Ethiopia – Synagogue Report – June 2010

19 Jun

Dearly Beloved Brethren,

The meeting that we had in the synagogue was absolutely a high point, not only to this visit, but also of my life; that God would consider me worthy to be here in this place with this people is extremely humbling. I could sense, as it were, the expectation of the heavenly host and I know that Brother duCille would have been most blessed to have been there in the physical sense. As I think back upon it, the Apostle Paul’s desire for the Jewish people to hear this word and be converted was also a contributing factor, for he expressed his desire for Israel in Romans 9:3, For I could wish that myself were accursed from Christ for my brethren, my kinsmen according to the flesh. I am confident that he also was present for this particular event. When we walked into the place you could feel the presence of God and His expectation. It was such a marvelous and humbling experience for me personally that God would give to me this opportunity to share this word of sonship, this word of the Kingdom; this particular word of “death to self” that is so appropriate to this particular people. It was not me, I was just a representative, an ambassador for all of the people of God that were fasting and praying. I could sense your presence and the presence of the congregation of the saints of God that have gone on before us as we began to share the word and break the bread of life. There were many within that congregation that were touched by the spirit of God – many sat with their mouths open like little birds waiting to be fed. The leader of the congregation was visibly moved and could not stop saying how much he was blessed and that he wanted to keep in touch with me and to have us back again for a longer length of time. I had met this man on my previous visit here and, at that time, when I gave him a copy of The Pattern, I had told him that when he had finished reading it, he would either love me or hate me. He told me that he could not put it down and that he was extremely blessed by it and that he wanted more. It is definitely a contact that I want to keep and it is definitely a work that I recommend that we give support to. It will show our willingness to help and help to keep the door open. There is a community of Messianic Jews of about 60,000; it is a tremendous opportunity to bring this Gospel of sonship to them as well as to Ethiopia.

Dear precious and most beloved brethren, my sincere thanks and gratitude to all of you for the support, the strength, and the encouragement that you have given for the work of God and His servants. It is most humbling and gracious and kind.

Yours in Christ Jesus,
Brother Burt Asbill

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