The Line Is Drawn

February 3, 2002

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Some of these children seem to have a little more enthusiasm than the adults and some are more like the adults.  I sometimes think it’s too bad that we become so inhibited with our humanity, that we become too human, or maybe it’s that we become too devilish in our humanity and we begin to exclude God in so many realms and areas of our life and God has a very difficult time trying to penetrate the arena of carnality and flesh.   I can understand the need for tribulation that brings us into a position or a place that is beyond our ability to cope with because without that, we would, as it were, forget God entirely, as has been demonstrated in the Bible many times with many societies that have come and gone upon the face of the earth.  Have you ever just looked at history and looked at the kingdoms that have risen and the kingdoms that have fallen?  Yet every kingdom thought that they were eternal or undefeatable, invincible!  That is the word that I was wanting.  They thought that they were invincible, that they were beyond that position or that place of coming into subjection to anything or anyone else outside of their own position or nationality or culture.  God has time and again proven to them that all flesh is as grass.  You know, all flesh is as grass.  Have you ever noticed how grass is very susceptible to weather?  This lawn out here can look very nice if you put water on it every day.  You forget to put water on it one day and it looks like it’s never been watered at all.  God says flesh is as grass.  Boy, we ought to meditate on that a little bit.  We ought to be thinking about a lot of things, concerning the time frame we are living in, the things that are going on in the world and the words of prophecy that are coming to the church.  Maybe not so much here at this particular time, but I believe that time is coming.  I believe that we need to be ready for it as a people, as individuals, first of all, and then, of course, corporately. The sealing of God is not something that is delegated to the position of the individual as far as their humanity is concerned.  It is something that God does.  God doesn’t do it because you are in the right place at the right time.  God doesn’t necessarily do it because you are doing the right thing in the right time frame.  God does it because of something that God sees within the framework of the fabric of your humanity that is working to bring humanity into a place of subjection to the power of the righteous living God.  Most of us serve God on the premise of an idea, as an ideological thought, that somewhere, someplace, God exists.  It is on that basis that we go to church.  It is on that basis that we fellowship with one another and many times, it is on that basis that we are called Christians.  That is kind of a misnomer.  Now, what is a misnomer?  It is calling something by a name that really does not apply, is not applicable with regard to the word.  Now, I want you to listen to me, please.  You’ll have plenty of time to fellowship after the meeting.  I want you to pay attention to what the Holy Ghost is saying this morning.  I believe that I have a word from God or I wouldn’t be up here, and I am going to give you the chance to assess it.  I am going to give you the chance to judge it.  The only way I can do that is to put my neck on the block, step up to the line and open my mouth and believe that God is going to fill it.  Now, I didn’t take notes, I should have probably spent more time in the word, but nevertheless, I believe that God has spoken to me a word and I’m going to, with the best of my ability, deliver to you what He has spoken to me.  I would require of you, being as I am doing what I am doing with the consequences of action that I will be a recipient of, if I am not doing what I am supposed to be doing, I would require of you to at least give me your attention for the time frame that I have you here before me.  I believe that the Lord spoke a word to me here very recently as I was waking up.  Now, I don’t know why, maybe it’s because I am so fresh in the morning, but usually when I wake up I’m not all that fresh because my nights have been pretty rough, lately.  Having to deal with certain physical maladies or spiritual maladies and having to wrestle, as it were, with the devil or with God, whichever it might be.  My nights have not necessarily been all that restful, but nevertheless, God seems to choose to talk to me as I am waking up in the morning.  