The Creative Power of the Word

August 18, 2002
Champaign, IL

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I am very much aware of the moving of God with regard to us as a people.  Now, I say us as a people, I’m not just saying us here in this room, but all of those people that have heard the message or desire something more than the message of “once saved always saved,” or just “getting saved,” or “getting saved and filled with the Holy Ghost” and having a feeling of indifference for anything else other than the fact of just making it into heaven.  I think that there is something that the Lord is very definitely giving into our hand, an authority and a power.  I was thinking about it this morning.  We heard much this last several weeks about the creative power of the Word.  I have been thinking a lot upon that position, and I would want to encourage you this morning.  I understand that this is the time of the fuller’s soap, this is the time of the refiner’s fire and if you will read that chapter, you will understand that God is coming.  It’s talking about the coming of God in a time and in an era into a people that have a particular destiny that have received a particular Word.  Hallelujah.  If you want to have some inkling or some position of natural understanding with regard to the Word of God, I suggest that you go into Genesis, chapter 1, and you spend some time meditating on the first 20 verses.  God said, “Let there be this.”  In fact, let us turn over there for just a minute.  Hallelujah. 

I was going to count the number of time that it says, “God said,” but I didn’t get around to it.  I spent too much time this morning on other things in the Word.  If you will look in your Bible, you will see that there is a pronouncement.  It said that God said, Let there be light, and there was a finalization or a completeness of the thing that He spoke for it said, And there WAS light.  Then it says, God said, let there be firmament in the midst of the waters, and so on and so on as you go down through each and every one of those verses you find that God is speaking something into reality and there is a demonstration by a manifestation on the physical evidence.  Hallelujah.  It begins to impress upon us the power that is in the position of verbally or vocally thinking and expressing your thoughts out loud.  There’s something that takes place, because there is something in man that God has deposited in man that gives him the same ability that God has.  Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about that, but that’s true because it says that we are made in the image of God and there is a likeness that God has put at our disposal. 

Maybe you’ve never wondered about the principles of God that seem to work even though people are unrighteous.  I don’t know if you’ve ever wondered about it.  I have wondered much about it.  It is not that God has made a mistake or something has gone contrary in the workings of God.  It’s that there are principles in God that are something more than just legislation of rule.  There is something in God that we call principles.  I think principle is a very low word to describe the entity of the thing that IS God that God takes out of Himself and deposits in man and gives man the ability to move in that principle whether he’s righteous or unrighteous.  You can use God to get rich.  You can use faith to accumulate for yourself a position of exaltation.  Did you know that?  You utilize faith whether you’re in church or out of church.  Everything that you do that is dependent upon another person is an act of faith by which you are moving.  If you have an appointment with someone and they say that they will meet you at a particular time and a particular place, you have no awareness, no ability to discern, absolutely no cognizance whether or not that person is going to be where they said they were going to be.  There is an aspect of faith that you begin to move in when you get up and go to your car.  You stick the key in the ignition.  You back out of your driveway.  You begin to drive down the street and you are heading for the appointment at the designated spot.  That is faith in operation.  Now, we do it so much and do it so easily that we don’t look at it as an aspect or a principle of faith.  Sometimes, your position of faith moves upon the individual to be there, and you don’t even know it.  You don’t know the circumstances or the situations that are working against that other individual to hinder them from coming and keeping your appointment.  Yet, in faith you begin to move as though it were a fact.  God, working under the scene, behind the set, going on and we’re not even aware of the reality of what God is doing for us.  Hallelujah.  Hallelujah.  Praise the Lord.  There is something very powerful about this Word of God.  While I was overseas at one particular place, there was this person that came to me and they were talking to me about their situation and they were giving me different illustrations of how their particular problem would manifest or how they were confronted.  Now, I don’t know if they were happy with what I told them, probably not, because it was relatively simple.  It wasn’t profound in the essence of being an elaboration of scripture with an abundance of scripture.  I said, simply, that, “Your problem is that you do not know the Word of God, because everything you’re telling me, there is a solution for in the Word of God.  It’s not a matter of you pronouncing and quoting scripture.”  Not that I am against memorization of scripture, but we have an idea that scripture memorization is as a magic wand and a supernatural chant, by which, when it is pronounced, changes the circumstance to make it better than what it is!  I’ve got news for you!  You can quote scripture to the devil and he can quote scripture right back to you.  In fact, it says that the devil comes as an angel of light.  What does that mean?  It means that he comes, knowing what’s in the Word, and uses the Word as a means by which to either defeat you, bring you into a position or a place of rebellion, or bring you into a set of circumstances by which you might begin to reject God. 

We do not know how much of God we are rejecting in our natural day of living, with our natural set of circumstances and the people we are dealing with.  We have no idea!  There is a process of creation that is going on that God said in the very beginning when He created man in the garden and He said, “I want to move upon this hunk of dirt, I want to project something into it that will do something that will create within them a product that, in the end, is what I have wanted from the beginning.”  To be made in His image is not enough.  To be made in His image is not enough, and anywhere that you stop or are halted in the process SPOILS the destiny or the plan that God has made for you.

