October 10, 1999

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Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! My! My! There is a word that the Lord has been speaking to me for a couple of days, probably more than a couple of days, but I know for sure that it has been a couple of days. That word is righteousness. Brother Peter touched on the scripture this morning when he was talking just prior to the children’s meeting, and the scripture talked about Abraham and the position and the place that Abraham had with God. It talked about the relationship that Abraham had with God and what it said was that Abraham believed God. It’s found in the Bible in three different places in the New Testament and each place it is a little bit different variation. I don’t know what the destiny is that you feel that you have in God, but if it doesn’t line up with the destiny that God has for you, then whatever destiny it is, it is not going to bring you to a place of fullness. It will not going to bring you to a place of peace and knowing that you have moved into that place that the Bible calls pleasing God. Many different religions, or religion per se, they all have different destinies. Did you know that? The Baptists have one destiny, the Methodists have a destiny, the Presbyterians have a destiny and their doctrine is built on the premise of what their understanding of that destiny is. The Pentecostals have a destiny, but most of these churches, although the Pentecostals are not so much considered an outer court ministry, are in the outer court. The problem is that the thing that they are involved in or the place that they are working to obtain is not the finished position. Let me repeat that. Those destinies are not the finished objective that is in the heart or in the mind of God.

Last night we were having Bible study. We have been studying for a number of weeks, a number of months, both on Saturday nights and Wednesday nights, about the character of man and the agent of death that works in man and his harmony with the kingdom of Hell, or if you would prefer me saying the kingdom of death, then I will use that terminology. Whatever terminology we use to describe it, it still is a position or place that separates us and brings us out of harmony with the environment in which God desires us to be. I think that some of the sons of God message, the “come-out-of-her-my-people” people, the “come-outers,” the “kingdom people,” whatever the terminology we use, that terminology, I believe, brings a deception on us because it creates another destiny. Do you hear me? It creates another destiny. Our destiny becomes that of being a son of God without the thought or the recognition of the intent that God has with regard to you and I being sons. Many times because our perception isn’t correct, because our aspiration, our hope is on some portion of that thought that isn’t the fulfillment of what God desires, when those expectations do not come to fulfillment, we become frustrated, do you hear me? Often times we fall, or we become despondent, or we turn and walk away. We throw up our hands and we quit. Why? Is it because God has changed? God doesn’t change. He says that He is the same today as He was yesterday, and He’ll be the same tomorrow. So it must be something wrong with regard to our position or our place of perception of the destiny to which God has called us. I believe, if you were to ask me to simplify that destiny, I could probably sum it up in one word. That word is righteousness. Righteousness!

Now, the problem with you and I is, we all have a different standard of righteousness because most of the righteousness that we have retained is done through the moral legislation of law and government, even on a natural level. Righteousness is different. Did you know that in the culture or the land that you go, or the environment in which you grow up, all have different perceptions of what is called righteousness? I remember very early on reading a story by Don Richardson, who was a missionary to New Guinea. He came across a tribe which he wrote a book about. One of book is called Lords of the Earth and the other one is called Peace Child. I believe that it is in Peace Child where he described the culture of the tribe where the art of deception was considered the epitome of being a man. The greater the deception, the more that someone would trust you, the more that someone would rely on and put confidence in you, and the greater the fall when it came time for the betrayal, the greater the man that you were. So the aspect of righteousness, you hear me, in that environment, righteousness was being the biggest liar and the greatest deceiver. In the environment and culture that you were in, you were given great honor.

So our perception of righteousness is something that is much lower than the position of an all-seeing, an all-knowing God, a God that describes His own position of integrity by a word that the Bible calls “righteousness.” Some of us as men, as husbands, as fathers, we feel that a degree of righteousness can be measured by what we do with regard to our family. Women and wives and mothers, there is a determination of righteousness of how they respond in the environment in which they are in. All of these things come to bear with regard to you and I in our relationship with God and they formulate in our minds a definition of righteousness that is less than that which God has prescribed as righteousness.

It says of Abraham that Abraham believed God, right? It says that he believed God. Let us look at first of all in Romans so that we know that it is a scriptural position that is afforded to a man of flesh and bone. Romans the fourth chapter, beginning at the first verse. 1 What shall we say then that Abraham our father, as pertaining to the flesh, hath found? 2 For if Abraham were justified by works, he hath whereof to glory; but not before God. Now, if you do not think that this is not pertinent to you and I, you are mistaken. There were many things that Abraham did in the course of his life with the demand that was put upon him as far as the command that God gave him. Do you understand me? There is a commandment that God gives us with regard to righteousness and living in a right manner with our fellow men. Not only with church people and we seem to be somewhat more righteous on a surface level with our church people oftentimes than we are with those who are unrighteous or outside of the environment that we call Christian. There’s something wrong with that. There’s really something wrong with that because it shows that we do not understand, we do not perceive from the position of God what righteousness is all about! Now, how many of you like tribulation? How many of you like tribulation and yet the Bible says that for your sake as well as my sake and for the sake of God, tribulation is a necessary factor of experience in life that you and I are supposed to experience! You know why we don’t like tribulation? Do you really want to know? Because we don’t understand righteousness. We don’t understand the quality or the character or the integrity that is in the word “righteousness.” Righteousness is not indicative of an attitude that you have with regard to someone. Do you hear me? Attitudes can change. Do you know that? You can be very congenial and very friendly with me until I say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing or do the right thing at the wrong time. Then you can become very upset with me. Why is that? It is because your attitude toward me, your congeniality, your communion with me, your camaraderie with me is not based upon the precept of God’s righteousness. It’s what is right according to your perception. This is where you and I have the most difficulty, the most trouble with regard to what we call Christianity. Because we have set a standard of righteousness that is far less, far below that of righteousness that God speaks of when He says Abraham believed God and it was counted unto him as righteousness. Now, does that sound to you like something abstract? It does, yes it does. How do you touch righteousness? How do you know when you come into contact with righteousness? It’s an abstract terminology. It’s a religious vernacular that the church uses and you become familiar with it because of the environment which you are associated with. But you don’t understand it. We don’t understand that righteousness is not an idea or it’s not an attitude, it’s not a position or demeanor that one has! It’s indicative of nature. Hello! It’s indicative of nature. The problem with the church today is not in the aspect of the lack of righteousness, it’s the necessity or position or place or the lack of character. Why do we do what we do when we do it and we know what we do when we do it is not what we should be doing? Do you get that one? It’s what Paul said in Romans. Do you hear me? O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death? (Romans 7:24) The more that you know righteousness the more that you understand righteousness, the greater the cry that begins to rise up out of the depths of your bowels to be delivered from what you and I call “Adam.” If you’re not crying, if you’re not travailing, it’s because you are not seeing or you are not recognizing or know righteousness. I want to tell you something. The man that moves in righteousness, the man that understands righteousness, the man that is seeking after righteousness will bring conviction in the environment in which he resides. Hello! Did you hear me? Do I need to repeat that? The man who is looking for righteousness, the man who desires righteousness, the man who is aware of his own deficiency of righteousness will bring conviction in the environment in which he resides! The place of his working, of his living, if there isn’t that persecution, if there isn’t some manner of force that rises up to put him out, or to snuff out that portion of the light.