Maybe that is because it is in line with the scripture.  It says early in the morning will I rise up to seek thee.  (Psalm 63:1)  You know, there is a prescribed method.  I was saying a word about Christians.  Thank you, Lord.  The word “Christian” means, in actuality, to be like Christ.  That’s what it means to be.  For you to be called a Christian means, in that terminology, you are a representation of Christ.  I don’t know that very many of us would fill that position or fill that requirement with regard to that word.  So, I don’t really know that we can, in all sense of rightness, call ourselves Christians, because to be a Christian means that there is something very paramount with regard to your life and your living of that life.  It means that there is something far more important to you than the aspects of living that life in the realm of humanity in a natural sense.  There is something that takes precedence over your desire, there is something that takes precedence over your will.  There is something that takes precedence over your emotions and all of those aspects of your being are overshadowed with that precedence that should be within you if you have received the blood of Jesus Christ.  I like the terminology, “Have you been born again?”  It leaves you no room to move.  It’s either, “Yes,” or it’s, “No.”  You know, you can ask a Catholic if he is a Christian and he will tell you, “Yes.”  Oh yes, I’ve asked many Catholics, “Are you Christian?”  “Oh yes, I’m Catholic.”  As though Catholicism makes him Christian!  Now, lest I’m picking, or you think I’m picking on Catholics, I’d say that’s true with regard to all denominations.  I’ve asked different individuals if they are Christian.  They don’t tell me about their born again experience.  They tell me about their denominational affiliation.  They tell me they are Baptists, they tell me they are Methodists, they tell me they are Pentecostal, they tell me that they are Presbyterian, they tell me any number of things depending on where they are going to church, as though church becomes the epitome of all their salvation.  Well, sad to say, I think some of that mentality, if not most of it, has invaded what we call the “end time” church.  Those that have been called out of the church.  Now, many of you young people I know have never had a church experience, although you have fabricated and built your own church experience with regard to this word that you have been hearing from the time that you were able to hear and to comprehend.  It has become something of a denomination with regard to you.  “Oh, I’m not Pentecostal, oh, I’m not Baptist, I’m not Methodist.”  Most of the time you say, “What am I?”  What am I?  Well, if Christ was taking preeminence within your life, if Christ was moving in your environment, you could say, “I’m a Christian.”  Not that I am picking on young people, because I think old people have the same malady.  They go to church, sometimes, when they feel like it, maybe.  They read their Bible, sometimes, if they feel like it, maybe, or, if their schedule allows it.  We formulate and make our schedule not according to the demand or the pressure that comes from the Holy Ghost, but we make our schedule or make our position of living from the pressures that are external.  We want to look good, we want to feel good and it’s not something that’s just pertinent to young people. 

We were all young once and many of us have not overcome that propensity, of being young.  You don’t really know what it is to be growing older and want to be young or remembering when you were young!  You know, when I was young I never thought about getting old and anybody over thirty was old.  Well, I don’t look at it that way anymore.  I can tell you that my perspective has changed because my position has changed.  I’m no longer twenty and I looked upon thirty a long time ago.  So, there is a position or a place or a perspective that I have that is different because of the place that I’m in.  So it is with our relationship with God.  God sees us, not from our position.  He doesn’t look on a horizontal level.  His justice is higher and His judgments are made from that level, not ours.  He’s in a higher realm.  He’s in a position so He views everything from a different perspective.  It’s very necessary for you and I to come to grips with that reality in order to be what the Bible calls being Christian!  Not on the basis of our humanity, but on the basis of His divinity.  Oh, Hallelujah!  That really isn’t what I’m going to preach about.  Hallelujah!  Or at least, that’s not all I’m going preach about. 

