Mission to Togo (March 2015)

30 Apr

Good morning and God’s blessing to each of you,

I thought that it would be expedient to bring you all update on this current mission to Togo. First, please bear with me as I want to outline some of the logistics of this trip, because I believe that is important that we all need to be aware that these trips are not trips that are done on the spur of the moment nor without collaboration with the brethren and the preeminence that the Holy Spirit has in the construction of them. The trip from the U.S is approximately 26 to 27 hours, depending on the flights that are available on the dates that you want to travel. On this particular trip our dates for travel were not very flexible; the best that I could find at the time was about 27 hours, plus or minus a couple hours of plane time as well as airport time put together. We were originally going to go to both the country of Togo as well as Goma, which is in the Democratic Republic of Congo (D.R.C.). Working out of another African country would have made the trip to Togo, as well Goma, less stressful, both physically as well as giving one’s soul the opportunity to recover its spiritual stability. However, that did not materialize as the political environment of the country that we were going to use as a platform to reach these other two objectives was not conducive to us having a visit there at this time; so we had to find an alternative plan to relieve the burden of the Word that was on us concerning Togo.

togo-mapPerhaps a bit of background on Togo would be needed at this point. It was back in August/September of 2014, that there was a team of about 8 of us from various places in the U.S. as well as Africa that came at the behest of Sister Felicia to share this gospel of the Kingdom and the response here was phenomenal! It was decided amongst us at that time, that we should not wait too long to return in order not to lose the inertia that we had achieved on our initial visit. There was an attempt by some members of the team to return at the end of December, but that did not happen. The Togo event of travel was moved to the end of January, but again that did not materialize due to other pressing needs of life, so the trip was again postponed till sometime in March and was to be combined with the trip to Goma in the D.R.C., all of which brings us up to the present day. I have often said that God is in control of His business and it is my belief that He was behind the orchestration of the timeline of events as to world politics and governments, as well as our own personal situations. Concerning the burden of the Word that was on us for both Goma and Togo, God was ordering the timeline that we might be in the right place at the right time. As the timeline for March began to run down upon us, it became evident for one reason or another that the thought of having a team going to Goma as well as to Togo was not going to come together. I believe that Goma was, at this time, being eliminated from this trip, and that is a story all in itself; a story perhaps for another time. When it was finally determined that a team going to Togo was not going to happen, Nancy and I began to investigate other alternatives in order to relieve the pressure in the Spirit that we need to go and we really need to go now. There is a need for you to also know, that during this time frame of planning, I am in constant communication with the brethren who are involved with this type of mission activity. They, as well as we, were finding life-situations creating obstacles that would not allow us or them to be free to travel to these particular places as planned, if indeed at all. Nancy and my situation is not quite so constrictive or prohibitive in that regard; most of the time for us, it is just a matter of scheduling as well as the strength and vitality of life that is needed to make the haul. As I was meditating on this thought the other day, there was a word that Sister Mavis spoke to me concerning her own physical situation. She was inquiring of the Lord as to the reason for her physical weakness and seemingly being prone to these types of attacks. The Lord spoke to her out of Psalm 90:10, The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away; with the emphasis on the “by reason of strength.” The way that I believe the Lord showed it to me is as a natural reservoir. A reservoir is created by the putting of a dam, or let us says a restraint, across a viable water source; it has the capacity to hold a little or a lot. I have no control over the input of the water – that is already predetermined; so it is depending on how I regulate the flow out of it. It seems in this respect I am responsible and have the authority to determine the matter at the end of the day as to longevity, but I must be aware of the care that needs to be taken so that by the end of the day I have the ability/reserve to push beyond what has been predetermined. We are of course speaking of those who are abiding under the “Shadow of His wing” and are intent in doing His will.

Which brings me to the place of current events; we began to investigate how to get to Lome, Togo, flying directly there from the U.S., with the least amount of LEAD poisoning (Life Energies Acute Deterioration). These long hauls for us, at this stage of life, are difficult to say the least. It is not that we cannot do them, for we do and we will as it is necessary, but if there is another way to accomplish it, then may God give us the wisdom to find it. It so happens on this particular trip that I was able to find a flight that would allow us to have a stopover in Paris for the night and continue our journey the next afternoon. It was perfect and it was definitely His Grace and Mercy being extended to us in this Togo mission effort.

We left the U.S. the afternoon of the 11th of March, arriving in Paris in the early afternoon of the 12th. We were able to continue our journey after a good night’s rest, departing that next afternoon and arriving in Lome, Togo, on the evening of the 13th, where we were met by Sister Felicia and her brother who transported us to her home.

We will be having meetings every day, whether they are here in her home or at the school. Sister Felicia has a school that she has been developing over the years and on this trip we will have the opportunity to share with the students this word of God. We pray that the Holy Spirit will have the liberty to move and to touch the hearts of the people.

To be continued…

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