The African Chronicles: The Ethiopian Adventure III

25 Jun

Addis Ababa
Addis House Bole
Ethiopia, East Africa
New Hope International

Dear Brethren,

As Phase 1 of our time here draws to a close, I thought it would be expedient to share with you some of the events that have happened and the perceptions that the Lord has given to me concerning the work as to where it is and what would be the next step in the process of its development.

To begin with let me say that this particular venture has been a total learning experience for me. It has been a further advancement in my development and growth into Christ, as well as a mechanism for the deliverance that I am so in need of concerning that growth and development. At the same time, it is giving me the assurance that if the process of change and deliverance is accomplished, then we can be assured of our position in the company of His Son; it is a training that would be recommended for any who desire to be used of God in the “Special Forces” capacity concerning this word. Therein lies the problem, for it is the magnitude and capacity of this word that we are bringing and the strength, the power and the ability that it has to destroy the devil and the illusion that he has created by the manipulation of our darkness and the darkness around us. However, we not only have the promise in Isaiah 60:1, Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee, but it is the time for the arising of that light.

This time of ministry has been one of divine appointments. We have seen God’s hand in so many of the “chance” meetings that we have encountered during our stay here; on the street, in the grocery store, even in the taxi cab, God has been orchestrating our movements even to the time of calling someone for something and finding out it is God. In all of this there is a reaffirming again and again that we are called to this place for this particular time.

We have been able to establish two home fellowships, one of which is in our home. We have been meeting every Wednesday morning and we have been going through the covenant relationship that God is offering to us. It has been excellent, both when the different brethren from the U.S. have been here and also as that anointing has continued since they have left. The last meeting on Wednesday went for two hours with a lunch fellowship that followed. Some of them were asking questions and some of the other participants were answering them correctly!! We are also meeting in Brother Fikre’s home every Saturday afternoon; those meetings have been going quite well being attended by some of those that have come to the midweek Bible study.  We also want to establish a Bible study in Brother Jamal’s home but that is not something that can happen at this time.  What is needed is to find a house for his family that is suitable for them as well as having the ability to have meetings there; the same of which he is now in the process of doing.  When the Jantzi’s, Brother George, and Brother Barak were here, it was agreed that this was the next step that we should concentrate on.

Both he and Brother Fikre are now enrolled to take English and computer training which will start the Monday prior to our leaving. We had brought them computers, so now they have to learn how to use them.  I personally believe that this will also be an asset for the work here, both in the ability to communicate, globally and individually, as well as in the verbal translating that is needed in so many places. I might add at this point that the work is such that we are in need of having another translator. I am finding out that you can only be in one place at a time and the places that we need to be in are expanding and we are limited in going because of the lack of translators. 

There are certain places that we have been, small home fellowships that meet for one reason or another. These, for the time being, seem to be being made available to us for the purpose of facilitating this Gospel of Sonship. Everything here is so wrapped-up and smothered in the deception of religious garbage that the “church” has and is perpetuating, that it will be only by the power and anointing of this Word that we will crack through and penetrate the hardness of these hearts.  Brethren, if we do not wake up to the reality of the power that the devil has and is using to facilitate the work of the antichrist spirit in the “church,” we are dead people. The “church” is the greatest weapon the devil has against the sons of God message!

It has been in the last year that the Lord was speaking to me that we need to reach for the children. Matthew 19:14, But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven. As I was meditating on this thought and praying as to how we could fulfill this burden that God had put on my heart for here in Ethiopia, there was a sister who contacted us to inquire if we would be interested in ministering to the young people at an Orphanage/School here in Addis Ababa. It was one of the largest and probably more successful operations in Addis Ababa, which is self-sustaining; no outside church partnerships. Oh my, you talk about divine appointments! Needless to say, I jumped on the opportunity. Long story short, we have had two meetings there with about 100-125 children, ages going from 9-18 years old.  What a marvelous door of ministry that God has opened for us. The director was very excited about us and is asking us to come back when we return in September. He also wants to have a forum where we can bring the leaders together and teach them the basics of the Tabernacle. Wow, what a blessing!!! This is a definite plus for us; it is a door that I want to definitely push on as it is presently opening. I also want to add here that the Pattern is now in the process of being printed in Amharic and that reprinting should be done in July. This will be an added benefit as this book is critical to our developing of this mission effort.

I want to share with you some of the logistical thoughts that I would like you to pray with me about. I do believe that it is God that is putting these thoughts in my head, but I am sending this to you all so that you can pray with me about it. The first, of course, is our returning to Ethiopia again in September. We would be coming somewhere around the first of September and possibly staying up to the European conferences in October and returning to the U.S. for the November conferences. We would then possibly return to Ethiopia December thru January, Lord willing.

Concerning the September visit, I feel it very necessary to bring in the more mature teaching ministries that are available within the Body. Brother Barak Asbill was a tremendous blessing to the people here. This is not just a father who is pleased with his son, but this is the feedback that I am receiving from many of the people who were in meetings in which he was teaching.  It would also be good and advantageous to have those who have the shepherd’s ministry to come and share the shepherds’ burden for those here that have like calling.  If this is indeed the mind of God, then I would need to hear your feedback. The house that we would have here would be a guest house and act as a hub for these different activities. With the more mature ministry coming into Addis, it would also free Nancy and me up to begin to go out of Addis to other parts of Ethiopia, as well as Africa.  As an additional thought, our position here could become somewhat more or less permanent in that respect.  As I mentioned earlier, this is all on the altar before the Lord, nothing permanent except the probability of coming back in September. As long as I am talking about ministry, there has been on my heart for a very long time to involve some of the young people within our fellowships who have had a burden for the “Mission Field” and this place would be an excellent training ground for that cause. With an established base/safe camp/house and familiarity of environment, coupled with the ease of access to this country, this would be an excellent opportunity to do that.  Please pray with me about it.

There is one more thing that I would like to mention and that is the need of a vehicle.  It would have to be a newer vehicle and something in the class of a mini-van.  If it were possible to find one, it could also be used in a transportation type of business which seems, on the surface, to be quite profitable here.  There is no such thing here as a good used vehicle; good is rated on the quality of how worn out a vehicle is. So let us pray concerning all of these thoughts and of course all of the doors that would need to open before us. 

May God’s blessing & favor be with you always,

Bro Burt & Sis Nancy
PO BOX 955, Mahomet, IL 61853

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