The Bible tells us many things about our demeanor as Christians.  What is really on my heart, what the Lord is really pressing on me, the reason why I’m giving you all of this dialogue and telling you this little story, is because what I am feeling or what I am sensing in the Scripture with regard to the church in the position or the authority that God has delegated to the church cannot be utilized unless those that are in the church are moving in a fashion or in a form that is in line or consistent with the “perception of God.”  Do you know that the church is supposed to be the strongest source of power and authority that is in the world?!  Did you know that?  It has more power than the Queen of England.  It has more power than any government or dictator.  It has more power than the United States government all together.  Did you know that?  No, you don’t know that!  Because you have never experienced it.  You have never functioned in it.  You just know from what you have read in the Bible.  Most of the time what we read in the Bible we really don’t believe, because if we believed it we would be moving in some fashion or some order in which we would see that representation and that authority reaching out.  Now, God has been very merciful to you and I!  Because God has divinely intervened in the affairs of men.  Do you know that it was by the intervention of God that America even came into existence?  Do you know that? You know, had Satan done what he wanted to do, he would have destroyed all of those that were purged out of Europe and were dropped unceremoniously in the midst of the wilderness that came to be known as the United States.  It was divine intervention of God!  It was on the purpose of what?  Having the liberty to pursue God!  Now, isn’t that something ironic.  That on the basis of that desire, on the basis of that wanting and the basis of that need, God purged the church of that hour and drove out from the midst of it those that really had something of a desire.  You really had to have a desire to serve God to go through what those people went through!  It’s not like going down to O’Hare here and checking in, although you may be aggravated and irritated at the line that you have to go through in the process, it’s nothing compared to the process of what those people went through to get from Point A to Point B.  Sometimes it was six or seven months that they were in transit coming from one place to the next.  Or those people that went into those foreign lands for the purpose of depositing God.  Hallelujah!  Going into that position.  I think it’s ironic that on that basis, that reason, we became as we are called, “the United States of America.”  And now, at the end of the day, in the end of the thing, or the matter that is coming to a close in these final days, we are a people that are eradicating the knowledge of God from our society.  We don’t allow God to be preached in the schools, but we allow Islam.  We allow our children to be ministered to on the basis of homosexuality and all of the things that pertain to sexual perversion.  The church just seems to sit back on its lees.  Oh yes, they get involved politically.  Oh, you can have the pro-life coalition.  You can have the moral majority.  You have all of those governmental substitutes, a shadow, an illusion, of an authority or a power that God has invested within the concept of being born again!  It’s amazing to me that we don’t have more of a grasp, more of an understanding with regard to the governments of God.  You know, you’re not just born again, you haven’t  just received an entity, an identity, a personality.  But with that identity, with that personality, with that thing that is called life comes all of the things that pertain to the kingdom of God.  (John 3:3)  Those are His governments, those are His authorities, that’s His position of ruling and reigning, that’s the issuance of strength and vitality!  All of that is encapsulated in what God calls being born again!  Oh yeah, my Bible tells me that.  Now, maybe your Bible doesn’t tell me that, but my Bible still tells me that.  It tells me that if I have God, if I have Christ, if I have the Spirit of the living God, if I have been born again, that I have within me the totality of the Godhead!  Isn’t that what Romans says? Doesn’t Romans say that you and I have within us the fullness of the Godhead?  (Colossians 2:9)  Well, if I’ve got the fullness of the Godhead, what do I have? I’ve got all of the governments of God.  I got every aspect and every position or place of authority.  To some extent, I suppose, on a much baser, lower, corruptible level, if you can even use it as an illustration, is the fashion and the form on which the government works.  We have a President.  Everybody gives honor to the President, even if he is a jerk, or a louse, or a pervert.  There is still a position of respect that is given.  As much as they were slandering and using all types of vernacular with regard to Clinton when he was in the White House, I never heard one man come up to him and say, “Mr. Pervert.”  Men and women that were speaking out against him, yet when they were in his presence, do you hear me, there was a reverence.  There was a respect, not so much for the man, but because of the position that the man was in.  Maybe a little bit of the fear of what the man might be able to do to them.  Well, thank God for some of those people that didn’t care!  They had a voice to speak out with regard to the thing that was happening within the realm of that environment.  Well, thank God that there’s a voice in the church, that voice that is willing to raise up and begin to speak about the humanity and the carnality and the corruption that is creeping in to the lives of individuals that have been called to be Sons of God!  There’s a compromising that is going on!  It’s been going on for a very long time.  We’ve let things like our emotions interfere with the will of God.  We allow things like our mind to interfere with the will of God.  We’ve allowed it so much that our natures are changing.  Our natures are changing. 

