The Communion of Saints

Brother Cecil duCille and Brother Burt Asbill

February 17, 2002
Dubuque, IA

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(Brother Cecil duCille)

Praise God.  We thank God for another great privilege like this, to come into the presence of the Lord with the people of God.  There are unseen things that are happening in our midst.  Sometimes we feel it, and we don’t know what we feel.  But there is an unseen spiritual work that is going on, and a preparation, and a strengthening, and a sharpening of our swords for a time that we will need it.  The Bible speaks of the wedding feast.  Of course, the devil will get into it and bring up a false doctrine about the wedding feast. 

It is good to be here, brethren.  We heard from Mavis this morning that God is answering your prayers.  She is much better.  Yes, God is indeed answering our prayers, she said.  She had our little granddaughter with her and she asked her to pray, and both of them prayed, and from the prayer, she started feeling better.  It is an answer to our prayers that God is giving us, amen.  You know, sometimes the devil would come and want to convince us that we are dying, that we are sick and that this is our time, we are finished with now, and all that, and we have to have a strong resolve and know what God wants us to do in the Body. 

Yesterday when we started singing, “Flow through me, flow through me, let the life blood of the Body flow through me…”  Little do we know, or understand, about this flowing.  You know, when God talks about the Body of Christ, He gives us an understanding of something that we know about.  We know about the physical body.  And we know that the blood is pumped by the heart through all the body, and even to the extremities of the body, that is, your leg down there.  And some of us, you know, unfortunate ones, our heart has to pump further than the others.  When you look at an unfortunate fellow that is all the way up here, the blood has to go WAY down to his toenails and then come back up to his head.  He’s in bad shape you know, you have to pray for him.  So, the Lord uses the word “body” in order that we might understand.  Now, if you have a blockage anywhere… I remember one time, my foot began to get black, dark.  I began to feel a numbness in my toes.  I realized that it was a circulation problem.  I went to this therapist.  He dug his finger down into my muscles, and the thing pained me way up in my head.  I said, “What’s going on?”  He said, “The muscles are kind of tightened up and it squeezes, and prevents the blood flow from coming down.”  Do you think that some of us tighten up and we’re not getting the flow, amen?  Amen.  I noticed that, and so he worked on my legs and worked on my legs.  He said I must walk.  I have started walking on the treadmill and sometimes the leg feels like it is going to drop off, and I have to stop walking.  Then I go again, and I go up, but the more I walk, the better I walk.  Do you think that has some relationship to the Body?  Some of us are not exercising the thing that God has given us.  God has made us to be certain parts of the Body, and so, when the blood comes to you, it is jammed, it doesn’t flow out of you to the other person.  When you get into an exercise session like when I came in here, I saw you singing, and the Blood was flowing.  Amen.  There were a few people who were, you know, but that means to say, the Blood comes and hits them and can’t get through.  It’s not flowing out of you.  This flow is something that God has ordained in the Body. 

You hear about the communion of saints.  Do you remember the Apostles Creed that some of you used to repeat in other places?  Amen?  You remember that?  “I believe in the holy Catholic Church…,” huh?  “…the forgiveness of sins, the communion of saints?”  That’s what came to me, the communion of saints.  Let us talk a little about the communion of saints.  It is the flowing of the Blood, the life Blood.  It’s coming from the heart.  Now, we have one heart, and praise God, we have only one heart.  We have one heart, and the heart of it all is Jesus Christ, Yeshua ha Mashiyach, Jesus Christ the Messiah, amen.  And sometime you must not just say, “Jesus,” because if you tell a demon, “Jesus” alone, and you don’t have something else in your heart, that devil will say, “Yes, yes, I know him.”  He has another Jesus out there.  And you have many Jesus’ but you have only one Messiah, one Christ.  Now, even the word “Christ,” in the Greek means many other things, amen.  Amen.  You know, in certain places if you use the word “Christ,” to them it means their man, their god-man.  In the occult area, they have a teaching that a Christ comes up every so often, a Christ will come up.  So the word “Christ” is really a heathen word that has not only the meaning of the Messiah for us, but for them it has another meaning, you understand?  So when you are talking to these devils, you have to sometimes say, “Jesus Christ our Lord, Yeshua.”  And sometimes you tell them, “Yahweh!”  Oh my, that hurts.  No devil likes you to tell him Yahweh, because there is only one Yahweh.  No mistake now!  When you say any other word, he can say, “Oh, yes, we have one.”  But not when you say Yahweh.  When you say Yahweh, you have hit him right between the eyes.  There is only one Yahweh! 

So, this communion of saints, it’s much more than you think, amen?  You have the energy of God pulsating through you, and you come into the meeting, it’s going to reach out, it’s going to catch other people.  Amen.  The very songs you raise, it’s going to catch other people, because it is the Christ in you that is bringing forth this circulation.  Amen.  Now, our circulation in the Body is a bit bad.  I don’t know if we have some cholesterol problem, but the circulation is being hindered, and we need medication to take that cholesterol out and to open up those arteries so that the flow of the Spirit of God will come forth!  The Spirit of God flowing from husband to wife, flowing from wife to husband, flowing back and forth.  This is the type of thing God is telling us about. 

We are going to talk about our flow.  Let’s turn our Bibles to Ephesians and we are going to see here that it is flowing much further than we think.  I’m not going to get any rebuke from the Spirit if I change a little bit what Ephesians says.  Amen.  You agree with me that I can change it a little bit?  Ephesians chapter one, let us look at Ephesians chapter one.  And we look here, we see something very exciting, very, very exciting.  Verse 10, no, let’s read 9, you know why?  Nine has the word “mystery” in it.  Having made known unto us the mystery of his will… Not just plain A, B, C.  It’s a mystery!  …according to his good pleasure which he hath purposed in himself.  Now, Paul has made a step out a little further than ordinary preachers can go.  And in verse 10 he said what is the mystery of His will.  10 That in the [seventh millennium], the dispensation of the fullness of times…  First millennium, second millennium, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and the fullness of all the six millenniums must come forth in the seventh millennium.  We call this millennium the fullness of all times.  Hallelujah.  Meaning to say that everything that is written in this Book must come to pass now.   I am saying to you that the majority, the basic fullness of it, will come to pass in this decade.  In this verse ten here, hear what he says, that in the dispensation of the fulness of times, (he gives us the time when it will happen), He, (God), might gather together in one, (might gather together in ONE, one church now), all things in Christ, ALL things that are in the Messiah, both which are in heaven, and which are on earth; even in him.   

