The Blood Prevails

July 29, 2007
Mahomet, Illinois

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I really feel that there has been a word on my heart for quite a while.  I shared a little bit of it before the conference and, amazingly enough, the conference was pretty much in line with that word.  I had not really been in conversation with anybody about the conference or with those who ministered as to that which was on their heart.  In fact, I missed quite a bit of the conference due to my, can I say, grave conditions.  G-r-a-v-e, as in, a hole in the ground.  But, nevertheless, during the meetings I was in I was very much aware that the thought of God was on the fifth position of the tabernacle.

I am very much disturbed by a philosophy I am seeing develop in the church and I would like to touch on that thought.  It has to do with our desire to know God.  The Bible says he that draweth nigh unto God God will draw nigh unto him (James 4:8).  I can assure you that God will give you what you need.  He may not give it to you in the fashion that you would like, but He will give you what you need.  I can guarantee that the way He gives it is the very best thing He could ever do for you.

There is a thought… I do not know quite how to develop it, but I was very much aware of it during the conference, along with the different things that were being spoken and different songs that were being sung.  First of all, let me say that I am not doing away with the position of Christ.  Without Christ, it would be impossible for us to do what we have to do.  Without Christ, we could not possibly do anything that we are doing or attain unto any position.  So, I am not doing away with Christ or His immutability.  Is that right?  Immutable is that which is unchangeable.  I believe what I have to share with you is, in fact, the plan of God, and one of the reasons why Jesus Christ came and did what He did.

I know that we really do not understand.  I have probably said this many times that we do not really understand the nurturing and training that has been taking place for the position of service that God wants to bring us into.  We are so prone to looking at the natural environment.  We are so prone to losing our spiritual perspective because of the pressure and the reality of the natural.  Consequently, most of the time this natural environment is more real to us than the spiritual realm.  But the Bible tells me that I am not supposed to know the outward husk of a brother or sister.  I am to know no man after the flesh, but I am to know all men after the Spirit (II Corinthians 5:16).  So that means that every person has a spiritual position.  Every person has a spiritual destiny.  But like you, I am sure, I find myself in many different sets of circumstances in which the natural begins to play a predominant role in my life.  The influence that it has over my mind and my being begins to bring me into subjection to those thoughts that are natural.  Lo and behold, before I know it, I am thinking and responding in a natural manner and it seems like the more I do that, the deeper I get into my carnality.  Yet all the time I know, or seemingly know, the reality of the Spirit, but the natural is in such a place of strength that it pushes aside that awareness.  Where I find myself at the end of the day is in a place that I really did not want to be.  Am I the only one that feels that way?  Hallelujah.  Well, that is good that I am not the only one, because misery loves company.  Maybe you are not as miserable as I am when I find myself in that position.  But nevertheless, whatever misery you have, we can share it together.  Hallelujah.  Some of us are not in a place of misery because we are not doing what the Lord wants us to do.  Instead many of us are in a place of misery because we are doing what WE want to do and not what the Lord wants us to do.  Or our misery is not in not doing the Lord’s will, it is because we can not do what we want to do.  Of course you are not like that, right?

Many of us do not understand what it is we are doing.  I want to be convinced that that is indeed the situation, not looking at it from a natural perspective, but a spiritual perspective.  I want to be convinced that many of us do not know what we are doing.  We are deceived, not understanding what we are doing because if you know what you are doing and you are doing it anyway, you are in trouble.  The Word says he that knows to do good and doeth it not to him it is sin (James 4:17).  That can apply to everybody, everywhere, in all things.  I can tell you one thing for sure, it can really apply to me if I am in a position and contributing to the fact of sin while knowing better and wanting to do it because I like the sin.  I am in trouble.  TROUBLE!  Because I am working myself toward a position where I will be unable to repent because there will be nothing left to bring me to a place of condemnation or self-judgment!  My God.  Hallelujah!  Can you say, “Amen”?  Like I said, I am concerned.