Brethren, I’m talking about the church. I’m not talking church out there, I’m talking church in here. The church is in a lot of trouble because we have set as our destiny knowledge, revelation, and understanding with regard to the message or the theology of what it means to be sons of God. We’ve got all the vernacular down pat. We’ve got the Greek, we’ve got the Hebrew, we’ve got the concordance, we’ve got the Thayers, we’ve got all of the Lexicons, we’ve got the Amplified Bible. We’ve got all of the theology down pat, but we haven’t got the substance of it inside of us! When the devil comes, when the devil comes, when the devil comes and he turns up the heat, something begins to melt. It’s usually our religious veneer. We become frustrated. We become stupefied, we become irritated, we become agitated, we become depressed, we become oppressed, we become angry! We become stubborn! Under the right set of circumstances, under the right heat… Do you know that it says that in the last day all the elements of the earth shall melt with fervent heat? (2 Peter 3:10) Is it talking about this world out here? Come on! Is it talking about the grass and the corn? Is it talking about the trees and the mountains? Is it talking about the rivers? Is it talking about the lakes, the oceans? What is it talking about? It’s not talking about any of that. There may be places that burn with fervent heat, but the whole earth, the Bible says, shall abide forever. There is a heat that is coming to this church! Do you hear me? Hello! It says judgment first begins at the house of God! (1 Peter 4:17)

You know, this was supposed to be an encouraging message! It says judgment begins first at the house of God which house you and I are! I’ve been in the church for a very long time, not the church out there. My sojourn in that church was short, but it was enough to give to me the revelation of hypocrisy that is in the midst of the religious world today. You know, I was a sinner. I was a sinner and I could see the hypocrisy of the church. But the hypocrisy that was in that church should not be in this church. It is having the knowledge, but denying the power thereof! What power? To heal the sick, to raise the dead, to prophesy, to be able to quote Bible scriptures? You know, you can quote Bible scriptures by rote, by memory. You can go right down from Genesis 1 and end up in Revelation 21 and quote the whole Bible, but unless it’s working something of integrity in your character that is immovable, it is worthless, worthless, worthless, and it brings to you a deception because it sent to you a destiny that you are not called to! One thing the church is sadly lacking, one thing, one thing, one thing, one thing is INTEGRITY. Integrity that does not falter, does not fail, that remains in a position of absolute, even if everybody turns against you!

You know, if a man begins to move under the desire for righteousness and he moves in the wrong manner, do you know that there is an honor that is given unto him in God? Do you know that God sees his desire for righteousness and God will bring correction into that man’s life and that man or that woman or that child will hear the correction of God and they will turn and they will move to God and God will bring him into a place of fruitfulness?! Why? Not because his theology was wrong, but because he had a willingness in his heart to hear God! His willingness didn’t come by his participation in religious activity. It didn’t come from memorizing scripture. It came in the demonstration of the wretchedness of his own soul! Paul said, O wretched man that I am! (Romans 7:24)

He said, O wretched man that I am. We’re saying what a good man we are. “What a good woman I am. What a good boy I am.” There was a little nursery rhyme we use to say. “He stuck in his thumb and pulled out a plum, ‘What a good boy am I.’” We have been sticking our thumb in the spiritual pie of Sonship and all of these goodies and we’re thinking, “Oh, my. Look at this, this is what I am going to be in God!” It’s not wrong to have a vision. It’s not wrong to have a position or a place or an understanding to which God is bringing you and I, but if that is not bringing righteousness, if it’s not changing your nature, if you’re the same today as you were yesterday, you and I are in trouble! We’re in trouble! What happens is that we don’t get closer to God, the wall goes up and the thickness of the wall begins to accumulate! God said, they that worship me, must worship me how? Spirit! Truth! They must go together. Two prongs, two legs, two hands, they must work in harmony with each other. You can have all the spirit you want. Have all the spirit you want, but if you’re not moving in the spirit of truth… Truth about what? Truth about you. Truth about the position, the place that you’re in. We had a message that came. “Rend your hearts and not your garments.” We had a message that begin to define the perimeter of that word that came to us. Do you hear? There’s no need to rend your heart if you’re not in a position of trouble! Rending of hearts come from a position of need. Come on, brethren! I’m talking about a word that came on the fourth of July. Do you remember the word? Has anything changed? Has God said anything further, has He brought some revelation to you and I that we need to know that we’re no longer in that place? We get so caught up. We get so caught up. We get so caught up in our activity of being religious. Self-sufficient! Self-sufficient! We have pride and we are arrogant. It says that Abraham was not justified by his works. (Romans 4:2) Do you hear me?

