this morning because he had a dream that he touched on briefly last Sunday.  When he spoke on it, when he shared the dream, I felt the quickening of God and I believe the dream is pertinent for the body of Christ and is pertinent for us.  The reason why I believe that is because it was given to one of the members of our congregation.  I believe that God speaks to that particular individual.  Whatever God speaks to a particular individual, though it may be universal and apply to many different situations, it is very often apropos to that position or place that those in that congregation are in.  He just touched on it briefly.  He didn’t go into a lot of detail.  But he dreamed that he saw Satan in a position or in a place of lethargicness, for lack of a better word.  I wish Femi were here.  He could relate the dream.  It was like Satan was needing some energy or some charge with which to be energized.  I don’t remember whether there were different ones that came to him of his angelic host, his demonic host, that came to him and were doing some different things to try to energize him.  None of what they were doing was bringing any kind of strength or vitality to him.  What they were doing was of no effect.  Well, along comes this Christian woman and somehow or other, I don’t quite remember how it was, but some way she plugged him into a source of electricity that revived him and gave him the strength.  She showed him the source, the electrical box of their power.  Well, when he spoke that, the Lord spoke a scripture to me.  It’s in Revelation and I just want to read it.  I realize that we are running long today.  I will try to make this as brief as possible.  But I feel the necessity, felt the necessity last Sunday, but because of the place that we were in and the length of time that was involved I restrained from moving.  So, I’ve been chewing on it all week.  So, if I keep you a little longer than you want to be kept, you have permission and release to leave if you want to.  However, I do feel the necessity to share the thing that the Lord has spoken to me.

If you want to turn to your Bibles in Revelation the 13th chapter.  Now, during the week we have been watching a number of videos of different ministries that have been ministering the word the Lord has given to them.  One of the ministers, Brother Gruver, we met in Schuyler, Nebraska for the first time.  He has a peculiar ministry of the Lord taking him to different places.  If you want to have the videos or see the videos, we have them in our church library.  You may check them out.  You may look at them.  I encourage you all to get the tapes if you have not been participating on the weeknights.

I’m telling you something: the church is asleep.  Not only is the church asleep, the church has been anesthetized.  Do you understand what anesthetized is?  It’s an administration of a drug that not only numbs you but makes you totally and absolutely unconscious.  A surgeon can come in with his knife and he can cut on you, and he can do all manner of things to you and you’ll not feel it until what happens?  Until the thing that he injected you with begins to wear off.  Hallelujah.  I believe that the church is in a very terrible, terrible, terrible position.  I believe that there is a move of Satan to establish himself not as the head of the realm of darkness, but I believe that Satan, through time and events and a series of mechanics, has already manipulated himself into a position to become head of what we call the church.  Hello?  Now, that includes you and I.

In Brother Femi’s dream, the woman moved in a manner that whatever she did, however she did it, there was a charge of energy that came into Satan that revived him and gave him the power to begin to move.  Hallelujah.  When he said that, the Lord spoke to me out of chapter 13 of Revelation.  Verse one  says, And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.  Now, I’m not going to get into it.  I’m not a Revelation teacher, but whatever this thing is, we know it’s the personification of wickedness.  We know that it is in a position of opposition with regard to God.  Because it says, on its head was the name of blasphemy.  Brethren, it’s not saying that there were words in a language that were stamped upon the physical aspect of the beast’s head.  It’s saying that the nature, the name is indicative of a nature.  There is a nature that was within the beast that blasphemes.  It means that everything about that nature was contrary and in opposition to anything and everything that was righteous.   Verse Two,And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.  And I saw one of his heads…  This is the scripture the Lord spoke to me, verse 3.  And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.   You know, I believe that there was an administration of destruction that was given to the devil in the position of his kingdom, his place of authority.  I believe that when Christ came, when Christ died, when He rose from the dead; it says that as He rose from out of hell He led captivity captive (Ephesians 4:8), hallelujah, there was a loosening, a breaking of destruction.  There was a wound that was delivered unto the kingdom of hell.  There was a wound that was delivered to Satan.  Satan was smitten.  It says that it was a deadly wound, but in the time frame that has come and gone since that resurrection of Jesus Christ, there has been a healing.  Now who and what has brought that healing?  The church!  The church!  The church has allowed the devil to infiltrate.  Turn with me over into John, the 17th chapter.  Hallelujah.