What I like about God is that He is the beginning and the end.  That means that He knows everything in between.  Right?  He saw me when I was born, He saw me when I would be born again, He saw all of the trouble and the tribulation and all of the adversity and all of the fire that I would find myself in.  The most marvelous part is, He also saw, in the beginning, my end.  Now, let me tell you something.  God does not wait until you’re finished to create for you the prize that He has for you.  I want you to think about it.  If you can, picture in your mind, God constructing a crown.  You’ve seen these pictures of these crowns.  Well, imagine some of the most beautiful things that you have ever seen and multiply it by 10 times 10, if you can possibly think that way, or think that big, or imagine that wild.  Think about it!  Well, God makes that for you and I and He sets it in its place in the heavenlies. 

The Bible says, in Revelation, that a new name has been written down (Revelation 2:17).  There is a new name, and I think it has something to do with predestination.  Now, this is something that’s coming to me as I’m speaking to you.  I think it has something to do with predestination.  I believe that for every human being there is a name that God has written down on the tables or the rolls of heaven, if you would.  He has inscribed with His finger on the tables of whatever it is in the realm of heaven, a name that YOU have the potential to become.  The condition of the prize at the end of the day is something that is left in the hands of you and I.  Boy, I tell you, if I didn’t fear God for anything else, I would fear God for the fact that He has put within my own hands my destiny.  I am finite.  I am temporal.  My knowledge is temporal.  My vision is temporal.  My understanding is temporal.  Not only is it temporal, but it is hampered by my humanity.  Do you understand what I am saying?  It’s limited!  It’s limited, by what?  My environment!  Hallelujah.  It’s limited by my environment! 

Do you understand what I am saying?  The environment that I am born into, there are certain factors that are prevalent in that environment.  I am born in a particular country that has a particular way of thinking.  We like freedom.  We like liberty.  We like the right of choice.  We can be whatever we want to be.  There is a theology that comes with culture.  You don’t believe it?  Study the different cultures in the land.  India culture has a theology, do you hear me?  I am not talking necessarily about religion, but the shadow of death that is over them.  Germans have a theology that is pertinent to their culture, and every German you meet, or anyone that has German in them, or any Indian in them, they are overshadowed by this culture, and the culture limits their ability to perceive outside of that environment.  Are you following what I am saying?  Am I losing you?  Hallelujah!  So, what does that do for me as an individual?  It limits me in my ability to make right decisions, because the decision I make here in this environment, might not necessarily be the right decision to make if I am taken out of this environment and put into another environment!  Let me give you an example.  Americans eat with their right hand or their left hand, but they eat with their fork.  You understand what I mean?  Europeans do not eat that way.  They eat with their knife and their fork, and it is considered very rude for you to eat in someone’s home with just the fork.  It’s an insult or a slight on the host, for what is right in America with regard to the simple way of how I use my utensils, my eating utensils, is something that is a slight or an offense in another land!  Why?  Because there is a perceived understanding of what is proper etiquette, and that etiquette has been instilled, and they can be offended by how you eat your beans and potatoes.  They can be offended by how you eat your food.  There is a perceived understanding that we have because of our position of inheritance, and God wants us to have a different position or a different perspective. 

Now, you can break this down for yourself with regard to your own set of personal circumstances, whatever they may be.  You have to deal with your family, you have to deal with your culture, you have to deal with your individual personalities.  All of these factors are working to subvert the Word of God that God spoke in the very beginning.  Now, you have to understand something.  I wish I could just take it out of my brain and put it into your brain, in the matter and the fashion in which I am feeling it.  Hallelujah.  There is something in the Word of God that is, for lack of a better term, Godly.  It’s an entity unto itself!  It’s life!  It’s more than words that I have in English to really describe the actuality of the fact of what it means when you and I are born again.  You and I think we’re just slated for heaven.  We’re not going to hell, and we think that that’s enough, but it’s not in line with the desire or the name that God has ascribed.  You know, I’ve seen men that have children, desire that their children walk in their footsteps.  He may be a doctor, may be a lawyer, whatever he may be, and he does everything he possibly can do to bring that son to a position where that son begins to function and operate just in the same manner and on the same level on which he himself is operating.  This is the desire of the father.  However, if the son decides to go another direction, do you hear me, and he decides to do something other than what the father wants him to do, the father says, “OK, Son, if that’s what you want to do,” but in the father’s heart there is disappointment.  In the father’s heart, he knows that this young man or this young woman could have been something entirely different and could have had so much more had he submitted to the will of the father.  We, (as the son in this relationship with the father) are presumptuous in our thinking because we think in some manner that in this position of relationship, we are like the Father and have a right to assert OUR position of individuality, and that THAT takes precedence over everything else!