Okay, now.  If God is going to gather everything in the heavens and everything on the earth, in Christ, where is the gathering going to be?  It’s got to be in the Body of Christ.  I remember some years ago, when the message began to break, we had a meeting that was above other meetings.  The Spirit of God was talking through my left ear.  I was hearing what He was saying and I was repeating it, and I was repeating it.  In the back of the room there appeared three or four men, but they were dressed in ancient garments.  And they were saying to one another, “This is it!”  They were so excited about the Word that was coming forth!  Hallelujah!  Because the Bible said that the prophets and all those men that were past, they wanted to know and God wouldn’t tell them, hallelujah!  (See 1 Peter 1:10.)  Because you see, if you know something that you cannot walk in, it becomes a torment to you.  Next thing that happens, you go and try to do something and you do the wrong thing.  So God did not tell them.  But the other day, this Word came to me, “This is the end game.”  Hallelujah.  God breaks the thing little by little by little by little.  So then the people of this dispensation will get a breaking of the bread that Paul and Peter never had!  Amen.  But then, before the thing is over, they must have it!  And before it is over, WE must have what they had!  There is a flowing that is coming from the heavenlies and it is flowing through us, and when it comes out through us, the heavenlies are receiving something they never had before.  I don’t know if you can understand.  It’s a little bit above what we are normally used to.  That we are being ministered to by the spirit of God, the brothers, the brethren, the church, not dead people now!  I’ve been accused of dealing with the dead.  Amen?  Because I speak of having communion with some of the saints.  But the church before knew this!  The early church knew this!  That is why they put in the Creed, the Apostles Creed, “the communion of saints.”  Amen.  The communion of saints.  You should not reject it because it is said by the Catholic church.  You have to begin to recognize truth, amen.  The communion of the saints.  You see, where the Catholic church went off is that they began to pray to the saints.  Now you get into trouble.  That revelation did not profit them.   It caused them to go into error and into trouble, because they turned around and begin to pray to saints.  Now, you can’t pray to saints.  We can’t contact saints.  We can’t contact those in the other world.  But God will send them as a messenger to you, amen.  And God says that you are compassed about.  Let’s read that. 

We go to Hebrews 11.  What does it mean, you are compassed about?  I just want to read the last few verses of chapter 11.  38 (Of whom the world was not worthy:) they wandered in deserts, and in mountains, and in dens and caves of the earth. 39 And these all, having obtained a good report through faith, received not the promise:  They didn’t receive it.  40 God having provided some better thing for us, that they without us should not be made perfect.  So they lacked something yet.  You see, God, in His wisdom, gave perfection to the Body.  Don’t you know what He did?  Gave you a little piece, gave you a little piece, amen?  And we don’t have the sense to bring the puzzle together.  It’s like a jigsaw puzzle, that you have one little piece, and you say, “Boy, I got it!”  Amen.  “I got it!”  Another person has another little piece and he says, “This is mine.  I will form a church around it.  I will start a denomination around my little piece that I have.”  Each person is holding onto his piece.  Suppose one day you come and say, “Sister, let me see how my piece fits in with yours.”  Amen.  When you see it fits yours, you say, “Oh!  So this really wasn’t what I thought it was!  It was a hand!”  And another person comes up and puts in his piece, and when the whole church comes together we are going to find out that we had the perfection long ago, but we didn’t know it.  Amen. 

If you notice, he said that in the dispensation of the fullness of time there is going to be this coming together.  Amen.  There is going to be this coming together.  People will realize what they have, and some of us throw it away.  Amen.  They say, “I don’t have like what Brother Burt has, or what sister so and so has.  This is no good, and you actually toss away the glory which God has put in you.  Some of us here have the faithfulness of God deep down in us so strong, yet we think that we are nothing.  We think are nothing, and yet, God has placed us in a position that we must bring forth the glory of God without speaking.  Some people believe that when you bring forth the glory of God to His people you have to say, you have to speak, you have to preach.  You don’t have to preach.  Believe you me.  You come in here, and you sit down quietly with the glory of God in you, and if you could see it in the Spirit, it just starts to emanate through the whole Body, and people begin to get up and give the blessing.  In other words, you have allowed the Blood to flow through you, flow through me. 

Somebody had a vision, flow through me, let the life blood of the Body flow through me.  There is a flowing that goes on, and this flowing should start in the home.  You know, the devil comes in and he disrupts the homes.  He gets the children screaming, he gets you upset, he gets you flustered.  You want to get out to church at a certain time and this one is crying, and this one is not feeling good, and all that sort of thing starts happening.  When you see that, stop!  Rebuke the devil!  Stop and just rebuke the devil, and begin to pray, and begin to sing, and begin to call on the name of the Lord, hallelujah, because it is something that wants to stop the flow of the Blood through you to the others.  So, God is saying to us this morning that we must begin to understand who we are.  Amen. 

Now, let’s go on a little.  God having provided some better thing.  Chapter 12 (Hebrews), 1 Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight…  Let us lay aside all the burdens, let us lay aside all the problems.  Develop the capacity to lay it aside.  “Well, alright, you have had your time.  Now it is my time to turn my heart and mind to Christ.  Let the problems stay until I can fix them.”  Lay aside every weight.  God would not tell you to do something that you cannot do!  God would not tell you to lay aside every weight, if you could not lay aside every weight!  You have the capacity and the ability and the power to lay aside every weight.  Glory to God!  And the sin, do you hear meAnd the sin which doth so easily beset usI don’t like your besetting sin.  “I don’t like your besetting sin because your besetting sin just irks me!  It just irks me, it just disturbs me!  So then, I can live with my besetting sin.  You know, it’s not so bad.”  My goodness!  My besetting sin should hurt me more than yours!  We have learned to live with ourselves.  I have a suspicion that some of us are in love with ourselves!  Amen.  Because we love ourselves so much, everything that the other person does hurts us!  So much that we do not know that we have the ability to set aside even our besetting sin.  Let me hear you now.  Let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us. 