They’re taking your Bible away from you.  They’re taking your Bible.  They’re taking the Word of God that has been delivered and preserved for over 6000 years.  It has been handed down from holy men of God to holy men of God.  God has raised up heathens… Hallelujah.  Do you hear me?  God has raised up heathens to wrest the word of God out of the hands of a Catholic church.  Hear me, do you hear what I am saying?  He used sinner men to get the Word of God and get it out in a form and a fashion by which you and I have an ability to hear and to discern the nature, the character of God.  They’re taking it away from you.  They’re changing it.  They’re changing it.  They’re taking words out of it.  They’re taking God out of it.  They’re taking the blood out of it.  They’re making things that are sin no longer sin and if you begin to preach it you can get into trouble.  Do you know the mechanics of the law are all set in order to persecute you if you begin to preach against sin?  If you begin to preach against homosexuality as a position of sin and degradation; that it’s not an “alternative lifestyle;” that it’s not something that was created by the heavenly Father; that its something that is diabolical and it will bring you into a place of hell and damnation.  Do you know that they can arrest you in this country?  They can arrest you.  The laws are already in place.  They’re already in place; they’re there. Do you know they’re taking words like “fornication” out of the Bible and putting in words like “immorality”?  And do you know that an immorality is not an absolute word of value?  It has a perception that is relative to the individual.  Hallelujah.  Loose!  And the church has opened its arms; the church has opened its heart; the church has opened its soul for deception to come in.  We are afraid to call sin sin!  We are afraid to call sin sin!  Because so often if we begin to point and we begin to talk about sin, it will begin to reveal the sin that is within, sin that is within that needs to be dealt with, that needs to be confessed, that needs to be repented of.  It makes a need to come to a place to where we acquiesce our position or place of sin or subjugation to our natural desires.

In John the 17th chapter, Jesus was talking to His disciples and He said, “All power has been given unto me.”  He said, “Father, I want the power. I want the power.”  Come on, brethren.  Do you understand the ramifications of what He was asking?  Do you understand the magnitude?  Come on!  Do you understand the greatness?  Our minds cannot comprehend, they cannot begin to comprehend the magnitude of the nature, or the quality, or the bigness, or the greatness, the awesomeness, the reverential fearfulness of the thing that He said, “Give unto me the glory.”  Glory.  We use it as a word that has very little effect upon our soul.  But when He talks about the glory, He’s talking about the very essence, the very aspect of the nature and the holiness, holy, holy, holy, holy, holy, holiness, the holiness of God.  That when it came down upon the mountain there in the desert, the mountains began to quake and there was like fire and lightning going off with such a magnitude, to such an extent, that the people feared exceedingly, feared exceedingly, feared exceedingly.  Have you ever experienced such a revelation?  Have you ever had such an unveiling of Christ that instead of love and adoration and awe, there was nothing but fear that rose up inside of your soul?  Hallelujah!  He said, “Father, give unto me, give it unto me, God, give me the Glory that I had with You,”  Do you hear me?  “…that I had with you from the beginning, before the words were spoken, ‘Let there be light.’”  It was the glory, do you hear me?  It was the glory that preceded out of Him and He said, “Let there be light.”  There was a severing, and a quaking, and a shaking, and a cracking of darkness, and light began to come forth in a manner and fashion that dispelled darkness.

You talk about comfort zones.  You talk about comfort zones.  Hallelujah.  I like this description, everything at the finger tips, everything at the fingertips.  Do you know you don’t even have to get out of your chair anymore?  You just push a button.  I’ve got a keychain in my pocket.  I can stand here, point it at my car and my car will start.  It will warm up. I  don’t have to come out of a nice warm building and get into a very cold car.  Hallelujah.  Comfort zone.

