The Impossible Is Possible! – Part 1

January 29, 2005
Dubuque, Iowa

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We’re very glad to be with you this evening.  This was a Word that the Lord spoke to me one evening in the early part of last week, and I called Brother George and asked him if it would be possible for me to come up here today because I really believe that the Lord wanted to bless you as well as me.  It’s always a blessing for me to be able to share the Word of God.  It probably is more of a blessing to me than it is to you.  Sometimes that seems to be the way that the Word is applied, but it is always a blessing for me to be able to share the Word of God.  God speaks to me personally out of what I am sharing with you.  I have to go back and listen to the tapes to find out what I said.  Somebody says, “You said so and so.”  And I say, “I did not say that.”  Sometimes they are right, sometimes they are wrong.  Hallelujah.  So, it is a blessing.  I appreciate your willingness to come out and be here this evening.  Let us just bow our heads and have a word of prayer.

Father, we do thank You for Your goodness, Your mercy.  We thank You for the grace of God that is so very vital in the delivery of the Word, and in the hearing of the Word.  It is so important, Father, that we have Your presence that we might be able to articulate thoughts.  Father, I pray that You would give me that ability, but not only have the ability to speak what You are speaking unto me, Father, but I would also ask that You anoint the ears that hear.  Father, oftentimes those things that are heard in the Spirit are not necessarily the things that I say, but a lot of times the things that are heard are something that the Spirit is speaking to that individual.  Father, I pray, not only for the unction, the anointing upon the Word of God, but I pray for the unction and anointing upon the hearing, not only these that are out in front of me, but Father, my ears, also, want to hear what You are saying for this hour and for this people that desire to be in a particular place at a particular time.  We thank You for Your strength, Your vitality; we thank You for Your mind.  We ask for the Blood of Jesus Christ, Yeshua mashiyach (Strong’s Concordance #4899, mashiyach, Hebrew for “Messiah”). 

Praise the Lord.  Can you say, “Amen?”  Come on, say, “Amen!”  God is a God that works miracles, if we are able to believe.  God said, “If you are able to believe, ALL things are possible (Mark 9:23).”  Hallelujah.  God wants to encourage our faith.  God wants to encourage us in the things of the Lord.  I am finding out that nothing is impossible with God.  For this fellow, there are many things that are impossible.  I look at them and I can tell you it is not through rose-colored glasses.  The glasses that I oftentimes see through seem to say that it is an impossible situation.  “That is an impossible set of circumstances.”  “That is an impossible personality.”  What I am now proclaiming is that nothing is impossible with God.  I’ve done a lot of humbling and repenting this last year.  Not just to God, either.  I’ve had to go to people to whom I’ve said, “I thought you were impossible.  I was wrong!”  I don’t know if that was such a blessing for them or not, but it certainly relieved me, it certainly brought joy to my heart.  It certainly brought a freedom to my soul, glory to God!  Hallelujah.

There is something that I am beginning to understand.  His Light is beginning to penetrate my darkness; I can leave His business to Him.  I can leave His business to Him!  I can leave His business to Him, because He is quite capable of taking care of it without me!  Boy, was that a revelation to me: that I really did not need to be there.  I really did not need to be there, sister!  I could be somewhere else doing some other thing and God’s business would still go on!  Hallelujah.  What a mighty God we serve!  You know, the only thing that restricts Him, brother, is that we don’t believe.  That’s the only thing!  We get down in the mouth, we get all pushed out of shape, we get angry, we get frustrated, we get depressed, hallelujah, and what do we do?  We give up.  We have all of these things, and we walk around thinking that there is no God!  You ever see a little child throw a little fit, and what do you do sometimes?  Do you just ignore them, push them off in a corner, put them in a closet and shut the door?  Absolutely not!  What they need is a good spanking.  Hallelujah.  That’s what some of us need.  A good Holy Ghost spanking!  You know, God doesn’t need babies.  He needs SONS.  He wants sons and He doesn’t want sons that want to just push Him out of the way.  I was thinking about it today.  We have been involved with many different situations where men who have been touched by God, who had a lot of material substance began to do something with that substance, only to have their children rise up against them because they saw all that substance going out to all these different things that pertained to God’s business and they were afraid they weren’t going to have anything!  We are a lot like that.  We really are a lot like that.  God starts moving and He’s not including us!  So we get angry, we get irritated!  Well, we don’t want to say that we are mad at God, so we get angry at whomever God is blessing, whomever God is using!  Hallelujah.  We begin to find fault with that individual, and we begin to criticize them.  You want to know a secret?  It doesn’t bother El Elyon (Strong’s Concordance #5945, Hebrew for “the Most High God;” means “the Supreme”) one little bit.  He just keeps on moving.  Have you ever thought about that?  Your criticism of whatever God is doing with an individual doesn’t affect God at all.  It doesn’t do anything about the business of God.  It doesn’t stop God, doesn’t hinder Him, doesn’t make Him do this or that, or that or this, or that or that or that or this.  He just goes on about His business.  The only problem is He goes on without you and me!  Hallelujah.  And one day I will wake up and go, “Where’s God?”  “Oh, He’s moved on!  He’s moved on with that no good brother or sister!”  Hallelujah.

God wants to bring us to a place, bring us to an understanding, and bring us to a particular position.  I’ve been thinking a lot about God these days, seeking His face and wanting to know Him.  I want to know God.  I want to know God!  I want to know GOD!  There are all of these other worldly noises crowding in on me; if I wasn’t afraid of dying, I’d just stop eating all together.  Afraid of dying!  Of course, you’re not afraid of dying.  You would just fast until you dropped right on the ground, right?  “Oh, I got a headache.”  “Oh, I feel bad.”  “Oh, my back.”  “Oh, my leg.”  “Oh, all these pains in my body.  I have got to have something to eat!”  And we run to the refrigerator!

