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This month’s recommended listening:
The Next Frontier (1 of 2) by Burt Asbill – 72 minutes (September 23, 2018 | Dubuque, United States)
The Next Frontier (2 of 2) by Burt Asbill – 77 minutes (September 24, 2018 | Dubuque, United States)

This month’s recommended reading:
Where Is Your Destiny? (April 19, 1998) 

As we consider the Word of God and the current situation in the world, we understand that there is not much time left before Jesus’ return. There are many promises in the Bible, many words that God has been speaking to His people about the end-time in which we are now living in, but all of those promises and glorious positions of service are conditioned on one thing – the individual’s personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Even though we can be saved without this closeness of a relationship, we won’t be partakers of the promises that God has given to His church concerning the end-time. There is a particular place in the heart of God for those who desire to achieve that goal of the High Calling in Christ Jesus; seven times in the first chapters of Revelations, God says to him that overcometh, will I… give, grant or make; a promise that is yet to be bestow upon them who make that relationship with Him a number one priority in their lives. Therefore, let us not get caught up in religion as religion isn’t something that we want to be focusing on. We need to be focusing on our relationship with Jesus Christ, so that in the end the testimony of God is not of man but of the Lord God himself as to that one being His friend.

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