They’re taking your Bible away from you.  They’re setting it up for the recognition of the antichrist.  The Bibles that we have now do not exalt the holiness and righteousness of God.  The NIV, the International Version, none of the versions that are new exalt Jesus Christ as the Son of God.  They do not, do not, do not, do not give you the only means by which to enter into His presence as being by His blood.  They do not.  The church has been asleep.  Do you know they have been promoting the NIV Bible for over 20 years, maybe 15 years?  Come on, brethren.  Where do you think it has come in 15 years?  Jesus Christ said, “He has given to Me the power.  Give Me the power, which I had with you from the very beginning.”  Then He says over in the latter part of the chapter that He was going to give it to us.  Hallelujah.  He said that now the power that You have given Me I am going to give to you, I’m going to give it to them.  Why?  Why?  Why?  Have you ever asked yourself why, why, why?  What was the destiny?  What was the reason?  Why was the allocation of power given?  For what purpose?  To be able to speak in tongues?  To be able to prophesy?  To be able to heal the sick?  To be able to save souls?  Why, why, why, why?  Why, why, why?  Why did God give to them power?  John tells us back in chapter one.  He says, to them that believe on His name He gave them what?  Power to become… Oh, that means I’m saved.  That means I’m filled with the Holy Ghost.  That means I come to church.  That means I pay my tithe.  That means I witness a little bit.  That means I move in the gift of prophesy, I have the ability to interpret tongues.  No, No, it has nothing to do with it.  All of that is side effects.  Do you hear me?  It’s something that comes with the nature.  Hello.  That’s something that comes with the nature.  We have set up little shrines; we have set up little idols.  One is the idol of speaking in tongues; one is the idol of healing; one is the idol of the gift of prophesy; the other is the idol of interpretation.  Another is an idol of this religious aspect, or this portion or this piece of the quality, or the nature that is a side product of the nature of God.  Do you hear me?  God didn’t want us to have just a piece, a part, a little bit.  He wanted us to have all of the Glory!  He wanted us to have all of the strength, all of the power.  Why?  To become sons.  Now what is it to be a Son of God?  What does it mean to be a Son of God?  Oh, my name is written in the book of heaven.  Oh yes, it’s written right there.  I have had the thought, and Mrs. Riplinger kind of repeated it, that makes me wonder, and it says in the Bible that your names are written in the book of life.  I wonder if somewhere in here, when Jesus comes, I can ask Him, “Is my name in this book?”  I don’t mean by the fact that they have to change my name to Benjamin or whatever you want to change your name on a biblical level.  I don’t want my name changed.  I want the name that is written on the stone that no man knoweth.  Do you hear me?  Hallelujah!

He says, “I give you power, dunamis.”  You’ve heard it preached.  You’ve heard it preached.  You heard it preached, you heard it preached, you heard it preached, you heard it preached but the hearing doesn’t bring a position of acquiescence.  It doesn’t bring you into the place of a destiny or of a thing, and because it doesn’t bring you, devil comes in to your circumstance.  Devil begins to move in your environment.  Devil begins to invade your home, begins to attack your children, begins to attack your wife, begins to attack your husband, sin begins to move in the confines of your four walls.  Sin and degradation, shame and things that people wouldn’t normally do they are doing because of sin, and because they have not allowed, have not allowed God’s will to be done.  Do you know the Bible says that a fornicator will not inherit the kingdom of God?  Do you know the Bible says a liar will not inherit the kingdom of God?  Do you know something else, that a fornicator is always a liar, and a liar will one day always eventually fornicate or find himself in that position of fornication.