I have to tell you the pickle story.  Have any of you ever heard the pickle story?  Well, this other brother and I decided we were really going to seek God.  We were going to fast and pray.  By the way, this was something that happened many years ago.  We were going to seek Yehovah (Strong’s Concordance #3068, Hebrew word for “LORD;” means “self-Existent or Eternal”), so we decided to go on this fast.  We were going to seek and pray, pray and seek, but there was in the refrigerator this one jar of homemade dill pickles.  I want to say that at the time they were just about the best pickles I ever ate.  Well, it was the strangest thing, but every time I would walk by that refrigerator, those pickles would begin to call my name, sometimes individually and other times harmoniously.  They would say, “Brother Burt.”  “Oh, Brother Burt!”  I could be all the way in the back of my house in my bedroom trying to sleep, just tossing and turning on my bed.  Can you believe it?  They actually won!  I want you to know that I thought that I was really into this fasting and praying thing, I had to set the example.  I was really going to town, and what I didn’t know was that this other brother, who was living with us at the time, that same jar of pickles was calling HIM!  That jar of pickles was calling him, “Oh, brother, come here.”  I’d get up in the middle of the night; maybe I would call it the pickle devil.  When those pickles got canned, they must have pickled that demon and stuck him in there.  I’d get up at night and I’d walk out, look around, you know, of course, I’m the spiritual head of my house.  I’m fasting and seeking God.  I don’t want anyone to know I’m stalking the refrigerator!  So here I am walking into the kitchen and I walk by the refrigerator.  And of course, I’m praying in tongues.  I’m just praying in tongues, walking back and forth.  Now, I could walk anywhere, it was a big house.  I didn’t have to walk back and forth in front of that refrigerator.  So, this brother and I, we had this agreement, right?  We had this agreement; we were going to fast so many days.  If I remember correctly, I think it might have been three whole days.  We were really hungry!  I don’t know how much spiritual growth or good we got out of that fast, but we really came to one revelation.  If you’re going to fast, take the pickles out of the refrigerator!  On midnight of the third day, midnight, guess who I met at the refrigerator?  I want to tell you something, by 12:30 every one of those pickles were gone!  Boy, we sure took care of that devil, didn’t we?  However, I want you to know that it demonstrated something.  I had to repent for a week; I can’t see a pickle today, without thinking, “My God, my God, my God,” and just start repenting, be repenting, really truly begin to repent for my humanity, my carnality and my secularizing of God.  I mean, that’s just little, and we think we’re spiritual.  Of course, you don’t.  And of course, you probably never had those types of problems.  No, no problem.  No problem at all.  You can go into the kitchen when you’re fasting where they’re cooking steak and onions and potatoes, and sit down and just (inhale) and it not even affect you.  But there is something that experience brought home to me.  I found out that a pickle could make more of an impression upon my mind than my desire for God.  Hello?  Something other than God.  I was supposed to be seeking God.  I was supposed to be trying to find God and all of the time I was stalking the refrigerator trying to figure out how I could get that pickle out of there and still maintain my religious demeanor.  And quite frankly, brethren, I think that’s the way that the church approaches God!  Hallelujah.

What Yehovah is wanting is a people that will be a people onto Him.  I don’t know what it was that you heard when you first heard this end-time sons of Yehovah message, but I know what it was that I heard.  What I heard is that God wanted sons.  God still wants sons.  Now, a son, to my definition or my understanding, being as I’ve had children, is someone that a father desires to have fellowship with.  Being as we are human and start from a position of imperfection, we sometimes have to work at it because of our personalities and what not, but nevertheless, there is something of a desire that is in a father’s heart to have a relationship with his son.  It is not just from the position of, “You do this, you do that and you do this and you do that over there.”  It’s something more than that, it is where you can sit down and discuss things and ideas and come up with solutions and answers.  It is a position where you can talk and communicate and work out a solution or just have a good time in finding out who each other is.  I have found that there is a place in the process of growing up, I do not know exactly where it is, but you lose your ability to control your children.  Please, I am not using the word “control” in a bad sense.  But, nevertheless, you lose it, because control, whether you like it or not, is something that one has to submit to in order for you to control them.  And somewhere along the line that can change and sometimes it changes for the worse.

But, I want you to turn with me to Philippians.  I believe that God has some very good things to speak to us out of this book.  Let us go to Philippians the third chapter.  There is a thought that the Lord has been talking to me about this evening as we were ministering in song before Him, and it is, “How much do we really love God?”  You know, things are going to change drastically for us people, comfort-wise as well as economically.  Oh, by the way, just for your information, here a few weeks ago, I think it was two weekends ago, I was having a conversation with somebody and they told me the dollar had slipped in value again and that the euro had broken the all-time dollar high in the foreign exchange markets.  Some time ago, the dollar all-time high was somewhere around $1.33 or $1.34 on the foreign exchange markets.  It isn’t anymore and has not been the leader for quite some time.  Outside of the British pound, it is the euro that has broken that high mark.  What this means is that the euro is becoming the leader in the economic realm as far as finances are concerned.  To you and me, that really does not seem too significant except for the fact that if you really knew, and you went down here to the store, and if you had the means by which to calculate it, you would find that your money is less valuable today than it was two weeks ago.  Not only that, but there is the fact of where it puts the one who has the strength of currency behind them.  Also, as a nation, it relegates us to a lower level of importance.  How many of you ever heard the saying that money is power?  It is.  Money, to the world, is like blood to your body, and whoever controls the source of it, controls the strength of the world.  Praise the Lord.

Philippians the third chapter, we are talking about Paul and the position, the place that he was in and the desire that he had for Elohiym (Strong’s Concordance #0430, Hebrew word for “God;” means, His Supremacy).  Now, I don’t necessarily want to read the whole chapter, but I encourage you to go back over it and look at it, and to see what Paul was saying about his circumstances and the place that he was in.  Okay, I want to start at the seventh verse, But what things were gain to me, those I counted loss for ChristNow, that is not only a very good statement, it is an astounding declaration.  It designates a very important position.  It is one that you and I need to reflect upon.  There is one message that Paul had that is very predominant throughout all of his gospels, and that is the message of Sonship.  Paul has given us most of the information, via the Holy Ghost, of what it means to be a son: the process, the means by which one achieves it, the things that one will encounter upon the road, and what one will go through if it is truly something that is desired.  So the primary position, the primary thought, the focus that Paul had in God is that he wanted to be a son.  He understood the reality of what was written in the Old Testament.  How many of you know they didn’t have the New Testament?  So, everything that Paul knew about God and the desire of God, he had to get out of the Old Testament.  We have the Word concerning those who lived during the time of the Old Testament, as you read in the New Testament, and it says that those prophets and those patriarchs desired to look into the mysteries of God as to the intent and the purpose of God.  You and I need to have some understanding as to what we should be focusing upon, where it is that we need to place our eyes and what it is that we need to concentrate on.  You can concentrate on overcoming all you want to and you’ll probably be an overcomer, but somewhere along the line, if there is no definition, if there is no purpose, if there’s no thought or reality with regard to that destiny, you’re going to lose, if not hope, you’re going to lose strength, desire, determination, and zeal for the things of God.  Why do you think the devil tries to stir up your natural situation so very much?  Why do you think the devil always is working on your natural man?  Your natural set of circumstances?  Why is it that you and I are always having confrontations with individuals, confrontations in circumstances and situations?  Why do you think that we are always having trouble, tribulation, always on a natural realm, in a natural arena?  Trouble is always trying to get your ear, always trying to get your eye, always afflicting your flesh, trying to make you take your attention off of something that is spiritual and put it on something that is natural.  The Bible says, Yet man is born unto trouble, as the sparks fly upward (Job 5:7).  Why?  Because the devil knows that as long as you’re focusing down here on this level, you will lose your attention, you’ll lose your focus on the reality of the matter, and very hopefully he will be able to rob from you the thing that God has given you with regard to the destiny that He has ascribed and determined for you.  Hallelujah.

