Ethiopia Ministry

17 May

By Brother Fikresilasse and Brother Jemal

Ethiopian Calendar – April 14, 2006

We have been inspired to report the ministry that has been achieved from January 15 – March 23 of 2014 and what God has been doing in our country. The work has been indicating hope of transformation and progress & also what God has been doing in our ministry has been bearing fruit from time to time ensuring new doors of ministry. To bring this ministry to this stage I and Bro. Jemal have made a lot of effort and we are still working diligently. Since the work is God’s work, He continues to give us strength.

Many years ago when we met different brothers who partnered with us by God’s will to serve God fervently, we never thought that the ministry would reach at such level. In past years the ministry seems exist once and vanish another time; but now promising light has shined by the power of God’s grace. Seeds have been sown among the youth and university students. Without doubt we will reap abundant fruit soon.

Even though it was God’s will that He brought this ministry to our country, we would like to say that the Lord God bless Ruth Tadesse who prayed fervently and made every effort for the realization of this ministry in Ethiopia.   

It is not our purpose to describe exhaustively about the ministry in this writing. But we will try to explain the current status of the ministry. Starting January 23, 2014 I and Bro. Jemal as well as Brother Burt and Sister Nancy have been working on how to rent the house they live in for the ministry and make resident for them simultaneously. Their home is found at eastern part of Addis Ababa Legetafo/Legedadi in real state of Ropack International. Although it is on the outskirts of Addis Ababa, it is that which was given by the divine hand of God for this great work and ministry.

Though it is suitable environment for guests, there are some basic challenges that must be considered. Among these problems water is the major one that should be resolved. In fact the water problem is not their problem only; it is also the problem of the surrounding community. We are hoping the government will resolve the problem in the near future. For several times me and Bro. Jemal brought water from distant areas for the guests. Through all these challenges, the ministers of God have preached the Gospel enduring the ups and downs. Considering their sacrificial mission let the Lord God bless them. Above all, the most important thing is that we have continued doing God’s work passionately.      

After Bro. Burt and Sister Nancy arrived in Addis Ababa at the end of January they started their ministry in our home fellowship. Then they ministered in a local church for certain days. Following this, we made a journey to western Shoa, Jeldu (Gojo), which is 120 km far from Addis Ababa, as we planned in advance. This programing was arranged by Brother Alayu Kebede. It was church leaders training program. We stayed for four days and then returned to Addis Ababa. For the time being I thought that it would be exhaustive to write about so many things we passed through in our ministry journey in this writing. It would be better to put it in writing some other time in detail. 

It was amazing that our guest brothers and sisters adapted and overcame the challenges of our country in April and May with the hot weather situation and at the same time the cold weather. It was not an easy challenge. As I said before, our home fellowship programs have been continued on Thursday in Bro. Jamal’s house and on Saturday in my home on a weekly basis with Brother Burt and Sister Nancy. We had a blessed time with them for weeks after we returned to Addis Ababa from Jeldu (Gojo).

The next program was at Nazareth. On this program Christian brothers attended from America and Czech Republic. These are Bro. Barak Asbill from America, Bro. Martin Hloska together with his spouse and child from Czech Republic, Bro. Martin Kluson from Czech Republic and Brother Oliver Capcik from Czech Republic. All of them ministered in the Nazareth conference and the student fellowship program. The teaching given by Bro. Martin Kluson entitled “Babylon” touched the hearts of those that attended the meetings. Many Christians who attended Bro. Martin’s teachings requests our ministry for him to come again and give this teaching in depth. We pray that the Lord may give us another opportunity to invite Bro. Martin. And also Brother Burt teaching ministry has been continued bringing spiritual influence slowly in our country that is so influenced by the religious system here.

Brother Barak also shared with us what God has given him at Nazareth conference. Also, brother Barak, his father, Brother Burt, and Brother Martin Kluson taught how to discern unbiblical teachings in the modern Church for the college and university students. But concerning the teachings given on baptism, some contentious questions and dialogues were raised from students and denominations; however satisfactory answers were given to shed the light on the truth of baptisims.

In February and March our ministry focused on university students. This ministry has been continued opening wide doors to serve students. However, there were challenges that we had to face. When God’s kingdom progresses, the evil kingdom is destroyed. Even though we have faced confrontation from dark force throughout our ministry, God’s work has been continued until now. Let the whole glory be to God our Lord.

The other successful ministry took place at the Gondar University. There, university students prepared the conference in a local Church not far from the University. Teachings were given on different topics for the students. The students were enthusiastic, open and full of eagerness to learn the Word of God. They listened to the Word of God until evening occupying the Church; some of them were standing not getting seats for long hours. Prayer needed for the students that the Word sown in their hearts may bear fruits abundantly in their life. We had served at Gondar four different times. The fourth ministry we had at Gondar was facilitated by myself and Bro. Jemal; at this time the ministers were Brother Burt and Sister Nancy. Prayer and intercession is needed for long-lasting life change in those who learned the scripture in our ministry. In most fellowship we had we distributed spiritual books especially a book entitled “The Pattern”. Since most copies of “The Pattern” are out of stock, more printed copies are needed for ministries we will have in coming times. Let us pray for God’s provision.

The other audience benefited from this ministry while we were in Gondar was the Jewish community (Felashia community) who registered to return to their promised land, Israel. Even though I don’t have enough knowledge how these Felashia community entered and started to live in Ethiopia, I asked people who know the history and they told me that many years back these people migrated to Ethiopia from Yemen crossing the Red sea and started to live in different parts of Ethiopia. Those who settled at Gondar are among them. Among them there are many Jews who are born again Christians living at Gondar. When we were serving these saved Jewish people, they were devoted and thirsty for the Word of God. While Brother Burt was ministering to them, they were touched by the message delivered by him. As a result of it, they asked us to minister to them some time in the future.    

The other area where mission doors opened for this ministry is North-West Bahar Dar University. Bahar Dar is one of the sensational cities found in Ethiopia; by the side of the city there is exciting Tana Lake which is one of the biggest source of Abay/Nile River. Bahar Dar is naturally attractive city. The weather condition is very hot. One of the biggest university of Ethiopia is the Bahar Dar University. In this university there are four campuses. From all campuses we gather 50-55 student fellowship leaders and taught them for three days. We realized that even though the message delivered to the leaders was very useful, the expense was far above we expected. Brother Burt and Brother Tomas from Czech Republic ministered to the student leaders for three days. We had a wonderful time. We need prayer support to expand our ministry to other universities.

Finally we need prayer and support for the continuation of this spiritual ministry and to strengthen the home fellowship programs in near future. We have completed our February-March ministry successfully. Brother Burt and Sister Nancy have flown to their homeland April 1 according to our time at 5 p.m. Currently feedback has started coming to our ministry. We have started receiving good testimonies about our ministry we have had in different areas. Many are requesting to us to come again and minister to them. Please pray and support us to respond to such callings by the Grace of God.

Brother Fikresilasse and Brother Jemal       

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