Let me tell you something.  Some of us have the sin in our minds.  Some of us have it in our emotions, some of us have it in our desires.  I know a young lady who is a compulsive shopper.  She is a compulsive shopper.  That is, she must go shopping.  Sometimes she just goes shopping to touch the things, to look at them.  Amen.  You know what that is?  It is a temptation.  The moment she gets a cent, she’s going to go buy that thing, whether she needs it or not.  She’ll buy it and give it away.  Compulsive shopper.  That is a bad sin because it will destroy your family.  Amen.  It will put you in trouble all the time.  You have your rent to pay, and you have the money a few days before the rent is due.  You say, “Boy, maybe I can just borrow a little piece out of it, and I’ll get it back.”  You tell yourself you’ll get it back.  Time for rent to be paid, you’re in trouble, you can’t pay your rent because you shopped it out.  That’s a simple thing, but there is one that comes before me.  An itching to tell somebody something.  “Did you hear what happened?”  You have to talk!  It is a spirit.  As a matter of fact, it is a demon that possesses the Body, oppresses the Body, I should say.  It’s in the Body of Christ and it causes people to talk.  You want to tell somebody about somebody else.  You want to tell somebody else about what is happening.  This is a besetting sin that is in some people.  And you would be surprised to know what besetting sin that some of us have.  Besetting sin.  We don’t want to pray.  It is difficult for us to spend more that 15 minutes or 20 minutes meditating on God and on His business.  We can do everything else.  We can do all that different business, but when it comes to praying we have a problem because there is a devil there blocking our prayer.  Let me tell you, when you pray before you come to service, when you really submit yourself to the Lord before you come to service, you are absolutely blessed.  You bring a blessing to the service.  You see the people who brought the blessing to the service today.  Those who played the music, those who rejoiced in the Spirit.  They had a flow, and the flow went into other people, and began to bless the whole people of God. 

So we see that He said that in the dispensation of the fulness of time, He is going to send out the brethren, Peter, Paul, James, John, all the other part of the church which we cannot see, and they are going to send forth energy into the church.  But most of us can’t receive it.  You see, you can’t receive it.  We are thinking so hard about our problems.  We have so many things to do otherwise that we just cannot feel the blessing that is being sent.  So God Almighty says there will be a flow.  But listen, there is another flow the other way, too, because we are blessing the people in the heavenlies.  Now, I believe that, and I’ll tell you why.  It says, that we may run the race with patience that is set before us.  (Hebrews 12:1)  Nobody in the heavenlies has been perfected.  Can you believe that?  They died, let us read it again.  39And these all, having obtained a good report through faith, received not the promise: (Hebrews 11:39)  But God said that He provided some better thing for us, that they without us should not be made perfect.  Why?  Let me tell you why.  The devil had not been conquered.  The will of God for the church is that the church should come to a point of being overcomers, that we should overcome the devil.  We should overcome death.  We should put it under foot, and we should be overcomers.  Now, Paul didn’t conquer the devil and finish with him.  Peter didn’t.  The brethren in the past didn’t.  God says this church will!  So the other church that is in the heavenlies, they have to be waiting on us to finish the job.  They started the job.  They did a good business.  They laid the groundwork for us.  They gave us the instructions to go on, and they are waiting on us to finish the job. 

Now, let’s go on.  I don’t know if you are losing interest.  But, if you turn your Bibles around to 1 Peter 1:10.  10Of which salvation the prophets have inquired and searched diligently, who prophesied of the grace that should come unto you: 11 Searching what, or what manner of time the Spirit of Christ which was in them did signify, when it testified beforehand the sufferings of Christ, and the glory that should follow. 12 Unto whom it was revealed, that not unto themselves, but unto us they did minister the things, which are now reported unto you by them that have preached the gospel unto you with the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven; which things the angels desire to look into.  Now, you always thought that angels in heaven, they knew everything.  Amen.  Angels don’t know how it feels to be a sinner, to be delivered out of sin, to fight a battle every day against sin, to attain righteousness and godliness.  The angels don’t know anything about that.  Therefore they have to learn from us.  The daily battles that we fight, the spirits that are loose now on you young people, and old people and everybody else, these spirits were never loose before.  The spiritual world, the demonic world, is increasing in its knowledge, in its power.  They are studying us, how to handle us, how to distress us, how to oppress us, and all the different spiritual diseases that are popping up in our people all around.  The spirits have learned how to handle us.  So when a young lady is righteous and keeps herself from sin, and a young man keeps himself from sin and walks in righteousness, it is a marvelous achievement in the sight of God, amen, for us in our time.  Those who fall, God sympathizes with you because the devils that are upon you have never been upon your forefathers.  You see, there is an increase in satanic knowledge and power of operation, and therefore our children are under more pressure than we were when we were like them.  You follow what I’m saying?  The peer pressure is a satanic thing that takes the young people, and makes the young people behave in a certain way. 

When I was a young boy, our greatest delight was to be neat and trim.  We would have our hair neatly combed, sometimes we would make a part in the hair.  Everybody was neat.  You would have a trim crew cut, you know.  And you were neat and clean.  Your pants were sharp and well fitting, amen.  Nowadays, I saw a young man, and I had to stop and look at him.  I couldn’t believe that, he must be VERY uncomfortable.  The bottom of his pant was a way down there near his knee!  And the leg of his pant was this big!  And his shirt came down, about two or three sizes bigger than he was, and he was just walking along.  I said, “Oh, Lord!”   The poor fellow would like to be neat and walking good, but he couldn’t because it’s the style.  It’s the style!  Hallelujah.  Amen. 

You know, in my time, Jamaica was the place where the buccaneers lived.  We had a place named Port Royal.  They used to capture women from all over the world and bring them to Port Royal, and they would have great fun there.   God sank half of the city, you see, by an earthquake.  I remember, as a boy, when the water was clear, you could go there and see the steeple of the church, way down under the water.  These buccaneers, they used to wear big earrings in their ears.  I didn’t know why buccaneers wore earrings.  They were savage fighters that attacked places and killed people and took away their money, and brought it to Port Royal.  But why they wore earrings, I didn’t know, until I was reading the scripture and I saw that Joshua saw a band of men coming and he said, “They are Ishmaelites, because the men wear earrings.”  (See Judges 8:24.)  Now, I’m talking about spirits.  The spirit of Ishmael.  God said that Ishmael was a wild ass of a man.  I mean, a wild man!  He wore earrings, and in our modern time, it becomes a fad.  The young people put earrings in their ears, and they don’t know what they are doing.  But it is the spirit of Ishmael that has taken ahold of them.  Not women, now, who wear earrings.  Israelite women wore earrings, and it is a common thing for women to wear earrings, but when men started wearing earrings, it was Ishmael, the wild man who first started wearing earrings.  These poor people in our time say it is a fad, but guess what?  The devil went to the stylists, the people who make the styles in Paris, and in London, and in Hollywood.  The devil told them to begin to make the men wear earrings.  So the first men that started to wear earrings were the homosexuals.  When you saw a man with an earring in his left ear it had a certain meaning, or an earring in his right ear.  But now what happened, the devil came and made it a style for everybody to wear, they put earrings in both ears.  Amen.  What it means is that you have inculcated a spirit of Ishmael, and Ishmael is the wild man from the Euphrates valley. 

