Mission to Togo – Continued (March 2015)

30 Apr

It is 6:23 Friday morning, March 20, 2015 and it would seem that we are in internet limo. We have made several attempts to obtain access to the internet but there is always something wrong with it, so you will probably receive these reports after the fact. The time that we have spent here has been very profitable. We have had three meetings here at Sister Felicia’s house: one on Friday night, one on Saturday, and the other on Sunday afternoon. All of the meetings were well attended and there was a good flow of the Spirit of God. The word was speaking about the plan of God to include man as a son to work with Him in His (God’s) business. What was also brought forth was an outline of how God created man with the potential of being perfect; not in the hereafter, but in the now. There are also two testimonies as to the power of God that is within His Word. One sister was telling us that she had been having a great deal of difficulties with circulation in her upper legs and in her feet. It was a situation that was causing her a great deal of pain and as well as difficulty in walking. Her testimony is that as she was speaking to Sister Felicia concerning coming to the meeting, she felt as though something was happening in that area of her body. She came to the meeting and in a session of prayer with her after the meeting, her testimony was that she felt a warming sensation in her upper legs and feet. It was not until she found that she could walk up and down the stairs without the pain that would have normally hindered her so greatly, that she realized she was experiencing the healing power of the Word of God working in her body. The end result of this was that God had healed her of the malady. When she went to the doctor to confirm this, he asked her what she had done and what medicine she was taking as her blood had come back to its normal properties. The second testimony was from another sister who had not been feeling well and thought that she had Malaria. She had determined that she was not feeling well enough to come to the meetings, but at the last minute changed her mind. As she was in the meeting that night and as the word was going forth, she began to feel better. It was not until the end of the meeting that she realized that God had touched her.

As I was listening to these testimonies, the scripture that came to my mind is found in Psalm 107:20. He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions. As I was reading this scripture, there was a part of it that I was not aware of and it is the last part…delivered them from their destructions. As I began to meditate on this thought, I began to see the reality of how very self-destructive humanity is. It is as though we are pre-programmed to resist the good and accept the evil. I suppose that it comes from the word of darkness that was ministered by Satan to Eve in the Garden when he said, …and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. If you take it in context with the scripture, you must eat, in other words, you must partake of the products of the world in order for you to be able to discern good from evil, when in actuality it is completely contrary to scripture. There was a word of God spoken by the prophet Isaiah that instructs us to eat butter and honey. Isaiah 7:15, Butter and honey shall he eat, that he may know to refuse the evil, and choose the good.

On Tuesday, Nancy and I had the privilege to minister at  Sister Felicia’s school. For me personally it was a tremendous blessing. Nancy taught Kindergarten through 4th grade with somewhere around 80-90 students in their respective age groups. I shared with the 5th grade on up which included about 60 students all together in my particular class. I was so blessed with the receptivity of the students – I mean I was really impressed! I have to tell you that I was a bit nervous about being able to teach the smaller children concerning this word of the Kingdom as it applies to the Gospel of Sonship in a forum that they would understand. To compound my problem, I was to work with a translator who I have not worked with before and she had no knowledge of the concept of God wanting Sons. You would think after all these years of experience in different countries and languages, I would know that if it is God’s will for you to be doing something then it is God’s business, and God always will take care of that business. Needless to say, as I began to share the Word of God, I was acutely aware of His presence.

I began by sharing with them the why and the how of sin and the need that we have to be delivered from it through the blood of Jesus Christ. As the teaching progressed I began to share on the soul of man, making diagrams on the chalkboard showing the 4 composite aspects of the soul. My dear brethren, I have to tell you that I was amazed at the attentiveness of these children. Every one of them was sitting there looking at me with big dark eyes and the intensity of the look was as if they were hanging on every word that I was saying. As I began to make the illustration of the soul on the board, they all began to pull out of their backpacks a pencil and notebook to begin taking notes and making the drawings in their notebooks. To say the least, I was blessed and very excited!

At the end of the time that I had for this teaching, I asked all of those who would like to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior to raise their hands. Every hand without exception was raised immediately. I was shocked at the response. How’s that reaction for a man who is supposed to be a “man of faith”?? Okay… now what do I do? Is it possible that every one of them understands and is genuine in their desire to be saved? So as I was standing there pondering and asking the Lord how I was to handle this situation, He spoke to me to share with them the testimony of what happened with two of our grandchildren at a convention that we took them to in Florida. When they were just 3 years old, both of them received the Lord at the end of one of the meetings. So after sharing that experience, I again asked, admonishing the children not to participate just because someone else responds, but to stand up if they wanted to receive Jesus in their hearts. Every one stood up, without hesitation – I mean they stood up as one man simultaneously!! Well, I was left with no alternative other than to lead them in a prayer of asking God for His forgiveness of their sins and stated their individual position of acceptance of his blood. I believe that this particular experience was more for my benefit and education in the things of God than anything else. I was blessed!!!

As I have shared this testimony with different ones, I believe that there are certain things about it that God has been bringing to my attention that I might know the ways of God in a better way. One person with whom I shared the testimony told me it reminded them of the story of Gideon when he was called of God to deliver Israel from the Midianites; one experience with the fleece was not enough; he had to do it twice. He was called by God “a mighty man of valor,” yet for the fear of man he had to sneak off in the night to destroy the family altars. Another person who I shared it with said that it reminded them of the story of Acts where 3000-5000 were added to the church in a day. All of these are credible thoughts that I have to examine and inquire of the Lord as to His thoughts concerning it for I do not want to hinder the work of God in what He is able to do by what I am not able to believe.

We held meetings over the next weekend at Sister Felicia’s house. We had a meeting on Friday night, two meetings on Saturday, and one meeting Sunday morning. Most of the meetings were concentrating on the Tabernacle, which is bringing the understanding of its prophetic nature. The teachings were very basic, explaining the symbolic meanings of the substances from which the Tabernacle was made as well as the meanings of the colors and fabrics that were used. We also were able to go into the spiritual meaning of the numerology of the structure in and of itself. I believe that we were able to develop a good foundation of understanding that we will be able to build on in the future. By the end of the meetings there were three people who received the Lord and there were four people who were water baptized. At the end of the day one of the questions that was asked was now that their appetites have been excited what should they now do. It was a good question and it encouraged me greatly. We encouraged them to come together on a regular basis, to go back over the word, and to pray and seek God for His sense of direction and on that basis God would respond in a positive word of direction. My question to some of you is now that God has begun His move in Togo, what is it that you will do about it?

This trip to Togo has been a tremendous blessing and learning experience for me personally. It has, for me, set the thought of what is the will of God and the direction that He is leading us to go. He spoke a word to me in 2012 in our house in Ethiopia to “Go after the children!” On that word is my heart fixed!

Yours in Him,
Brother Burt & Sister Nancy

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