Someone brought a children’s word, and they began to deal with the fifth seal, the fifth position in the tabernacle, and the Lord spoke to me in the midst of that word and I have been chewing on it and chewing on it.

I was in conversation with Brother duCille this morning and he was telling me of an article or something that he had read concerning the message of 2008 and a prediction of an atomic catastrophe and this information was coming from some place outside of our fellowship.  Hallelujah.  My goodness.

I think that we are an end time people that really do not believe the end time word.  That is a great concern to me.  I was sitting and meditating and chewing on a lot of these different thoughts concerning the word.  I am inquiring of God, “My God, what is it that we are lacking?  We seem to have the revelation of the word, we have the knowledge of sonship, we have the mechanics of sonship, and we have the spiritual laws of sonship.  But it does not seem as though we really believe that it is necessary to implement these things in our environments in order for us to be in a place of safety because of what is going to happen.  Will we be in a position of security to bring forth peace and safety to those that are around us, not to mention our own being?”

I suppose it is very hard for us to comprehend what it is to be without electricity for a great length of time.  Some parts of the country know that to some extent.  I can assure you that most of the people in those devastated areas who had to live without water or electricity, if given another opportunity, they will have made some provision for the probability of some future event.  I am not saying all of them did.  Well, some of them could have been like that Mr. Harry over there on the side of Mount St. Helens when it blew up.  “This is where I lived all my life.  This is where I am going to die.”  Die he did.  In a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, everything was gone.  That was the spirit of suicide.  Somehow or another it seems to be working within the ranks of the body.  We have this mentality that everything is going to be the same tomorrow as it is today, when it is today that God is giving us the opportunity, the chance to be prepared for tomorrow.  Yet we twiddle our thumbs or do our little thing here or do our little thing there and we are so non-communicative as to what we are doing.  I do not understand that.

You know, I got a little twitch in my toe and my whole body knows what is going on down there in my toe.  In fact, it seems like sometimes my toe wants my body to know what is going on down there in my shoe.  You know, I walked around with this pair of shoes and this is how stupid we are or, how stupid I am.  It was a fairly new pair of boots and they were not really expensive boots but, you know, for my income they were about as much as I ever want to pay for a pair of boots, and they were good.  I only had them about six or seven months.  They were good.  I was taking care of them, finally and they were lasting, but something was going wrong in my right foot, in my right shoe.  Something was amiss down there.  My foot kept saying, “Hey up there!  Yoo-hoo!”  Of course, you do not think that happens but it really does happen!  Something down there in my shoe was wrong.  I could not see it.  I could not feel it with my thumbs or my fingers.  I would take my shoe off.  “Hey up there!  Something is wrong down here.  Would you take a look?”  “Ok, I will look.”  I do not see anything.  So the shoe goes back on the foot.  Walk around for a little while longer.  “Hey up there!  Do you not believe what is going on down here?”  “No, I do not believe it.  I did not see it!  I did not see it with my eyes.  I did not feel it with my thumbs.  There is nothing wrong.  Be quiet!  Submit to the boot!”

So I walk along a little while longer.  I do not know what it did but it did something to the bottom of my foot.  I finally made up my mind.  “Well, I guess I better get another pair of boots.”  But now I have this little thing on the bottom of my foot and I have had to work through it for some reason, for some time.  I do not know, maybe it is to remind me that I need to listen to my foot when my foot speaks to me.  My foot took the time to speak to me.  “Hey, I got a problem down here!”  It is sad that my response was to tell the foot to “be quiet!”

I think that we are like that.  Come on.  Two planes crash into the World Trade Center.  Three thousand people are dead.  Life changes for everybody that was directly involved except for our own personal environment to a small extent.  And we say, “Oh, be quiet!  I am busy!  Do not bother me!”  Or maybe I try to reason with it, “I can not afford it.  Look foot, I can not afford another pair of boots.  This is it.  Overcome!”  If you apply it to a spiritual principle and it is my right foot, I have a problem, which means I am not listening in the Spirit to what is going on in my body.  Now, how does that apply to me in the spiritual realm?  Well, the Word says that it is first the natural and then the spirit (I Corinthians 15:46).  What it tells me is that I need to pay attention to what is taking place in my body.  Hallelujah.