Our people are under stress.  Our children are under strain.  I feel that we need to just pray for them with love.  Let me tell you the prayer that God brought to me for my children, and for you young people of our Body.  I will not let you go!  I will not leave you alone.  I will not allow you to go to hell.  You are flesh of my flesh, and blood of my blood, by the blood covenant that is in Jesus Christ!  I shall not let you loose!  Hallelujah!  I’d rather to see you die, than to see you go to hell!  Hallelujah!  When I get to God, I tell God, I say, “Lord God, we love them.  We want them to be ours.  We want them to continue, we would like to see them preaching the Word of God.  We would like to see them in righteousness.  But if you see that they are going to go to hell, because of what the devil is doing in our time, kill them, Lord God!  Kill them!  Let them go home, but don’t let them go to hell!”  Hallelujah!  God hears our prayers.  Amen.  God hears our prayers, I’m telling you.  We have seen God begin to touch them.  Oh, yes.  I’ve seen God begin to touch them.  Brother Peter and I were talking some weeks ago, and we began to talk, that we need to pray that God would reach out His hand and touch our children.  Don’t let them go to hell.  Hallelujah.  It didn’t go one week before we saw the manifestation in Peter’s family.  God began to work!  God will work!  He will not let them go to hell.  We will not let them go!  You know, sometimes you get so disgusted with the child, with the young people.  We have to remember the pressure they are under.  We were never under those pressures.  The devils have increased. 

It’s difficult for me to talk to you about devils because sometimes people believe that we talk too much about devils.  But let me tell you, there are more devils in the world than people.  All these devils want to bring forth their nature into people.  And a devil has no life at all unless he is able to get somebody’s body to function through.  He is a disembodied spirit.  He has no body!  He can’t manifest anything, unless he manifests it through you!  So all that you see happening in the world is devil action.  The devils got into the people and got them to do things.  Now, when you look at the Al-Qaida and you look at the way that these human beings are behaving, amen?  They had some in a hospital there that took over the hospital and for weeks and weeks they have been fighting, trying to stop them, they are shooting from the hospital.  Eventually they decided to break in to the hospital.  When they broke in, some of them jumped out and killed themselves.  Some of them put the gun to their heads and blew themselves away rather than be captured, because of their doctrine.  They are told that if they die in battle they will go to heaven.  Now, as I’ve said before, I cannot understand a human being believing a thing like that.  But it’s not a human being that’s believing, it’s a devil in the human being.  If you cross a certain point, you become a devil, amen.  You see, demons are human beings who have lost their bodies.  And they continuously want to reincarnate.  I don’t know if you understand what I mean.  They want somebody’s body to function through.  They can’t function without a body.  Therefore, they want somebody’s body to function through.  The Bible says they go to and fro through the earth seeking rest and finding none (Matthew 12:43, Luke 11:24).  This is all that we are fighting against.  But you have ample weaponry, too.  Let me tell you something.  God gave you the Blood of Jesus Christ as a weapon.  You know how the Blood of Jesus Christ works as a weapon?  It’s not by saying, “The Blood, the Blood, the Blood, the Blood.”  As in some denominational churches we hear people, “Let us plead the Blood,” and they say, “The Blood, the Blood, the Blood, the Blood, the Blood.”  A demon disturbs somebody and they say, “The Blood, the Blood, the Blood, the Blood, the Blood.”  They’re frightened and they’re calling out for the Blood.  That’s not the way it works.  The way it works is that you believe in the Blood of Jesus Christ as having sanctified your soul.  That is the hardest job.  The Blood of Jesus Christ sanctified your soul.  You keep your mind stayed on the blood.  Sometimes you must just quietly sit down and think about the blood, how it was shed, think about the whipping that He got on His back.  Amen?  Think about the blood that came from His head when they put on the crown of thorns, amen, and the thorns came through like a pin cushion, came through the side of His head and where the thorn came out, there was blood trickling down His face.  Yes, think about the blood that came from His hand, ran down His armpit, twined all the way down His body.  Think about the blood that came out of His feet, when the nail went through the feet and it ran down the cross.  Hallelujah.  Think about the blood of Jesus Christ when the soldier plunged the weapon into His side.  You know, the soldiers, they were taught to kill, right?  They knew exactly where to plunge a weapon to kill you.  They would plunge it between the ribs.  You remember the Bible said that not a bone of His body could be broken.  So he plunged, he put the sword on the flat, plunged it right through the ribs, and pushed right up to strike the heart.  You know, any of you used to butcher?   You know, when you kill a pig, you plunge the knife right through into the heart.  Amen.  You don’t hit the bone.  So that’s the way they did it.  When he plunged it into the heart, a gush of blood came out because all His blood had drained down into His stomach.  Blood and water, the Bible said.  It gushed out upon this soldier, amen.  And so, you think of the blood of Jesus Christ, and then you say, “This is for my deliverance.  He shed His Blood for my soul.”  You know why?  That blood was the Blood of God Almighty.  It had the life of God in it.  You see, there is something in blood apart from plasma.  The plasma is only the natural part of it.  It’s like I am looking at the natural part of my sister sitting here.  That’s just the natural, but there is a soul inside there, a light in there.  So, when we talk about the Blood of Jesus Christ, we are not talking about the plasma, we are talking about the life that is in the Blood, amen.  Hallelujah.  When you begin to get this settled in your mind, it comes down into your heart.  When you are faced with a devil, and you begin to call upon the Blood of Jesus Christ to come and set you free, to deliver you, or to cover you, energy from heaven comes down, hallelujah, and covers you, and it will blow away any devil.  There is no devil in hell, even Satan himself cannot stand the Blood!  Amen.  This is what I mean by the Blood.  You must have it pre-put into you, pre-placed into your heart and into your mind in order that it might function.  You cannot just call upon the Blood, the Blood, the Blood, and believe that this red thing is going to come and help you.  Amen. 

We have had experience.  I am telling you about an experience that I have had when we went to India.  This spirit came.  Went to Africa, and this spirit, Mammy-water came in and this spirit decided to destroy us, because we were destroying the works of Mammy-water.  Mammy-water made the women barren, they couldn’t have children.  We went in and laid hands on them and rebuked this devil.  All of those brothers who go to Africa can tell you that I am talking the truth.  And the women just got pregnant like that, all their family, one girl in Port Harcourt, not Port Harcourt, in Uyo, her whole family, three sisters, were barren, could not have any children because this is what that demon does to the women.  Unless they submit to them, they don’t have children.  These women did not submit to the spirit, and they wouldn’t have any children.  And so, this girl came, and the moment we prayed for her, she was loosed, her sister was loosed, the next sister was loosed and all of a sudden all of them began to have children, amen, and that happens right through and through and through.  The Blood of Jesus Christ, the devils cannot stand the Blood.  Amen.  They can’t stand the Blood!  So if you have the Blood of Jesus Christ, the power of God with you, you will be able to overcome these devils. 