We want to think about the temporal, we want to think about this little time frame.  God is an eternal being.  God is a God of eternity and we have a hard time understanding the concept of eternity.  To a lot of us, eternity is something of a figment of our imagination.  It’s like a fairytale.  We half-way believe it for the sake of “just in case things work out the way that the Bible says.”  We want it just in case.  We have it like house insurance.  We have house insurance just in case a fire comes along, a tree falls down on the roof or something happens.  Just in case.  We want to be on the safe side.  There are a lot of us that look at our Christianity and our experience in the Lord as something of that nature, something of that quality.  Now, we do not go around saying, “Well, just in case.”  We go around saying, “Oh, I believe.”  “Oh, praise the Lord.  Yes, I believe.  Sons of God.”  “Oh, yes, I believe in this.  I believe in that.  I believe we are going to be 144,000.  You want to know what it means?  Twelve times twelve and zero, zero, zero.  Zera, zera, zera (Strong’s Concordance # 2233, Hebrew word for “seed”).”  All those little things, we bring out the platitudes, the adjectives and all of the things that pertain to it.  But down in the depths of our soul, down in the depths of our heart, there’s a little, “I wonder if it is really true.  What if it’s just my imagination?”  I am not talking to you out of things that I do not know.  I am talking to you about things that people are talking to me about.  And I am saying, “Why are you talking to me about this?  You have been this long in the Lord and you have seen God move in all of these different realms, and you are talking to me like there is no God!”  Well, that is okay.  At least they are talking to me and they are questioning the existence of God.  At least I can take them to the scriptures and say, “Thou fool.”  Because it says in the Bible that the fool has said in his heart, there is no God (Psalm 14:1, 53:1).  I have something I can grab a hold of, I have something that I can give them, I have a Word that I can speak to them that pertains to all of this foolishness that is coming out of their mouths.  They say, “Well, where did God start?”  I say, “I don’t know.  I don’t care.  God is God!  He told Moses to tell Pharoah that I AM that I AM.”  They say, “Well, where does He end?”  I reply, “I don’t know.  It says He never ends (Psalm 102:27).  He has no beginning, He has no end.”  They ask, “Well, how can that be?”  I say, “I don’t know.  I don’t care.  Hallelujah.  Because the Bible says there is a Yehovah.  The Bible says there is a Yehovah; on the basis of what the Bible says, I believe it.  It proves to me His existence.  This God has moved in situations and circumstances, again and again and again and again and again!”  I had a man say to me just recently, “Well, where is the proof?”  I said, “Get up and look in the mirror.”  He said he needed proof.  I said, “Get up.  Walk over there and just smile real big in the mirror.”  I said, “That white, toothy grin is God’s miracle.”  I said, “You would be dead.  DEAD, dead, dead, dead, if it was not for God.  If not dead, worse.”  Sometimes some people lament their situations and all the things that are going on; they will cry and moan and complain, rolling around in their dirt.  You know, I am the wrong person to come to if you want to wallow in your dirt; I am not one who commiserates.  Really, I am the wrong person.  It is not that I’m hard or brittle or judgmental, it’s just that some of the stuff that’s going on is foolishness.  They ask, “Why is God doing this?”  I say, “He is saving your life!  He is saving your life!  Saving your life!  You would be dead!”  Dead or maybe in worse condition than what you see now.  Maybe you would be a walking dead man.  You could just as well be walking in sin, walking in degradation, walking in death.  God is intervening.  God is working, working, working to bring forth salvation.  “Go look in the mirror!”  Go look in the mirror.  Hallelujah.

You know, there is this old hymn that says that we should count our blessings.  “Count your blessings, name them one by one.”  I have so many blessings and I do not even have to really focus on myself.  I can focus on my children.  I can focus on my brother.  I can focus on my sister.  I can look at the people of God.  God comes into a situation and circumstance and proves Himself so mighty again and again and again and again and again.  Now, what was all that effort being expended for?  Is it just so that we could find another hole to fall in?  Another pit that you could wallow around in?  Why?  Because God wanted to demonstrate, God wanted to bring us to a position, a place of being able to recognize eternity!

God wants us to understand the reality that eternity is bringing to us!  Now, some people have gone into eternity feet first.  Hello?  Some people have gone into eternity feet first, but the Word of God to you and I in the matter of Sonship says that we don’t go in feet first, we go in head first.  We have the privilege of death being swallowed up into life.  If we can appropriate it, if we can begin to visualize it, if we can begin to have some sort of aspiration concerning the reality of eternity, then all of this other drivel all around us is just like mosquitoes buzzing in our ears.  It is an irritation.  It is a frustration.  It is not something to be devoted to.  How much time do you spend chasing a mosquito around your house?  How many times?  One little mosquito.  Do you spend the rest of the day chasing him?  Do you set elaborate traps?   “I am going to get that pesky mosquito!”  You know, you see these cartoons where the character will completely destroy his house, and out of the rubble comes this little fly.  Buzz, buzz.  The man is sitting down there in the rubble, and the smoke is going up and his hair is all disheveled, if he has got any, and the fly has had the victory!  I am telling you what I am seeing in the Spirit.  I am not talking to you about what I am seeing on TV.  I am telling you what I am seeing in the Spirit.  We spend a lot of time building elaborate traps to try to eliminate some sort of problem, when all of the time we should begin to focus and concentrate on the reality of Who He is, hallelujah. 