It says that the beast had a mouth of a lion.  A lion rips, a lion tears, a lion devours.  It says he’s your adversary; we don’t think he’s an adversary.  We’ve entered into an allegiance with him.  You know, it’s so ironic, it’s so ironic.  Do you see what’s happened with Russia?  Did you see what happened with Russia?  Have any of you been watching or hearing the news of what’s been happening with Russia?  Oh my.  We enter into peace treaties with them.  We enter into nuclear arms agreements with them.  They’re liars, they’re liars, they’re liars, they’re liars.  They are liars, they are liars!  But we swallow it.  We put them on planes; we fly them over our security installations with cameras.  We sign treaties that they don’t sign.  Your adversary, your adversary.  It might be something very worthwhile to be in Africa when judgment falls.  It may be very well to be somewhere else when judgment falls!  I’m telling you what, you may wish that you were in Africa, because the people in Africa, they know what it means to go without.  They know what it is to do without the comfort zones.  I don’t know about the church in Zaire, but I’m very much aware of what the church in Nigeria has to suffer.  I know what is going on in the church in Kenya.  I know the persecution, the deprivation, the subjugation, the position of dominance that the government has over the people.  You and I are very, very privileged.  You know, I can take my American passport and go almost anywhere in the whole wide world, almost everywhere, and not be bothered, not be stopped, not be checked, not be held up.  I don’t need transit visas to go through Amsterdam.  I don’t need transit visas to go through London.  I don’t need transit visas to go through France.  Hallelujah.  There’s coming a day, coming a day, coming a day, coming a day, hear it, coming a day.  Your American passport is not going to be worth the paper that it’s written on.  You know that they lie, they steal, they copyright, they counterfeit American passports so that they can have a liberty and a freedom.  You know, one day you’re not going to be able to give the thing away.  The government has changed in Russia, you know . Do you remember when the Berlin wall came down?  I don’t know how many of you were sitting in some of these congregational meetings or some of the subsequent conference meetings that we were having, but I remember, I remember, I remember the word that came forth at that time.  My people, do not be deceived!  What you’re seeing with your eyes is not the actuality of the set of circumstances on a spiritual level!  We were so much caught up in the feeling of gratification that this fortification came down that had Satan stamped all over it, and we were rejoicing so much for the leveling and the doing away with it, that somewhere in the midst of all that activity we did not hear the word.

We are not in the place where we should be.  Anger still rules our soul.  Jealousy still rules our soul.  Ambition still rules our soul.  Sin and lust still rule our soul.  Hallelujah!  The church, the church, the church, the church, the church has been asleep.  Not asleep, excuse me, anesthetized.  Hallelujah.  You know, this is as much for my benefit as it is for you.  Don’t get the thought that I’m just saying you, you, you, you, you, you, you and you and you and you.  The word is two edged.  Do you hear me?  It has two edges, it cuts going out, it cuts coming back.  Whatever it’s going to prune off of you, it’s going to prune off of me.  I’m setting, by the words of my mouth, I’m setting the course of action for today, tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day after that until the next time I open my mouth.  Sin, sin, sin, sin, sin, it’s sin.  Anger is sin.  It says, Be ye angry and sin not (Eph. 4:26), but in our anger, if we reach out to smite, it is not righteous, it is not holy, it is not justifiable.  It’s sin.  Because we’re not lying or fornicating, we think that we’re all right.  Not true, not true, not true, not true, not true, not true!  Your action is hypocritical because you are saying with your mouth, “I am a son of God,” and you are moving after the son of lies, and you are displaying a nature that is contrary and in opposition to that position of righteousness and holiness.  Jesus took it out of the natural realm, brethren.  Do you hear me?  We may not go around talking about the ladies or the guys in a manner that is unacceptable.  But it says, if you look upon a maid with your eyes and your eyes lust after the maid, He says you have committed an act of fornication (Matt. 5:28).  We’re not using the power.  Do you remember when the prosperity message came in?  How long ago was it when Kenneth Hagin and Kenneth Copeland… about 30 years.  You know, they were preaching “name it and claim it.”   Oh, I want that Cadillac.  I want that Cadillac.  I knew a woman who wanted a Mercedes Benz.  She didn’t want a used on, she wanted a new one.  She didn’t want the lower model one; she didn’t want the low class one.  She wanted the top of the line Mercedes Benz.  She cut it out of the magazine, she put it on her wall, she pinned it there, and she put Bible verses all around it.  You know, I have seen shrines in Africa or in India.  You know there is no place like India; no place like India except the United States.  They have gods for everything, everything, everything.  Everything is a god.  You don’t kill ants; you don’t kill flies because they’re some sort of god, some ancestor.  Ruled by animalistic appetites.  Mercedes Benz with all of these scripture verses and in the morning going and bowing down to it, in the afternoon going and bowing down to it, in the evening going and bowing down to it.  Lay her head down on the bed, the last thing she sees, Hallelujah, is that Mercedes Benz, and she is saying, “Oh, God, I claim that Mercedes Benz.”  She never got it.  She never got it, never got it.  You know why?  Devil is a liar.  Devil is a liar, liar, liar, liar, liar, liar!  You’re a liar, devil!

