Mission to Uganda & Ethiopia – Part 1

21 May

Hello and God’s blessing to each of you,

We got off with a good start on this current mission trip to Africa. Our journey started at 11:30 AM on Tuesday the 19th and we arrived at 10:30 PM on Wednesday night at the Entebbe International Airport in Uganda. The trip was long and tiring, but it went well and we arrived without any incidents or mishaps. We also had the added blessing that Brother Ronald and Sister Margaret Johnson, who work in the D.R.C. with the U.N., were with us on the flight from Amsterdam to Entebbe. They were visiting family in the States and were now going back to Africa through Entebbe that they might be at the meetings that were going to be held in Kampala. So in the midst of the journey we were able to have fellowship with them as well as to discuss the work that is going on in Africa.

When we arrived at the airport in Uganda we were able to disembark and make our way through customs without the normal difficulties that come with that experience. Our luggage was also available in a relatively short amount of time and all of it was present and accounted for, PTL! However, that was not the experience of the Johnson’s – they had one piece of luggage that did not make it so there was a process that had be done before we could exit the terminal building.

Once all that was completed we proceeded out of the terminal to be greeted by our taxi driver, Adul, who we have used for quite some time now in our comings and goings in and out of Uganda. The journey from the airport to Sister Biri’s house is not a short distance. It can take anywhere from an hour and a quarter to 3 hours depending on the traffic. That may not seem a long ways, but when you tack it onto a day’s travel of 24 plus hours it seemingly is forever. Fortunately for us that late at night the traffic was minimal. As it was, we made good time in arriving at Sister Biri’s house in Kampala where we were greeted with smiles from Sister Biri as well as Sister Geraldine. Sister Geraldine is from Sierra Leone but presently working in the D.R.C. with the Johnsons. She had come the day before in order to be in the meetings that were going to be held here in Kampala. It was while we were having a light dinner that we learned that the meetings we were going to have over the weekend were going to be attended by several of the brethren from different places in Africa. I trust that the Lord will anoint and deliver the word of encouragement for the development of the Body of Christ. We are definitely looking forward to these next few days.

It is now after 1:30 AM. A good hot shower and a nice bed will bring these last few days journey to a very good end.

God’s blessing to all of you,
Brother Burt & Sister Nancy

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