I do not know what it is that you think you are trying to acquiesce as far as God is concerned.  I am sure that all of us want to go to heaven, the land of euphoria.  Peace, birds singing, flowers blooming, serenity, and a new body.  Oh boy!  A new body!  Hallelujah.  My God.  Heaven!  That place!  We are going to hang on.  We used to be in the church and the little old lady down in the middle aisle, sitting in the last pew on the left-hand side said, “Pray for me.  Pray for me that I can hang on till the end, till Jesus comes.”  Well, all she was looking for was to die and get to heaven.  That is all she wanted to do.  That is ok.  That is ok if that is all you have.  If that is all you want, that is ok. Then we can pray that you can hang on to the end.  You can pray that you make that determination and the tenacity just to muscle or push your way through and to maintain your equilibrium to some extent.  That is ok, but that is not the context of the word or the thought of being a son.  What is it that you want in God?  Do you want to be a Baptist?   Then be a Baptist.  Be a good Baptist.

I had a young man come to me many, many years ago.  He told me what he wanted to be, and he wanted to be something other than what God wanted him to be.  Now how do you counsel somebody like that?  Well, I tell you how I counseled him.  I knew that he was going to be what he was going to be.  I told him, “You know, you can do anything you want.  You can be anything you want.  But whatever you do, do it as unto God.”  So, if you want to be a Baptist, do it.  Do it unto God.  I can guarantee you one thing.  You will not stay Baptist very long.  Hello?  You will not stay Baptist very long.  If you want to be a good Pentecostal, be a good Pentecostal, but do it unto God.  Hallelujah.  You will not stay Pentecostal very long, because God’s theology and position of doctrine is not Baptist.  It is not fundamentalism of being saved and getting into heaven just to escape hell.  God’s desire is not that you escape hell but that you destroy hell!

You have been called as the elect.  The Bible describes you as the elect of God (Colossians 3:12).  My God.  We are the elect?  I find that somewhat ironic, especially when I look in the mirror.  You know, I am not just preaching to you.  I am preaching to me.  Do you hear me?  I am making a declaration.

I am in sets of circumstances that I would just as soon not be in.  I am in circumstances that never in my life did I ever think I would wind up where I find myself about six hours a day doing what I am doing.  If you think that there was ever something in me that wanted to do that, you are so totally, absolutely mistaken.  You could not be farther from the truth.  You know what?  That grill is not the only thing that gets hot.  I am just glad you are not around.  There are some things that come out of me and I go home at night and I am just dragging my feet and my head is down between my legs like an old whipped puppy.  Did you ever see a dog that you just scolded the dog out of?  He gets down and he just grovels around and kind of whimpers away.  That is like me sometimes at night.  I get up in the middle of the night and begin to cry out to God about my flesh and self-attainment and all of the things that go with it in that realm.  Yet, God sees fit to just bring me right back again and again and again and again!  What am I supposed to do?  Complain about God?  Am I supposed to open my mouth and condemn the Man who put me in this position?  I need to listen to my foot!  My foot is telling me something.  My foot is giving a message to my body, sending it up those little sinews and all those nerve endings that my backbone has been translating.

You know, there is no deterioration of the message.  If I tell Peter something and he tells you something and it goes to that one over there, by the time it gets back here, it is something totally different from what I said.  It is amazing how that works.  Words get twisted and turned around to something that you never said.

Somebody got so mad at me one time they would not talk to me.  Can you imagine somebody not wanting to talk to me?  You can not imagine, I know!  They were mad because I said something from the pulpit.  They said, “You said so and so.”  “No, I did not.” “Yes, you did.”  I said, “Ok.  You get the tape and listen to it.”

