Philippines – May 2011

17 May

My Dear Brethren,

I realize that there has already been one report that has been sent out concerning our time here in the Philippines, but I thought that it would be good to add my personal perspective and to share with you some of the things that God has been speaking to me not just about this trip but and overall picture of the work that is going on here.

To begin with, when we first arrived here several years ago God informed me of His desire for these people to be involved in His business of perpetuating and building the Kingdom of God.  There were many dreams and visions given in the course of time and with each reoccurring visit in regards to that intent.  That God was going to use this land and this people to evangelize and to spread the word of the Kingdom to Southeast Asia.  As was it in World War 2, the Philippine Islands were going to be something of a staging ground for that operation. 

It has not been an easy road or one without mishaps or free of trouble.  We have over the last few years suffered, trouble and betrayal both from within and from without.  But in and of its self that should not surprise us, but more in the sense confirm to us the extensity of the desire of God for a people and of the devil desire to make every effort to destroy what it is that God wants to do with them.  It is in fact the mode of operation that the devil uses with any work that has the potential to tear down his thrones and to disposes his kingdoms.

With each visit we have been bringing the Word of God and hammering away at the cage of their captivity and bondage that have been put upon this people.  Assaulting the kingdom of hell, that has held this people in servitude to familiar spirit and tribal traditional and ancestral worship and if that was not enough the religious spirits of deception and lust, that have wanted to reinforce their prisons of lust, poverty and the degradation of humanity to eradicate the knowledge of God and hold them in this depravity for generations upon generations. But praise is to God, He had other ideas.

It was in the last visit the earlier part 2011 that a team of us came here to the Philippines to once again bring the word of God to this land and to this people.  There was a door in addition to the one in Butuan City that open to us in the providence of Lianga, for the first time, in four years of ministry, this word was going out beyond the walls of this city to which we first came.  It was significant in that it was prophetic in that it was saying that God was on the move and that is was the evidence that God was moving from a defensive posture to an offensive posture. It has since been brought to our attention that, that area is under the siege of the Peoples Republic Army.  This army is anti-democratic, anti-Pilipino as well as anti-Christ and the insurgent action would prohibit us from being able to travel there to strengthen the brethren. That is the bad news, but the good news is that some of the brethren who were there, much like the church in Acts, are being dispersed to different places in the Philippines and they are in turn now sharing with others this message of the Kingdom and opening up doors and establishing platforms from which we can launch yet another assault upon the kingdom of hell, which brings us to this current trip to the Philippines. 

It has been within the last two years, I believe, that there was a brother that we met who caught hold of this word with an enthusiasm that is refreshing as well as encouraging to see.  It reminds me of the early days of this ministry when Brother duCille came bringing the message of the Kingdom to us.  It was as if we could not find enough people to share this gospel with.   It would seem, from the word the Lord has been given to me that the Holy Place church has gone from cold too hot to lukewarm.

This brother has been knocking on doors and talking to people in Manila as well as in Cebu about this message, and has manage to get some people together and began to teach them the Kingdom of God. As I stated earlier in this letter, God is going on the offensive with this Gospel of Sonship.  When we decided that it was time for us to come again, the Bro arranged to have 2 days of meeting in both places. The meetings in Quezon City were to be held first being it is in what is called Manila Metro. The congregation was not quite what we expected.  For it consisted of many children.  I really think, that here again it was something of the prophetic nature.  The Bible says that we must become like unto little children in order to enter into the Kingdom God.  We found out later that there was at least one bus full of people that did not make it, because they could not find the transportation to come.

The meeting was difficult but very good.  You are basically dealing with the raw element of a sin society, and I am not speaking primarily about the Pilipino people, I am speaking about people that are unregenerate, living as it were in the gutter of life under the task masters of this present age. If I may quote the words of a song,  “……As I have borne the image of Adam the man of sin, so shall my countenance reflect the Christ within……”.  I liken it unto construction work, where one has to take a 16 lb sledge and start busting concrete.  It is hard, tedious work, but if you keep after it, by the end of the day, though your body may feel the effects of the effort, there is a visible result for the labor expended in the doing of the job. So has it been on this trip to the Philippines.   God is assaulting the stronghold of Sin in the islands of the Philippines.  It is brutal, bloody and more often than not it is an inch at a time land occupation and sometime the cost for that piece of ground is extremely high, but we are never the less, more than conquers through Jesus Christ that strengthen us. 