You know what they’ve done?  They changed the Bible to support the doctrine of “name it and claim it.”  Religion will make you rich.  The King James says, godliness with contentment is great gain.   Do you know what the new versions say?  “Religion does  make a man very rich.” (Today’s English Version)  “Serving God makes a person very rich.” (Everyday Bible)  That’s what it says.  If you don’t believe me, get the new version.  They changed the Bible to support their position and their place of prosperity.  The Bible says, not to give, He says, I would, I would, I would, I would that you would prosper even as your soul prospers.  Now, how does my soul prosper in the light of the measuring stick of Jesus Christ?  How do you measure prosperity of soul?  How do you measure it?  There’s a very good measuring stick in here and it’s found in Matthew the 5th chapter.  We call them The Beatitudes.  Those aren’t just beatitudes.  Those are a measuring stick by which you are to measure your spirituality, because they are outlining and characterizing the personality and the character of Jesus Christ.  Doesn’t the Word say that He was the enactment or the fullness of the Word?  Does your Bible say that Jesus Christ is the fullness of the Word?   Did He not say with His own mouth, Matt. 5:17, Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy but to fulfill.  To do what?  Fulfill, fulfill, to fill to overflowing, to fill till there’s no more room, no more space, no more place that anything else can be added in.  It is finished.  Well, He did a good job; He did a good job.  What about us?  What kind of job are we doing?  What kind of job are we doing?  What kind of job are we doing!?  Are we so wrapped up in our career?  You know, some of these young people think that the thing that they are hearing is different from the thing I heard when I was a young man.  Do you know that I didn’t have a desire to be a preacher?  Do you know that I never desired, not in my flesh, that I never ever thought that I would ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER be where I am?  I thank God for a praying mother and a faithful God.  Hallelujah!  Boy, I want to tell you what, you could just ask my mother if she was around, I was hell on wheels.  I wasn’t no little goody-goody, no back in the corner flower.  I made known to my mother my position, my place.  I made her life hell.  Do you hear me?  She still prayed.  She prayed, she prayed, she prayed, she prayed, she prayed and she prayed till God got ahold of this wretched fellow.  I had ambitions, I had desires, I had things that I wanted to do.  Some of those things I still wrestle with.  I don’t participate in them.  Hello.  Don’t go out of here saying, “Well, Burt is still sinning.”  Oh no, that’s not what I said.  I haven’t overcome all the nature of Burt Asbill that I was born with and nurtured for so many years until God came into my life.  But, you know, I got ahold of that altar, I got ahold of it one day, I got ahold of it one day and I refuse, I refuse, I refuse, I refuse, I refuse to let go of it.  I had desires, I had ambitions. I wanted to be a lot of things.  I wanted to be an electrical engineer.  I was investing myself in all of that, but God came into my plan.  I’m not going to say He messed them up.  He just took my plans that weren’t going to be for my benefit, He just took them and He pulled them out from under me and He put something else in their place.  Hallelujah.  Not that I didn’t have ambitions.  Come on.  He says, But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become(John 1:12), to become, to become… What if you go and you work, you work, young people… you work, you work, you work, you work, you work.  You slave, you sacrifice, you spend, you suffer all for the purpose of achieving some aspiration that is carnal; out of the will of God; out of the place, the function of God, only to come down to the wire; only to have it come down to the wire and have it snatched away from you.  You better know, you better know that what you’re doing is what God wants you to do.  You better know it.  You better know it.  You better know it.  You better know it.  All those things that flash and glitter and shine are but for a season, they’re but for a temporal time.  You go out, you get yourself a job, you buy yourself the most expensive Mercedes you can buy, you pay for it.  What if you don’t have the money to put the gas in it?  What happens if in the process of achieving your degree, achieving your masters degree, oh my.  You know something?  There is nobody that I know about, oh, I’m sure there probably is but I don’t know about it, and I’ve preached this to them, so I don’t feel like I’m talking out of turn, there is nobody I know as a people that are more educated than the people in Nigeria.  You say the foolishness of God is to confound the wisdom of the wise.  Do you know I barely got through high school?  Now, that’s not something to be proud of, that’s not something to brag about but it just tells you something of my rebellious nature.  If teacher was in authority, I wasn’t going to submit to teacher.  What do I need this stuff for?  Why do I need to learn this type of stuff?  Oh, I found out when I began to teach my own children.  I wished that I had paid a little more attention to some of the things that were being taught.  God took a man who barely got through high school, went off and joined the army so he wouldn’t have to go to college, took that man, saved him, filled him with the Holy Ghost and took him into a land that he might minister to doctors and master degrees and Ph.D.s.  They have more initials after their names than I’ve got letters in my name.  What is it that you’re doing and why are you doing it?  