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32 years ago a man walked into my living room; this man’s name was C.L. Moore. I do not remember how it was that he found me, for I wasn’t easy to find. I lived in a little farming community in the central valley of rural California. At the time, I was working for my father and my house was out in the middle of an almond orchard. It wasn’t easy to find me, but find me he did.

We were having meetings in our home, a small group of people worshiping the Lord and seeking the face of God. It was during one of these meetings that he came to our house to minister the Word of the Lord and to share about the Kingdom of God and the coming of Jesus Christ into His tabernacle. It was he that first laid hands on me and prophesied over me concerning the ministry that I would find myself participating in at the end of time. Little did I realize at that time how much that word would drastically change my life. Little did I know that that word would be a word that would send me back and forth, not only across this continent, but back and forth across the face of the globe many, many times. What I have found out about that word and the ministry that was given to me by the laying on of hands, is that it is a ministry of the watchman on the wall that God has put me in for this end time hour. God is showing me many things that have, and are, and shall be happening in the world as we get closer and closer to His coming. It is because of this burden that I have wanted to make available the materials and literature to all those that hunger for the Word of God and long and hasten the day of His coming. 

May God richly bless each and every one of you,
Brother Burt Asbill


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