Do you know that is the mystery of iniquity?  Did you know that?  Do you know that God created a heavenly being?  God created an angel so mighty, so powerful, so absolutely wonderful, so glorious.  We have no idea of the magnitude of that entity that we call Hillel, or his beauty, that when he stood up in the midst of all the host of Heaven and began to move in the gift that God had given unto him.  Do you hear me?  It  said, “He created within him his pipes.”  (Ezekiel 28:13)  We have no idea.  We have no idea.  We have no idea of the position or the place or the magnificence of this being that all heaven came under him in the overshadowing of praise and worship of the living God!  Alas, he began to think more highly of himself than he should.  That thought, that thought, that thought changed his character!  It began to reshape and refashion and recreate something of his nature that began to work in opposition to the thing that God had given unto him!  Began to reshape and reform and change him from something that he was into something that we know him to be today.  We call him Satan.  He’s changed his nature so much that God gave him another name.  Apolyon.  Or I should say, in his creation, he developed a different name, a different identity.  Do you know that is the mystery of iniquity?  It’s incomprehensible to me how one can be in such a position, in such a place, and do what they did and become what they are.  Yet I see it working in the lives of men and women.  I see it working in the lives of children.  I see it working within the lives of older people, all manner of humanity.  I see it working, working, working and people who were once soft, they’re no longer soft.  People who were once lovable, they’re no longer lovable.  People who were once sensitive in the Holy Ghost, no longer are sensitive.  They become hard.  They become stony.  They become flinty.  They become judgmental.  They become critical.  They become, as it were, diabolical.  Why?  Because there is something in the choices that they’re making that is not just changing their setup as far as their human environment is concerned, but it’s recreating something within their very soul and making an entity that has some other name on it than the name that is written in the Book of Heaven!  I’ve often wondered what it was that would blot out that name.  I don’t believe it’s the hand of God that blots it out.  I believe it’s the aspect of the nature that changed and so the name is obliterated.  I used to be a Science Fiction aficionado and probably that’s why some of my children have their problems in this arena.  But I can remember some of the stories that were told.  One of the things was the Time Machine thing.  You know, they travel back to the past and they change certain things.  Then they travel back to the future and they find out they are no longer in existence!  I think there is something in that that demonstrated a spiritual premise, a spiritual perspective.  I think there’s something that you and I can glean from that with regard to what is happening in a natural realm, as well as in a spiritual realm.  There is something that is going on in the midst of your circumstance, your environment.  School, home, relationship with mother and father, relationship between children and father, children and mothers.  There is something that is going on!  I’m telling you, your involvement with the world at large, if it is not being overshadowed, overshadowed with the concept of righteousness, if it is not being overshadowed with the thought of restoration and restitution and the establishment of bringing forth the governments of God!  Then there is a change that is happening, but we seem to think it won’t happen.  Something else is happening.  We, as it were, are in that place of the Time Machine and we’re changing certain things, we’re changing certain attitudes, we’re changing certain gifts that God has given us!  Do you hear me?  We’re changing them!  Sometimes we can come to a point of no return if God doesn’t intervene in our lives and take us out of the world.  I’ve seen God do that, you know.  Dear, dear friend of mine.  Very dear friend of mine who contracted pancreatic cancer many years ago.  Very dear friend.  Very dear friend.  Lovable fellow.  Would give you the shirt off his back.  It was through him that I came into fellowship with the Sons of God word.  Do you hear me?  Yet there was within him the propensity to sin.  Well, God was very merciful.  God allowed him to be smitten with pancreas cancer.  We went to him and told him.  “God can heal you!”  We told him, “God can heal you!”  But you know, there was something that God was telling us about the situation, about the set of circumstances, so we gave the man a choice.  Do you know how good God is?  We gave the man a choice in the Lord.  Do you hear me?  This was not moving by our own perception, by our own foreknowledge.  We were moving under the power and the unction and the knowledge of God!  I said, “If God was to heal you and if that healing would bring you to a step that would bring you into a place of hell, what would you rather do?”  