Thank God for tapes.  They were not listening for edification.  They were wanting proof.  They wanted the evidence so that I could be held accountable and that the judgment could be “guilty!”  You know, they never came back to me, but I know that I never said what they said I said.  I do know what I said that they interpreted.  Oh boy, some of you have the gift of interpretation of tongues.  Did you know that?  I mean, I can say something in English and you can go out of here and say something that I did not say and you have just interpreted something that was in a foreign language.  Oh my God.  Hallelujah.

Let me talk to you a little bit about this doctrine or philosophy that I see rising up in the church.  I might not say what the Bible says just yet.  Let me put it to you this way, if I may.  There seems to be some thought that somehow, in some divine, miraculous way that God, in the midst of our tribulation and trouble, is going to move extemporaneously.  Suddenly and outside the parameters of my consciousness.  We think that somehow, extemporaneously God is going to miraculously, divinely move in our circumstances to deliver us.

 You do not believe that, do you?  Yes, you do.  Yes, you do.  Do you complain about your circumstances?  Do you complain about your tribulation?  Do you complain about this personality?  Do you complain about that over there in that form or that form?  Or do you have any kind of complaint?  Are you absolutely, totally enthralled with the business of God in the place that He put you in?  Are you rejoicing exceedingly glad in the midst of all your tribulation at all times?  Well, then you qualify.  You are eligible for this position, this doctrine.  You have the capacity, the potentiality to stay a nominal Christian.  Oh yes, you can say, “You do not know my circumstances.”  You are right.  I do not know your circumstances, but Jesus knows your circumstances.  If I believe that I am His child and that I am really working towards Him, I should want more of Him.  If I believe that I desire the position of excellence with Him and if I want to be in that place of relationship with Him, then He is somehow in control of my set of circumstances.  Amazing, isn’t it?  Can you come to that conclusion?  Oh yes.  It is easy now when we have the air conditioners going, the fans going.  You do not have anything to do but sit there and listen to me.  No trouble, no pressure, nothing happening in your life that is pushing you or pressing you.  Well, some of you.  Others are a little more sincere.  Some of you are a little deeper, or not so superficial.  Some of us already have plans for what we are going to do next week or next month, or in a year from now.  The Bible tells us that you should not think or worry about tomorrow, but you should be what?  Concerned with today.  Why?  Because it says that the evil of the day, the present time that you are in is what?  Sufficient!  Can you imagine that?  It is sufficient (Matthew 6:34).  It means that it is more than what you are able to handle, more than what you are able to bear, more than what you are able to count on because in that moment you are either going to make it or break it.  Then you have to start all over the next day.

You know, some of us are in the same situation day in and day out because we are just so thick headed.  Well, you are not, but I am!  Praise the Lord.  I must have had somebody praying for me a lot.  I mean, a lot.  I mean, a real lot!  Because I know how bad it was.  I know how bad I was where I was at.  You know, if I could blame it on a midlife crisis, that is what I would do.  I would!  But even if it was a midlife crisis (if men go through such a thing) nevertheless, whatever things that are happening that are bad, I have a responsibility to focus upon He Who has called me and for what purpose He has called me.  I cannot look at my circumstances.  My goodness!

This may get a little personal.  I looked at my bank account and said, “Well, you know, I am doing pretty good.  I have a little bit of breathing room.”  That was before my bookkeeper got to it.  After my bookkeeper got to it I said, “What you are doing?”  And she had the audacity to laugh.  “Ha ha ha!  Look what I did to your bank account!”  “Somehow, my dear, I do not find that humorous.  I do not find that humorous!”  Now I want to tell you something.  I had just gotten myself out of a hole.  I had just crawled out of an emotional black hole.  I had not yet seen the rim of the light of day.  I had the promise and then all of a sudden it was all snatched away!  And I am supposed to say, “Praise the Lord?”  My God.         