Now, you have a blood covenant with your children.  You know what a blood covenant is.  We go over and over and over these things so that you might get it in your hearts.  A blood covenant is a covenant in blood that it joins people together, amen.  When we take the communion we are again reviving our minds.  The Bible says to remember His death till He comes (Luke 22:19).  When we take the communion we are giving each other the cup, all of us together, we are under blood covenant whether you believe it or not.  Now, if I am in blood covenant with you, and you are in blood covenant with a sinner, your brother, your sister, a sinner, I am automatically in blood covenant with that sinner!  Oh, yes!  And the blood covenant can be exercised, that is, the only way a blood covenant can be broken is by death.  So when a man and a woman go to the altar and they have a marriage, they have made a blood covenant, amen.  They made a blood covenant, not just in words, but they joined their bodies together and they made a blood covenant.  It can only be broken by death, yes!  Sometimes, one party rejects Jesus, hallelujah, and that is death.  For if you had a wife that goes out there and has other men, automatically, she broke the covenant because she has entered the place of death.  She is a dead person, and yet God says that you must reach out to her, and try to bring her alive.  If not, if you can’t bring her alive, she goes off, and she is counted as dead.  The situation is between her and God, if God will resurrect her.  But the point is, it is a deadly serious thing!  Two Christians, you know, sometimes people marry sinners, but two Christians marry, you don’t have any let loose before God.  That covenant is going to hold you until death.  Amen.  You have to realize that we have a blood covenant with a lot of people who are in the world, amen.  My family who is in the world, I have a blood covenant with them.  When I go and kneel down before God, the whole family is before God.  I can exercise my blood covenant.  Oh, yes.  I never forgot the first time that I recognized how powerful that covenant was.  It was when I went to God and said, “God, save my brother, Frank.”  He was wild, he was out in the world, he cared for nothing.  He was just carrying on.  I looked at the man one day and said, “I will not eat until you come to Jesus.”  I stopped eating.  I said, “God, exercise this blood covenant.  If You don’t bring him in, then kill me.”  Oh, yes.  I said, “Seven days.  I give You seven days to bring him in to salvation.”  I didn’t eat or drink water for that seven days.  On Saturday I went for him, because my seven days were up on Saturday, now I’m going for him to be saved.  I went for him, and he was saved!  Amen.  I didn’t get him, but somebody else got him.  Oh, yes!  I couldn’t find him, couldn’t find him.  Sunday morning he came in and said he was saved.  Amen.  Hallelujah.  Amen.  He was working on a social program.  They were examining the Pentecostal church, because they were having fun at the Pentecostal people and they wanted to know what was psychologically wrong with them!  Why would they carry on like that?  So they sent him as a reporter to this Pentecostal church, hallelujah.  He was there with his notebook and so and so, and he found himself at the altar without his notebook.  He didn’t consciously go up there!  He was lifted and taken up there.  He didn’t know how he got up there!  I don’t know if he ever found his notebook, but he got saved by force.  Praise be to God. 

So, I do believe, brethren, that we need to come back and understand the oneness of the Body and the energy that goes from place to place.  When you want something, sometimes we have a way of trying to get what we want by dealing with people.  “You are wrong and I have to talk to you to get you right.”   No!  Sometimes, go talk to God!  Go talk to God, and the person will be straightened out without your having to go and do anything about it! 

It says that the angels decide to inquire into our salvation.  It simply means that we have a power, hallelujah, that the angels need to learn.  We are going through certain things here, and we’re going to go through worse and the heavenly host who are with us, they will also be learning what is going on in our midst.  You’d be surprised.  Now, Jesus, when He was praying at the end, before He was crucified, He was praying to the Father and He said that the will of God for the church is that we should be one.  We should be one.  (John 17:21)  Now, He was not talking in a physical sense, but He was talking in a spiritual sense that we should be one.  In other words, if the same Spirit that is moving through you is moving through me, is moving through all of us, is moving in the heavenlies, is moving all through the church everywhere, we will be one.  Hallelujah.  We will be one.  This oneness must come through our allowing the flow of God to flow through and through us. 

Now, one of the thoughts that God brought to me was Esther.  Esther said, let me tell you this one verse that comes to me.  Do you remember the whole story about Esther and Mordecai?  In Esther 4:13, he said,13 Then Mordecai commanded to answer Esther, Think not with thyself that thou shalt escape in the king’s house, more than all the Jews. 14 For if thou altogether holdest thy peace at this time, then shall there enlargement and deliverance arise to the Jews from another place; but thou and thy father’s house shall be destroyed: and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?  You brethren that I am talking to, everyone, no matter who you are, no matter where you think you are, no matter how weak you think you are, no matter how sinful you think you are, God is saying that He brought you to the kingdom for this time!  And this time, God is saying that there is a people who will save the other people.  I wonder if you understand it?  He said, but for the elects’ sake, no flesh would be saved.  (See Matthew 24:22.)  That means to say that the elect is going to manifest in the Spirit and in the Word of God in such a way that flesh will be saved.  God’s people will be delivered.  I want you to recognize this, realize it, pray about it, command it.  Oh yes.  You don’t have to go and say, “Oh, Lord, I am so and so, and I’m poor.”  No, the Lord doesn’t want to hear that from you.  What do you want?  You go to the King.  You say, “Lord God, according to Your Word, according to Your Word, we have the power to destroy the works of Satan.  Now, the works of Satan have come into my house.  The works of Satan have hurt my child.  The works of Satan have hurt my friend.  The works of Satan have hurt my brother, the works of Satan have hurt my friend’s brother.  Stop it, Lord.  Stop it!  In the name of Jesus, by the Blood of Jesus, I want you to reach out there and to stop it.” 

Now, I want all of you to pray for your children right now.  I want everyone to raise your heart to God, and to pray for your children right now.  We are all going to pray.  Hallelujah.  Amen.  Let us pray for our children, first of all.  Hallelujah.  Praise God.  