When God said, get thee up out of the land of your kindred, he packed his bags. Do you hear me? He packed up his bag, he packed up his family. He put them on his mules, he put them on his camels, and he led them out. THAT DIDN’T MAKE HIM RIGHTEOUS! For he went down into a place and he lied! It didn’t make him righteous. What made him righteous was that there was something that was in him that was desiring something other than the nature in which he was born with! He knew that in God, somewhere down the line, that there was coming somebody that was going to bring a remedy for him! It says of the scriptures, it says Abraham saw the day of the Lord. Jesus, I believe, was the one who said it, he said, “Abraham saw my day.”(John 8:56) There was something that was irreversible going on in the substance of his soul that when he came to the point of being 99 years old, the promise that was given him was not for naught. Do you hear me? Because he believed God. Because he believed God. He believed God. He believed God. He believed in the reality of God. You and I do not believe in the reality of God! Given the right set of circumstances and the right environment, watch our mouths begin to work. Watch our feelings of agitation and irritation begin to rise up. Let us watch our demeanor of how we become oppressed, depressed, suppressed. You know Paul, I believe, had an understanding. We do a lot of talking with our mouths. If you’re not guilty of it, then you just have to pray for me. We do a lot of talking with our mouths. We can talk up a talk. We can really talk a good, a good church word. We can really talk a talk. We can talk it. We can talk it! We can talk it better than any people. None of us has gone to theological seminary. Hallelujah! We haven’t been indoctrinated on that level, but more, that there are more people in this way of life that can talk the talk of being religious and be right up there by their talk. But there’s something sadly, sadly, sadly, sadly, sadly, sadly, sadly lacking in the evidence of their lives!

Now, I don’t believe that I am being harsh or critical. I’m trying to encourage you! I’m trying to bring you to a position that will agitate you. Not to rise up against me and smite me with your mouth, but to rise up and begin to turn to God that God might have the work and the way of your life!

I don’t know. You know, there are some very serious, there are some very serious decisions that one has to make with regard to righteousness. Righteousness is the demand. Righteousness is the demand. Righteousness is the fruit. Righteousness is the position and the place of the calling. Righteousness! Not for your sake, not for my sake, not for the community’s sake, not for the world’s sake, but for whose sake? God’s sake! Because He says He desires to have a people who are holy, who are pure. Hello! Who moved in what? Not the integrity of humanity! Not the integrity of Christianized humanity, but in the integrity of God! That is Christianity. There’s something very costly. Costly, do you hear me? Costly! We’ve watered it down. We’ve pulled it out. We’re like the man with the thin Bible. We think that it doesn’t apply to us because we’re baptized in water and filled with the Holy Ghost and we speak in tongues and we prophesy and we move in this arena, we move in that arena, we testify to the blood of Jesus Christ! But if all of that comes and it is for naught in regard to your own personal environment, you are in trouble! You are in trouble! You are in trouble! The maladies and the attitudes we’re seeing in the young people are not something that is just pertinent to that generation. It is not some new thing that they are going through as if it were strange. It’s a manifestation of what we have fostered in the bringing up of our youth, in the realm of Christianity. Not by word, we’ve been very faithful to deliver the word! But the problem is in the homes. The problem is in the homes! Church doesn’t start here! Church starts out there in the home! If there’s not a demonstration between husbands and wives, if dad and mom are not pursuing after righteousness, then there is a problem, there is something that is going on that is adverse to the will of God! It’s working something in you that is unseemly. It’s working something in you that is going to bring destruction. If you as a child, if you as a young adult are not moving in the home with preference and respect for your parents, there is something wrong. You can’t come in here and play your guitar and sing your songs and move into an arena of being spiritual. There is something wrong, you are deceived! You are deceived! You are deceived and you’re moving down the road that is going to bring destruction and there is going to be a heat that is going to come that is going to melt your Christian vernacular veneer. It will change your Christian vernacular to words that the world speaks.

The Bible says that the elements are going to burn with a fervent heat. I think we need to turn over to that scripture. It’s in II Peter, I believe. A man said that second Peter had a lot of good things. Or Peter had a lot of good things to say. I found that to be very true. I find that they all have a lot of good things to say. I pray for the spirit of revelation and understanding, that we might understand. That we might understand. Not just to get up here and preach another message. I don’t want to get up here and rail and bring out, as it were, the goad or the whip. I’m talking with regard to the desire that God has for a holy people. Was it not God that said that they shall be a holy people unto me? Don’t we have a song that we sing? Holy, something, something, something. They shall be holy unto me. For I the Lord thy God am holy. How holy are we? Well, I think we’re pretty holy. Hole here, hole here, hole there, hole here! Holes all over in our demeanor, in our position of integrity, in the position or place of righteousness.

You know, one of the things that really amazes me is when we as individuals begin to get down to business. Well, a little business. The heat gets turned up. The screws get tightened down. We get our thumb caught in the crack, boy, we can get very spiritual, very quickly, very fast. We can begin to pray, “Oh, God, I want your direction. God, I want your will in my life. God, will you speak to me? God, will you bring me into that place of deliverance? God, will you work in my life? I want to be in that place of deliverance. My Lord! God, I want to be righteous,” and that’s when we get into trouble. Because God begins to answer us. He’ll raise someone up that you don’t like. He’ll raise someone up that brings a word that rubs you the wrong way and he’ll begin to move in that fashion and that manner. What happens is you’ll begin to be agitated. You’ll begin to squirm around in your little seat for awhile. You’ll begin to deny the very thing that you asked God for. If you cannot believe and love your brother who you can see how can it be that you can love God who you can’t see?(1 John 4:20) How can you love God who you can’t see?! Why do you think that God wrote in the word that in the multitude of counsellors there is safety? (Proverbs 11:14) “Oh God, I want to hear Your will. I want to know what You want me to do, God.” You go and you ask of the brethren, “What is the will of God?” and God speaks and you say, “That’s not the will of God.” You didn’t believe. You didn’t believe what you spoke. You didn’t believe what you prayed. You didn’t want the will of God. You wanted your own way. You wanted to do your own thing!

I’ll take my glasses off and that way you all just blur together. I can’t be accused of looking at one individual and pinpointing. What we don’t lack is a multitude of words! What we don’t lack is a position or a place of opinions! Oh, my! This Body is so full of opinions and most of them are based upon hypothetical conjecture. Not scripture.

