Congo Brazzaville, Part 1 – by Brother Chijioke Nwauche – February 2011

28 Feb


We wish to covet the prayers of the brethren for this very important ground-breaking outreach to Congo Brazzaville which is the sister city to Kinshasa being that they are located on opposite sides of the mighty River Congo. The two Congos share a common colonial history in that DRCongo (Kinshasa) was ruled by French Belgium while the Republic of Congo (Brazza) was colonised by France.

Catholicism and tradititional religion both have a stronhold and we call on the body to intercede even in fastings that the yoke of idolatry, sorcery, ancestor worship, and poverty might be broken.

The team consists of brother Ebere and myself. We are to be joined by some brethren from Gabon and Kinshasa where strong fellowships are springing forth from our past efforts in these countries.

This visit is also critical in that we feel the urgency and burden to reach out to the central Africa region.

Thanks and God bless,

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