Thank you, Jesus, hallelujah.  Send forth Your mighty sword and separate our children from their sins.   Hallelujah.  Loose!  Separate our brethren’s children from their sins.  Separate, Lord God, all sons and daughters, hallelujah, from the sons and daughters of Belial, who are taking them away from You.  We pray, Lord God, according to Your will, that You will bring us into a oneness, hallelujah, that You will bring the glory of God into Your house and upon us,hallelujah.  That the breaking of bread will not only be in Your house, but it shall be shared with those outside, Lord God.  That every ministry that You have anointed, You might put Your hand upon them at this moment and not allow them to depart from Thee, or to cause any separation among Your people, but that Your mighty will might come forth.  Bring deliverance, Lord God.  Let the sun not go down before You will deliver our children out of the hand of the enemy!  Thank you, Jesus Christ!  Break the yoke, hallelujah, and set Your people free!  Hallelujah.  Hallelujah.

Now, there might be some here who feel that they need a flowing from the Body of Christ.  They need some energy, some life, hallelujah, amen.  I want you to just raise your hand, those who want this special prayer.  Hallelujah.  Let this flowing come forth.  Brother Burt, would you come and help me pray with these brethren?  Hallelujah.  One scripture in Colossians that comes to me is all principalities and all powers are under Him.  (See Colossians 2:15.)  We need to reassure ourselves, hallelujah, reassure ourselves, in whom we have redemption, through His Blood, even the forgiveness of sins (Colossians 1:14).  We will now forgive our children of all the sins they have committed.  We have the power to forgive sins.  We forgive our children of all the sins they have committed.  Hallelujah.  We forgive our brothers.  Amen?  As I speak I want you to forgive them.  We forgive our sisters.  Amen.  We forgive the mothers, we forgive the fathers, hallelujah.  We forgive even the sinners who sin against us, Lord God.  HallelujahColossians 1:14, …even the forgiveness of sins: 15 Who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature: 16 For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: 17 And he is before all things, and by him all things consist. 18 And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence.  Now, those who put your hand up, I want you to stand just where you are.  Hallelujah.  We’ll pray for you, just where you are.  Remember, if you pass this opportunity of some life flowing into you, if you feel that you are unworthy, that you have not had the life that you needed, you should just stand, and let the life flow through you.  The life blood from the Body will flow through you at this time.  We are just asking you to stand, hallelujah.  Come Brother Burt, and Brother Peter, you probably have some prayer to pray too.  Amen.  Hallelujah.  I want to give you the opportunity of standing.  You can’t be ashamed of God in the house of God.  Hallelujah.  All I am asking you to do is to stand to say, “I want this life blood from the Body to flow through me,” hallelujah.  Don’t sit down and say, “I am sitting down that the life blood would come to me.”  Standing is a profession that you know that you need this blood, this flowing.  Brother Burt, you want to pray for these brethren for me? 

(Brother Burt Asbill):

Father, we do present ourselves unto You, because we are in recognition of the need of the administration of the Blood of Jesus Christ.  Father, we are very cognizant of the weaknesses, Father, the thing that comes against our minds.  Father, the sin that rises up oftentimes within our mind to accuse us, or to defile us, or to bring us into a place of subjugation.  Father, we are so much in need of the virtue that is in the realm of God, that is the substance of the Blood that is God to flow this morning out of the realm of the heavenlies, Father, to bring forth life and liberty and oftentimes to heal us within our inward being.  Father, You see the sin of our emotions and the willingness with which we submit ourselves to those things that are not pertinent to life or to liberty.  Father, those things that are not pertinent to rising up, in the midst of death and desolation, to be a light and a giver of light.  Father, we pray that You would allow the Blood of Jesus Christ, oh my God, the redemptive power of Yeshua, the Blood of Yahweh, my God, that it might flow within the very confines of our soul, and into the midst of our emotions to deliver us of every weakness and every disease that would cause us, Father, to stumble or even to rob us of our power, even as Samson was robbed of his power.  So the devil moves within our circumstance of our soul, to rob us of our strength, and to rob us of our power.  Father, we call upon the Blood of Jesus Christ to arrest the robber, to arrest he that would bring the desecration and the disseminationof our soul, my God, that we become subjugated and in a position or a place of bondage.   Father, we pray against our desires.  Father, we pray that the will of God might be manifest within the realm of our desires.  Father, we can desire this and we can desire that, and we can come up with all manner of thinking that would justify our position of desire, but God, Thou knowest all things, Thou judgest all things, and Father, Thou art able to weigh our desires in the balance of the Holy Ghost.  Thou art able to apportion the Blood of Jesus Christ in the midst of the realm of our desires, my God, that it might be renovated, and that it might move beyond this natural realm, that it might penetrate, even into the realm of the heavenlies.  Father, that our eyes might see those things that are pertinent to life, to liberty, to Godliness, to righteousness and that those things might be apportioned by the Blood moving in the realm of our desires.  Father, it says of Abraham, that he sought for something, Father, that was not made by man.  He sought for a city, my God, whose engineer, whose architect was not man.  Father, but he sought, his desires were upon a place of living, a place of dwelling that was beyond the natural scope of his surroundings.  Father, there was something within his soul that came to a conscious reality that, though he possessed all of this land, he possessed all of these belongings, none of these things could fulfill him or bring him into that realm where he desired to have fellowship with the living Yahweh!  Father, we’re asking for that revelation.  Father, we are asking for that administration of the Blood within our soul, Father, to strengthen us, my God, in our determination, to strengthen us, my God, in our position of wanting those things that pertain to a realm that we cannot see on a natural arena.  Help us today, and we would receive from You, Father, we would open our hearts, we would open our soul unto You this morning, that we might receive from You the dispensation, and the apportionment of grace, hallelujah.  My God, that we might receive it, in every aspect of fullness that Thou has given it unto us.  In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.  Amen.  Praise the Lord.  Hallelujah.

(Brother Cecil duCille):

We pray, my God, against this spirit of Ishmael that is taking charge of the different places.  We look into the land of the Muslims, everywhere that Islam is being preached, we pray, Lord God, that today you will reach out Your hand, and You will smite this spirit of Ishmael.  Let it not go any further.  Lord God, this spirit of Ishmael has reached over into our land, into our country, into our place where we are and we pray against this spirit of Ishmael, that You might stop it!  Stop them, Lord God, from accomplishing that which they desire in the ruling of the world and the taking over of the different places.  We see that today in Israel, they have again set off bombs, and killed innocent people.  We are praying, Lord God Almighty, that You will put Your hand over that whole place and bring the people under God and deliver them from the spirit of Ishmael.  Glory to God.  Thank You, Jesus.