I’ve heard preachers say that they believe this book. “I believe that this book is the infallible, indisputable word of God.” Question them on it and see what happens. Question their theology. Question their statements. Question their scriptures that they are using. Question them, not in a disrespectful manner, not in a manner that is usurping or lacking that position of respect. But asking them for the purpose of possessing truth. I’m telling you that if you believe that this word is the will of God, then you must believe God when He says let every man be ready to give an account to that which he is called for.(Romans 14:12) What are you being called for? Just to be a preacher? Just to save souls? Just to minister in some obscure, out of the way place? “Oh, well, I want to come to the epitome of Christianity. I want to know and have the love of God flowing through me because it says in the Bible without love everything is tinkling brass and sounding cymbals!” Isn’t that what it says? But you know, love is not something that is mushy, gushy and ooey, gooey. It’s not something that’s based upon a sentimental feeling. How many of you get mad at God? Nah, you don’t want to raise your hand on that one, do you? If you really love someone, can you get mad at him? Absolutely not! Not if you love them the way that God wants you to love them. Not if you love God the way that you are suppose to love Him. “Oh yes, God, I love you so much and I know that you love me. I will willingly submit myself to this fire. Oh yes, God, here’s my head in the vice. Crank it down one more turn! Oh yes, God! Oh yes, God! Heat up the fire a little hotter! It’s not hot enough yet, not hot enough! Sizzle! No, God it’s not hot enough! Crank it up a little more, God! Put the butane to it!” Is that our attitude? I think we get down to the mullygrubs and we begin to say, “Oh God, save me. Move me, God! How could you do this to me? Haven’t I given you my tithes and offerings? Haven’t I given you my time? Haven’t I testified for you? Have I not waited so patiently? Waited so patiently? One year, two years, three years, four years, five years! Haven’t I waited for you so patiently, God? How can you do this to me?” You don’t know God. Your perception, your position or your relationship with God is out of sorts. You have a destiny in God that God does not have for you. Present your bodies a living sacrifice.(Romans 12:1) How many of you know that verse? How many of you have quoted it? With an expectation of the knife that is coming! Don’t believe it. I don’t believe it. I don’t believe it. Hello! I DON’T BELIEVE IT! Fire comes, fire falls, knife begins to cut and we begin to cry out, “Oh God, have you forsaken me? Have You forsaken me? Where are You?” We start knocking on the door, but He’s not answering.

I believe that there are times when God withdraws His presence from us. Not necessarily because we are rebellious, stubborn, or even contrary to the will of God, but as He withdrew Himself from the presence of the Shulamite maiden, that the Shulamite maiden might get up out of her place of comfort. Comfort! Comfort! Comfort! We’re all very comfortable in our own little environment, in our own little niche! Very comfortable! Very comfortable! Let someone come in and disturb our personal environment. Little things! Little things! Little things that go on in our lives. Little things that motivate us not toward God, but toward unrighteousness and they should be motivating us to God. Should be motivating us to God! Should be making us and pressing us to God. We come home from work and begin to complain about those at work. We come home from work and say, “Oh, so-and-so did this and so-and-so did that. How could so-and-so do that and how could so-and-so do this? How could he do that? How could God put me in this place? Why am I stuck?” Do some of you feel like you’re stuck? Feel like you’re stuck in your position, your place? “What’ll I do? Where’ll I go? I’ve got to support my family. I’ve got to do this. I’ve got to do that. I’m stuck! I’m stuck! I’m stuck! I’m stuck!” Why are you stuck? God stuck you! God put glue on the bottom of your feet and He planted you, and then He agitated your circumstances around you! Why? It says, “Like a tree that’s planted by the water, I shall not be moved.”


You know, we have been doing some planting out here. I don’t imagine that tree liked what I did to it. I broke one of its limbs. I disturbed its root base. I dug a hole and slammed it down in there. I took a shovel and went all around it. It said, “I’ll show you. I’ll just drop all my leaves.” We’re like that. We get moody with God. Oh yes, we do. We get moody with God. We might take it out on our wives, or our husbands, or our children, but we are really mad at God. We really are! We might take it out on the one that is at work or the one that is close to you in your personal environment. It has nothing to do with them. They may not be doing what is right. They may not be doing what is righteous. They may not even know what righteousness is. It makes no difference! If you’re a child of God, God is in charge of your environment. How many of you want to change your environment? My mother used to say to me and somewhere it’s in the Bible, I think, because most of the things that she said to me were in the Bible. She said, “Bloom where you’re planted.” Bloom where you’re planted. I’ll tell you, if you bloom enough, profusely enough and begin to produce enough righteousness, righteousness! Character, character, character, integrity, God begins to move up in the midst of your soul and your situation will do what? Get worse! Just get worse! Get worse! Get worse! Get worse! But all the time leaves are coming out. The bud is beginning to swell! Hallelujah! And the little thing begins to form. That little fruit begins to form and it goes through all the elements and all the hot and the cold and the rain and the dirt.

Boy, I’m really thankful for some of the experiences I have, some of them. Not all of them but I’m coming to that point, I think, where I can be thankful for all of them. I’m coming to that point just as soon as I get rid of some more of this garbage. Some more of this baggage, some more of this humanistic, humanistic, pessimistic nature that is called Burt. I think I can praise them all, but you know, one of the experiences I really appreciate was the old pruning tree. My, when God would talk to me, He’d talk to me and He’d talk to me when I would get out there in the almond orchard. We’d go to work on pruning the trees and some of those branches were too big for my pruning shears. I had a long pair of pruning shears. Had long handles on it and a very sharp blade. Had to be sharp because when you cut the limb, it not only cuts it, but it seals it. Do you hear me? It seals it. It seals it. It keeps things from getting inside of the tree. I could probably lop off a branch that was seven inches around, with that long handled pair of shears, but sometimes it took the chainsaw. You can hear it out there in the orchard, roaring. Sawdust and chips would fly everywhere. You’d come out all covered. How many times have you heard the chainsaw and you’d be, “Oh my, oh me. Oh my, oh me, that hurts. That hurts! That hurts! It hurts!” Of course it hurts! It’s supposed to hurt! It says, present your bodies a living sacrifice. Is there something in your nature that needs to be changed. Changed! To our dismay the only element by which God changes us is fire. Fire! Now you can suffer all types of persecution and you can go through tribulation, but if you’re not having your sights affixed upon the destiny which for God has called you, it’s for naught. You will suffer! You will suffer! You will suffer! You will suffer! You will suffer! You will suffer and you will suffer until there comes a point in time that you will tolerate no more suffering. And when you reach that point, you will turn, you will walk, you will move away from God. Hello! Hello! That means that all the suffering, all of it from the point of suffering began to bring you into righteousness to the time when righteousness began to manifest to that point in time, is for naught. It’s for naught. It’s for naught. It’s for naught! You know, it’s a tragedy! That is a tragedy. That is a tragedy! That is something that should not even be thought of, but it is going on. Do you hear me? It is going on. Brother Campbell’s vision, should I have to remind you was of the “Come-out-of-her” church. Stuffed full. Stuffed full. Stuffed full of things and wearing many garments. Come on, brethren, we haven’t passed through that phase because we’re coming around to a new year, a new time, a new place, a new convention! Come on! Things haven’t changed. Things aren’t any different. There has been no moving or earth shaking that has had a manifestation of God coming forth in the manner and fashion that God wants to demonstrate Himself. It says in II Peter 3:10, But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. Now, I realize that this day of the Lord is probably referring to the great day of the Lord when the Lord moves in that last final stage. Things might already begin to run with the fervency of the heat.