There must be a mentality within those of us that desire the high calling of Jesus Christ, who desire to promote and perpetuate the Kingdom of God according to the Gospel of Sonship that has been delivered to us as a people; both at home and abroad, of not loving our lives unto the death, can it be of any less effort on our part than those that have gone on before us, who for the hope of a better resurrection the scriptures says that they refuse deliverance. I believe that we as a people have been spoil by our conferences, where everyone speaks a certain language and everyone is saying amen to what they have heard over and over again, and more often than not allowed it to fall to the ground as Onan’s seed that was spilled to the ground and the anger of the Lord was kindled against him so that he slew him also.

So it should be of no surprise to us as we go forth into this battle for the souls of humanity in this island of the Philippines.  The first day of meetings was to say the least very difficult. But God be praise, He provided us with His strength and His anointing. The word was very direct and to the point. It was dealing with the sin of living a life that is born hell and that is destined for hell at the end of the day.  It was clearly defining the need to be born again the basis on which is happens and the conditions that are being require in order to achieve that experience.   There was also a word that came that day on knowing the reality of God; the significance of it and what it will accomplish for you at the end of the day. There was an alter call and many came to be prayed for; the concrete was beginning to crack and crumble and the sound of it was reverberating throughout all of hell and this was only the first day of battle.

Day 2:  Before we go into this day of battle and what happen, let me share with you that it was during our times of prayer in the evening as we gather together to discuss the that days battle and to pray concerning it and what instruction/correction that the Lord would give us about it and what it would be that He would tell concerning the coming of tomorrow. That the Lord brought to us a vision. In this vision, I saw a man and woman enter our room to confront us.  The man was dressed similar to a Middle-East Arab prince and his clothes were grey. The woman to his right was in an outfit, brown in color. As we prayed there was a rebuff to their actions. The man disappeared out of the midst but the woman was still there standing immobilized.  It seemed that our prayers had put her in a frozen position. The interpretation of the vision was that this was a prince overseer of this area of the world and he was offering the woman as a substitute, a sacrifice if you would, a diversion so that we would not be concentrating our spiritual energy toward him and his activity.  It was very much in line with what the Lord had been speaking to me while in Africa and it was also confirmation to me of what the Lord had reveal about how hell function and how the business of hell is orchestrated. It also was showing us that the God of Heaven was giving us authority over her as well as him. If what we are doing was not effective then they would not be wasting their time to try and divert us.

As we went into the meeting on this 2nd day, God anointed Brother George to bring a very powerful and anointed word of salvation, you see and sense in the Spirit of God that the walls of resistance that had been so very much is place the day before had suffered a tremendous battering, and as Bro was speaking the walls began to crumble, even now as I am sharing with you I am seeing in the spirit how it was affected.  Like huge cannon shells smashing into the wall, with explosive burst with much debris and rumble exploding out  and with the shock of the explosion the walls begin to crack and  crumble and walls in large sections began to implode. Praise God.  There was a move of the spirit to invite those to whom the Lord was speaking and convicting of their sins and for those who were under the repressive and the oppressive influence of spirits to come to the front of the meeting to be prayed for. There were several that came and gave their lives to God, as the Spirit became to bring the spirit of conviction the people began to receive the ministry of contrition and repentance.  There was also the word of knowledge that was moving identifying different spirits of hell that were holding the people in a place of bondage and torment.  God is so faithful to his word.  As it says in the scripture, Jn 1:9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.  It was our privilege to see this word of the scripture become a reality in the many people that were standing there at the altar of God.

The afternoon meeting open with a great deal more liberty in the Spirit and it seemed as though the people were ready to take the next step.  There was a word on covenant relationship that the Lord began to expand on and to define the reality of what it meant to us as a Christian. The anointing was very strong and the word was very much like the two-edged sword spoken of in the New Testament, dividing asunder the soul from the spirit and there was and immediate response at the end of the meeting; much like the story in the bible of how when Philip was sharing with the Ethiopian Eunuch was that he wanted to be baptize immediately.  There were twelve people at the end of the meeting who wanted to get baptized that evening. A barrel was produce and the people were baptizing in the barrel and a new Holy Place church was born.  Hallelujah I have no doubt in the fact that as one planted and as one waters it will be God that brings the increase and increase that will indeed manifest itself in time yet to come.

We are now on Cebu Island in the last day of ministry here in Cebu City, once again hammering away at the walls of sin and rebellion as well as the church indoctrination and deception that have been pressed upon the people here. I believe and have the confidence that at the end of the day the results will be the same and that another segment of the Holy Place church will be evident.

Your Servants in Christ Jesus,

Brother Burt & Sister Nancy

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