(Brother Burt Asbill):

I feel very impressed to say something that I believe that the Lord has been speaking to me last night and this morning as we were listening to the Word.  Last night the Lord spoke to me a Word.  This morning as Brother George was talking about the Eschatology Series, there was something.  Now I don’t know, it’s just how the Lord works with me, I guess, but there is something very ominous about it that disturbs me somewhat, in that I am aware of a move of God.  God moving from one realm into a higher realm.  You know, we have talked about the End Time word, we have talked about the Sons of God message for a long time.  I, personally, have probably been involved with it for at least 30 years, and maybe 35 years.  We have talked about it a long time and sometimes with the talking and the length of time that you talk, you get your senses of awareness dulled or blunted.  We do not understand, or we are not aware of, the changing of the environment to some degree.   As little as it may change, we don’t notice it because we are so familiar with the environment.  It’s like living in a place that has mountains and forests and all the beauty that nature can afford and living there day after day after day after day, or growing up in the midst of that environment and knowing nothing else so that you’re not really aware of the grandeur of the thing that you are living in and amongst.  You know, many times we take it for granted.  I suppose that’s really what I am trying to say.  There is somewhat of a feeling that we have with regard to the Word because of the familiarity that we have had, or the amount of wordthat we have been exposed to.  So we feel, maybe, somewhat a little indifferent, or maybe not so interested, or we just take it for granted, however that happens with regard to you and your set of circumstances.  I think that, to me, that’s dangerous, because it has a tendency to lull us into a position of lethargythat has the potential to cause us to miss out on what we have been working toward for so very long and so very diligently through the time and experiences we have experienced.  Now, I know that many of us, not only us in this room, but worldwide, because of the Word we have believed, have experienced certain things as far as life is concerned.  Tribulation and trouble.  Anguish and pain.  Loss.  Sometimes, loss in the midst of our fellowship.  It would be a shame for us to have experienced all of that, to come to this point and miss out individually.  Hello?  Miss out individually with regard to the position or the place that God has reserved for you and me, you understand? 

As I was saying, there is something very ominous about what you all are doing with regard to the Word.  Something that has not been done heretofore, with the Word.  Now, this is pertinent, probably, mainly with regard to the United States.  I know that when we go to Africa and we have a meeting like this, they are very verbal about it, they are very vocal.  They put up placards and billboards and plaster them all over the city.  They go on the TV, they go on the radio, they announce, they are very verbal with regard to what they believe and the Word that is coming, and their willingness to share it with everybody.  It has not necessarily been that way with us in the United States.  Now, that does not mean we haven’t been, to some extent, evangelistic, but we really haven’t been.  We’ve been something of an introvert, withdrawn, and sometimes ashamed of the thing that we believe in because of the reaction, for whatever reason, with which people react.  “You’re a cult, you’re this, you’re that, you’re that or this, you’re fanatical,” you know, whatever may be.  The fact is, we have not done what other people have done with regard to the fact that we have a Word and we want to share it.  Now, we are doing it in the form that you all have initiated in this arena of Dubuque with regard to the Eschatology Series.  It’s not something that is being hid, as it were, under a pillow or under a basket.  It’s being projected out beyond your realm of familiarity.  That, to me, is ominous and the reason why it is ominous is because it seems to me, contextually with regard to scripture, to be in line with the aspect of the invitation and the things that pertain to the wedding feast.  Hello?  Now, I discovered something.  I discovered something that I believe was a revelation to me, and I believe it was God.  Now, you may not agree with it, and that’s your privilege.  I think that I came to a position or understanding that the wedding feast invitation is not something that necessarily comes to everybody at the same time.  I think that it’s apportioned, dispensationally, to segments of humanity in the time scope or the time frame that God apportions it.  Some people may get that invitation before you get it, you understand?  Hello?  I don’t know why, God knows why.  You know, He knows the people, He knows their frame of mind, He knows their potential, He knows their ability to accept or reject the message.  Hello?  And the reason why I say that is because, many years ago, we went out on the field to a country and the Word that the Lord brought to us, this was many years ago, was that God was bringing them the invitation to the wedding.  And there was a rejection of that invitation, there was a rejection.  This was many years ago.  Hello?  This was many years ago.  Now, however that fits into the scope of things, I don’t know, but I do know that now, in this arena, in this environment, God is once again moving in a manner or fashion with the household of faith.  Hello?  He’s moving once again with the household of faith, and there is an invitation that is being sent out.  The fact of the matter is, there was a rejection of the invitation before the sending or the expansion of the invitation that God was giving, and that’s the ominous part!  Because if you are a party, or are in fellowship with the extending of the invitation, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have accepted and moved to acquire your position that the invitation has given you.  Do you understand what I’m saying?  Do you really understand what I’m saying?  JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE IN FELLOWSHIP WITH THE FELLOWSHIP THAT IS SENDING OUT THE INVITATION TO THE HIGHWAYS AND BYWAYS DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN YOU ARE ONE OF THE GUESTS.  Your being apportioned as a guest is by your participation with the requirements of the invitation.  Your requirement of participation is on a particular level that is not set by your position of perception.  It is something that is done on a higher realm.  Hello?  It is something that is done on a higher level, a higher realm.  The perception of whether or not you have responded in a correct manner is something that is judged by God and the requirement that He has put upon you in your personal set of circumstances.  What was your response?  What was your reaction?  What is your participation with regard to the thing that God has spoken to you individually and collectively?  There is something more to Sons of God than coming to church and listening to a Sons of God message.  There is a requirement and a participation and a sacrifice that is required with regard….one would not leave his land, one would not leave his wife, one would not leave his cows, can you imagine that?  If you were to examine each and every realm of those excuses, they cover the whole spectrum of where you and I live and play and exist as far as our personal environment is concerned.  It was not just not coming [to the wedding feast].   It was that they were involved with other things.  We are all involved.  We are all involved with husbands, we are involved with wives, we are involved with children, we are involved with work, relationships, hello?  Hallelujah.  A lot of times those relationships take precedence over the aspect of what the invitation required in order to be in the wedding feast.  It takes precedence, and our lack of participation on a level of what God has required of us  Listen to me, brethren.  God is going to require everything.  I don’t know what it was, and I don’t know what the revelation was that you received that caused you to realize the position or the requirement of Sonship, but I know the Word that was delivered to me, and the requirement that God has made with regard to my position of participation.  It’s not religious theology.  It’s not religion, do you hear me?  In the aspect of theology, knowing something about God, or having something of an understanding of the business of God, there is something that God requires of me, individually, personally.  John said it very well, and he gave his life for it, he lost his head, that he might receive and retain another Head, hello?  He said, I must decrease, that He might increase (John 3:30).  Everything that was about John’s lifestyle was uncomfortable.  Was uncomfortable.  It was not fashionable.  It was not security minded.  He was not planning, as it were, his future, in the realm of religion.  He was looking for something beyond that realm of his humanity.  And the problem with us, many of us, is that our humanity is so hard upon us that we are not able to understand or perceive the divinity that God wants to give us, or to bring us into. 