God wants to encourage us, He wants to lift us up out of the mundane, out of the place of the natural, secular realm and begin to focus our minds, our attention upon Him.  You know, I want to talk with God.  Do you know that?  I want to talk with God.  I want to know how it was that Abraham was so privileged that God would take the time to have supper with him.  How would you like to have God come for dinner?  “Guess who’s coming to dinner?”  “Elohiym.”  “What, what, what?  Yehovah?  What do we fix?  What does He like?”  That’s how our mind works.  Hello?  “What are we going to talk about?”  Your day, perhaps?  He’s all seeing.  He was there.  He knows all about your day!  What are you going to talk to Him about?  What you’re involved in?  “Oh, I got this pesky little fly flying around in my house, Lord.  Can You help me destroy him?”  Come on, brethren.  What are we talking about?  We’re talking about the reality of the Kingdom, the position, the place of where the great I AM abides, what goes on in Yehovah’s mind.  May I tell you, it’s not that we do not have the ability to have it because it says, therefore, let this mind, what?  That was in whom?  Christ Jesus.  Be where?  Be in you (Philippians 2:5).  Hallelujah.  You know why we can not spend time in prayer?  It is because we are not dealing with heavenly issues.  Hallelujah.

I have this mute button on my phone.  I also know that other people have this mute button on their phone.  I can be talking to somebody about something really serious.  I really want them to be listening to what I am saying and they put me on mute.  Now, I know they got me on mute because I can’t hear anything on their side of the phone, and when I say, “Are you still there?”  All of a sudden I hear, “Oh, yes, I’m here.”  However, I am aware that they are not really listening to me.  They got me on mute for a reason.  You know what I mean?  They’re rummaging around in their drawer, they’re looking under the bed, they’re getting into the refrigerator, they’re tying their shoes, they’re doing something, and they’re not really listening to me!  They don’t want me to know because they want me to think that what I’m saying is really important to them and that they’re really listening, but they are NOT, they’ve got me on mute!  That is how we treat God.  Hello?  Come on.  Click!  We tie our shoes, God is just talking away, we’re tying our shoes, we’re putting on our coat, we’re putting on our makeup, we’re combing our hair, and we’re talking to the husband…”  “Are you there?”  Oh, click, “Yes, I am.  Praise the Lord, brother.”  Click.  Off it goes again.  Hallelujah.  Of course, you never do that, do you?  Have you ever had a conversation with somebody and his mind is somewhere else?  You want so much for them to pay attention to you and they are just mumbling, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Well, sometime try this little test: you say, “Well, the baby died and the roof fell in.”  And they say, “Oh.  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  Yes, that’s good.  Praise the Lord.  Hallelujah.”  I’ve tried it.  It works!  It works!  Why?  Mutes went on.  Their mind is a hundred miles away on some other problem and they’re not bilingual.

There was a young man that started writing an article; I’m going to have to get on him because he didn’t finish the article, but the article was called, “Dual Compatibility.”  Doesn’t that sound good?   These young people, I tell them, “You keep writing.  You inspire me.”  But, you know, that’s the way we treat God.  We don’t treat God like God should be treated.  He says, “I am a jealous God.”  Do you think that God’s nature has changed?  Do you think His nature has changed?  Do you think the principle of who He is has changed, has varied?  Do you think that for one minute your busy schedule is going to make much room with regard to how He looks at and considers the place that you and I are at?  “Well, I would, God, but, my goodness, I had this appointment over here and I just had to make it.”  “I just didn’t have the time to pray.”  “I didn’t have the time to talk to that person.  They just talk my ear off all the time.  They just tie me up, talk, talk, talk.  I never get anything done!”  Of course, you’re probably not like that.  Now, to make matters worse, we have these cell phones that tell us who is calling.  Not only that, we have these phones and I can program it to ring a certain ring, so now I do not even have to look at it.  It can be lying on my desk and it goes, beep boop beep boop beep boop.  And I say, “I don’t want to talk to him.”  I already know who it is.  “I don’t want to talk to him!”  Therefore, I don’t even have to answer it.  It used to be a problem because you couldn’t lie.  Oh, I suppose you could grab your coat, put it on and be running for the door and yelling over your shoulder, “Tell him I just left!”  I’m telling you, this is what we do with God!  This is what we do with God!  This is how we behave.  Can you imagine?

In the Bible it says that Yehovah winked at our foolishness (Acts 17:30).  Doesn’t it say that somewhere in His Word?  He says that for a time and a season there was an attitude of tolerance, there was an attitude of overlooking, it says that God kind of winked at our foolishness, but, you see, there is a time frame we are moving in where that latitude isn’t available any longer.  There is a position, there is a place of inheritance that God is wanting us to move into and by all right, all reason and all evidence that is available that God has given us and in the time frame He has given it to us in, we should already be there!  We should be, but we’re not!  But that doesn’t mean it’s too late.  If we begin to recognize, if it was too late, I wouldn’t be here.  I would be somewhere else.  I would be talking about something else to somebody else somewhere else.  If it were too late then God would not be dealing with the problem.  There is therefore now no condemnation to them who are in Christ Jesus and who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit (Romans 8:1).  God is not punitive.  God is not vindictive.  God is restorative.  God is resurrection, God is redemptive and what He is telling me is that there is an opportunity of redeeming the time if we really begin to make certain decisions, as we begin to make certain concessions with regard to our position, our place and the purpose for which we were created.  We sing that song so sanctimoniously and so religiously, “I was born to be the dwelling place of God.”  We sing it and sing it and sing it and sing it and we go out and behave as though the dwelling place of God has no relevance with regard to our lives.

God wants sons.  He doesn’t want sons that are doing something other than what He wants them to do.  He wants sons to give over His business to.  Yes, He does.  Yes, He does.  You say, “No, He doesn’t.”  I say, “Yes, He does.”  You say, “No, He doesn’t.”  I say, “YES, He does!  He does!”  Jesus said, “I must go.  I must go.  I must go.”  Why?  Just because he was tired of this?  “I’m tired of all you riff-raff.  I’m tired of this rotten stinking attitude.  I’m tired of the inactivity.  I’m tired of the lack of zeal.  Can you imagine?  We get so fed up, so out of sorts, so pushed out of shape with people so quickly, and yet God has been working for humanity for over 7,000 years to bring forth some remnant of whom He would say, “That’s a son!”  Right now I think He would say, “That’s a son?”