You know, I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it. I did. I’ve witnessed it in individual lives. When the devil has come in through the means of a door or a window of humanity and begin to administer unrighteousness in the mind. They allow the unrighteousness to fester or the deception to move and there came a time that the heat became so intense that that which was underneath was set at liberty to manifest itself. Now, if you don’t think that is scriptural, you turn right around with me to II Corinthians, the fifth chapter, and let us read at the first verse. II Corinthians 5:1, For we know (we know) that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God… Do we really know that? Do we really know that? If we really know that, why do we fear tribulation? Why do we fear trouble? Why do we fear persecution? Why do we fear death? Why do we fear it? Why? Why? Why? Because we don’t know. We don’t know. We should know, but we don’t know. We have a confidence with the things that are stuffed in our pockets. We have a confidence with the things that are adorning our bodies that are hindering us, that are preventing us from moving into a position or place of righteousness. No one should tell you what is righteous and what is not righteous. You have the Holy Ghost inside of you. …if this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. 2 For in this we groan…

I see a lot of giggling, I see a lot of laughing, I see a lot of frivolity. I got in real trouble one time when I was up here and I used that word, but nevertheless, I see a lot of it. I see a lot of it in my life. I see a lot of it in the lives of the Body of Christ. Do you hear me? I see a lot of it. For this we groan. I don’t hear a lot of groaning. I don’t hear a lot of groaning! We have prayer every other Friday night, but it seems to interfere with a lot of your personal business. It seems to interfere with a lot of your personal desires. It seems to interfere with a lot of your personal intentions because there is only a few, only a handful that come. Do you hear me, only a handful that come. You can count them maybe on one hand! Setting a time aside for God. Maybe I don’t pray the way that you want me to pray. So what! Maybe you don’t have anything to pray. So what! There is a position or a place of commitment that you have with regard to the fellowship that you are connected with, if God connected you! The fellowship doesn’t always do what you might want it to do, but there is a position of prayer that you can go and you can pray! It’s not just turning around and coming because I said something about it. You know when it really comes down, when it really counts? Is when you keep doing it and you keep doing it, and you keep doing it, and you keep doing it. You don’t see anything. You don’t feel anything. You don’t see anything happening. You see the people dwindling. They’re getting worse and worse and worse and the participation is falling off, but because of the pressure and because of the integrity of character of righteousness, you keep the commitment! You keep moving! You keep pressing! You keep praying! You keep doing it whether you want to do it or not. You do it and you do it and you do it and you do it and you do it and you do it and you have no business not doing it until God says, “Don’t do it anymore!” There’s a point, there’s a place that you and I can come to where God will say, “Alright, the cup is full. I’ve heard your request.” You know how I know that? Because I’ve been there, do you hear me? I’ve been in meetings where God said, “The cup is full. Not another word comes out of your mouth,” and I stood up and began to minister. Boy, was I in trouble. I’ve had prayer for individuals and God said, “Alright, I’ve heard your prayer. No more prayer.” Why do you need to pray if God says, “OK, I’ve heard.” Find something else to pray about. “Alright, God, I’m ready for the next one. Next burden, next level of tribulation and persecution. I want more righteousness. I want more righteousness! I want more righteousness!” “Oh, why do I have to come out here and clean? All I do is push brooms or chase dust all over the walls.” So what! So what! Commitment! It’s not the dusting. It’s not the sweeping. It’s not the brushing off or getting in order of different things. It has nothing to do with it! It’s obedience to the responsibility and the commitment that is required of you by your affiliation and association. If you don’t have that commitment, you need to be some place else. You need to be doing something else some place else. Do you hear me? Do you know that in the Pentecostal church I felt a responsibility to move in the gift and the calling and the election of God? I didn’t know what it was, do you hear me? But I felt a pressure to be there in the service and be involved and the service being what it was. Hello! When they would say to me, “Will you participate in this and this?” “Well, I don’t know, I don’t know. I’m going to be doing this. I’m going to be doing that.” No! “Yes, yes, I want to participate!” They had youth night. They had Wednesday night. They had Sunday night. They had Sunday morning. They had all of these different things going on. Do you hear me? It wasn’t in the structure that was working something in the order of God, that I was in the order of God in wanting God. Do you hear me?

God put me into a place of labor for 10 years. Do you hear me? For 10 years I labored for a man that I had no desire to labor for. Every morning, every morning, every morning, every morning and every day! Labor, labor, labor, labor, labor, labor! I stayed there. I wanted out. Many times I wanted out. “Oh God, where are you? Where are you, God? How could you put me here? How come you’ve forsaken me? How come you’ve left me?” You don’t get integrity by being able to produce some religious expletive with regard to what a Christian is or the theology that you believe because you’re a Christian. That has nothing to do with it! It is a demonstration of power in your life that causes you to be righteous in your attitude! Did you know one man shared with me years ago, something that stuck with me through the years? He said, “Righteousness must not only be righteous, it has to appear righteous.” It’s not enough for me, not enough for me just to say that I want to be righteous. It’s not enough for me to believe that I’m working toward righteousness. There must be a demonstration of righteousness in my life.