He said, “I’d rather die.  I’d rather die.  I’d rather die and go and be with the Lord than live and wind up in hell.”  So we prayed for that man and said, “God, let Your will be done!  You have heard the words and the proclamation out of this man’s mouth.  We are praying, God, that You move out of divine wisdom and not out of emotional, sentimental position that we have with regard to his friendship.”  He died.  From the time that he was diagnosed to the time that he died was six months.  I think that’s even short for cancer victims, but it was the will of God.  Do you know that we have that capacity, we have that potential?  We can stand, as it were, on the brink of heaven.  We can stand, as it were, on the edge of moving into a place of unbelievable power.  We can stand in the midst of the Glory of God.  Hallelujah!  And make a decision that will subvert the plan and the desire of God for us.  If we are Christian and have a desire for God, but do not have the strength to live righteous, God will intervene!  However, the converse of this is frightening.  May I illustrate that position spiritually.  Let us look at Judas.  He had every ability.  He had every chance.  He had every opportunity.  He was amongst the twelve that were chosen.  God could have chosen anyone.  Do you understand that?  But yet, He chose Judas!  Knowing that Judas was a thief!  Yet He gave him every opportunity.  He gave him every affordable chance that He could possibly give him.  He even gave the thief the bag, knowing that the man was taking the coins off the bottom of the stack!  Probably had a little rat hole of his own!  We all have rat holes, right? Oh, yeah we call it play money or whatever.  We got this little place and we put a little aside here, a little aside here.  Some people take their change, dump it into a jar, dump it into a jar, and dump it into a jar and pretty soon they got all this money.  Three, four hundred, five hundred dollars, just in change.  Hallelujah!  There was something that God was trying to do with Judas.  Do you know that the intent, the purpose, the desire of God was that Judas might be redeemed?  Do you know that He didn’t choose Judas just on the principle, on the fact of fulfilling the Scriptures?  Do you know that he gave Judas every opportunity?  What would you have done if you were sitting at the table and someone was to speak to you, “He that is to betray is the one to whom I have given the sop!”  But at that time Judas had made a decision.  Judas had already crossed over a line and the thing about it was Judas did not know he had crossed over the line!  How much more will we know if we resist the Holy Ghost? Resist, resist, resist, resist!  Every time you resist, every time you buck, every time you bow your back against the constituted authority!  No wonder the church doesn’t have any power!  There’s no submission in the church to the authority that God puts in the church!  There’s no submission to God in the families that God has ordained!  Do you hear?  There are certain families that God has ordained to be families!  You marry who you marry, you have the children you have, not because of happenchance, but because GOD ORDAINED IT!  We treat it frivolously.  We treat as though it’s nothing!  We treat it as though it’s dirt sometimes!  Children move out against the parents and the parents sometimes move against the children!  No wonder we don’t have any authority in the church!  We don’t have any authority in our homes!  We don’t have it because we’re not under, we’re not under, we’re not under the overshadowing of God!  There isn’t something within.  Oh we get in a bind, we get in a twist.  We get, my dad used to say, “Our tail caught in the crack.”  We cry out, “Oh God, oh God, save me, save me, save me!”  You know, I know what foxhole confession is.  When you hear the bullets flying over your head and the pressure and you can see the faces of your enemy and you know you’re a dead man.  You know you’re a dead man.  “God, get me out of here!  I’ll do anything you want me to do.  I’ll go where you want me to go, as long as it’s New York or Washington.”  We don’t add that, not until later.  “Oh, did I say that?  I meant this and this and this.  You didn’t read the fine print.  You didn’t read the stipulation that I apend.  Let us have a definition.  Let us have a definition of what ‘to go anywhere’ means.”  No, God isn’t like that, but we are like that.  We are like that.  We may not say it in so many words, but we say it in our actions.  We say it in our rebellion.  We say it in our position or place of stubbornness.  When we bow our back against authority, we say it and say it and say it and say it and then all of a sudden somebody has cancer.  Somebody has a heart attack.  Somebody has this, somebody has that, somebody winds up facing financial disaster.  We say, “Oh God, where are you?  Where are you, God?  Where are you, God?”  He’s always there.  He’s right there.  He’s always been there.  You know, God gives you so much rope, for so long a time and then when you reach the end of the rope, there’s no more rope.  