Why are you doing it?  And are you doing it with the thought that it is something eternal?  Are you doing it with the thought it’s something eternal, eternal value to you?  I found out a very amazing thing.  I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it another hundred times if I’m around that long.  Do you know there are no Asbills in the kingdom of God?  Do you know there’s no doctors in the kingdom of God?  Do you know there’s no lawyers in the kingdom of God?  Do you know there’s no master degrees, or A.A.s or B.A.s or P.A.s or D.A.s or whatever As that you may have?  There are no degrees; you leave them at the gate.  It says, narrow is the way (Matt.7:14).  You take off your Ph.D.s when you come to the door.  And you take it and you lay it at the feet of the Master, and you walk in over it.  Hello!  You don’t walk in with it around your shoulders like some robe.  What are you doing?  What are you doing?  What are you doing with the power?  What are you doing with the power?  What are you doing with the power?  What are you doing with it?  What are you doing with it?  Are you becoming a Son of God or are you using it to vindicate and justify and to placate your conscience, like some ointment that you might put upon a burn, that the burn might stop its stinging and bothering of you?  What are you doing with it?  Well, if the dreams and the visions and the Word of God is true we aren’t doing what we should be doing with regards to becoming sons of God.  You have a loved one that is rebellious.  Do you realize the power that God gave Him, He gave it to you, what is it for?  What did He say it was for in John 17?  It says, that you and I might become one.  Do you hear me?  Not one in thinking; not one in our position or place of personal preference.  That doesn’t mean you become like me and I become like you.  God forbid.  But we have a common denominator.  We have a common desire.  We have a common interest.  We have a common position of relationship through the blood of Jesus Christ who is in communion with the Father.  And the desire that is in me becomes the desire that is in you, and then that desire begins to minister to the desire in this one and that one.  I join with you in prayer and you join with me in prayer and we begin to pray for our loved ones.  We begin to utilize power.  We begin to move in power.  You know, we could take a lesson from the animal kingdom of how Satan works.  Do you know what wolves will do in a herd of deer or elk?  Do you know what they do?  They, first of all, begin to let out this loud noise.  They begin to howl.  That must have been something like that man in the Gadarenes, in the tombs howling.  They set off this howl and all these deer  look up, look around, and their tails go up, their ears go up and they begin to move around kind of nervously.  They hear another one and another one and another one and they begin to run.  Have you ever watched these Discovery programs?  Do you know that a lion is just plain unathletic?  He can’t run.  He doesn’t have an enduring power to stay.  Now, that’s not true with the cheetah or the leopard, but the lion does not have that staying quality of power by which he can run his prey down.  They’ve got to scare them into the wrong move, the wrong place, the wrong thing.  But wolves, what they will do is they’ll get the pack running, get the herd running and moving, and as the herd begins to move and begins to run, the weak ones begin to manifest themselves in the midst of the herd.  The herd is moving on and moving on and moving on and moving on because they’re not one.  They’re not one.  And what happens?   The wolves move in and they bring down that straggler.  It’s not so with the elephant.  Do you know it’s not so with the elephant?  The elephants don’t act that way.  Do you know the elephants don’t act that way?  Do you know the elephants don’t run?  You know what they do?  They take their young, they herd them into the center of their circle, and they turn their backs.  Hallelujah.  And another one will be here, and another one will be here, and another one will be here so that they’re watching on all sides!  Now, that speaks to me of a certain amount of oneness.  They have an intent; they have a desire to protect their young.  What do we do when the lions and the wolves come in after our young people?  “Oh my, oh my, oh my the devil, please pray, oh, the devil is coming in to destroy, he’s coming in to wreak havoc, oh my goodness, my house is being destroyed, my children are so disobedient.”  What do we do?  What are you doing with the power?  What are you doing with the power?  Are you uniting with the brethren?  You people that are in school, what are you doing in your classroom?  Are you talking and testifying to the power of God that has delivered your soul from hell, that has brought you to a place of safety, that has rested upon you and caused the blessing of God to flow within your midst?  Are you testifying to the power of God?  How about those of you that are in school that are taking psychology?  You’re in the devil’s own classroom and you’ve probably got one of his demons as a teacher.  Oh, yes you do, yes you do, yes you do, yes you do.  Don’t tell me you don’t.  Yes you do.  It’s written right in here.  It says, the carnal mind is enmity against God (Rom.8:7).  When the teacher begins to propagate his psychological dribble, his psychological, hellish, demonic gruel, and you begin to feed on the substance of diabolic reasoning, does the Christ, does the Holy Ghost, does the power of God begin to tremble and shake within your being to where it will not allow you to stay seated in your seat and you get up and you say, “Liar!”?  Liar!