You know, the devil is so dumb.  The devil is such a stupid thing.  Can we stop and think what we do when we follow the devil?  What does that make us?  The devil is dumb, stupid.  (I’ve been told not to use the word stupid, but he’s stupid!)  There’s just no other way to describe the devil.  The devil is stupid.  If we walk and talk and move under the unction of the devil, we’re stupid, too!  Stupid, stupid.  That makes us stupider!  That doesn’t make us just stupid, it makes us stupid, stupid.  Because we’re doing what the devil wants us to do, and we think the devil is stupid, and God thinks the devil is stupid, and if we do what the devil is doing, then we are stupid.  We’re stupid.  We need to be delivered of our stupidity with regard to the plan, the purposes of the devil and become aware of the place that God wants to bring us into.

If you don’t know what heaven is, then you need to begin to press God for the reality of what heaven is.  God says the Kingdom of Heaven is where (Luke 17:21)?  How many of you know of the awareness of the presence of the Kingdom of God in you?  How many of you had the experience, I’m not talking of a moment or an event that happened once upon a time.  I’m talking on a continuum.  Jesus said, “Where I am…”  Where do you think He was?  Do you think He was talking about the shores of Galilee?  Or maybe the city of Jerusalem?  Do you think He was there on the side of Mount Carmel?  He said, “Where I am…”  “Oh, yes, Jesus, I’ll stand on Mount Carmel.  I’ll walk down the roads of Bethlehem.  I’ll walk down those dusty streets of this or that city.”  No, He’s not talking about that.  He’s talking about where He was in relationship to the Father; He was not of this world.  He said, you talk about a faith statement, “They are not of this world (John 17:14,16).”  There was something that happened to those disciples that changed their behavior, radically changed it.  There was only a matter of what?  Maybe ten days from the time they all deserted Him and He was crucified?  I don’t know, there was a matter of time, from the time that He was crucified until the time that He departed on a hill, and He breathed on them and He gave them the commission to go.  Something happened in that time that changed those wishy-washy, worthless individuals that didn’t even have the guts to stand up.  Peter, he did his hit and run.  Hit and run, that’s what Peter did.  Somebody said, and I believe what they said, they said that they couldn’t arrest the disciples because God didn’t want them arrested.  Well, I’d say that God didn’t want them arrested and He sure gave Peter the feet to run with, because that’s what they all did.  They all split, they all ran like scared rabbits.  Have you ever walked upon a covey of quail out in the bush, and out of the brush they come and off they go?  You’re gasping and looking around and wondering where they all went!  Well, that’s the way it was in the garden.  They were there in that garden, they were so wishy-washy, and the man, Peter, even turned around and began to curse God.  He reverted back into his old fisherman mode.  Are they so much different than us?  Is the nature of man any different?  Is the nature or the ability of man to do what they did any different with regard to us?  Why did they do what they did?  Because they had no sense of the reality of what He had been talking to them about for that three-and-a-half years of ministry.  They were still thinking natural, they were still thinking temporal, they still believed somehow, someway He was not going to do what He did, until it came down to the fact that this man was dead.  They had to see it with their own eyes.  This man is dead.  Then, on top of all that, they added insult to injury by closing the blinds and locking the doors, the way we do with the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Latter Day Saints.  We shut the door, bar it, pull down the cover, and we say, “Be quiet.”  “Be quiet.  Did they go yet?”  David’s mighty men.  “Where did I leave that sword?  I just don’t happen to have one with me today.”

Oh, my!  Brethren, these men had something happen to them.  Something happened to change them so radically.  They came into a position or a place of awareness of the reality of eternity.  They came into some sort of understanding that they were not called for a temporal time, for a temporal place, and many of the saints were disappointed because of the fact that they were born in the era in which they were born.  When they became aware of the revelation, they wanted to be where you and I are!  It is going to be that we are going to stand up with men like these men, did you know that?  Can we stand shoulder to shoulder?  Not only the men, some of the women!  The New Testament church was built on some of the backs of some of the women.  They were dedicated!  They took their substance, their goods, and they utilized it for the purpose of bringing forth the Kingdom.  We’re busy doing this and we’re busy doing that.  We’re building our futures out of wood and brick.  We got insurance policies on this and that and we got our closets full, we got our tanks full and the Kingdom of God and the business of God lies around us in shambles and disarray and disorder and we can’t even get together to begin to work in a manner and fashion that God would want us to work to bring forth the revelation of Jesus Christ!  You know, those men, those disciples got hold of something.  They got hold of something.  They got hold of it at the cost of great tribulation.  They got hold of it at the cost of an expenditure of themselves.  They were men of integrity, men of integrity!  I wonder what the thoughts must have been as the goods were being laid at the disciple’s feet; it says they all moved in one accord.  “Well, a man’s got to take care of his family.  Got to put a roof over their head.  I have got to put food in their bellies.  I have got to make sure they got cars to drive, gas to put in their cars.”  All of that’s pertinent if in fact we are doing it as we are building the Kingdom!!  You’re looking for something of an eternal reward, not working for the substance of reality in the secular realm, the bringing forth of those products and those things that are pertinent to making this life more comfortable.

May I say to you that some of us are spending our inheritance.  That could well be a problem for some of us because I don’t know how much we have left in the bank.  I don’t really know how much we had there in the beginning.  Paul demonstrates the theological correctness about the bringing forth and storing up things on an eternal level.  Paul said, “I have laid up for me…” what?  He was speaking about treasures in heaven.  I have what?  A crown (II Timothy 4:8)!  What was he saying?  Was it a gold crown with rubies and gold and emeralds and diamonds and pearls and all of those elaborate things on there, an intricate design that gave him some sort of position of preeminence and predominance?  “Oh, look at Paul’s eternal crown and at what cost!”  It doesn’t have anything to do with this natural realm.  He’s talking about a position of authority.  Jesus said to His twelve disciples, “You, too, shall sit on twelve thrones.”  Ruling what?  The twelve tribes (Matthew 19:28, Luke 22:30), a position, a place of authority that is eternal, it’s not something that is temporal.  When the curtain comes down, you still got it!  You don’t walk off with just a certificate saying, “Well, you did well.  That’s it.  Here you go.  Go ahead.  Here’s your rocking chair, here’s your blanket.” 