There is something very ominous about what you are doing.  There is something very ominous about what you are doing.  It’s very easy to get up here, or in this type of environment, to clap your hands and sing, and to worship the Lord, and to move in the flowing of the Spirit.  It’s very easy.  It is easy.  It is easy!  It is easy.  To not do it is hard, because you have to resist the Lord.  You have to resist.  You know, one time my wife and I went to this place, and we went wading in this stream, and it was very difficult to wade up the stream.  When the water was coming against you it was pressing you, it was wanting you to go the other way, and you had to be very careful in walking up the stream because of that pressure.  That was difficult.  If we had just sat down, the water was deep enough, and swift enough, that if we had just sat down in the water and went downstream, it would have been easy.  So, it was more work walking against the flow than it was going with the flow.  It’s very easy for you and me to flow in the Spirit of God in this type of an environment because the water is coming from God, it’s coming downhill, and pushing us down to a position or place in the Lord.  It’s much more difficult to stand and resist the flow of God and there’s something that is very ominous.  I don’t know how I can relate it to you.  There is something very ominous about what is happening in our United States environment.  I’m not talking about September 11th.   I’m talking about the spiritual environment and the move of God, that God is moving from one realm to another realm.  I’m telling you, with every move of God, and when God has moved on, there has always been those that were so involved in the place that they were with God that they did not move on with God.  They did not move on with God.  I am sure that if any one of you or I were standing in a position here, looking up there, we would have said, “I wish we would have done what we were supposed to have done in order to receive what we could have gotten.”  Huh?  It’s not in here, it’s out there!  It’s at home.  It’s at home with the husband.  It’s at home with the wife.  It’s at home with the children, brothers and sisters.  It’s not in here that counts.  God doesn’t care about here!  He cares about out there!  Now, I don’t know, quite frankly, personally, maybe it’s because of my personal set of circumstances, I know what the will of God is for me.  I know what it is.  I know what God is requiring of me.  I know, because God has spoken to me.  And for me to do or be involved with anything else less than that, less than 100%, is sin!  That sin brings me into a position of condemnation.  Do you hear me?  As long as I participate with it, as long as I allow it, as long as I move in it, as long as I foster it, as long as I nurture it, it creates a set of circumstances and erects a barrier that will eventually, by my own hand, cancel out my position and my place.  It’s not that God has barred me.  It’s that I have recreated myself into a position that I am no longer conformable or compatible with the environment that I have called God.  And that’s what I think the whole story about the man with the garment was about, the garment that wasn’t the garment that he needed.  He was in there.  And he was accosted because he was not clothed in the proper manner.  It has nothing to do with how you feel about somebody else, or how you feel about your set of circumstances.  It has nothing, nothing whatsoever to do with that.  It has nothing to do with your personal position.  It has nothing to do with your discomfort.  It has nothing to do with the aspect of how you’re being used, right or wrong, do you hear me?  It has everything to do with how you allow the Spirit of God that is within you to fulfill the will of God in the place that God has planted you.  Anything less than that is sin.  Anything less than that is sin.  I’m telling you that the defining line between sin and righteousness as you climb into God becomes more indefinable.  Oh, we know that going to bars and all of that, that’s sin.   What about the aspect of, where there is no discernible line drawn, where the still small voice says, “Go left,” and I go right, or, “Go right,” and I go left.  Or the Spirit of God talks to you in the still small voice and presents a need or a facet of circumstances that God wants you to be participating in and you don’t participate in it.  For whatever reason, “I’m too tired,” “I don’t have the time,” “Oh here we go again, can’t they solve their own problems?”  Nobody likes anybody calling them up at 2:00 in the morning.  I like to sleep.  But if the fact that turning off my phone so that I cannot be disturbed, when I said to God, “My life is not my own, but my life is Yours, and to be used by You in any manner or any fashion or any set of circumstance,” or someone requires of me this, or requires of me that, or requires of me this or that or this, and I do not obey the unction of the Holy Ghost within me, to me, that’s sin.  To me, that destroys something of the godliness that has been deposited within my soul.  You know, the Bible talks about death being swallowed up into life, but I believe that the converse is also true, that life can be swallowed up.  I believe that the life that is in me can be swallowed up or smothered by my death.  Huh?  I don’t know, I don’t know.  But I know what the scripture says, I do know that.  I do know that.  And it’s on that that I can count.  It’s on that that I can rely with regard to the moving of God in my personal environment.  Am I doing all that I can possibly do?  Paul said of his own body, I am continually bringing myself into a position of what?  Containment!  It means that he was warring with his flesh right up to the point or the time that God allowed him to cross over into the realm of the heavenlies.  He was continually, that means from the beginning, in the aspect of doing and the thing that would happen tomorrow, he said, lest I miss out.  Miss out.  A young lady brought a word in our fellowship about Lot’s wife.  Remember Lot’s wife, huh?  Now, I don’t know what the condition was, but I do know that deliverance was offered to Lot’s wife.  Deliverance was ministered to Lot’s wife.  She came that close to making it.  She was out of the city, she was free, she was running with the rest of them, and they were all moving to a place of safety, the Lord was leading them out into a place of safety.  Yet something, maybe it was her children.  But on the basis of her children, there is a Word that the Bible quotes as an admonishment to you and I, with regard to our participation with the moving of the Holy Ghost.  If you allow anything to stand between that and the performing and the doing of that will, there is a consequence.  There is a consequence.  You know, she’s talking something more than just losing your physical life.  Talking about hell and damnation.  My goodness, God is not mocked.  Huh?  Many of you don’t even know or believe in the aspect of hell.  You’re going to believe it.  You’re going to believe it, you’re going to see it.  You’re going to see it, you’re going to see demons.  You’re going to see devils.  Would to God that we would be where we are supposed to be in that hour.  All of us in that position.  Old, young, it doesn’t make any difference.  In between.  But, my fear is, many who have toiled, many who have labored, are going to find themselves on the outside looking in. 

Praise the Lord.  I think there is something very, very ominous about what is happening with the Word, and the projecting of it out, because it means that the spirit of rejection is already at work.  It means that people have already, somewhere in the aspect of their attitude in their mind, have crossed the line.  That is not retainable.  Something very ominous about it.  And I think we need to be cognizant of that ominousness.  Praise the Lord. 


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