Bible says, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God (Matt. 4:4).  I want to tell you something.  If you’re in an environment and if you’re not affecting your environment, your environment is infecting you.  I don’t care if it’s mother, father, children, classroom, teacher, friend, I don’t care what it is, if the righteousness in you is not creating a conflict in your own environment, if your children are unrighteous there has to be a conflict.  If your wife is unrighteous there has to be a conflict.  If your husband is unrighteous there has to be a conflict.  If there is no conflict, you are subjugating yourself to the ministry of some devil that is bringing you into a place of servitude.  If you think devil doesn’t come to collect his dues you are deceived.

Do you know that in order to be a witch doctor that you have to give your soul to the devil?  Do you know that?  That is the price.  And the greater the witch doctor that you want to be: now I’m not just talking about Africa.  It says rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft (I Sam. 15:23).  We like to start thinking in another way.  Let’s not think in another way, let’s not think on a natural plain, let’s not be carnal.  Let’s be spiritual individuals, let’s get our spiritual eyes opened.  The greater you want to be, the more of your soul you have to give until demon, devil takes every part of it, every piece of it.  Believe you me, he’s no slacker.  He’s no slacker.  He is no slacker.  I’m not telling you you’re not to go to school, I’m not telling you that.  Don’t go out of here saying I’m preaching against education, although I think education is of the devil because it’s got the devil’s men teaching it.  Not against education, let the Christians rise up and begin to educate on a Christian level, spiritual level.  You know there’s some Christian schools I didn’t send my children to.  Do you know that I had my child in a Christian school and God gave the child a dream and told me of the sin and degradation that was going on in the classroom?  Do you know what I did?  I pulled him out.  I don’t know what we’re going to do with all of our attributes and desires when we stand before the Father and He begins to replay all the moments and all the times and all the places and all the things that we could have gone and could have done and didn’t do.  What are you doing with the power?  Is it just to get you into heaven?  It may not get you there.  Hello?!  May not get you there!  You know, there’s a verse in the scriptures that keeps me on my toes.  There’s a lot of them, but there’s one in particular that keeps me on my toes, keeps me examining my motives, keeps me examining the things that I’m doing, keeps me examining, examining, examining, examining, and it says, I say unto you I do not know you.  But Father, but God, but Jesus, but Holy Ghost, did I not preach in Your name?  Did I not teach in Your name?  Did I not cast out demons?  Did I not heal the sick?  Did I not do this?  Did I not do that?  I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity, (Matt. 7:23).  I have not known you, I do not know you, I will not know you.  Keeps me in my place and keeps me humble before God.  God has a way of humbling all of us in situations and circumstances.  He’s bringing out His humbling stick and He humbles us that He, in our weakness, might be made strong.  What are you doing with the power?  What are you doing with it?  What are you doing with the power?  If you’re not doing what you need to be doing, stop doing what you’re doing and begin to do what you need to do.  Amen.  God bless you.  I’m sure He will.


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