Wrong mentality.  I have a wrong perception of my calling and my election.  Oh, I want to be a son.  I want to sit on the right hand of God.  Oh yes, I want to be a son, ruling and reigning.  Oh yes!  Crucifixion?  What?  What does that have to do with sonship?  Christ has already been crucified.  He paid a debt that I did not owe.  I owed a debt that I could not pay.  Christ paid it for me.  I rebuke you, Satan.  Crucifixion?  I am a son.  I am in the position of ruling and reigning.  I do not want a cross.  I want a throne!  Of course, you want a cross.  Brother Ravenhill said, “The foot of the cross is always crowded.  The foot of the cross is always crowded, but there is always room on the cross.” We do not want to be crucified.  “Oh yeah, He did it already.  Why do I need to be crucified?  He has already been crucified.”  I tell you why you need to be crucified.  Jesus said that you were going to be crucified.  “If they did it to Me, a green tree, in its strength, prime, and glory, what do you think that they are going to do to the dry tree?” (Luke 23:31).  My goodness.

Do you know what?  I came to the understanding that I was not born to rule, I was born to die.  I do not mean physical death although if that is necessary, then so be it.  But that is His to give and His to declare.  My hope and aspiration is to say, “You do not take my life from me.  I lay it down!  And as I lay my life down so shall I again pick it up!”  Oh my!  Oh, heresy, right?  Well, if it is heresy, it is the right kind of heresy, because I believe it is gospel.  Hallelujah.  It says that if a man does not what?  Take up his cross and deny himself (Mark 8:34).  How do you deny yourself?  Come on, tell me.  Is buying a new car, or this or that, or clothes or food or making sure you are warm and clothed and all of those sorts of things, is that being crucified?

If you have a coat, what are you supposed to do?  Give it away.  What are you supposed to do with the extra in your pocket?  Give it away.  What are you supposed to do with the one mite that you have in your pocket when you do not have any extra?  Give it away.  You know what?  The giving away determines the position of excellence that you have with God.

The whole aspect of how willing you are to be crucified determines the place of the glory of the resurrection that comes to you at the end of the day.  Do you not understand that?  Every man to his own order (I Corinthians 15:23).  Isn’t that what Paul wrote to the Corinthians?  Hallelujah!  My God, my God.

How carnal is it that we are in the place that we are living where everything that we are doing is self-oriented.  Of course, that is not you.  That is just me.  The problem is that you do not understand the position.  We can not even come to the place of the fifth altar because our soul has not yet been sanctified or freed from sin.  We think that we are a people most fortunate.  We think that we are a people most blessed because we can approach unto the fifth altar.  I want to tell you the fifth altar is the offering of the sanctified soul.  Not a soul that still has a me-ism complex or a self-appointed attitude of self preservation.  There is no room for me-ism.

In Hebrews 11 it says that they died not receiving the promise.  There was a promise.  I believe there was a word that they saw in the Spirit of being like unto Jesus Christ and they did everything and yet they did not obtain, for whatever reason.

Paul himself said, “I am a man that is born out of due season.  I have the revelation.  I have the understanding.  I have the experience.  I have the strength” (Acts 22:28).  Do you know that I believe that Paul had the strength in the Spirit?  It was not the place.  There was yet a body to come.  It was his last position.  It was his final test, I believe, with regard to Paul laying down his soul upon the golden altar.  Now he is assembled in the great cloud of witnesses seeing those things that he spoke about worked out in the realm of the living (Hebrews 12:1).  My God, how must Paul feel when he looks at a lethargic, self-oriented, me-ism church that is struggling for survival?  Not survival in the Spirit, but survival in the natural, thinking about their position of preeminence and all the things that are in that arena.  My God!    

Where is the church today?  What comparison is the church today with the church then?  My God.  John the Baptist said, “I am like a voice crying in the wilderness,” a wilderness of hard heartedness, self-appointment, self-orientation, self and me-ism.  “Crying in the wilderness, prepare ye the way.  Make straight the path.  Make straight the path” (Matthew 3:3).  You know, there is a straight path that leadeth unto salvation.  It says also that there is a narrow gate (Matthew 7:14).  My God.  We need to rise up in the Spirit.  We need to rise up in the Spirit in our own personal set of circumstances, in our inward environment, and begin to take possession of the land that was given to us.