You see, it wasn’t so much that Jesus had a destiny.  It wasn’t so much that Jesus had a calling.  It was that Jesus Christ had been appointed by the Omega for a position of excellence and if you don’t think Jesus Christ did not have a problem with it, you’re mistaken.  Read the account in the garden of Gethsemane with spiritual understanding and spiritual perception.  “Oh, Father, if it be Thy will, let this cup pass from me, nevertheless…” Now, you know, we’re told little short stanzas and phrases and it does not necessarily, unless you can comprehend by the rhema of God that He speaks to you in the midst of the writing, the contention and the confrontation with His own will!  There was a confrontation with the will of Jesus!  With the Will of the Father!  And He was struggling in that position or in that place to find the level of subjugation and submission.  Thank God that He had vision to perceive and to look beyond the realm of temporal persecution and temporalness of his personal environment.  Do you know that Jesus had the ability to know by some measure or some extent, the magnitude of the thing that He was doing?!   The Jews, even his disciples, were limited.  They thought they were going to have an Israelitish kingdom.  That’s why they were vying for position!  Vying and wrestling with one another, getting upset, getting offended, because one came and said, “I want to be on Your right hand.” (Matthew 20:21)  My real question would have been, why didn’t they all say, “Well, ME TOO!!”?  Me too!  Me too!  My Bible tells me that God is no respecter of persons (Romans 2:11, Ephesians 6:9, 1 Peter 1:17).  That means that in the beginning He loved John no more than He loved Peter or Nathan or Bartholomew, or for that matter, Judas!  What redeeming love!  What ministry of reconciliation was coming out of that man that we call Jesus to a thief!  The foreknowledge that the man was not going to make it did not stop Him from reaching out time and time and time and time again!  He reached out to save the man’s soul!  I believe even the act of the dipping of the sop, and the expression that one amongst them would give Him away, and to him who I give the sop, were acts of redemption, do you hear me?  I don’t know about you, but I think that if something was going on in that type of  scenario and a man said to me, “Him whom I give the sop is he that is going to betray me,” then he dips the sop and he hands it to me, I’m going to start backing away from it!  It wasn’t just an act that was done to designate or to open the gate of hell so that Judas might be devoured!  It said that Christ was in God and God was in Christ, doing what?  Reconciling the world, unto whom?  God!!   He was in Christ, reconciling the world, UNTO HIMSELF!!!  Everything that He did, every act, every position or place of relationship…!

This is a little diversion, I guess.  Probably none of us would really consider ourselves in a position or a place of rebellion, but as I was helping Nancy this morning with the computer and getting some of the information she wanted on a piece of paper, I went into the dictionary for the word ‘rebellion’ and I found the word ‘mutiny.’  Now, ‘mutiny,’ in its first definition, is not so much your rebellion against the government at large, but mutiny is your rebellion against the different authorities that are IN that government.  Sometimes we find ourselves in a mutinous state of mind, because something in us says, “Oh, I’m not rebelling against God, I just don’t like this man.”  “I don’t like this sister.”  “I don’t like what they’re doing.”  “I don’t care for the scenario or the personality and the conflict that I’m having.  There’s something going on here and I don’t like it!”  You and I better be very careful.  The Bible says that you and I are not supposed to judge each other after the flesh.  It says, Henceforth, know ye Christ no more after the flesh (2  Corinthians 5:16). That means you and I have something…now, not because I’m special or you’re special, it’s because of what God has deposited in you and I, do you understand what I’m saying?  It says, “And God said.” 

Well, let’s bring it into context with regard to New Testament church.  Turn with me over into John.  Chapter 1, In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  Now, would you say, in reading that scripture, without getting really theological, would you say that the Word and God are one and the same thing?  Now, the word here that is translated ‘Word,’ is the word ‘logos.’  ‘Logos’ means, in the intellectual realm of understanding, “the will of God.”  That’s what it means.  It says that this will of God that was in the beginning was with God and the will was God.  It was the same will that said, “Let us make man in our own image.”  Now, I want you to turn with me over into Ezekiel 28.  I have been spending a lot of time in Ezekiel and Isaiah.  The Lord seems to keep bringing me back. 