You know, out there in California, we were kind of isolated out there after the initial entourage of ministry that we got. Isn’t that like God? He brings in a lot of water, a lot of fertilizer. Hallelujah! And He works up the ground all around you and things are glorious, things are beautiful. You’re sitting up there in the heavenlies and you’re seated with Christ in heavenly places. Hallelujah! But then all of sudden everything dries up, everything withers, everything just seems to evaporate. Twenty years, twenty years do you hear me? Twenty years! I never had a fellowship much greater than about 15 or 16 people and you know what? It turned over on me three times! In that twenty year period! That means there would be those who would come in and they would go on in God and then the word of God would begin to come and begin to flow, not just from me, but from the tapes and the visitations of individuals. It wasn’t just individuals that are pertinent to this fellowship. I can remember when C. L. Moore used to come through or he’d stop. Five people! And most of that was my family. He would minister to us and encourage us and give us a little drink of water. Hallelujah! Back then we didn’t have the prolification of tapes or videos. We didn’t have all that back then. What we got is what we heard. Oh, there were tapes, but it was all this charismatic garbage that was going on out there in that time frame. You’d listen to it and you’d know and you’d walk away like you’d been drinking something other than pure water. Day in, day out, day in, day out, day in, day out, day in, day out, day in, day out! For what? For my sake? For the Body’s sake? For the place in California’s sake? Absolutely not! FOR HIS SAKE! He desired to produce something in that environment that was conducive to righteousness! Now, I’m not saying that I am righteous. I’m saying to the degree that I submitted myself to my circumstances, it worked within me an ability to believe God. It wasn’t that I responded correctly at all times because I didn’t. I can remember one time walking out to the service yard of the ranch that I was working on, looking up to the stars and almost shaking my fist in God’s face and saying to God, “I don’t know whatever it is that you are requiring of me, but whatever it is that you are requiring of me, I can’t do it. I am withdrawing myself from this position or this place. I’m resigning.” He said, “Oh, yeah? OK! OK! Alright, you resign. Fill out in triplicate, submit it.” Boy, I thought I was in trouble before that. After that the heat really turned on. God began to press me, press me and you know what? He pressed me right down into the dirt and I began to cry, “Where are you, God?” He said, “You said you’re resigning. I’m leaving. I’m out of here. You don’t have anything more to do with Me anymore.” I said, “I didn’t mean it! I take it all back! I take it all back, God, I take it all back! I repent! I repent! I repent! I repent!”

For in this we groan…earnestly. We’re not groaning earnestly. We’re not groaning. We’re not even groaning. We’re not even whimpering. We whine. I’ve got a little grandson. He’s got it down pat. He’s got it down pat. “whimper, whimper…Can I have a Band-Aid?” He’s got it down. He’s got it down pat. He’s got it down. Oh, your little heart goes pitter-patter. “Oh, you poor little thing.” We whimper. We don’t groan, we don’t groan, we don’t whimper. We’re whining, we’re whining, we’re whining, we’re whining, we’re whining! “Oh God, you’ve forsaken me? You left me out here in the cold all by myself. God, what am I going to do? How could You give me such an employer?”

Earnestly desiring! That’s why we don’t groan because we’re not earnestly desiring to be clothed upon. We want something else. We want to be clothed with something else. We want to be clothed with security. We want to be clothed with contentment. We want to be clothed with happiness, prosperity. We want to have children. We want to be married. We want to do this or we want to do that. We want all of these other things that we’re thinking, thinking all the time that we’re manipulating God by saying, “Praise the Lord,” and, “Hallelujah,” and, “Oh yes, I want to be an overcomer.” Okay, you want to be an overcomer? Let me take away your security. Let me take away your substance. Let me strip you financially. How many of you have a bag with holes in it? How many of you have a bag with holes in it? Oh yes, I’ve experienced the bag of holes. He said, “Your bag has holes in it because you’re doing something with your money that you should not be doing with it.” You’re paying for things that you should not be paying for and those things that you are paying for should be going somewhere else. Coming to naught! The Bible says that we are to lay up treasures in heaven, hello, where neither moth nor rust nor thieves…(Matthew 6:20) What are thieves? Well, it could be that new computer. It could be that new boat. It could be that new car. It could be that interest that you are accumulating on that savings account. It could be a lot of things! Thieves, thieves, thieves, thieves! Thieves! Thieves! Thieves! I want you to tell me, is there any bank or financial security that you can give to or invest in that will give you back, pressed down, running over? Then why do you put your money there?

I had a little money one time. One time! It’s getting so far back there that I’m forgetting about it! But I had a little money one time. I said, “God, I have all this money.” Well, it was a lot of money to me, when you don’t have anything and you get something and you really think you got a lot. “Oh, boy. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I’m going to go buy a car. I’m going to go buy shoes. I’m going to go buy this! I’m going to go buy that! I’m going to buy new things all over the place! God, I need to put this money somewhere. Need to put it, need to put it, need to put it! I want it to give me back more money. More money, God! I want to put it somewhere. Oh, I can bless the Lord. Oh yes, I can take the increase and give it to You! Where can I invest it? Where, God? Where do You want me to invest it?” I should never have asked Him that question. I was alright with everything else preceding that. I should have just left it there. He said, “Invest in the kingdom of God.” I said, “What’s the interest rate?” He said, “Pressed down, runneth over.” He says, “You can’t even fathom or determine that amount of interest.” It says that it is incomprehensible to man’s mind or thinking the interest which God will give to you on that which you will invest in Him. It may not come the first year. It may not come the second year. It may not come the fifth year. You know, you may not even live long enough to collect the interest on a natural plane, on a natural level. But you know something, someone might be the beneficiary of your investment. Paul said, “I have stored up, laid up in heaven,” hello, “a crown, a crown, a lavish, ornate crown. I have it laid up in heaven and it’s waiting for me!” You know what? I am a return on His investment. Think about that. You know that his crown has been growing since the day that he died? Do you not think that that investment, that original investment of his life that he poured out to the church, do you not think that the investment of his own flesh, his own skin, do you hear me, as it was flayed off of his back and as the blood dripped down his back and into the ground, you don’t think that God was not aware of every drop of every particle of DNA that was falling from his bones? Absolutely! Absolutely! I believe, I believe, I believe, I believe that there is a return to that investment that he is reaping because I’m a product of his investment. Hello! What he has suffered. What he went through. His shipwrecks, his beatings, and ultimately, his beheading brought me to a position of acceptance of Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour. You talk about pyramid systems. He has a piece of everything that I do. Do you know that? Because he’s responsible for some part or some portion of the ministry in which God has placed me and the obedience that I give to that ministry, God brings something to his credit, his position. God is just, He’s absolutely just. If we could do nothing else, He says, “Invest in the kingdom of God!” We’re investing in retirement. We’re investing in layaway programs, 401K’s, 401C’s, 401D’s, IRA’s, RAI’s, whatever they are. Squabbling for higher wages, squabbling for this, scratching for that. Hallelujah! Don’t have time for that type of environment! Don’t have time to clutter up my thinking with that type of mentality! God says invest in the kingdom of God. There’s something of integrity that comes back to you! And God does not wait.

