September 2016 Africa Trip

16 Oct

By Brother Jim Cassell

Dear Brethren,

I would like to share a few thoughts on this past trip to Africa of which I felt very privileged to be a part. All went very well with regard to travel, connections, and journey strength. The prayers of the saints were felt and so appreciated. PTL!

Togo: The word was very direct and cutting. “You Must Come Out Now!” All along the way in each stop the word God spoke to me was “Come Out Of Her My People.” It is one thing to say to those that still belong and go back to their churches, “come out,” but the word goes beyond that. We, all of us, me first and foremost, need to still come out. We need to come out of the City of Religion and religious actions that deny God our whole hearts, which is what He is after. We need to come out of the world; the world is still in our hearts, still dictates our lifestyle and character attitudes. We need to come out of self. I can attest, self is still very much alive and making demands that supersede walking in and obeying the Spirit. Prime example; go to any country in the world and as soon as the meeting is over, everyone, young and old, are tethered to our media devices, phones, tablets, etc. No discussing the word or fellowship, just media.

Addis: My feeling is a nucleus has formed and a good foundation laid, now is time to build upon that which is set forth. Brethren are beginning to respond to the word, children are responding. I did notice more men in the meetings and they were responsive. In one meeting we asked those who desired to come forward and receive the infilling of the Holy Spirit and all stood up. There was a powerful move of the Spirit and many received, including our widows. Glory to God. Please pray for this people, life is very hard there but they are most enduring and content with so little.

Kampala: “Show the house to the house.” The house of religion was addressed in each session. It is so entwined with our family, our culture and our nationality, our lifestyle. A very good response in the last meeting when Brother Burt ministered on the “Two Houses!” It really expanded on what these 2 houses mean to each of us. “Good Bye, World,” is more than a song, it is a choice, a decision, a destiny in God. We are all in the “Valley Of Decision!” God is offering us so very much and all He is asking for is our whole heart.

Thank you all for your prayers.
Brother Jim Cassell

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