Nancy’s PRAISE Report: Move & Ethiopia

21 Jan

Dear Brethren,

It is morning here in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The sun is shining so bright, the birds are singing; it seems a perfect time to pen a few thoughts. We are told it is spring here yet back home in the States it is winter. My husband and I have been here two weeks now and I must say it has been wonderful to see how God is moving.

I will begin by briefly mentioning what transpired the few weeks before we got here. As many know we have lived in the same house in Mahomet, Illinois for 16 years. We have many fond memories of many activities and people that have visited or stayed with us in that house, but God was saying it was time to move from this house. My husband and I both witnessed to the voice nudging us in that direction. We proceeded to give away, sell, and do what was needed to down size so we could move what we had in storage. Of course to make life more fun, we were doing this all before we left for Ethiopia. For me it was quite an adventure to pack all of our household items for moving while also packing for a big trip.

PRAISE THE LORD for His mercy and grace and the many saints that helped us in this adventure. Three days before we were to travel it looked a bit overwhelming as much still needed to be packed and moved.  It seemed like everywhere I looked piles were growing instead of diminishing! To make life even more interesting I came down with a cold, fever and such. Oh boy, now the challenge increased but God bless: Beverly, Janell, Paula, Joanne, Johanna, Josiah, Christopher, Sophia, and Barak that at the right time stepped in and just made the move happen. Brother Cassell, Brother Gomez, Brother Gassman, the Davis’, Tyson Asbills and others also had been helping along the way, too. Wow, what Body ministry!! When I wasn’t feeling well I felt like just laying down on one of those piles but of course that was not going to get much done. Johanna would look in a cupboard and say, “Oh, we missed this one,” and she would just proceed to empty the cupboard and pack. I could go on and on about how everyone pitched in and made things happen, but believe me a miracle took place!!

We were moved by 6 PM on Sunday night and on the road to Indianapolis where we needed to catch our flight on Monday to start our 27-hour journey to Ethiopia. God blessed us so much on our journey and we were even able to rest on the planes, which was needed as we were pretty tired. Through the prayers of my sweet helpers I got better quickly, which again was the divine touch from God!

We arrived in Ethiopia at 10:30 PM on Tuesday and proceeded to make our way to our new home for this trip. We are in a home a little outside of Addis which again is an answer to prayer as there is not as much traffic and not so much SMOG! We are awakened in the morning to the neighbor’s rooster or the donkey’s braying in the field.

What a blessing to be here; every day we see the hand of God as we see doors opening. We have been very blessed to meet and spend time with the founders of Salem Village Children’s home. Their testimony is so marvelous on how they came to know the Lord and how God directed them to help a “few” children. The common thread they share is that they have a willing heart; a heart that desires to do God’s will and to make a difference. Hundreds of children later they have surely made a difference and brought many to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Last Saturday I was asked if I could come tell a Bible story to some needy children in the neighborhood.  What a privilege to play a small part to touch these precious children. This woman invites these children to her home to feed them a meal for their tummies as well as for their souls. The children arrived with such big smiles; for them seeing a white person is a rarity. These children were so ragged and dirty with torn clothes, very worn out shoes, but in it all they smiled and listened as I told them about David and Goliath. All I can think of is the scripture where Jesus says, “Suffer the little children to come unto me.”

Doors have opened for us to be able to have very good meetings. We are meeting with some new faces as well as fellowshipping with others we have met before. There seems to be a genuine hunger for the Kingdom Message. The Bible studies at Salem have been tremendous and the young people seem to be receiving an understanding they never had before as the scriptures are unfolded to them.

I must say I am marveling at the day-by-day ministration of God ordering our footsteps. You can feel God wooing these people, calling them out of the darkness into His Light!

I am praising God for the opportunity to be here and play a small part in God’s big picture.

We thank everyone who is praying for us. May God richly bless you all,

Sister Nancy

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