Philippine Status Report by Brother George Herrig – June 2011

29 Jun

Dear Brethren,

I am writing this letter in regards to the work in the Philippines. Since our last missions trip there in May a number of new developments have opened for the work there.

New doors and opportunities have been opened concerning the spreading of the message of the Kingdom of God.

1. Manila- Quezon City. We had tremendous breakthroughs here in this new area with 12 of our brethren being water baptized at the end of our visit. Many of the people in attendance were children with a hunger for God. A fellowship of brethren has been established with Br. John Sarmen overseeing the work with the elders there. Funds were given to help with the rent of a meeting hall on a monthly basis.

2. Cebu, the Capital City on the island of Cebu. This was the second stop of our trip and again we found open doors with the brethren eager to hear the Kingdom message. Some of the brethren who have oversight with the work in Cebu have come from the Lianga fellowship on Mindanao Island that have previously heard and received this message. We feel confident that the work here will continue with their oversight. We had also set up here a provision of funds that were desperately needed to provide monthly rent for a hall for them to meet in.

3. Jabonga, Mindanao-Br. Edmar and his wife have a bible school in which they teach young adults for the work of the Lord. They have been coming to the yearly conferences for quite some time. During this past conference in February the Lord opened their understanding greatly to the Kingdom message and they immediately began to teach it in their bible school. To say the least, they encountered difficulties with the regional director who has some oversight concerning the school. Nevertheless this couple opened the door for us to come and hold a two-day conference with their church and their students. We had excellent meetings and there is great anticipation with them for us to return to minister the Word of God.

4. Butuan, Mindanao- This is the base of the work of the Philippines as well as the School. We held meetings with the elders in this area along with the elders from the Lianga fellowship. We also had two days of meetings with the brethren and the tribal people as well. The work here continues to grow both on a spiritual and natural level. We have been most pleased to see them taking hold of the Word of God.

5. On this past trip to the Philippines we started our first self-sufficiency project. We had learned from our experience in India that before any program could succeed the brethren in that country must truly understand the workings of a self-sufficiency program and provide a good business plan in order to succeed. In January while in Butuan the team had devoted a day to teaching the brethren how self-sufficiency programs can make them self-supporting as well as to prosper the Church. We discussed the importance of knowing what type of program will work for their local area and the need of diligence and integrity in order for God to bless their work. On that basis we have funded our first self-sufficiency program in Manila. It is vendor stand selling prepared cooked chickens. A loan of 900 dollars was provided with the agreement to repay these funds in one year. When the money is repaid the funds can be used to start another self-sufficiency program. We hope to start several more of these programs as the Lord provides. It is exciting to see for this has great potential in helping our brethren in establishing businesses that will provide employment, income as well as financial blessing to the Church.

6. Kingdom Message School. When Sister Merlinda started this school in 2010 the total enrollment was 45 students. The school year was a great success with not only the students learning their academics but more importantly they were learning about God. A number of the mothers gave their lives to the Lord and regular meetings were established to help them grow in the Lord. With the success of the first school year, Sister Merlinda believed that the enrollment would double to 90 to 100 students. At the end of May by the time the enrollment week ended the total student’s for pre-school, kindergarten and first grade came to 120! Sister Merlinda was excited to say the very least. But with this added enrollment has come more challenges. The basis of the school was to move in faith and provide schooling for the very least of the people in their community. That is to give schooling with biblical teachings to children who could not afford such an opportunity. The support of the school is made possible through the generous support of the brethren from the USA, Europe and Africa. We have also set up a sponsorship program in order for brethren to support a student or students for the school year on a monthly basis.

A website has been established concerning the School, it’s operation, the sponsorship program and where to send donations. The site also includes the various projects and current status of the work there. I encourage everyone to visit the website at in order to see in more detail the work in the Philippines. 

The most important issue and request in this letter is the need of prayer and intercession for this special work in the Philippines. The work is expanding greatly but also the work of the enemy has greatly increased. I am reminded of the scripture verse in 1 John 4:4: Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. He has given us the keys of the Kingdom but we must use them in order to defeat the enemy. So, dear brethren, please intercede in prayer on behalf of this work and nation. Praise the Lord!

God bless you,
Br. George Herrig

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