This is the end of the story.  This is the Omega part of God’s Word concerning you and I.  If you want to know the Alpha, you have to go into Isaiah.  In Isaiah, Satan says, five times, that, “I will.”  Are you following what I’m saying?  Don’t lose track of what I’m saying and where I’m going.  It says logos is the Will of God.  The Word and the Will of God are synonymous, wrapped up in the same thing.  You remember what He says?  Not by will but thy Word… what is He saying?  Not the word by which I am bringing, but the Word which You are bringing to me!  Am I confusing you?  Hallelujah.  So, in Ezekiel 28, God begins to say, “I will.”  Remember, now, in Isaiah, devil says I will and he says it not five times, he says it six times.  Am I counting right?  Six times.  Six is the number of man.  But we need to understand that the will of God is pertinent to man and it gives you and I an idea by which to grasp…..  Now, remember, I am talking about the thing that God has created for you in the heavenlies with regard to the Omega, the finish.  You remember Jesus, when He hung on the cross?  What did He say?  When He gave up the ghost, He said, “It is OMEGA.”  “It is OMEGA!  I have reached the conclusion of God’s will!”  Hallelujah!  “I have come to the position, to the point or the pinnacle of the totality of what God has for me!!!”  Come on!  Remember, now, Will and Word are synonymous!  They are the same in God.  Now, remember, “I, in the Omega, will cast thee as profane out of the mountain of God.  I WILL, the Omega, the Finish, at the finish line, when it’s all said and done and the dust begins to settle, I, the Omega, will destroy thee!!!”  I’m talking about something that God has created for you and I and stamped it in the heavenlies!  He says, I WILL, the Omega, the Word, I WILL cast thee to the ground!!  I WILL, the Omega, the Finisher of your faith. 

God puts it into the Word over and over and over and over again in hopes that it begins to penetrate this block on our shoulders that is called brain, which really is like a big hunk of wood, and God says something over and over and over again in the aspect of hoping… He said He submitted you and I in hope.  Isn’t that what Romans 8 says about the sons of God?  That the creation was subjected to what?  Vanity!  What’s that mean?  Beginning.  Beginning!  Beginning what?  Beginning, and where we talk about the will of Satan in Isaiah.

We have this kind of religious, theological concept that we’re good.  We really do!  We don’t think that we’re bad!  Now, I’m not calling you bad people.  Don’t take my words and twist them.  Don’t get carnal on me and bring down what I’m telling you in the Lord.  But we have this concept that we are good people.  Paul said it in a different way and he used himself as an illustration.  Do you think that it was something that was just pertinent to Paul?  He said, “I know that in my flesh dwelleth no good thing! (Romans 7:18)”  Personally, I know about the no good thing!  I know about the evil thoughts!  I know about the helplessness, or the lack of faith, throwing up my hands in desperation.  I know about the thoughts of depression!  I know about the thoughts of lust that bombard my mind and bombard my body!  Hallelujah!  You know, I got a revelation one day, one of the many revelations that I get out here in the field.  I was harvesting garlic.  We were pulling it out of the ground in the first row.  We had planted the ground, ripped it down and put the little thing in there and covered it all back up and the rains came and all of the pressure and gravity and whatnot beat it down so that the ground was so hard, it seized upon the seed.  Now, what do you think that that did to the garlic?  Now, you know, you want garlic to be nice, big, round cloves.  You don’t want to hear, “Is this the only garlic you’ve got?”  You want those nice, big, round cloves, but you have to have ground that is conducive to cloves.  When the parable of the sower comes to you and I, it’s talking about stages of development which every Christian goes through (Matthew 13, Luke 4, Mark 4).  It’s not just, you are this category or that category or this category, although there is a proof in that type of relationship with God and the Word!  This is God!  (holding up the Bible) How much time do you spend in it?  How much time do you spend meditating on it?  How much time do you spend in investigative search with regard to different things that God might speak to you during the day?  Or, what if you get up with a song in your heart that is scripture?  Do you just go around singing it all day?  Or, do we get into the Word and see what the Word has to say about it?  This is your LIFE!  They used to have a television program like that.  “This Is Your Life.”  I would hate to have this life displayed on a deal where they would drag up or dredge up different aspects of confrontation that I have had to contend with with regard to my flesh!  Hallelujah!  Hallelujah. 

I was telling you about the garlic.  The ground got so hard that the clove turned around upside down and began to put its roots out toward the surface.  It’s the only way it could survive because the ground, the earth, was SO HARD.  The ground, the earth, was SO HARD!  You know, that’s scripture.  You know that.  Of course, you knew that’s where I was going.  That’s scripture.  If you will turn with me over into Jeremiah, I want to read to you.  Chapter 31, verse 31, says, Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah: 32 Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt.  Now, you are spiritual people.  You are spiritual people.  Begin to apply this natural set of circumstances with a natural word that concerned a natural people to you on a spiritual plane!  Because, remember, we’re not talking just about getting saved.  We’re not talking about just going to heaven.  We’re talking about Alpha and Omega!  We’re looking at it from a higher perspective!  Egypt is a place of bondage, is a place of sin!  He says, I will call my son out of Egypt! 