My soul is mine for an inheritance.  Do you know that?  It is mine.  The Inheritor has bequeathed it unto me.  I can sit back and wait for God to move some magic wand that He is never going to move.  God is not going to move any magic wands.  He may heal you.  He may bring some sort of financial blessing.  He may move in your circumstances to give you strength and vitality and some assurance that He is still around.  But what about the hour, what about the day that you find yourself hanging between heaven and hell and the words that come forth out of the midst of your mouth are, “My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?”

Is it a position of lost faith?  No.  It was a reality of what happened and a question that was birthed out of the agony of the moment.  Did He lose His salvation?  Did He lose His place?  Was His sacrifice any less acceptable?  Absolutely not, because He maintained His position of integrity.  It was not an accusation.  My God.

How is it that you and I are going to stand in the realm of Paul’s position of faith?  He was a man who had not yet attained but had the revelation.  “I have run my race.  I have finished my course.  I know what lies up ahead of me” (II Timothy 4:7).  What if God says you are going to die tomorrow?  Paul had the knowledge.  He knew his time was finished.  He knew his course had been run.  “I have run my course.  I have finished.  I know that there waiteth for me” a what?  “A crown.”

What if somebody came to you and said, “On the morrow at 2:00 your soul is going to be required of you.”  What are you going to say?  What are you going to do?  I tell you what I would probably do.  I would try to find any means I could to eliminate the fact that my demise is most imminent.  I would try to find some way for self-preservation.  I found out the only way that you can self-preserve something in that realm is to pickle it.  That is not what I want.  That is not the position that I aspire to or desire.  I want a commendation.  Do you hear me?  I want a stamp of approval.  I do not want the “Woulda, coulda, shoulda,” award.  I do not want the “Well, you did all right but you could have done better.”  I want to be in that place of relationship with Jesus Christ, so I have to know that tribulation, the place of my pressure, my agony, my confinement, my cage that I have been put within, that it has been erected on the basis of what I believe to be the way of the Lord.  Hallelujah!

How can I begin to move contrary to my position of being the bondservant of the Lord, in any other way but in an affirmative manner?  Well, I want to tell you something; I am not always affirmative.  I do not know that we really understand the calling and the election.  Jesus had a very simple explanation.  He said, “Thou fool, knowest thou not that a corn of wheat must first fall into the ground and die or it abideth alone?” (John 12:24).  Oh, yes.  We give up this.  We give up that.  We do not smoke, we do not chew tobacco, and we do not go with the people who do.  We do not do that.  We go to church.  We do this.  We do all of the normal things that Christians do.

It is time to stop carrying the cross.  Carrying the cross does you no good.  If the time is to be hung upon it, you can carry it from here to Timbuktu and back.  You can testify to its power and its ability to save and all of those things, but it will not do anything for you until you are up on it.  What it needs to do is to crucify you and me and bring us to a place where we are hung between heaven and hell and the offering that is ascending to God has a sweet smelling savor.  Ever think about it?  That your destiny is going to be determined by how it smells in the nostrils of God?  No wonder it has to be the sanctified soul, because you know God does not want any flesh.  I think somewhere in the Bible it says that flesh stinketh. (John 11:39)  Does it not allude to the fact of the scent of flesh arising to God is a stench in His nostrils?  And the action of God was what?  He wiped them out, didn’t He?

The word we had at this July conference was a very serious word, and we want to get away from it.  We really do.  We want to get away from it.  We want to go on to other things.  We want to run on to the next thing and get something that sounds a little better.  We have this theology that somehow God is going to work out our salvation with a magic wand.  You are the magic wand of God.  You are the magic wand of God and the only way that God is going to be able to do anything is if you do it.

