Ethiopia – Report #2 by Brother Thomas Brchan – June 2011

14 Jun

I greet you my fellow he warriors and she warriors,

From the very beginning I felt that this mission would be more for my sake than about any “great” job. I feel like a spy in enemy territory who detects how things are. I will try to transfer into words what I have experienced here. What you can see on the photos is just the outer shell or the surface. Yet there are things that I did not dare to take a picture of. It made no sense to do it, nor would my heart allow me to do it; I do not have a taste to put it into words.

There is a lot of spiritual activity which manifests itself physically much more than at home in the Czech Republic, or perhaps we simply do not see it there because we have gotten used to it. Disco under the windows in the city center is probably an ordinary matter, but when somebody all night long (disco already ended) cried out until dawn, or in other words sang “Prayer” to his deity, it is not usual for us. If somebody will try to listen this “singing,” he will not understand the words. Sometimes it seems to sound like a telegraph (ta-ta-tá-tá-ta-ta-ta…) or slowed-down modem (tri-dí-tá-tá-du-ta-dá-tí-trá-tá).

When we struggled last year during childbirth for the life of my wife Magda and our son Simon, I got a special understanding of how the spiritual powers work. The devil and his servants are not omnipresent; they are strongly bound to the locations, circumstances, and above all, to the people. With this restriction and limitation, they can not even communicate directly with each other, but they need a channel for it – the human mediator. This is why the governments of this world are trying today to get from us and about us the most accessible information the best and fastest way as possible. They assemble together different institutions into one and this way they have the information at hand, not only about where we live, where we work, etc., but even about our health, financial situation, who called whom and when, etc. And if this was not enough, we ourselves in our naivety freely give information about ourselves and others which is available on the Internet, website, Facebook, etc. These are all things that the devil may use against us sooner or later.

Here in Ethiopia it seems that this communication also works in other ways. Satan uses his human servants to pass on the coded information to the other spirits who work in the area. It seems to me so. All the “ridiculous” shouting into an amplifier has a very spiritual background. I believe that God begins to call us to keep the night prayer guard and to stand against these spirits who work and affect the human mind in the subconscious through the sowing of dreams, nightmares, terrors, etc.

Today we went with one brother not so far from the town to visit a small congregation of about 20 people, children included. The brother took us there by local transport so we went about a mile across town to the bus station, and when the bus was fully loaded we went to the suburb of the city and then we walked on the dusty (muddy on the way back) and stony road which was about a mile to the meeting place. On a rocky road like this it is the most effective and even the fastest to go by horse or donkey. A car has little chance. I felt like I was in another world. I imagined that it was exactly on such roads that Jesus walked 2000 years ago. We came into a small meeting where we prayed for people who some of them have gone through hell in their life. Various rituals which are full of violence, rape, and blood shed are common issues here. In our country these things happen, too, but in secret. Here it really intensifies. I’ve prayed much and thought about what Jesus would do in such situations. Even in His time there were many sick, blind, lame, lepers, possessed, beggars, etc. He also passed by them and many times he did not respond. The blind had to shout at Him and press forward to get to Him to receive deliverance, otherwise Jesus would left him blind. And at other times, Jesus did completely the opposite way. Without complete subjection to the Spirit of God, it is really impossible to make it.

What fascinated me about all this today was that somehow my eyes have been open and I began to see the spiritual activity around us. People perform violence, murder, and hatred. It was so strong that I had to stop to think about it that it would have no evil impact on my soul. I do not understand at all how Jesus was able to walk among the people and see all their hidden thoughts, the hell that was all around Him. His way of thinking and His attitude had to be so perfectly pure and holy that it had no effect (defect) to His soul. I realized how I am low and how I need to be able to bear these things and still remain clean.

We live in the hostel for missionaries, so during breakfast we meet more or less interesting people. Most of them have not nearly the knowledge that we have received by grace, but despite this, some of them are so far before us and they have set the standard higher which we will be judged by. There are people who have left their comfort to walk among the children who are alone or who would otherwise have to go into prison. They have a strange law here that when a woman goes to jail, her children 16 years and under have to go with her! It is quite obvious what will then become of those children. The others are trying to get into the places where tourists do not get at all; they must go there by helicopter. They are trying to understand the local language and provide them at least part of the Bible in their native language. Sometimes they were attacked or injured. When in one such place this one brother made his notes and the children there wondered that the little stick left behind it some marks. They had never seen a paper and pen. These people put the standard very high for us!

I pray that God raised us and that we finally started to walk in what we are called for. I realized how far we are from it, and we miss just a little to become reality. If I took from this mission trip just this understanding, it was worth it. I’m halfway in the time here so I believe that God has even more for us. God bless you and thank you very much for your giving of in fasting and prayers. I appreciate it very much.

Brother Thomas

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