God couldn’t even give you the rope if He wanted to give you the rope because there’s no more rope and if you let go of the rope, you’re loose.  Hello?  You’re loose.  You’re on your own.  You know something, if I didn’t have God as my destiny, boy, I would be building me bomb shelters.  I would be storing up my food.  I would be storing up my water.  I would be making every kind of provision I could possibly make.  In light of, or in face of the things that are facing us on a natural realm, a natural level.  I would be doing whatever I could be doing!  Do you hear me?  To ensure that in that time of trouble I was well, I was safe, and I was out of harms way!  I would be stupid not to, if you’re going to rebel, if you’re going to move against the authority of God, if you’re going to thumb your nose as it were at God’s provision!  Boy, that gives me another deal.  The provision of God.  You know, sometimes God gives us something that we don’t personally, individually like.  Do you know that?  It’s a provision of God and we, “I don’t like that.  I don’t like that.  Far be it from me to put that on.  Far be it from me to eat that kind of stuff.  Far be it from me.”  You know, I’ve been in some places where I’ve had to eat some pretty funny things.  I had to eat some things I didn’t even know what they were.  Some of the things that I ate I didn’t know what they were and they didn’t look very good.  But I knew that there was a consequence on a natural plane, a natural level, hallelujah, with refusing the gift that was being brought to me.  How much more on a higher level?  How much more spiritually speaking? 

What I really wanted to get into was the aspects of the judgments of God, but maybe that’s okay.  Because there is something here that I want to say.  Do you know that another man’s actions can be utilized to bring judgment on you if you are in association or in a fellowship with them?  Did you know that?  Do you know that one part affects the whole?  You stub your toe, go around trying to ignore the fact that it’s attached to your foot.  I hurt my toe here the other day.  Hurt, I think I broke it, but that’s okay.  All my body knew that my toe was hurting.  I couldn’t say, “Well, it’s not attached to my foot so it doesn’t bother me.  I’m going to ignore it.”  I’m going to leave it out where it’s exposed.  I left it out where it was exposed one day and it got injured again.  I was just ignoring it as though, “Okay, it’s not there, so put it down,” clang!  Hallelujah!  Something happens to it, immediately, “I’m still attached!  I’m still hurting!  I’m still in the same position!”  But I want to tell you my wife prayed for it and I think it healed.  I got up this morning and I could bend the toe.  So praise the Lord.  I guess my toe hurt her enough to where she was able to reach God.  Either that, or it was hurting me so much that I was hurting her and she had to reach God!  That’s probably more true than anything.  You know, you might not think so, but I can be pretty cranky sometimes.  Some of you know how cranky I can be, but not very many of you, right?  All right, Melissa, that’s enough laughing.  When something happens to someone else, there’s a certain requirement, there’s a certain position of responsibility.  There’s a certain effect that it has upon you because you’re part of the whole.  It’s like the man that throws the rock into the pond.  It hits the middle of the pond, but the ripples go out and pretty soon the ripples are rolling in upon the shore.  The shore is feeling the effect of what happened in water!  How much more for those things that are in the water?  You and I are supposed to be in the water of the baptism of the Holy Ghost!  We’re supposed to be buried with Him, as it were, in death that we might be resurrected with Him in life!  Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!  How much more when something goes on in that realm?  How much more when something happens in that sphere?  Is there a reaction that goes on and the reaction affects all of those that are in association with that fellowship?!!  Something can happen around the world.  Back down there in Nigeria and I can feel the affects of it.  Do you know that?  Good or bad.  How much more for those things that affect this fellowship with regard to those things that are happening in the Spirit?  Do you hear me?  We’re not in a place that we need to be!  We go on living our lives as though nothing is happening!  We’re living our lives as though tragedies aren’t going on or aren’t occurring!  As though devil isn’t coming in and ripping and raping homes!  Do you hear me?  We live our lives as though it’s not important!  Well, it is important.  Let me tell you about a situation or a circumstance that happened in this fellowship that I know of personally, I feel to share it with you this morning.  There was a Sunday morning service here several years back that God wanted to do something.  I was aware of that when I came in the door.  God had a specific purpose for gathering us together and it wasn’t because it was ten o’clock on Sunday morning.  