When God breathed, it wasn’t that God just went whoosh.  It means that a Word, or I should say, THE WORD, took a piece of the Word, and He took it out of himself, and deposited it in you and I!  That’s what John 1 says.  Hallelujah!  Turn with me back over into John 1.  It says, and the Light in him was life.  OK.  What does that mean?  It means that Word, Will, now becomes synonymous with Life.  We’re talking about one and the same thing!  “Oh, I just want to live for Jesus.  I just want to be Christian.”  It says, in Him was the life and the life was the light of men.  Now, we’ve got logos, we’ve got will, we’ve got life and we’ve got light, all of which is what?  God!  GOD!  IT WAS GOD!!

Now, let me tell you what this light is.  Verse 9, He, Jesus, was the true light which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.  Is there a mistake here?  You know what they do with this verse?  Do you know what they say about this verse?  Does anybody have an idea what they use this verse for?  To substantiate a lie out of the pit of hell.  ULTIMATE RECONCILIATION.  Why?  Because they do not understand the intent or the fact of what God has predestinated for humanity!  It’s not a matter of what you are or where you are.  It’s what God has projected for you,  the potentiality to become and that potentiality He has ascribed on the rolls of heaven, but let me tell you something.  You have the ability to eradicate it!  You have the ability to erase it! 

Go over into 2 Corinthians with me, chapter 4.  You know, my wife and I have been having a little discussion about ministry.  What is my calling?  What is my election?  What is it that God has for me to do?  I think we spend a whole lot of time pondering and wondering, and sometimes depressed because we really don’t think we have any type of ministry, when all the time God said it very simply and very aptly in the Word.  How many of you are like me sometimes and are defeated by our personal perspectives?  How many of you, like I, have oftentimes been put into a vise or in a trap and had to suffer the consequences of the trap because of our perspective?  Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed….(Matthew 6:9).  My, my, my.  That’s a whole sermon all on its’ own.  Hallowed.  Boy, we do not understand the hallowedness of God.  If we had any comprehension we would be as John, as Daniel, when that entity of Life and Light manifested.  It says he fell down as one dead and questioned him as to whether or not he was worthy enough to be spoken to!!  But that’s not my sermon today. 

He said, Thy will be done.  Thy kingdom come.  THY KINGDOM COME!  All of a sudden all of us have a ministry.  All of a sudden all of us have a job.  There is an intent and a desire that God has made known unto you and I.  IT’S NOT TO BUILD YOUR OWN KINGDOM!!   Whether it be secular or religious.  We can get very religious about all this.  Oh yes, we can.  Paul says, “I am not going to let death nor life …”(Romans 8:38) and he’s not talking about natural, secular life.  He’s talking about the spiritual revelation of life that is coming to him, that is energizing his body, that gives him an ability to see beyond his natural set of circumstances!!  Oh, hallelujah!  He says, “I am not going to allow that type of an experience to rob me of my position or my inheritance and separate me from the love of God.”  There was something of a reality that Paul had. 

Do you know that we need fire?  We should be an asbestos people.  We need fire, do you know that?  We need fire.  Let me tell you about a family that I met.  I’ve met them over the years, so I know a little bit of their history.  It’s a woman and several children that live in a hellish set of circumstances.  The husband is not saved.  Not only is he not saved, but he’s a wicked man.  He’s a wicked man, and there’s several children that are in the family, do you hear me?  Now, with the theological principle of overshadowing, those children by all rights should be destroyed because of his position of preeminence and the wickedness that is in him, he exerts and pushes onto his children, and he molds them and fashions them, and they’re living in a wicked society!  Do you hear me?  But you know something?  The mother loves the Lord.  She has fellowship with a strong Body of believers who stand with her in prayer.  She has allowed the flame of God to begin to purge her soul and she has petitioned God for her children.  I have seen God deliver her children, ONE BY ONE!!!    Hallelujah!  Creating within them…oh, it’s marvelous…she has a desire for the Word of God!  She has a desire for the relationship of God and the relationship in the Word of God as she feeds upon it and it begins to create something within her being!  Hallelujah!  She in turn turns again to her children and begins to feed them that Word!  It begins to develop within them an appetite for things that are righteous, and a disdain and a distaste and a dislike for those things that are wicked!!  I’ve seen God deliver her children ONE BY ONE!!!  The father’s still the same, but the fire, the FIRE, the FIRE, bringing out the gold, working the dross to the top, that the hand of God can skim it off and discard it!  The daughter prophesies and has words and sees visions and has dreams, and is not afraid to move in the midst of the congregation!  Glory to God!!!  Glory to God!!!  Glory to God!!!  Would to God that our children would have that desire that comes in the midst of tribulation and turbulence!  Hallelujah!!  Being imparted by the living Word of God.  Oh my.  We go to such lengths to make sure that our children have it a whole lot better than what we had it, to accomplish some of the things that we didn’t get done, and fulfill some of the dreams and aspirations…!  Hallelujah!  Would that we could be spiritual people!  Would to God we had a revelation, THY KINGDOM COME, THY WILL BE DONE!!   Are we talking about in the sweet by and by?  Is that what we’re waiting for?  What are we waiting for?  What are we waiting for?  What are we waiting for?  What are we waiting for?  These children have lived under the rule of righteousness, do you hear me?  There has been an impartation… when I look back down my family generation and see all of the garbage and all of the things that went on, and I see God begin to weed out sin and degradation and deprivation.  I see God weeding it out, weeding it out, weeding it out, and that my children would marry into Christianity, marry into godliness, marry into families that have God in the midst of them, do you hear me?  And I can go out with the mission field, I don’t know anywhere else in the whole wide world that I can rub shoulders with fathers-in-law that I want with me in the foxhole, do you hear me?  My, my.  We settle for so much less! 