Jesus said it a different way.  He said, “Lay up for yourself treasures in heaven (Matthew 6:20).”  Hello?  Where’s heaven?  Heaven is within me, heaven is within you.  When I come together with your heaven we get a little more expanse of what heaven is and there is something of a working with you and you working with me that brings forth something that is vital, something that is absolutely important.  Do we really believe what the scripture says?  It says when a man has found a field that has a treasure that is hid within it, he sells all that he has (Matthew 13:44)!  How much of “all” have you done?  How much “all” have you given?  What little piece, what little portion?  Are you still the ten percent Christian?  Well, fine.  Well, dandy.  That’s great!  Be your ten percent, but don’t expect one hundred percent return.  In the parable of the talents, two got two, five got five and the two didn’t get two just because God gave him two to begin with, and I believe that in God there is a capacity to bring forth one hundred percent!  Two of two is one hundred percent.  One of one is one hundred percent!  In addition, the reward that the one would have would be just as great in his eyes as the reward of five and there wouldn’t be some lust or envy in the heart of the one for the two or the two for the five.  Do you understand?  We’re talking about God’s economy.  It says when one is blessed we all should rejoice (Romans 12:15).  When one suffers, we should all suffer.  We don’t.  When one suffers we say, “Oh, my.  Poor him, poor them, poor her, poor this, poor that.”  “Let’s pray for so and so, they’re really sick.”  Or when somebody gets blessed, we’re not, “Oh, praise the Lord.  They got a million dollars!  Hallelujah!  Aren’t you glad they got a million dollars?  Oh, praise the Lord!  Everybody out there, they got a million dollars!  Happy!  Happy!  Happy!  Happy!  Happy!”  “They got a million dollars?  What about me?  What about me?  Where’s my portion?”  “Oh, brother, I’m next to you.  I’m with you!  I’m in this with you right to the end!”  No, we don’t respond that way.  We don’t respond that way.  If all of a sudden, new Cadillacs and new refrigerators start breaking out in the home, or TVs start happening, new rugs go in and new clothes come on, we sit there and say, “They are sure not giving their portion to God.”  It’s not God’s portion we’re really worried about.  It’s the fact that they’re getting and we’re not.  Hallelujah.  But you know something, it doesn’t bother me, because I know the economy of God, do you hear me?  I know how the economy of God works.  If God gives you a million dollars and you go around spending that million dollars on yourself, praise the Lord!  Enjoy it!  That’s all you’re going to get.  When it’s gone, it’s done!  Pink slip!  You’ve done it, you’re finished, and you’re toast!  You’ve spent your inheritance!  Do you know that the son never got his inheritance back?  Do you see anywhere in the Bible where he was given back his position, his place of preeminence and predominance in the household?  Oh, no, it was just the opposite.  The father said to the other son that was faithful, “Don’t you know, son?  Everything that I have is yours.”  Do you know what?  A servant he wanted to be, a servant he became.  He spent it.  He spent it.  He was in the father’s house, happy to be there, but it should have, would have, could have been different, and wasn’t because he didn’t do what was required of him to do to be a son.  He didn’t do what he needed to do because he was the only focus, he was the primary point of his own concentration.  It was what he wanted and what he wanted to be done with regard to his own environment; of course, none of you are really bothered by your environment, are you?

I’m trying to think of a particular situation.  Oh, I remember what it was.  All things work together for good (Romans 8:28).  There was a friend of ours that decided that they wanted to help us in making the arrangements to fly to Europe.  I said, “Well, go right ahead, praise the Lord.  You just go ahead.”  They were going on the Internet looking for tickets and things like that and they traveled a lot, so they were privy to some special deals and what-not that would come across their desk.  “Well, maybe I could find you a ticket.”  I said, “Go ahead.  Do that.  Do that.”  They did.  They found us a good deal and everything.  They sent me the itinerary and I looked at it, but I didn’t really look at it.  “Oh, yeah, this is great.”  Passed it off to Nancy, “It is your responsibility, Nancy.  Look at it.”  I think that we call it delegating authority, delegating responsibility.  She wanted to come back on the 22nd with Barak and Josiah.  We didn’t notice that the ticket said the 28th.  But it was written right out there in plain view, on the side, 28th.  I just didn’t pay attention, I was busy.  Busy.  Busy.  It wasn’t until about a week later I was thinking, “Well, there’s no notification, there’s no tickets, something is up, something’s wrong.”  Because, I know how the devil works, you understand.  Whenever we get to planning and doing one of these trips, the devil is always trying to work, he is always trying to throw a monkey wrench in it, and trying to mess up the whole shebang.  Stupid devil!  No, it is really stupid me!  I’m not taking care of business.  God is talking to me, God’s speaking to me, God’s prompting me, He’s pricking me, finally He just gets out and He kicks me!  Of course, you’ve probably never been kicked by God have you?  Well, I’ve been kicked by God a lot of times, not to mention the old two-by-four.  “Yes God.  Where are you?  I see stars; God must be around here somewhere.”  So we called, and sure enough they had a problem.  I am not really sure what it was all about.  I had given them my credit card and they said they could not verify the address on my credit card.  I am, of course, thinking, “Stupid people!”  Good Christian reaction.  Very redemptive, don’t you think?  Very considerate of them and of course, I am certainly thinking about their position of humanity.  It is, of course, that I’ve always got the fact that hell is right in front of them, about to swallow them up.  I said, “What is wrong with my credit card?”  I thought maybe they were thinking I had bad credit or something.  “What is wrong with you people?”  Good Christian response.  Now, I didn’t respond to them like this, but it was working up.  It was working up in me.  Of course, you never do this.  No.  No.  NO.  No.  You’re Mr. and Mrs. Goody-Two-Shoes.  You are the epitome of patience and virtue and nothing comes out of your lips except for the sweetness of God.  Unfortunately, you have to pray for me because it starts working up in here and all of a sudden somebody says to me, “All things work together for good.”  “Okay, okay, okay.  Sure, all things work together for good.  How can this work?”  Well, I’ll tell you what happened to make a long story short.  In the conversation, we found out that God did something to make it hold up, you understand, because the tickets were wrong and God really wanted them to come back sooner than I was.  Of course, I gave both Barak and Nancy a hard time.  “Oh, yeah!  Leaving the ship in the middle of the sea!  Who’s going to take care of me?!”  Of course, you never think that way!  You never ever, ever think that way.  No sir.  You take your coat off and lay it down in the puddle for somebody to walk over it.  You never think this way.  Nevertheless, you see, they really needed to come back in God’s economy.  You know what I mean?  My wife said, “What do I do?  What do I do?”  I said, “You have the Holy Ghost.  You figure it out.”  Mr. Compassion, Mr. Sensitivity plus.  You know what sensitivity is, right?  Yes.  God had a purpose, God had a plan.  Well, because they couldn’t issue the ticket, we were able to change it.  This was a week down the road.  I had already gotten my ticket.  “I’m going!  Where are you going?”  Hallelujah.  I had to do some repenting over that.