God does not wait until you die. We always had an open home and by that I mean that God would bring young men, young ladies, into our lives that we would begin to nurture. They would come to us because they really had no other place to go and we would open our home and they would live with us. They would live with us and we would treat them like they were our children and we would minister to them righteousness. Do you hear me? Sometimes the rod of correction. Sometimes the praise of doing something and doing something well and seeing the result of it, but nevertheless they lived with us. One man lived with us for 5 years. Five years he lived with us. Hallelujah! Do you hear me? There was a marking of righteousness and you know, there was a payback that God gave me on a natural plane with regard to my own children. I have never had to worry or fear of them being out of my sight or out of my control because there was something of the investment that I made then that God redistributed to me in the aspect of what happens in their lives individually. There has always been someone there to overshadow them, to nurture them and tutor them in the things of the Lord. I remember one young man came to me and said, “I want three things.” I said, “Alright, what are the three things that you want?” He says, “I want a good job. I want a wife. I want a good car.” “Well, okay, all right, I’ll pray with you.” He lived with us for 3 years. At the end of three years, he had a car, he had a wife, and he had a good job.

There is a position of ministry that requires sacrifice. There is a position of service that requires commitment. Commitment! Not mouth or lip service! Doing with the hands! Doing with the hands! Doing with the hands! You come in and the floor needs sweeping, you look for a broom and you begin to sweep it and you begin to praise the Lord while you’re sweeping. Or you go out there and you begin to pull the weeds. And as you’re pulling the weeds, you begin to think about the sins in your life and you say, “God, I want you to remove that spirit of anger just as easy as I pluck that little weed out of the ground. God, I want you to remove that shame, that guilt that I have with regard to that incident just as I pluck that little weed out of the ground.” And you keep plucking. And you keep plucking. And you keep plucking. No one else may come. No one else may pluck. No one else may even be aware of what you’re doing, because you’re not doing it unto people, you are doing it unto God. And God sees and God hears and God responds! You come away from the place with some portion of integrity. You know, the problem with some of us, we think we are above that. “Oh, I put in my service, I’ve put in my time, oh, I’ve done that,” or we try to buy our way into righteousness. You know, that was Simon’s problem. You know what the word of the Lord to Simon was? He says, “Your money perish with you.”(Acts 8:20) You can’t buy your way into the kingdom, if God is expecting something from you other than financial support. If He’s expecting you to get your hands dirty, stained, oh, yes, stained, dirty, rough and worn, if that is what He’s expecting, that’s what He’s expecting! That’s what you need to do on a natural plane, a natural level! Why do we kick so hard against the pricks? Why? Why? Why do we kick so hard against the pricks? Why? Why do we kick so hard against the pricks? Because our destiny, our perception of what God wants is not the perception that God has. It’s because we want something else. We want something else. Something else! Something else! And the something else will not get us in, will not get us in to the place where we are wanting to be as far as God is concerned. I’m going to bring this to a close, so you guys can rest easy.

Psalms the 24th chapter. Let us begin to read at the first verse. You know, I appreciate the administration that Brother Femi has because he really likes the Psalms. He really likes the Psalms. I don’t spend a lot of time in Psalms. There are other portions of the Bible that speak to me so much more than the Psalms do, so I am very, very, very, very appreciative of the ministry which the man has with regard to the Psalms. Verse 1 it says, The earth is the Lord’s. Now, there are two earths. There are two earths. You understand. There’s the earth out there and there’s the earth in here, our bodies. The earth is the LORD’S, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein. 2 For he hath founded it upon the seas, and established it upon the floods. 3 Who shall ascend into the hill of the LORD? or who shall stand in his holy place? Look what He says. 4 He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; Clean hands and pure heart. Hello. Clean hands and pure heart. Deals with the external as well as the internal. It’s one thing to have the external, but you have to have the internal for the external to be worth anything of any value to you! It says, who shall stand in his holy place? He that hath clean hands. Where are you wanting to stand? You want to stand as a mother who’s done her job in raising her children in the best way that she could? You want to stand as a husband who is able to support and provide for his family in the manner and fashion that he should? Do you want to be a son or a daughter that has the attitude of respect and reverence for those who are in authority over you, not only your pairnts? Because if you don’t have it for your pairnts, if it doesn’t start in your home with your pairnts, it will not go over or do anything on any other level! Do you want to stand in the Holy Place, His Holy Place? Do you want to be in the place and the presence of God? It says then you will have to have clean hands and a pure heart. It means that the motivation, the integrity of Christ in you has to be the thing that is motivating you to do what you are doing.

…who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity… Oh man, we could just get started on that one and we’d go for another hour and a half. You’d love that, wouldn’t you? …who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, or vain activity. Vanity is suppose to be all dealt with right out there at the brazen laver. We try to bring it into the Holy Place. Get a little money. Get a little freedom. Get a little luxury into your life and what do you do? There was a young man that said something to me. Had a little money and he was interested in spending it and he evidently found the object on which he wanted to spend it. I said, “Have you prayed about it?” He said, “What for?” I said, “So that you can know the will of God.” He said, “Well, I pay my tithe.” I said, “Well, yes, you pay your tithe, but to be a profitable servant means that you have to go above and beyond the thing that is required of you. You are pressed, you are pressed, you are pressed to pay your tithe and the truth being known, if it weren’t for the pressing, you probably wouldn’t pay it!” The Bible says that he that hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity. Now, He’s telling you how it is that you can have clean hands and pure heart.