Jesus hung on the cross and His final words were, “It is finished!” (John 19:30).  What more could Jesus do than what He did when He said, “It is finished”?  What work is yet to be done?  The work is given to you and me to do.  Not the overcoming of this principality and this power on a glorious white horse riding through with our shield of faith and our sword and slaughtering the enemy.  It is a manifestation of Jesus in us when we are persecuted, when we are brought down to the spot of the abyss and we can cry out and say, “The Blood prevails!”

Thank God for the word.  We are putting Mavis duCille’s word in the K.I.T. Bulletin.  I encourage you all to read about the Blood of Christ prevailing.  The word is short, but very profound.  She tells of the incident when Cecil was in Africa and how the demons came in and they taunted her to “plead the Blood.”  Can you imagine a demon telling you to plead the Blood because the demon knows that in your mind it is only a temporary thing?  It is something that is just temporal and your faith is about as thick as your hide is when it comes to somebody doing something to you that you do not like.  The Lord spoke to her not to plead the Blood, but that the Blood prevails!  It means that it begins, and it goes on and it lasts until the end and then it is still in a position of prevailing.  You know, you do not have any idea.  Some of you have no idea.

I had a dream.  In this dream, I died and I went to heaven but I found out it was really hell.  I was really concerned about this because I thought, “My God, I have been working and if this is as close as I have gotten, I am in a lot of trouble.”  I was in a place and I was worried until I saw Brother Cecil.  I said, “Well, if he is here it can not be all that bad.”  But there were demons and devils, princes all around.  Who was it who had the vision of the body with demons coming in on the body?  Yes, Tommy Hicks.  Demons were coming in the body and it came down and it devoured the flesh and then they devoured something else… the inner structure.  But when they came down to the core all they could do was polish it.  (This might be mixing two separate visions.  In the Hick’s vision, when the body began to arise the demons fled.  Cecil had a vision of a piece of watermelon where the birds pecked away at the fruit but when they got to the seed they polished them.) Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

So the devil has begun to get you and me into a place where we are absolutely in a position of despair.  And yet, in the place of that frustration and all of the things that you are doing that are not working and everything around you is falling apart, God has got to get you down there in that place.  You can stand up in the midst of that hell, darkness, and all that temptation that is coming in on your mind and tempting you, your flesh here and there, the spirit over here and over there coming in devouring this and devouring that.  It gets down to the reality of who you really are in the inner core of your being and the thought that the Blood prevails.  The Blood prevails!

Job had the revelation.  He did!  How in the world does God look at things?  I read Job and what he speaks here and what he speaks here and I think, “Is God deaf?”  You know what I mean?  Because, he sounds to me like he is complaining.  He sounds to me like he wishes he were never born, like he wishes that he were dead and that he is not worthy of this thing that has come upon him.  Does it sound like that to you?  Am I the only one who reads Job?  Yet the Bible says that Job did not transgress against God with his mouth.  So, there is really something there because God was not listening to the words evidentially that were coming out of the man’s heart and mouth because of the position of his complaint and the place of his physical condition.

He was bankrupt.  Oh yes.  Bankrupt.  He was bankrupt!  Come on.  His body was full of boils.  You know, he was in this condition for three years.  Three years!  How would you like to sit on an ash heap with a potsherd for three years listening to so-called friends telling you how bad you are and what you should do to repent?  Then everything that comes out of your mouth justifies their position of righteousness.  Yet it says that Job did not sin with his mouth.  There was something of a reality that Job had.  “Though worms eat my flesh.” (Job 19:26)  He sat there watching the worms eating his flesh.  That was the only congregation that he had to prophesy to.  “Worms, eat my flesh.  Go ahead.  Eat it up!  Devour it.  But this I know.  This I know!  That same flesh that you are consuming, that you are devouring, that you are pulling off of me bite by bite, piece by piece, it is with that same flesh that I am going to stand before my Creator.”  HALLELUJAH!  What kind of faith did the man have?  What kind of vision?  What kind of understanding?  My God.  He is an indictment against the church of God in this hour with the revelation that we have.  My God!

You know, I am very pleased with the Divine intervention of God.  I am.  I need it more and more in my life.  The older I get and the closer we get to the end, the more I need that Divine intervention of God.  But there is an expectation that I believe God has of me concerning my set of circumstances.