You know, I spend a lot of time repenting.  As if repenting isn’t bad enough, I have to get up and tell you all about it.  Seems a little like double jeopardy to me.  But you know, I think God just really wants me humble.  Praise the Lord.  So, here we are, we need to begin to think about God and how God thinks.  Not in the realm of how we respond because of our humanity, but because of how God thinks, what God is and what God wants, because God wants sons.  God wants sons!  He wants sons that think like sons.  Not human sons, God’s sons, who have the care, the consideration for God.  What will God think?  What does God want?  How would God do it?  One of the greatest testimonies and one of the greatest blessings I think I could ever have is if one of my sons would say in a situation somewhere, sometime, one time, just say one little thing, “I wonder how Dad would do this.”  Then he thinks about it and becomes cognizant of how I would do it and then he begins to do it in the same way, in the same manner, because of his confidence in knowing me and the place that I am in and the thing that I do and what I do I do with all of my heart.  I don’t do it for the sake of this one or that one, I do it for the sake of God.  He’s watching me!  He’s measuring me!  I can be washing dishes, I can be building houses, I can be sweeping floors, I can be talking to the children, doesn’t make any difference what I am doing, but I have to do it, not as though it were in this realm with all of the personality conflicts and all of the personality trouble and all of the circumstantial troubles and tribulation.  That has nothing to do with the reality of what I have been called for, the destiny that is upon my life, the stamp, the seal, the image that God put upon me.  He has said He has written my name with an indelible finger that cannot be erased except by the hand of God.  It is what He has ascribed, it is what He has spoken, do you understand?  God didn’t just breathe into Adam.  He didn’t just breathe into him.  He breathed into him more than just life.  He breathed into him intent, He breathed into him desire, He breathed into him an emotional position of response with regard to Him, the Father.  It says He came down and He would walk and He would talk with Adam and they were talking about God things.  I don’t know what they were talking about; I want to know.  I want to have that relationship.  I’m sitting and I’m listening to some of these tapes and Brother duCille is talking about the Kingdom and overcoming this and rising up in the Spirit and the fact of the nature and the reality of that heavenly realm and something in my soul says, “I want it.  I want it!  I want it!  I want it!  I want it!”  I’m not satisfied with the palatable taste of humanity and temporal position of life and liberty and justice for all!  You know Brother Jonathan Edwards.  Brother Ravenhill said these men of God, these guys that he grew up with and under, he said they had eternity stamped on the back of their eyeballs.  Therefore, everything they looked at, every individual, every circumstance, every set of happenings and surroundings was not viewed on the temporal time element but it was viewed from the point of eternity, the plan, the purpose and the will of God for humanity, hallelujah.  That is what I want.  That’s what Paul was writing about in that third chapter of Philippians, and he was talking to a church that was destined, that had the message of Sonship.  My little children, of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you (Galatians 4:19).  We’re more interested in retirement and annuities and houses and clothes and cars and corporate living on a natural, secular realm than we are with eternity!  Hallelujah.

There is so much to do, so little time to do it, and so little effort to do it with.  Hallelujah.  It doesn’t make any difference how long or how short the candle burns.  Do you hear me?  There was a man named David Brainerd, you ever read the book?  Twenty-eight years old, burned out, expended, died, under the burden and the hand of the Lord.  It wasn’t foolish man doing foolish things, throwing his health to the wind.  He was throwing his whole being into the burden that was upon his heart.  He expended himself eternally.  He burned bright, he burned hot, he burned vivid!  When he parted the gates of time and he walked out of the temporal into that realm of eternity, into that realm of the heavenly, I believe there was something of a shout that went up, “Good job!”  He had tuberculosis.  He should have been in some sanitarium somewhere resting on a bed, taking medication, getting well so he could go out and do the will of God.  But there was something in his heart, there was something pressing on him, there was something of a burden that was pushing him, pushing him.  There were souls out there dying and going to hell and if he could do no more than crawl out into the snow bank and begin to pray from 3:00 until 7:00 in the morning, that’s what he did!  How many walls of hell do you think he broke down?  How many barriers do you think were shattered and broken?  How many chains were set loose?  How many souls went into the Kingdom of Heaven because a man chose to die for God than to live for himself?! 

We’re so busy, so busy trying to figure out who we are.  Trying to figure out what it is that’s going to make our road a little easier, a little less rocky, a little less troubled.  Give me tribulation, give me trouble, and give me the hard way, because I want the high way!  You know, the Lord told me one time, He showed me a vision, or it was a dream, I don’t remember.  There was somebody out to kill me and I was on the side of this rocky mountain.  I don’t know if you’ve ever gone up above the tree line out there in California.  They have the Sierra Madras.  You go up there beyond the tree line and it’s just granite rock.  It is all just rugged, rough, granite rock.  There’s no comfortable way to negotiate yourself in that position, in that place, without getting scuffed up and dirty and messed up.  I was all dressed up in my nice clothes and I had my good pants on and my good shoes and there I was in the middle of this rocky, barren hill and somebody was trying to kill me.  I was crying out to God, “God, deliver me.”  And the only word that God brought to me was, “You need to get up higher.”  And so, I was looking around my situation, and it seemed there was no way except to just plunge in and begin to do whatever I had to do to get myself up higher.  Hallelujah.  I knew that I was going to ruin my clothes.  Hello?  They were going to get scuffed, they were going to get dirty, and they were going to get torn.  Hallelujah.  There was something that somebody said to me about that and my answer was, “It doesn’t matter.  It is of little importance.  They are replaceable.”  There is a need for me to get higher, and there is an expense that I have to expend, be willing to be paid out, come on!  We come to a position, we come to a place where it is now time for us to behave as sons and begin to take the financial burden and the burden of responsibility upon our shoulders.  I’m not just talking about money, don’t get me on that one.  I’m not just talking about money; I’m talking about the reality of getting under the burden.

Dad had a business and he had to be the bearer of the burden.  You understand what I’m saying?  You know, when I was a young man growing up, we went through that really hard time, interest was up to 22% – 23%, I’m talking about your bank loans and all of those things that people use to do business.  It was back in 1981-82 and my dad did it, I really don’t know; but it just had to be God that was in the midst of all of his shenanigans.  Somehow, someway, he shouldered the burden, he got under it, and he walked it out, he walked it out, he walked it out.  He would do this, he would do that, and somehow he made it!  I don’t know how, by any rights and every means, because of the expense of the layout and the financial responsibility upon him and because of the economy was in a swoon, it was in a dive, it was all going out and nothing coming in.  But he didn’t mumble, he didn’t grumble, he didn’t complain; he just put his shoulder to the wheel, he just put his back under the load and he walked it out, day by day, note by note, responsibility by responsibility and you know what?  He made it through.  I would to God that the church had something of that tenacity in the spiritual realm and we as individuals could pull together with Yeshua.  Hallelujah.