Hallelujah.  We dealt with one young lady, she came to us in tears and wanted us to pray for her.  She said, “I’ve finally made up my mind that I want to go on with God.  I don’t want a husband.  I don’t want babies.  I don’t want security.  I don’t want comfort, I don’t want affection.  I just want GOD!  I just want God!  I WANT GOD!!!”  Boy, its like, “God, I don’t care.  If I can’t have you, then kill me.  Just kill me, because I’d rather live in eternity as I am now with You than here in this life and do something that is contrary to Your will!”

Come on, brethren!  We’re talking about the logos, we’re talking about the will, we’re talking about the life, we’re talking about THE WORD!  Hallelujah!  There’s a scripture in the Bible that talks about the Word working mightily in us!!   My goodness, that’s something more than just reciting scripture!  It is!  I’m telling you this morning, there is an expectation that God has, there is something He has made for you!  There is something He has written on the walls of fame in heaven!  One hundred and forty-four thousand!  You know, I don’t want my name on some block of stone in Washington D.C.  I want it inscribed under the title of “One hundred and forty-four thousand”!  I want after me, “Burt Asbill, deceased.  Burt in Christ, overcomer.”  Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!  Glory to God!

It takes work!  It takes concentration!  It takes dedication!  Them whom He has called He has justified and them who He has justified He’s done what? (Romans 8:30)  There is a process of sanctification that comes between justification and glorification!  Sanctification means you’re being set apart.  Well, if you’re set apart, you’ve got to be set apart from something here unto something there.  We have been called unto what?  One hope of our calling that is in Christ Jesus.  What does it say, incorruptible, undefiled… Incorruptible.  INCORRUPTIBLE.  It says, lay up for yourselves what? (Matthew 6:20).  Don’t spiritualize it!  Don’t make it theology!  Make it actuality!  Make it a practical experience in your life!  It’s one thing to say, I believe, it’s another thing to put it into practice!  In your home!  In your relationship with your wife!  In your relationship with your husband!  In the destiny and the thing that God aspires for your children!  Come on, brethren!  We are so steeped in theology.  It’s only going to be by the hand of God that we are delivered and through fire!  The Bible says a whole lot about fire.  Somebody during the Czech conference said fire is the only instrument that changes everything.  I didn’t know that.  I thought there were some things that fire didn’t change, but it depends on the intensity of the fire.  Now, if you want to know the intensity of this fire, just go into your Bible and look up the scriptures that say that God is what?  A consuming fire!  Oh, thank you Jesus!

You know, you can shake in your boots, you can sweat, you can have all kinds of trepidation, but my God, we need the vision to SEE the Alpha AND the Omega!  My mother used to tell me, “Burt, you’re your own worst enemy.”  At least, I think it was my mother.  Maybe she told that to my brother, but I think she was speaking it to me.  “Burt, you’re your own worst enemy!”  You know, sometimes, she also said, “You cut off your nose to spite your face.”  I never could understand it until I found myself doing it!  Resist, resist, resist, resist, resist, resist, and all of the time, if I had done what God wanted me to do, I would not have had to do or go through what I went through!  If I had only listened to God!  Cutting off my nose to spite my face!  Nobody in their right mind would do that!  We’re not in our right minds!  It’s only the diabolical mind of our fleshly, carnal inheritance!  You are your own worst enemy!  You have your own personal hell!  You have your own personal devil!  In the midst of that, God said, “I will!”  In the midst of your emotional chaos, I WILL!  In the midst of your deepest, darkest, dankest, darkest, terrible hole of depression, I WILL!  I will what?  I WILL be logos!  I WILL be life!  I WILL be entity and strength!  What more despicable and horrible set of circumstances could a woman find herself in in the midst of Israel in that day than to be with child and no husband?  We do not understand the shame of the thing, nor understand the consequences of the law of the day that governed Israel!  Stoneable offense!  Death, death, death, death, death, death!  But nevertheless she said, “Not my will.” (Luke 1:38).  It was Word!!  It was Word!  It was life!  It was LIFE!  It was light, hallelujah, that came into the midst of darkness.

