The African Chronicles – The Nigerian Adventure

09 Sep

Dearly Beloved Brethren,

But we are bound to give thanks alway to God for you, brethren beloved of the Lord, because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth. 2 Thessalonians 2:13

It has been quite some time since I have had the opportunity to write. There have been many places that we have been that it is difficult to decide where to start and what of the exciting things that we have witnessed as to the move of God amongst the people to share. At this point to say that this trip has been outstanding is an understatement; I would say that it has been phenomenal. God is surely visiting His people.

Perhaps I should give you some of the background concerning this particular trip to Nigeria, for in and of itself I believe that it has some particular significance in the economy and in the time schedule of God. I trust that you will not misunderstand me for I am not of any particular importance, but more in the sense that I was and am a witness to the fact of the move of God that originated with Pa Elton, and that was carried on by Brother and Sister duCille here in Nigeria. In fact, I am also aware that it was Pa Elton who prophesied the coming of Brother duCille; for there were questions that the brethren he was shepherding had concerning the coming of Jesus Christ. He was the one that said there was one coming who would be able to answer the questions that he could not.

It was the will of God in those early days that I would be a part of the team that would be coming in and out of Nigeria sometimes twice a year for seventeen to eighteen consecutive years. I do not remember missing even one of those trips, for it was evident to me that there was a move of God in Nigeria and I for one did not want to miss any of it. It was a move of God that would spread like wildfire from Ilorin down to Lagos, across the western part of Nigeria down to Port Harcourt stretching over to encompass Calabar. Unfortunately, like most moves of God, due to time, life, prosperity, and the incredulous presumption of man that he can do something better than God, it has become organized, denominational in its structure and ecumenical in its thinking and, like so many moves of God, it is on the verge of extinction and is now on the brink of being swallowed by the Mother of the Harlot church. It is however, in such events of church history as what I have described above, that God has a remnant of people to whom the Word of God is as living water, and it is to that people that we trust the wisdom of God to lead us. As it was in the beginning, there was a clarion call to the Evangelical, Pentecostal segment of Church to “Come out of her, My people,” so now there is the sound of the Trumpet that heralds to that Holy Place people to “flee from the Holy Place unto the mountain,” for the Abomination of Desolation that maketh desolate is now rising in that segment of God’s sanctuary. It is now that trumpet that is sounding loud and clear and it is evident that there is a remnant of people who are now responding to that sound, even as their predecessors respond to the previous message. It is even as it is written in the book of Revelation, “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.”

Nancy and I arrived in Port Harcourt on the 1st of August; we were joined on the journey by Brother Barak Asbill and his second born son, Christopher, as well as Brother Wade Lux from the Dubuque, IA fellowship. The journey in and of itself went well; there were no interruptions or events to make it more arduous than the normal 23 to 25 hours that it takes to make the journey. We arrived at the Port Harcourt International Airport on the 1st of August, West Africa Time. The airport at Port Harcourt is under construction so the arrival hall is somewhat makeshift as well as temporal. It consisted of a tent that was approximately 30 by 50 feet, and this houses the Immigration, baggage arrivals, as well as customs, and not to mention the Health inspection for the Yellow Fever Vaccination. You fill that with 250 to 300 deplaning passengers and it makes things quite interesting to say the least. It was at least 2 to 2½ hours later that we were able to walk out and there we were met by many of the brethren who had come to greet us whose smiling faces were as a cool breeze on a very hot and humid day. I have to say that God’s mercy endureth forever.

Up to this point we have had a very aggressive schedule. We were to travel to the various fellowships that we have had the privilege of establishing and encouraging when we first came to Nigeria. In the subsequent years, somewhere around 17 or 18 years that followed, we had the opportunity to fellowship with them through those formative years. It has been about 8 years or so that I have not been there nor been able to fellowship with these particular brethren. The first place that we went was to a village, well, I suppose that you could call it a fairly large town, or a smaller size city called Umuahia. This particular place happens to be the hometown of Brother Chijioke when he was growing up in the early years of his life. There was a small fellowship of about twenty-five or thirty people who were gathered there to praise and worship the Lord. We were able to have two sessions with them on the Kingdom of God and the response to the word was very good. It was the next day that we traveled to Owerri. We would be there for three days of meetings, having two meetings a day.

I have to say that the meetings in Owerri went very well. Owerri, for me personally, has always been something of a hotspot as far as spiritual confrontation is concerned. There is a variety of spiritual activity that I have encountered for one reason or another, and I was not sure what to expect; both as far as the meetings were concerned, as well as the brethren who are there. I am happy say that that there were no major surprises, and for those insistences that we encountered, the Grace of God was evidently provided and the meetings went extremely well. For those that made the effort to attend, I believe that they were very blessed. I have since been told by some of the brethren there that there is a very strong move of God; a resurgence of life both within the ranks of the young people, as well as many of those who had previously been privileged to hear and participate in this Word.

Owerri would mark the end of the first segment of the trip and on the conclusion of the last meeting which was the 11th of August we would be returning to Port Harcourt to prepare for the youth camp that would be starting on the 14th of August.  

I trust that you will bear with me in my excitement over what I was so privileged to witness as the Spirit of God descended into the midst of our gathering in Port Harcourt. The Word that was being shared was coming in power; the power of conviction that generates the spontaneous response of those who by reason of that anointing are smitten in their hearts and drop to their knees in contrition and Godly sorrow, repenting and confessing their sins to the almighty God. What an event, what an experience, what a spectacular opportunity to participate with the moving of His Holy Spirit. It has been said that this camp began where the last camp stopped; I have to say that I believe that that is true. With each passing day the sharing of the Word became greater and greater, even as it says in the Bible that the Word of God is like a two edged sword so it was in those days of the youth camp. Brethren, I have to say that the praise and worship was phenomenal. Surely there was the presence of the saints as well as the heavenly host that was in midst of the group; God is visiting His people who have the heart that seeketh after Him. There were testimonies of healing and deliverance that came out of those sessions from many of the young people. There were at least 15 of the young people, as well as the younger children, who received the Lord as their personal Saviour. On the last day of the camp there was a baptism of 60 souls, some for the purpose of salvation, but the majority of them were those that were rededicating and consecrating their lives to the purpose of God’s will for their lives. What a marvelous, tremendous, and absolutely out of this world experience. That very night the moving of the Spirit was in praise and worship, in ministering and delivering, as well as healing and seeing different ones being baptized in power of the Holy Spirit. Isaiah 61:1 says, The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me; because the LORD hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound. What an absolutely fabulous way to end a most blessed event as was this particular youth camp. Praise God! 

The end of the camp would mark the end of this segment of the trip. It is also a good place for me to end this segment of this report. We would have two days of rest and repacking before we would be back on the road heading for Lagos, Nigeria, Liberia, and then to Sierra Leone… but that is another story of God’s divine power and intervention in the lives of men, as well as turning the plans of the devil upside down. It is also another story for another time. 

May God’s Eternal Grace and Love abound in your hearts and lives to draw you ever closer to Him.

Brother Burt

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