You know, when I started working, my mother was very, very legalistic in some things. But I’m glad for that because it taught me discipline. Do you hear me? She didn’t have the reality, I don’t think, of the actuality of all that, but she was very legalistic. When I started working, I started working for my dad at a very young age at his place downtown. In the course of time, as I got older, I went out on one of his ranches and we were working out there and we were doing what we call swamping peaches. I wasn’t really a fast worker. What is swamping peaches, you ask? Well, they used to pick peaches in what were called lug boxes. Fifty pound lug boxes. They pick in bins now, big bins. They go out there now in a tractor and fork lift and they haul those bins out on the loading area, but we use to go in with our tractor and our wagon and we’d swamp. We’d take those peach boxes and load them on top of this trailer and we’d usually stack them up about 12 high and I was always okay. I was never a very strong person. I don’t know. I always thought I was, but I was hardly able to get those high ones up there on the top of the stack. You know, I worked for my dad, so he didn’t really pay me too much. He didn’t really pay me too much because he figured that it was pay back for him in the investment that he made in me. He paid me something and my mother, religiously, made me take my tithe. I got paid, it worked out to be about seventy-five cents an hour. For hard work! We’d start at six in the morning and we’d work until about 2:30 in the afternoon. I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a peach orchard in California at 2:00 in the afternoon. It is hot. Wind blows everywhere else except there. It blows all around. You know because you can see the breeze moving out there, but it’s not blowing where you are. It’s hot and you’re sweating. Your sweat is dripping off of you! You can’t see! Things getting into your eyes! Peaches come with a fuzz on them. I think God did that just to irritate me. They come with a fuzz on them and though you weren’t picking the peaches, people had been picking peaches all day. They’re not gentle with it. They go in there and just pick and they dump those boxes and that fuzz just flies everywhere. Flies everywhere! You can’t see it, but my, you can feel it. It gets in your eyes. It gets in your ears. It gets in your mouth. It gets down in the back of your shirt and it doesn’t just lay there passively. It begins to tickle your skin and it tickles, tickles and you begin to itch and you begin to scratch. You almost scratch yourself bloody by the time you come out of there. And you get this portion of seventy-five cents. It works out to be about seventy-five cents an hour. And I had to pay tithe, I said, “I worked hard for this money!” She said, “It’s not your money.” I said, “I worked hard for it!” Not your money, give it to God.

We have an attitude. We have an attitude. We have an attitude. We have an attitude when it comes to money. Why? Because we don’t have clean hands or a pure heart. Why? Because there is something of vanity that is working in our lives! Hello! Hello! Hello! Something of vanity! Boy!

…nor sworn deceitfully. Does not lift up his soul in vanity nor sworn deceitfully. You know, we swear deceitfully. “Well, I’ll do that. Yes, you can count on me.” We don’t do it. “Oh yes, I’ll be there on so and so and so and so.” When so and so comes along, we don’t do it. “Oh yes, I will take care of that,” and it doesn’t get taken care of. We, by our position of our responsibility, accept the position of maturity in the things of God and God expects something of us. We say, “Oh yes, God, I’m going to give you my all. I’m going to give you one hundred percent. I’m going to give you everything that counts.” We do not do it. We don’t do it. Why? Because our perception, our destiny, our goal is something other than the destiny that God has subscribed for us. You know, the dangerous thing is that God will give us some of the things that we lust after. Position, possessions and the problem with that is that it begins to become all-consuming. It becomes all-consuming. I have seen men who have worked on jobs become consumed by their jobs. Their jobs becomes the paramount of their existence and it’s something that is robbing their time, robbing their energy, robbing their strength and vitality with regard to their position of responsibility in the Body of Christ. My Bible says that it is the responsibility of every joint to supply something that is necessary for the edification of the Body or the building up of the Body. That means that you can not just be in the Body. Being in the Body is a full time job. You know, what if my hand only worked on weekends? What if my foot decided that it was only going to function on Wednesday night? “Oh, this is Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. I don’t work on Tuesdays or Mondays or Sundays or Saturdays or Fridays or Thursdays. I just work on Wednesday.” It says every joint has a responsibility to supply something to the Body. What are you doing with your position of ministry? What are you doing with your position of responsibility? That doesn’t mean just getting up and testifying or ministering some word of God. It means moving in the integrity of righteousness that is in your soul! Clean hands and a pure heart! “Oh, God, I put in my time.” Oh, my. “Lord, I’ve been in the ministry for twenty years, it’s time for some of these young people to begin to go to some of these places that I don’t want to go.” “I want you to go to India.” “Send somebody else, God. I don’t want to go to India. There’s Miaciah, send Miaciah. How about Peter, Peter Herrig? Send him to India. Send this young man over here, David. Send him to India, God! I don’t want to go to India. It’s time for You to raise some of them up. I’ve put in my time! I’m looking for retirement!” You know, I don’t think that I would be so fortunate as Elijah. That would be pretty neat, wouldn’t it? If I could just retire and just be caught up in a flaming chariot and just hop into heaven. I think that would be pretty nice. I don’t think it would work that way. I don’t think He prefers me that much.

4 He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully. I got a little note in my Bible with a ring around vanity. It says “self-interest.” He shall receive the blessing. “He” who? Who is “he”? Who is “he”? Who is “he”? You know, some of the blessings that we’re being blessed with that appeal to our vanity are not God. Chew on that one for awhile. Some of the things that we are blessed with are not God. It’s not God because the blessing that we are blessed with is keeping us or diverting us from doing what God wants us to do! Keeping us from performing the will of God. He says, 5 He shall receive the blessing from the LORD, and righteousness from the God of his salvation. 6 This is the generation of them that seek him, that seek thy face, O Jacob. Selah. It says that when we seek God with all of our hearts, with all of our souls, we shall find Him. I wonder, though, that when we find Him, what will be the response? Will we be glad that we found Him? Will that which is inside of us, match what is in Him? Will it be, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord? (Matthew 25:21) Or will it be something of the nature of, depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity? (Luke 13:27) That is a perplexity. I wish that verse wasn’t in the Bible, personally. “Depart from me all ye workers of iniquity.” “Well, did we not cast out demons in Your name? Did we not heal the sick? Did we not raise the dead? Did we not do these mighty miracles?” He says, “I don’t know you. I don’t know you. I don’t know you. Depart from me.” It says that they just didn’t depart. They went out into Hell. I mean, there are two places that we can be as members of the Body of Christ. The one is in the Body and the other is out of the Body. We need to ascertain, we need to determine the position, the place of righteousness and what it entails with regard to us. What is your objective in God? What is it? What is it? What is your perception of that objective? And if it doesn’t line up with God, readjust it. Begin to move according to that adjustment and begin to do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do something, do something that manifests that commitment that you have made on a spiritual plane! Amen. God bless you.


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