I had you in Corinthians 4 a while ago and I want to finish that right there.  Therefore seeing we have this ministry, as we have received mercy, we faint not!  You know what that means?  We don’t turn back from the plow.  We don’t shirk because the going gets tough.  We don’t get frustrated.  We don’t get depressed.  It says all that down in the latter part of the chapter, you know!

2 But have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness, nor handling the word of God deceitfully; but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God.  Loose, loose!!   Grab hold of it!  Grab hold of it!!   Grab hold of it!!   Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!  BUT if our gospel..  I’m not talking about… Are you born again?  Are you born again?  What is your gospel?  What is your gospel?  Is it “born again”? Is it “born again and baptized in the Holy Ghost”? or is it “sons of God, first fruits”? Is it “overcoming”?  Is there something that is ascribed that you are seeing with a heavenly eye down through the corridor of your personal environment?  Does it take preeminence over your position of personal preference?  Oh, Hallelujah!!

This is not a hard word.  This is a good word!  This is a good word!  This is a good word to shout about!  Hallelujah!  3But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost.  What I was saying, gospel of what?  Overcomer, manifesting JOY in the midst of sorrow, manifesting STRENGTH in the midst of weakness.  Hallelujah.  Laughing when you should be weeping, not that there isn’t a weeping to be done, but it’s in the power of the Holy Ghost!  Maybe when everyone else is laughing, you’re weeping!  Hallelujah.  Hallelujah.

It says, 4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them!  Do you know, Satan can read?  You know, he’s got a very high IQ.  You know he can read?  And if he can’t read, he can certainly hear, and he’s sitting out here today, and he’s listening to every word that’s being said.  He’s listening to every word that’s being said and he’s saying in his heart, “Impossible.”  IMPOSSIBLE!  IMPOSSIBLE!  I know Flesh!  Well, you want to know the secret about all that?  As long as you stay in the flesh, he’s the winner.  But the minute you get up in the Spirit, he’s a loser!  That’s what the Word of God says.  THE WORD OF GOD SAYS!  When we talk about gospel, we’re not talking about the theological rhetoric of the Word as it is written!  We’re talking about the entity of life that was in God that when God breathed upon man, MAN BECAME A LIVING SOUL!!  LOOSE!  Grab hold of it!  Utilize it!  Grab hold of it! 

Let me tell you something about how important words are.  I was in a discussion here a while back and we were talking about a situation and the word that was used was “unfortunate.”  Now, it’s just an English word, right?  It describes a certain set of conditions, maybe, from your perspective.  Do you know what it means?  Let me read it to you.  Unfortunate: it says, not fortunate; unlucky.  What does luck have to do with anything?  I was in a situation years ago and I was talking to a friend of mine on the phone and I was hoping that he would give me some advice and get me out of my situation, and the word of counsel, the word of comfort that he gave was, “You know, if it wasn’t for all your bad luck, I’d say you had no luck at all.”  I said, “Well, thank you.”  Of course, I didn’t really say that because I was in a pretty hard place at the time.  It says, unlucky; causing greatdistress.  Synonyms: deplorable, afflictive, calamitous, dire, distressing, dolorous, grievous, heartbreaking, lamentable, mournful, regrettable, woeful, heartrending!  Well, you could be depressed at the end of the conversation.  Where is God in the midst of that?  Where is the scripture that says, ALL things work together for good? (Romans 8:28).  Why is it that we take this position, this perspective, as this word describes?  Because we are affecting it from this level, from this arena!!   It’s horizontal!  Hallelujah!  If you look to God, ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD, why?  Why?  For good to them that do what?  LOVE GOD!!   Hallelujah. 

It says, if our gospel be hid… Our gospel, our light, our life, our Word, our I WILL.  Now, you can put your name in Ezekiel where it says I will.  I, Roshell Burton Asbill…well, let’s leave out the Asbill.  I’m being translated from the kingdom of darkness.  I’m being TRANSLATED and DELIVERED from the propensity to be ASBILL!!  HALLELUJAH!!!  Now, I don’t think that I’m being presumptuous, because I’m not looking at myself or you as the head.  I am looking at you and me as a piece and a part that is attached to the Head!  The I WILL becomes synonymous with the Word that is in God!  Do you hear me?  Because the I WILL is not something that is being perpetrated out of the midst of my humanity!!   It is something that is coming out of the realm of heaven, out the realm of my divinity!!   Loose, loose, loose!  Can’t you say AMEN?  I mean, don’t you like that?  Don’t you like that?  I LOVE IT!  Especially when I look in the mirror and I see so much of Dad Asbill, and I see my brother, and I see my grandfather, and I see Mom, and I see Grandma, and I see Great- Grandma, looking at me and accusing me and shaking their finger in my face!  Now, I’m not talking about them that have gone over and are in the great cloud of witnesses.  I’m not talking about them in that position!  I’m talking about the position of natural inheritance!  My, oh my.  I’m talking about the Alpha and the Omega, the Author, the Finisher, the Beginning and the End as He has predestinated for me!!   Come on!  Grab hold of it! 

