My Trip to Czech

24 Dec

By Vivian Kay Asbill (10)


I have really wanted to go with my dad and mom to the Czech Republic. This summer I started asking God if He would have me to go this fall. At the beginning of October my mom told me that I would be going with her and my dad to Czech… I was extremely excited.

On October 21st we went to the Moline Airport where we flew to Atlanta. Our friend, Mrs. Giegerich, also traveled with us. I liked flying in a plane and looking down at the little land below. Flying was so much fun that I stayed awake until our last flight which was from Amsterdam to Prague.

When we arrived in Czech, Grandpa Herrig, Mr. Giegerich, and Kristyna Kluson met us at the airport. We spent the first week of our trip in Prague, the Czech capital. Mrs. Kluson took us downtown and showed us the Prague astronomical clock which was built in 1410. It is the oldest working clock in the world. We saw the old city gate which was called the King’s Way because the kings would pass through the gates on their way to the castle. We also went to an old church called the Church of St. James. In the middle of the town square, there is a monument of Jan Hus who was a Christian martyr in the 1400’s. It was a wonderful day.

The following week we went to the conference in Moravia. We would have two meetings a day… one in the morning and another in the evening. I was very blessed by the meetings. During the afternoons we would do things like hiking up mountains and rock climbing. It was a beautiful view from the Moravian mountains. My favorite thing to do in the afternoon was to play with all the friends that I had made. I had fun learning Czech words such as ahoj, which means hello!

On November 1st my dad, mom, and I came back home. I was sad to leave Czech and all my new friends but I was also glad to see the rest of my family. I really enjoyed my trip to Czech and I can’t wait to go back!

Na shledanou! (Good bye)

Vivian and her dad

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