Most of the individuals that came through the door came because it was ten o’clock and it was Sunday morning.  You could feel the weight of humanity that was upon them.  Well, maybe you couldn’t feel it, but I could feel the weight of the humanity that was upon them.  Yet there was this ever pressing thing that was upon me, that God wanted to do something in the midst of our congregation to demonstrate Himself as being God!  There is a scripture in the Bible, this is a little addendum that talks about untimely death.  What I believe it is referring to, you can correct me if you’ve got a better understanding of it, or further my enlightening, is that God will allow certain things to happen with regard to certain individuals.  However, if something else would have happened it would have been more in the perfect will of God!  Do you follow that?  Or did I just confuse you?  So, I believe in the aspect of untimely death.  That Sunday morning the Spirit of God moved on me back there and I got up and I came up here and began to lead the praise service, I began to exhort you in the Spirit to help you to rise up in the Lord.  The Lord was merciful, He began to give me songs to sing, began to give me words to speak.  We began to enter into praise and God was merciful because we all began to lift ourselves up in the Spirit, but it was labor, it was work.  It was a hard thing getting to where God wanted us to be, nevertheless, we were not where we should have been when we should have been where we should have been.  Do you hear me?  In walks this person whom we all knew, who had a serious illness that was unto death.  Right away God spoke to me, “That’s the reason!”  They did not come in until the end of the praise service!  We were not where we should have been in order to do what God wanted us to do.  And we didn’t do it.  Now, I don’t know exactly what God wanted to do, but I know that there was an administration of vitality and health that God wanted to do with regard to that individual.  But when we prayed, the strength and the power was not there.  Why?  Because we had not moved ourselves out of our position of humanity into the place of divinity.  We were not open enough for God to allow His belief, His strength, His vitality, His authority, His kingdom to be administered to their set of circumstances to bring forth the health and vitality that they needed.  Chalk the one up on the negative side.  Chalk it up.  Chalk it up.  Chalk it up!  I’m telling you, chalk it up, because it’s there indelibly inscribed in the heavenlies!  As God is my witness and as my judge, as we stand before Him, He’s going to bring it out before us and we’re going to have to repent for our lack of concern and our indifference and because of our carnality of humanity.  Now, least you think you’re the only one that’s ever been in that place, you’re not.  But I’m telling you, there’s a responsibility.  Something can happen to someone else and if you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing and something happens to them, the thing that happens to them, whether it’s good or bad, is accredited to your account, because you had the power to intervene and to pray and to supplement God with prayer and fasting, and you did not do it. 

We have the power, we have the President of the United States because the church moved.  I believe it.  They could have counted those votes till Jesus came and he would always come out winning because God had ordained that that man be where he is for whatever reason that man is there.  God ordained it!  Do you hear?  One of the words was that it would buy us a little more time!  Boy, that got us down on our knees, or at least, it got some of us down on our knees.  What have we done with our time?  What have we done with it?  What have we done with our time?  What have we done with our energy?  Have we applied it to the bringing forth of the revelation of the coming forth of God, or have we used our strength to rise up in anger or rebellion!!  Or have we just been too busy?  I wonder when I stand before God and say, “Well, God, I shoulda, woulda, coulda, but I was just too busy.”  You think it will hold water? I don’t think so.  I don’t think so at all.  I don’t think so at all.  Hallelujah!  You could probably do a lot of different things with a word like this.  But my hope would be that you would consider it seriously.  Some of us don’t even believe in hell.  We don’t.  People around us are going to hell every day.  People are dying.  I don’t know whether he had a prolonged illness or it was something that was sudden.  A man that we know died here just recently.  Dropped dead.  Now, I never met the man, that I know about, but sometimes when somebody dies I wonder, “Well, is he in heaven or is he in hell?  What was my responsibility concerning it?”  I feel to stop right there.  I’m not going to get into what I was going to get into.  I think what I have said is sufficient.  God bless you.  I trust, I hope, I plead, I beg that you, that all of us, will consider the things that I have spoken.  Because I believe that I have spoken by the Holy Ghost.


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