This is work!  Let me tell you, it’s not easy, as you well know.  It’s work!  It’s work!  But it’s work that can be done because God has given us the strength.  You have girded me with strength to do what?  Battle in Your name.  Those that rose up against me you have subdued, you!  YOU, you, you, you, have subdued under me.  You have given me the necks of all my enemies and I shall destroy all them that hate thee and me. (2 Samuel 22).  Not talking about your brothers, not talking about your sisters.  Not talking about your husband, not talking about your wife, and yet we spend so much time in confrontation with each other and we use up all of our energy.  We use up all of our strength.  We use up all of our vitality.  We use up all of our resources defending our position against that which is undefendable!  Loose!

Brother duCille had a vision of the king of DongPong (?).  He was met by this lord or this prince and the prince threw down at his feet a sword and he picked it up and the prince began to come at him to swing, and in self defense, (he didn’t say this, it’s just what I perceived), in self defense he picked up the weapon and began to try to defend his position.  His position was undefendable, and the Word…You’re going to think differently when you leave out of here in spite of yourself…The Word of the Lord came to him.  “You cannot use his weapon against him.”  All of a sudden, I don’t remember if he threw down the sword, but all of a sudden, he found himself lifted up into the heavens, grasping hold of his enemy and all he had to do was let him go.  He stayed up, and the other one came down!  Hallelujah!

I’m going to finish.  It says in chapter 1 of John….verse 8, that’s new beginnings.  He was not that light, John the Baptist, was not the light but was sent to bear witness of the light.  That’s what I’m doing here this morning.  I’m in the Spirit.  Oh, I’m going to catch it for this one.  I am in the spirit of Elias this morning, hallelujah, proclaiming to you, and bearing witness of the light that is within you!  He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not.  Can I kind of bring that down, maybe to some sort of carnal, secular, horizontal position of understanding?  “I’ve got my rights!  I’ve got my space!  Don’t tread on me!”  You’re right.  You’re right!  You’re absolutely right!  You’re right!  You’re absolutely right, but you’re as WRONG as you can be, because it is not in accordance to the Word that is within you!  It’s not me saying that you’re wrong!  it’s not me that’s bringing some correction to you!  I don’t need to do that!  You’ve got the Word!  You’ll have to go out of here wrestling, but not with me!  You’re going to go out of here fighting and struggling, but not with me!!  You’re going to be wrestling with the Word, even as Jacob wrestled at Bethel, all night long, struggling and laboring, trying to reach some sort of objective!  Hallelujah!  Come on!  Grab hold of it!  Get a hold of it in the Spirit!  I’m telling you, there is power in the Word to break and to change and to bring forth resurrection life!  Loose, loose, loose, loose, loose!  Hallelujah!

11 He came unto his own, and his own received him not. 12 But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name.  Now, it’s not that “Jesus” is some magical, mystical, powerful name.  Come on!  We’re talking about the entity of the Word.  The Word!  The WORD!  What’s the Word say?  It is the washing of the water by the Word.  It scrubs outside, it scrubs inside.  Hallelujah.  You come out from under that shower feeling CLEAN!  HALLELUJAH!!  CLEAN!

Now, listen to this.  I’ve been in this passage of scripture, this is where it always comes back to!  He says, but as many as became sons even them that believe on his name which were born not of blood… are you ready for this one?  …nor of the I WILL of Isaiah 14, not of the I WILL of Asbill heritage and all that it entails, or of the I WILL of man, the I WILL of humanity or the cultural environment in which you and I have been steeped and brought forth.  You want to talk about evolution and the primeval bog?  I believe in evolution because I believe in hell!  It was in the slime, in the bog, the creation that Satan made of this fellow called Adam, it is not of that I WILL.  It has no authority over me.  I am not German.  I am not English.  I’m not Irish.  I’m not Czech.  I’m not Polish!  I’m not this, I’m not that!  Why?  Why, why, why?  Because, in the midst of that hell God said,  LET THERE BE LIGHT!  And guess what?  But born of GOD’S WILL.  It said, born of the will…it’s not the correct interpretation.  It’s GOD’S WILL.  Little ball, entity of God, poom!, into the midst of this earth!  And what I do with it determines the outcome.  Oh yes.  What you do with it determines the position of excellence.  You and I are creating, or changing, or achieving our position, our place, in the heavenlies!  Come on.  You thought it was just another doctrine, didn’t you?  You thought it was just another religion.  You thought it was just something else you believed and you were different from everybody else and all of the time it has the totality and the entirety of God within the midst of it to make something out of you that is unbelievable.  Hallelujah.

God bless you.  God bless you, God bless you.  Hallelujah.  Let us strive together.  Let us STRIVE together with one another, laboring to achieve, laying down our lives for each other, that we might receive our prize.  Amen.  Amen.  Hallelujah.


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