Jonah had the revelation also, you know.  Quite frankly, to me it seems to be a position of self-sacrifice.  The boat was in peril of sinking.  Men’s lives were in peril of being lost.  Wasn’t it?  He said, “Well, I am the reason for all of your trouble.”  Oh my goodness.  The fortitude of the heathen in that hour.  They did not really want to throw him over.  You know what?  If some of you were in that boat and I said that I was the problem, there would be no conversation.  I would be the first thing that was jettisoned.  Oh my God.  It is funny, but it is true.  They did not want to throw him over.  He had to convince them to throw him into the sea.  My God!  All these things are written, God notices all these things.  Do you know what I mean?  He puts us into circumstances, puts us into a situation and puts the pressure on, turns the fire up and all we can do is complain about how hot it is or how much we do not like to be there.  I am talking from my personal experience.  It is not that God is going to come down and wave some magic wand and deliver me out of my set of circumstances, my trials, and my tribulations.  I have to ascend.  I have to rise up in the Spirit to get to a level of understanding that no matter what happens out here, I will overcome.

“Oh king, live forever but knowest thou not that even if thou dost kill us…” what?  “We will not recant.  We will not acquiesce.  We will not say something derogatory or negative about He who is our God” (Daniel 3:25).  God could have delivered them with an angel.  He did, but they had to go through the binding.  They had to go live in a position of captivity.  Can you understand what they went through?  They lost their masculinity.  They had been humiliated.  Hallelujah.  Been used and used and abused.  There was an experience and a history behind them that brought them to that point.  We just want the man in the fire.  We want the fourth man experience, but you can not have the fourth man experience unless you go through the captivity, the destruction of home and all you know, all your love, your fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, all of those things destroyed and carried out.  They were royalty.  Do you understand?  They were in a place of favor.  The things of the land were theirs and they were brought into a place of servitude.  They were emasculated at the whim of a man and they were to serve him.  Their life hung in the balance as to his whim and moods, so he thought. 

All of that was preparatory.  We are not told what they had to go through and experience.  We are not told of the emotional turmoil, the mental turmoil, and the agony of the things that went on, the conversations they had in and amongst each other, the weaknesses of their flesh.  We are not told that, but I can guarantee you there was something working in their human nature that was trying to convince them that God was a figment of their imagination and they needed to bow down to Nebuchadnezzar.  They needed to humble themselves before the image of this man’s enormous ego.  Had they not maintained the position of integrity, had they not understood the reality of the thought that it was something more real than imaginary or legends of the Father.  There must have been some sort of demonstration all of their life that God would move and show the reality of Himself.  Even the fact that they found favor in the midst of the court, hallelujah, to such an extent that the other princes were jealous of their position and wanted to have them.  Their whole thought and intent was to bring them to that place of death.  Wipe them out.  God looked down upon the situation and judged them righteous.  He deemed them as righteous.

Oh, it would be great to be thrown in the fire, wouldn’t it?  Well, I stand in front of a grill.  I sure do not want to get on it.  But there is something of a calling and determination that I have to make concerning where I want to be at the end of the day.  I must decide what I am willing to do in my present set of circumstances, concerning the issues of my tribulation.  I have to come to the point, that even in this grave Jesus is Lord.  Even in this position.

Death, you are a spirit and therefore in subjection to the power and the unction and the anointing of Jesus Christ.  Work your wiles into me, in my set of circumstances.  Work your wiles upon my flesh.  Do your thing in my mind.  Do your thing in my emotions.  But this one thing I know, the Blood prevails.  The Blood prevails, and I have a desire and I have an aspiration that out of the dust and the ashes of that which is left, and if it be God’s will to have it consumed right down to the last fragment, then let it be so.  Out of the dust of that ashes shall come forth beauty and I will know the resurrection power and I will demonstrate to you your inability to thwart or to divert the plan of God.  God bless you.


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