The African Chronicles: The Ethiopian Adventure – 2012-09-28

03 Oct

Dear Brethren,

I want to take the opportunity as it is given to keep you all updated on the present situation concerning our traveling to Ethiopia. Nancy and I left the States on the 24th of September, headed for Ethiopia via the Czech Republic, arriving there on the 25th and leaving for Africa on the evening of the 27th, arriving in Addis Ababa on the morning of the 28th. I have to say that I was very grateful for the time of rest that we had in Prague; the brethren there are always so gracious and kind to us and it is always a great blessing.

The trip, even with the short layover in Europe, was quite long and arduous. We were flying from Amsterdam on Kenya Airways and that is not always the very best way to travel. It was one of the more ‘bumpy’ rides that I have experienced in a while. I was very glad to reach our destination on the morning of the 28th. As some of you may or may not know, Brother Barak would be joining us also and being as he was traveling from the U.S., he would not be coming in until 8:20 PM that same day.

When arrived we were met at the airport by Brother Fikre and Brother Jemal. They were very glad to see us and have laid out for us a very busy schedule. We were able to get to our guest house without any trouble and after lunch Nancy and I were able to get a very good nap before having to go back to the airport to pick up Barak on his arrival.

On the 29th there was a meeting scheduled at Brother Fikre’s house. This is one of the goals that we had achieved in our last visit and that was to establish a home fellowship group where the people could come to hear the Kingdom message of the Sons of God. We not only have Brother Fikre’s home, but as Brother Jemal has moved into a larger house, he also is now able to hold a meeting in his home, the same of which there is a meeting scheduled for this week. The meeting at Brother Fikre’s was well attended and those that were present told us that they appreciated the message and were very blessed with what was shared.

It is very important for us to be praying for this land of Ethiopia. God has moved in His divine wisdom to give us more time. There has been some shake ups in the polictical arena. The Prime minister has recently passed and the assistant is now fullfiling the remaining of his term, which I believe is about one and half to two years. Let us pray that God’s divine will will be done. There have also been some other shake ups of importance that I believe give evidence that God is moving in the the midst of this land and we need to support and advance the work of God with our prayers and supplications. Many of these events happened shortly after we left on our last visit here. It is important for us to continue to pray and press for the victory in the Spirit for the sake of the work that God is establishing here and that God continues to intervene in the affair of men and governments. We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness in high places. Let us continue to press the battle to the gate, for the gates of hell shall not prevail against the Blood of Yeshua and His Living Word.

Your prayers and support are very much needed and appreciated.

By His name and in His services,

Brother Burt, Sister Nancy & Brother Barak Asbill

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