We need to come to grips with the position of responsibility that God wants to put upon us.  Get under the burden.  Get under the load, and it’s not that you might have shares in order for you to have a say so.  “Oh, I’m willing to give.  I’m willing to cooperate, I’m willing to get involved but I need room, space to speak my opinion.”  God is not interested in my opinion.  God is not interested in your opinion.  God is interested in response.  God is interested in results.  God is interested in sons!  There’s a place, there’s a place, there’s a place, there’s a place.  You know, my father would take us out to dinner and everything and pay the bill.  Big dinner, lavish dinner, and never once did I say, “Wait a minute, Dad, this one’s on me.”  Never was grown up enough in the space and time that I had Dad in order to do that, and that’s how we treat God.  We’re willing to let somebody else bear the burden, bear the responsibility and when something doesn’t go right, we’re the first ones to complain about it.  We haven’t lifted one little finger, we haven’t done one little iota, maybe we had given our ten percent of time, ten percent of energy and ten percent of finances.  God wants everything!

I don’t know about you, but this is an all or nothing message.  We’re not Baptists.  We’re not Pentecostal.  We’re end-time people!  We are end-time people.  We are end-time sons of God people.  We want to be in the Holy of Holies.  We want to be there before the Ark of the Covenant.  We want the responsibility of being next to God.  If you want to be next to God, you’ve got to shoulder a little of the responsibilities that are on His shoulders.  May I say something?  God is more than willing to give you everything that you can possibly tote and a little more.  Hallelujah.  It reminds me of that man in India.  We had that little short guy and we had, what, seven suitcases?  And a big trunk.  We had Brother George’s dinosaur trunk.  And he kept saying, “One more.  One more.”  And I think he had all of them except for maybe one or two bags.  He had two up under his arms.  And the trunk on his head, and we had to go up two flights of stairs, and there were what?  Thirty or forty steps up?  At least that.  And he kept saying, “One more.  One more.  One more.”  And then he began to waddle off with the suitcases, and that trunk on the top of his head.  We should have had a picture of that.  That’s a good picture of what the Body of Christ should be like with regard to the fact of the burden that is out there.  Have you ever read the scripture that says the harvest is ripe but the laborers are few (Matthew 9:37-38, Luke 10:2)?  What do you think is happening with the few that are there?  What do you think?  Believe me, I can relate to that verse.  We can have a crop out in the field and it’s rotting because we can’t get to it to pick it.  So, you’re out there from daybreak to dark working, working, working, working, trying to salvage, trying to save, trying to do whatever you have to do to turn over the result of your labor for the whole year.  Hallelujah.

Paul was such a man, he says, Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss (Philippians 3:8).  He’s talking about a natural arena.  He goes through the whole attributes of who he was, what he was, where he was and the place that he was in and the privilege he had because of the fact that he was there and he says it was worth nothing.  Nothing.  It was less than nothing.  Because it says it was the same as dung to him.  I would like to say to you, that was a mouthful for a Jew to say because you’re talking about something that is totally despicable and unclean.  You remember the story of one of the prophets, Jeremiah, I believe that it was, the Lord told him to go out and get dung for coals to build a fire on and to eat his food, and he said, “Oh, God, please.”  He was supposed to go out and get the human dung and burn it on the fire, use it for kindling, and he said, “Please, God, nothing unclean has ever touched my lips.”  Well, God relented, He said, “All right, you can use cow dung.”  Think about that.  Think about that.  Think about that, if God were to say that to you, through the lips of another individual.  What would your response be?  “Oh, praise the Lord, brother.  Hallelujah, sister!  That’s the Word of God!  Here I go!  Look out world, here I come!  Hell, move out of the way!”  I’m afraid it’s not that way at all. 

I think it’s time to change.  I think it’s time to examine ourselves.  I think it’s time, not just time to reflect.  “Oh, I really got to go pray about that.”  I think, pray about it, but I think the time of really, really praying about it is drawing to a close and there is something of a response that God is looking for with regard to you and I in our position and our place and the fact that we desire to be a son. 

Philippians 3:8, Yea, doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my LordOh, my God.  Come on.  I’ll put it to you a different way.  He said it a different way, and I like that.  He said, Ephesians 3:1, For this cause I Paul, the prisoner of Jesus Christ for you Gentiles.  Not talking about prisons that got the TVs, the library, the gym to work out in, three square meals a day, fresh, clean clothes, a place to sleep.  He’s not talking about that at all.  Jesus said, I just heard it on the tape today as I was driving, “The Son of Man hath no place to lay His head (Matthew 8:20, Luke 9:58).”  My wife always prays, she says, “God, thank You so much for this bed.  Thank You so much for these covers and most of all for my husband’s sake, thank You for the heater.”  I can appreciate that because every morning I am huddled over the heater.  Hallelujah.  You know, I was created for sunshine.  Whenever I am in the sunshine, I just come alive.  I’m like a cat, I’ll get a chair and I’ll put it in front of the window where the sun is coming through and I just sit there, soak it up, soak it up, soak it up, soak it up because I know clouds and snow and all of that good stuff is coming!  I’ve got to get it down into my bones, soak it up, soak it up, soak it up, soak it up, soak it up.  Now I’m ready, give me some more cold.  Hallelujah.

There is a desire in the heart of God that we would begin to respond to His position, to His place, as sons.  Verse 8, …for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ.  What are you hoping to possess?  An insurance policy at the end of the day, a retirement program?  A little cottage out by the lake where you can go and rock back and forth on your porch, and listen to the birds sing and the bombs go off in Chicago?  As everything around you turns dark and dreary and you begin to take that nice breath of radiation?  What happened to your little paradise?  You could have done something about it at a point in time someplace, somewhere because you had the accoutrements by which to do it.  Not only do you have the articles that you need to do it with, but you have the desire of God that you do it.  He desires for you to do it more than what we desire to do it for Him.  What are we going to do?  What are we going to do with this Word?  What are we going to do with the responsibility with regard to the position, the place that God has called us to?  What are we going to do with it?  How are we going to respond?  I think there is something very, very worthy in that question and I think there is something of a response that God is asking of you and I with regard to it.  Hallelujah.  God bless you.  Thank you very much.


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